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Your Top Teams part 59

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, July 10 2009 and posted in Features
The last two before the Top 10. Do you think they deserve to be in the Top 10?




12. The JLI (117 points - 4 first place slots)

jli.jpg"Their personalities played off each other more like a sitcom cast than a soap opera, which I appreciate."

"Yeah, like they'd be far behind! Often mislabeled as a "funny book," this was a comic that took serious stories and told them with an odd sense of humor that was both endearing and edgy. I don't think that we'll ever see a comic quite like this again, but fortunately those old stories stand up over time!"

"What was there not to love about this? The humor, the lineup and one punch."

"Nothing I can say that everyone doesn't already know; this one's a classic."

"Not only was this team more fun, and more "real" than any other version of the JLA, I'd still argue they were more powerful than any other version as well. Batman, J'onn, Blue & Gold, Capt. Marvel, Dr. Fate, Mr. Miracle, Guy, Canary, Dr. Light, Fire & Ice, Rocket Red, Capt. Atom, Silver Sorceress...even the Satellite era would struggle with that lineup. This was another groundbreaking DC work, as evidenced by the fact that this team was massively powered, took on serious threats, and yet all anybody can remember is just how funny it was. A terrific team and a terrific book."

Again, what can I say about this team that hasn't been in these quotes, somewhat sad they didn't make it into the Top 10, but oh well. I think the final grouping of the JLA took a lot of the votes, and frankly, I woulda preferred these guys in the Top 10 over the other group. But alas, people who like the Big 7 more have no soul and need to be pushed into a ditch. Backwards. Hard. Then have sand kicked in there faces while they are down. And have people come and point and laugh at them. And then leave them their crying and looking stupid.

No, I am not bitter.


Following the Legends miniseries, it was decided that there should be a Justice League, however not one aligned with America, per se. Businessman Maxwell Lord decided to invite a group of heroes to join a "New" Justice League. Membership consisted of Batman, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Mr. Miracle, Oberon, Doctor Fate, Captain Marvel, Dr. Light, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), and Green Lantern (Guy Gardner). This proved to be a very volatile group, with a lot of interpersonal problems. The team spent as much time bickering as they did fighting super villains. Dr. Light never spent any active time on the team, and as it has before, the League expanded again. Booster Gold was the first new addition, and then it was decided to grant the League an international charter. Captain Atom, Rocket Red, Elongated Man, Fire, Ice were all new members.

The JLI eventually split into two teams, Justice League America based in New York, and Justice League Europe in Paris. The European branch added Flash (Wally West), Animal Man, Metamorpho, Power Girl, as well as the return of Wonder Woman and the Elongated Man. The teams continued to evolve, and added many more members such as L-Ron, Crimson Fox, Bloodwynd, Maxima, Nuklon, Obsidian, Tasmanian Devil, Triumph, and Maya. Amazing-Man, Blue Devil and the Yazz were also new members of the American branch of the Justice League at different times. Finally the orbiting headquarters was destroyed, killing Metamorpho and again the League was left in pieces.


11. The Real Mighty Avengers (131 points - 4 first place slots)

mightyavengers-real.jpg"Now THIS was when the Avengers were Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, blue-furred Beast, and Jocasta...bad guys beware, you didn't want any part of this group. The only glaring omissions from my personal dream team of favorite Avengers would be Quicksilver (who also showed up during this run, along with Falcon) and Black Knight, who hadn't joined the team yet."

"The team Bendis tried to mimic in his Mighty Avengers comic, but failed completely."

"Perez is a God. This comic just proves it again"

"The best Avengers lineup ever. Why is Beast still in the X-Men? Get him to the Avengers."

"You cannot get better Avengers comics then this."

Now this is an Avengers team, seriously. Look at it. Did you look at it? No? Well, look at it again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this lineup, and I hate Hawkeye. It has the Marvel Trinity of Captain America which is awesome, Thor which is awesome, and Iron Man which is awesome. Then you have awesome players like Ms. Marvel, Wasp, and Wonder Man who are all awesome. Oh, did I mention Vision and Jocasta? No. well they are there too. And last but not least, you have Wanda, Yellow Jacket and one of the best Avengers of ALL time, blue furred Beast. You know, before Morrison got his grubby hands on him. Fuck, I really hate that.

But yeah, you can see how Bendis did try to emulate this lineup in his Mighty Avengers. Who are the same? Iron Man, Wasp, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, anyone else? No, but replace Cap and Thor with Sentry and Ares. Then Hawkeye with Black Widow, you pretty much have the same team, except you replaced one suck i.e.: Hawkeye, with two sucks i.e.: Ares and Sentry. Yeah, Ares doesn't suck anymore, but he sucked then so screw you all.

So what did this era bring us? Well, the beloved Korvac Sage. If you do not know what the Korvac Saga is, go out and find it. It’s pretty damn badass, which happened just prior to this. It introduced us to the Guardians of the Galaxy, also Taskmaster was created in this era as well. Gotta love Taskmaster right? Kinda funny, Perez co-created both Taskmaster AND Deathstroke. Did you notice they both have the same color scheme? Betcha didn't so you are welcome for that tidbit of info.

Though, one of biggest stories was the breakdown of Henry Pym, with his frequent changes of costume and name being symptomatic of an identity problem and an inferiority complex. After abusing his wife, failing to win back the confidence of the Avengers with a ruse and being duped by the villain Egghead, Pym is jailed. Writer Roger Stern later resolves this by having Pym outwit Egghead and defeat the latest incarnation of the Masters of Evil single-handedly, thereby proving his innocence. Pym reconciles with the Wasp, but they decide to remain apart. Pym also retires from super heroics, but returned some years later. Stern developed several major storylines, such as "Ultimate Vision" in which the Vision takes over the world's computer systems in a misguided attempt to create world peace, which lead into creation of West Coast Avengers and Avengers Under Siege.

So if there is anyone who is out there thinks "old comics suck" read these, cuz they are fucking awesome.




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