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Your Top Teens part 2

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, September 28 2009 and posted in Features

More characters I don't know, save for a few. {nomultithumb}

189. Ippo Makunouchi/Anarky (3 points each)


ippo.jpgPunch-Out. Anime style.

Ippo Makunouchi is the main protagonist of the series, based on Mike Tyson. He lives with his mother, Hiroko Makunouchi, and helps with the family charter boat fishing business. When he was young, Ippo used to get bullied and picked on by others in his school. As fate would have it, Takamura came upon Ippo as he was getting a beating from a couple of bullies and decided to help him. Takamura saw something in Ippo and introduced him to the world of boxing. After seeing a video of Mike Tyson, Ippo becomes inspired to take up boxing to feel reborn with strength, as a sort of therapy he asks Takamura to get him into Kamogawa Gym. Immediately after arriving at Kamogawa Gym he impresses Takamura and Kamogawa with his explosive punching power and guts in the ring. Like he has with Takamura, Kamogawa personally takes on Ippo as his pupil and starts him on the path to being a pro boxer. Since then, Takamura has treated Ippo like a younger brother and has taken him under his wing.

Ippo is a classic in-fighter and is well known for his Peek-a-Boo style of boxing and hard punches including three signature punches: a rib-cracking Liver blow, Gazelle punch (an uppercut variant), and the Dempsey roll technique. During his match with Sawamura, he modified the Dempsey roll to prevent it from being countered. He also modified the Dempsey roll into a "smash" version when he fought against Jimmy Sisfa, a.k.a. "Scratch J". His signature punches are modeled after Mike Tyson, Floyd Patterson, and Jack Dempsey respectively. Although he is not a technical boxer, Makunouchi makes up for it with his superb fighting spirit. His nickname is the God of Wind, coined after the force of his powerful blows. His only loss is to Eiji Date, who was at the time the Japanese Champion; he went on to fight Ricardo Martinez, but the injuries he sustained lead Date to retire and pass the baton to Ippo.

Ippo's current record as a professional boxer with 22 matches is 21–1–0 (W-L-D), with 21 KOs, he is the reigning JBC Featherweight Champion, having defended his Japanese title seven times, and holds a single digit ranking in the WBC.


anarky.jpgOh how I miss the art of Norm Breyfogle.

Angered by the power and corruption of corporations, governments, and elites of the world, 12-year old Lonnie Machin donned a costume that increased his height and took to the streets as Anarky. Anarky assaulted several CEO's and celebrities, leaving the spray painted circle-A as his calling card. Batman soon identified the assailant, from clues in a Gotham City newspaper that foreshadowed Anarky's crimes. Following a riot Anarky encouraged among the homeless, Batman apprehended him, astonished to discover that Anarky was just a boy. Machin was incarcerated at the Gotham Juvenile Corrections Hall.
Machin later became the computer hacker Moneyspider, and transferred millions of dollars from the accounts of wealthy corporations to Third World countries. Batman's partner, Robin, determined Moneyspider's link to Anarky, and Machin's plans for global change were thwarted. Realizing he required greater funds to continue his mission, he created a front corporation, "Anarco", to sell anarchist books online. Through shrewd marketing, Anarky amassed a small fortune to the tune of 5 million dollars. With his new funds, and knowledge of ground breaking sciences, he built a special device of his own creation. The machine fused the two sides of his brain, increasing his intelligence to superhuman levels. It also communicated with him and helped him control most of his tech via voice communication, much to the effect of Booster Gold's electronic sidekick, Skeets. With his artificially enhanced intelligence boosted by a multiple of ten, he studied various martial arts, integrating them with his mind into a smooth fighting style of his own invention.

