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Interview: Todd Nauck

Written by Erik Galston on Thursday, July 16 2009 and posted in Features
Todd Nauck, (artist for the upcoming Spiderman Clone Saga mini), is interviewed by the Outhouse's own, e_galston.

I just wanted to start off by saying that your one of my all time favorite comic book artists, so its a complete honor to be doing this interview with you.  Thank you for agreeing to take the time to do this for our site.

TODD: Thanks! That is great to hear that you enjoy my work. Ask away!

239535-166826-todd-nauck_super.jpgOuthouse:  What was your reaction when Marvel offered you the "Obama" story in Spiderman?

TODD: I was quite surprised- in a good way! When I was first contacted, I was just asked if I was available to draw a 5-page story. I figured it would be a Spider-Man story since it was Steve Wacker asking and I had been doing Spider-Man work for him already. The next day the editor mentions that Obama would be in it. As I was drawing the story, I knew that this would be a hit just for Pres. Obama being in it alone. I figured non-comic fans would be coming in to buy this comic book because anything with Obama on it would probably be popular and in demand.

I didn't expect the book to go to 5 printings within 6 weeks. That was pretty wild!

Outhouse:  Your known by many fans for your work with DC's youth, especially with Young Justice and Teen Titans Go!, would u want to work with Marvel's youth? and if so what team/characters.

TODD: Sure! Even thought they've grown up, I'd love to work on the current New Mutants book with writer, Zeb Wells. I was reading the New Mutants original series back in high school. Those characters mean a lot to me.

As for other teen/youth characters, I think Power Pack in the proper Marvel Universe could be good. Age them up to the correct timeline (Alex would be in his late teens and Katie would be entering her tweens I'd guess). And those could be some pretty interesting stories

Outhouse: Were you surprised by the success of Wildguard?239572-38319-todd-nauck_super.jpg

TODD: I'd hoped people would respond well to WildGuard. I really appreciate the fans supporting my original creations and demanding more stories!

Outhouse:  Sticking with Wildguard, what made you go with the "reality show" format for the series?

TODD: I first created WildGuard while in Art School in 1992. I was a big fan of the show COPS. One night while drawing and watching COPS, I wondered what it would be like if cameras followed superheroes around instead of the police... And WildGuard was formed.

Then when I decided to bring WildGuard to the comics shelves, reality TV had exploded onto the scene. There was so much more for me to play off of, like the American Idol template I used to tell the origin of the WildGuard team in WildGuard: Casting Call.

I'm still a fan of many reality TV shows: Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice, America's Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, Wipeout, I survived a Japanese Game Show... I think there will always be some aspect of reality TV to inspire future WildGuard stories.

Outhouse:  Is there any more Wildguard material in the works?

239576-158357-todd-nauck_super.jpgTODD: I do have more story ideas bouncing around in my head. I do have a direction I plan to go in with WildGuard. I've also got spin-off ideas for other characters in the WildGuard Universe... Those that didn't make the team.

The main thing is just finding the time to do these stories!

Outhouse:  Are there any characters you particularly enjoyed working on over the years, and if so which ones?

TODD: I've been fortunate to work on a lot of great series! I enjoyed working on Young Justice particularly. Wonder Girl became on of my favorite characters, We got to do so much with her and really let her grow. She went from a geeky wannabe hero to a confident leader of the team.

Outhouse:  Are there any creators you have worked with that you would love to work with again?239608-6732-todd-nauck_super.jpg

TODD: I'm always up for working with Peter David. I have been very fortunate to work with him for so long, 55 issues of Young Justice and 10 issues of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

I'd love to work with Geoff Johns again. We became friends when we both broke into DC around the same time. I was just starting Young Justice and he was launching Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.

And Zeb Wells and I have been pals for years. We were so glad to be paired up for the Spider-Man/Obama Team-Up. We're hoping to work together again soon!

Outhouse:  Are there any creators that you would like to work with that you haven't?

TODD: I really like working with friends. So I'd love to work with writers, Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett. Andy and I have been friends the past 4 years and we always hang out at the New York Comic-Con. I really enjoy Andy and Dan's writing and would love to work off of their stories!

Outhouse:  Are there any characters that you would like to work on that you haven't?

TODD: I've gotten to do one X-Men story (the 2008 Marvel Digital Holiday Special) so I'd love to do more X-Men. I'm really into reading the Avengers, so an Avengers book with lots of characters would be awesome. And at DC I'm really into Green Lantern (especially Guy Gardner!) and Booster Gold. I think working on those characters would be fun.

263086-71123-todd-nauck.jpgOuthouse:  What do you prefer to do, work on your own creator owned stuff, or working with Marvel/DC?

TODD: Both! I like doing creator owned stuff because it's all out of my head and I can take the stories anywhere I want. Marvel and DC allow me to contribute to the history of characters that I have been reading for years and really care for.

Outhouse:  Is there anything you are working on that we can look forward to seeing in the future?

TODD: YES! I am drawing the new Marvel mini-series Spider-Man: Clone Saga Writers' Cut. This series retells the controversial Clone Saga the way it was originally intended by writers Tom Defalco and Howard Mackie. The book hits this Sept 30th!=


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