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Your Top Teams: OPC part 3

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, July 13 2009 and posted in Features
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Union Jack and Co

I think they used Sayid as a reference when they made Arabian Knight, which is cool, don't get me wrong. This is a cool lineup, I do dig them, I wished they did more with Union Jack. He is a badass character, imo. Anywho, after UJ and the Invaders parted ways and he ended his relationship with Spitfire on amicable terms. He was recruited by Deputy Director Gavin of MI5 to help stop a terrorist attack by R.A.I.D. (Radically Advanced Ideas in Destruction). Helping Union Jack was S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison Contessa Valentina Allegro De Fontaine, Israeli Super-Agent Sabra, and Navid Hashim, the New Arabian Knight from Saudi Arabia. After the terrorist threat was stopped, Union Jack realized that Gavin had manipulated the situation to force the resignation of the Director General of MI5 and take over. Over Gavin's objections that this revelation would scar the national psyche, Union Jack slugged Gavin in the face and brought him before the press to answer for the unnecessary deaths of over two hundred people saying, “If this disaster’s shown me anything, it’s that most of the people you claim to protect don’t have a voice, They don’t have anyone lookin’ out for ‘em. Well, now they do. As of this moment, I answer to no one but them.”


Spidey and Human Torch

Back when both these fine upstanding gentleman were wee lads starting out in the super powered biz they met each other, and well, shenanigans ensued. Johnny first met Spider-Man, who broke into the Baxter Building hoping to impress the Fantastic Four. Despite their early misunderstandings, the Torch and Spider-Man eventually became good friends, and Spider-Man, feeling the Torch was reliable, recently chose to share his secret identity with Storm. Later Dan Slott wrote a five issue mini, which is now collected under the expanded title "Spider-Man / Human Torch: I'm With Stupid", this 5-issue miniseries is made up of 5 stand-alone issues, each of which featuring a team-up story with Spider-Man and the Human Torch during different time period styles from their histories; 3 issues being set in a cheekier 60's/70's period style, 1 set in mid-80's continuity while Spidey was romantically involved with the Black Cat and the final issue set in Spidey's more modern (but prior to Civil War) status quo.


The Futurians

"An all star line up of characters including Avatar, Blackmanfuturians.jpge, Terrayne, Werehawk, Silver Shadow, Mosquito, Sunswift, Silkie and Silver Shadow! Well okay, they are not EXACTLY an all star team. But dammit I like them! The original graphic novel was put together by the legendary Dave Cockrum. The origin story is an awesome tale of time travel, aliens and genetically mutated superheroes. I strongly encourage everyone to find this gem of a graphic novel and enjoy a unique story by a legendary comic writer." 
The Futurians was a short-lived comic book, produced in 1983 by Dave Cockrum, originally as the ninth graphic novel for Marvel Comics, then a three-issue run published by Lodestone Comics. In 2003, author Clifford Meth revamped the comic as a yet-to-be produced screenplay for IDT Entertainment.

In a very late future, the Inheritors traveled to our time to conquer it. Their enemy, the city of Terminus sent genetic bombs back in this time, seeding the Human race with the potential for Great Powers. Most reach the late 20th Century and are used to create the Futurians!

In the late 20th Century, a future inhabitant known only as "Vandervecken" or "The Dutchman" (both names for The Flying Dutchman) downloaded his mind into the body of a hobo who later becomes the owner of the Future Dynamics corporation; Vandervecken then began gathering up those who had been empowered to begin preparing them for their historic battles.

Cockrum has some wicked ass designs in for these characters.


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