After moving his base of operations to Washington D.C., Anarky learned that he may have been adopted and that his natural mother was possibly a Vegas showgirl and his father was potentially the Joker. This only furthered Anarky's resolve to wreak havoc on the industrialized world, in the hope of triggering worldwide revolution. However, once Joker confirmed their connection, Anarky disappeared, presumably to rediscover himself. And although he has made a couple appearances on the pages of Young Justices and Green Arrow titles since then, he has not made a permanent return. However, cover art for the final issues of the Robin title suggest he may be back, and he maybe once again be bad.

Anarky's D.C. base was an intricate system of tunnels beneath and connected to the Washington Monument. The tech within rivaled that which you would find in the bat-cave, including but not limited to a giant screened computer and a mini garage of tricked-out vehicles.

Despite his criminal history with Earth's defenders, most notably Batman, Anarky has taken it upon himself to fight alongside heroes including Green Arrow, Robin, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. However, because heroes typically do not support his goals, he often finds himself alone in his own battles, and so has faced the likes of Ra's al Ghul, The Demon, and even the tyrannical Darkseid, on his own. He has also gained the attention of the US Federal Government, which has conspired in the past to eliminate him as a threat.

The Anarky character has gone up against the likes of Batman and Green Arrow. He has stolen a Green Lantern ring, and his father is one of the greatest villains known in the history of comics. He has been on both sides of the line between good and evil. His is an interesting character with a lot of potential, and one can only wonder what he may be up to next.

During the Batman R.I.P. story arc, while patrolling the streets of Gotham with no Batman, Robin began to be followed by a new Red Robin. Tim first suspects Jason Todd, but Jason tells him that he threw the costume away. Tim later goes back to Jason to interrogate him further, but as a fight ensues between Robin and Jason, the whole thing is revealed as a trap set up by Ulysses, who has taken the guise of Red Robin. It is later revealed that Ulysses is now working for none other than Anarky, who was the true master-mind behind the Red Robin ambush.

Robin and Red Robin clash a few more times, ending with Tim being able to take the costume from him. Anarky continued to manipulate the forces of Gotham, and used them to sow discord and make things harder for Robin. When Tim almost dies in an explosion, leaving him horribly scarred, he returns to the bat-cave and uses his computer program to realize that not only is Anarky behind the goings-on in Gotham, but a new person is behind the mask. Putting on the Red Robin cowl, and claiming the moniker for himself, he goes to confront the new Anarky, Ulysses.

Ulysses was no match for Tim's fighting skills and Tim easily beat him but Ulysses had one last bomb planted, it was located in a mail box but little did he know that officer Harper had brought Ulysses' family to calm him down, their car stopped right next to the mail box and when Ulysses set the bomb off Tim managed to save Harper but not Ulysses' little brother and sister, Ulysses blames Robin for their deaths.

188. Bode Locke/Butterball (3 points each)

Bode Locke

bodelocke.jpgAfter the murder of their father, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke relocate with their mother to the family estate of Keyhouse, located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Sam Lesser, one of the teens who murdered Mr. Locke, is in a juvenile detention center and, by gazing in water, communicates with a supernatural force that promises to free him. Bode Locke, the youngest of the family, uncovers The Ghost Door, which separates his spirit from his body.

Bode continues to experiment with The Ghost Door and, in his incorporeal form, spies on his brother, sister, and mother. During his journeys, Bode discovers a well that houses a creature who appears as a girl, the supernatural force previously communicating with Sam Lesser.

Sam Lesser uses the tools the girl gave him to escape from the detention center. Sam Lesser travels across America, traveling towards Keyhouse. His cross-country journey is mirrored by a series of flashbacks into his memories. The Locke family is taken hostage by Sam Lesser who is seeking the Anywhere Key for his Master, the girl in the well. Bode uncovers the Anywhere Key and trades it with the girl in the well for a promise that she'll stop Sam Lesser. Freed from her prison, she keeps her promise by throwing Sam through the Ghost Door with no chance to return.

