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Your Top Teams: OPC part 5

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, July 13 2009 and posted in Features
The last group of One Pointers...




The Red and Blue

"Quite possibly the most fun team created in the last few years. They hate each other at first, but over the course of about a year they have turned into two really good friends, that still want to punch each other in the face. Magic and technology, Red and Blue, kid with no family and kid with very supportive family, choice vs. chosen. One makes a deal with the devil to try to live up to his hero, the other finds the Scarab on accident and ends up an unwilling hero. They could not be more opposite. However, they both have truly good hearts and really do want to do what's best and right. Plus they are hilarious together."

What can I say that this voter hasn't already said? This team is awesome, will they be the next Blue and Gold? Maybe, or maybe not, but either way they are damn fun to read. In my opinion, Blue Beetle is one of the best new characters created in the last few years, hell, he was voted 10th place in the Top Modern Character List. And yeah I know, Red Devil is not a new character, but I am so glad that Johns reintroduced him to the DCU. Frankly, he was one of the few elements that came out of the whole OYL later crap. So yeah, Blue + Red = Awesomesauce.



The Mighty Crusaders

The voter specifically voted for the Red Circle version of this team, which is shown in the picture above, but I figured I would talk about the history of the team considering how rich that history is? Cool? Cool. The success of DC's and Marvel's Silver Age titles led Archie Comics to launch their own superhero comics. The Archie Adventure line (soon re-titled Mighty Comics) included titles centered on The Fly, The Jaguar, and The Shield, a revamped Golden Age character. The success of The Avengers and the Justice League of America prompted Archie Comics to create their own team title, The Mighty Crusaders, where The Comet and Flygirl joined three characters with their own comics. The first issue was published with a cover date of November 1963, and the series was published on a bimonthly schedule. The Archie series mixed typical superhero fare with 1960s Batman the television series style camp. Don Markstein wrote that they touched on "all the genre's clichés of the time", with Siegel's writing on the book being a "hokey rendition of Stan Lee".

In 1983 the team and the series were re-launched, with Rich Buckler as writer and penciler on the first issue. A contractual dispute between Buckler and DC Comics saw the publication of the first issue delayed. The series ran until the middle of 1985, being cancelled with issue 13, cover dated September 1985.

In 1992 DC Comics acquired a license to publish the characters, and launched a team book as part of the line. This series, titled only The Crusaders, launched in early 1992. The first issue saw scriptwriting by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn. The series and the line itself, Impact Comics, were aimed at younger readers. DC Comics attempted to sell Impact Comics titles through news-stands in an attempt to expand the potential market. However, due to internal conflicts, this distribution never happened and the imprint eventually collapsed due to poor sales. The last issue of the DC series was issue 8, cover dated December 1992.

The team also served as a partial inspiration for Alan Moore's Watchmen series. Moore had initially imagined the story as being based around second string heroes; "I wanted more average super-heroes, like the Mighty Crusaders line ... the original idea had started off with the dead body of the Shield being pulled out of a river somewhere." Moore used this idea when asked to submit a pitch for a treatment of DC Comics then newly acquired Charlton Comics properties. Although the treatment was rejected for those characters, DC Comics commissioned Moore to base the story on all new heroes, and the project became Watchmen

Recently DCU has received the rights to these characters, and thanks to JMS he is bringing some of these characters back like The Web and The Shield. Will there be more on the horizon? Most likely, yes.


Deadman and Batman

You know I never thought of this teams up, again I know, this is a duo not a team but oh well. I really do not know much bout this duo, and from what I learned that have teamed up on several occasions. He had a cameo in book two of Batman: Gotham County Line, which was released in November 2005. Deadman was in issue #6 of the comic book Batman: Gotham Adventures (based on Batman: The Animated Series) where his origin was very much alike to his mainstream comic except he was in the Haley Circus and Rama Kushna was male. He was friends with Dick Grayson, and he was in an issue before he gained his powers in The Batman and Robin Adventures #15. Thanks to Geoff Johns and Blackest Night, ol'Deadman and Batman will be reuniting once again, but this time as enemies. One thing I wanna know is, if the spirit of Boston is in the corpse, or he is still out there and the ring is just animated the body? Hmmmmm, should be interesting. Either way, gonna but fun.





Ok, I know what you are thinking Madrox is a character not a team, but just look at that picture and tell me he can't team up on ya by himself?? When this was suggested to me I couldn't stop laughing, and I said "Fuck it, lets do this". Seriously, way to think outside the box and find a loophole.

Jamie's body produces exact duplicates (dupes) of himself whenever he absorbs kinetic energy. This kinetic energy can be as mundane as snapping his fingers, clapping his hands together, bumping into a wall, or being struck. He has also been able to create duplicates with little to no physical damage after being struck by Cyclops' optic blast or Gambit's exploding cards (both abilities use pure kinetic energy). When a duplicate splits off, the dupe is also wearing whatever clothing Jamie was wearing at the time.

His power seems to be always active (similar to Rogue or Cyclops), so many times duplicates are created unintentionally. Each duplicate can create other duplicates, and each is capable of independent thought and action. Lately, all duplicates he creates are very strongly influenced by one aspect of Jamie's personality making them very unpredictable and sometimes emotionally unstable. Recently, Jamie has come to believe that this new splintering of his personality is from spreading himself too thin and releasing too many dupes into the world. Originally the limit of duplicates that Jamie could create was around forty, but since then he is able to create much more than that. The current limit has not yet been specified.

Jamie used to also absorb physical damage done to his duplicates (around half of the damage that the dupe incurred), but does not anymore. He has even absorbed dying duplicates in the past without incurring any physical damage, but he strongly tries to avoid this because of the mental and emotional anguish it causes him to experience his own death in this manner. Because physical damage is not passed on, absorption of dupes gives him some small amount of healing ability. It is also speculated that if the original Madrox is killed that one of his duplicates would take on the main portion of the abilities of the group and become the new Madrox.


The JLAvengers

jlavengers.jpgAll the best heroes together fighting all there worst villains. Lead by Captain America, mind-linked by Martian Manhunter, and having Thor and Superman wielding Cap’s shield on the front lines. Can you really not get more awesome then this? Yeah, it only appeared in the last issues of a mini but still, it was pretty fucking awesome, and all beautifully drawn by Perez.

Feel free to talk about your fav. JLAvenger moments.

So, who is ready for the Top 10?


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