The summarization for the Locke and Key mini which Bode appeared in. You are welcome.


butterball.jpgBefore joining the ranks of The Initiative, Emery Schuab called himself Boulder and was a fry cook from Morganton, North Carolina. He knows a lot about heroes. When he got to Camp Hammond, Taskmaster renamed him Butterball. He is indestructible as far as trainers know. He is obese, out of shape, and has a communication or learning disability. He could exercise all day without breaking a sweat. Taskmaster said he wasn't losing fat, and wasn't getting strong. It is believed that a side effect of his powers is that his body doesn't change. His body is "frozen" in that state when his powers activated.

The new cadets went to a nearby lake, and they used Emery to block the lasers. At the lake Sunstreak hit on him, because his invulnerability meant he was the only person around who was not hurt by her intense body heat (a side-affect of her pyro-powers). Before they got far, Emery, who due to his disabilities was threatened by her, took the jeep to head back for camp. On the way back to Camp Hammond he was stopped by a Serpent Society gang (Mr. Hyde, King Cobra, Mauler, and Firebrand) paid to kill Taskmaster. Emery was quickly confused and lost in the ensuing fight when he was taken hostage and the Serpent Society threatened to kill him with a ray-gun. Since this was impossible, the Initiative ignored him and began to over power the snake-people, forcing them to retreat. The next day Emery is kindly told by War Machine and Criti Noll II (posing as Hank Pym) he will washout off the program--but could get work in rescue or some other sort of thing). Before he leaves Taskmaster and the Constrictor take a picture of them on the ground and Emery standing tall. When Emery gets home (where he lives with his mother), he says he had the best time of his life, even though he is obviously crying.

When Norman Osborn took over the Initiative, he made Taskmaster the boss with the Hood for recruiting. The Negative Zone prison (42) had been taken over by a group of aliens led by Blaastar. Hood suggested that the Initiative wear down the enemy with washouts, incompetent super-villains, and anti-Osborn members (effectively, using them as cannon fodder). Taskmaster agreed and set this team up as the new Shadow Initiative. Boulder/Butterball was one of the members.

187. Delirium of the Endless (4 points)

delirium.jpgYoungest of the seven Endless in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. Like the rest of her siblings, Delirium is neither a mortal being or a god, she is the personification of delirium (or madness) itself. Her realm is almost completely formless, containing colors, shapes, feelings, smells, thoughts, that mingle freely and without cause. Even she can become lost in it. At its center is a sundial with an inscription in Latin translated “Tempus Frangit” (Time Shatters, a pun based on "Tempus Fugit" or Time Flies) on it. Her sigil is a chaotic pattern.

She is one of the most regular of recurring characters throughout the series. It often spoken of that long, long ago, perhaps millions of years, she was once Delight, but why or when that change occurred is not known. Her appearance changes frequently with the only constant being that one of her eyes is blue while the other is green. Even her shadow never reflects her shape, and is tangible, like velvet. She speaks of random topics and it is hard to get her to follow a thread of any conversation. Her childlike appearance and nature makes her seem an innocent, but she is far from it, visiting mortals in their worst moments of madness.

She is closest to Death and Destruction, because they are fond of her and protective, but Delirium finds Dream (Morpheus) "scary".

Wanting to find her prodigal brother Destruction. She first attempted to convince Desire and Despair to help her, but they refused. She then turned to Dream to help her look for destruction through Destruction’s old friends such as Ishatar, the Goddess of Love and War. (Eventually, this journey would taken them to Dream's son Orpheus, who was the "only Oracle who could tell them of their family", thus setting in motion the events of Morpheus downfall.) During an encounter with their eldest brother Destiny, Delirium revealed that she knew why her transformation from Delight into Delirium took place even when Destiny did not and that if necessary, she could pull herself together for short periods to speak with clarity and purpose.

When Destruction left, he hinted the Delirium would go through yet another transformation. He left her with his companion, a German shepherd dog named Barnabas.

Delirium knows pathways outside of Destiny's garden, which only she may travel.


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