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Your Top Teens part 3

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, September 28 2009 and posted in Features

A character from the Watchman. Neat. {nomultithumb}

186. Yotsuba Koiwai/Silk Spectre II (5 points)

Yotsuba Koiwai yotsuba.jpg

"Isn't she the most adorable thing you have ever seen? Yotsuba is a great character because never before has a manga or comic allowed it's main character to be a child as much as is the case here. This is really the world through the eyes of Yotsuba and the way this little girl sees everything is just as amazing, beautiful and touching to any adult reader as it is to her. Yotsuba reminds us of just how amazing even the smallest things in live can be as long as you see them through the eyes of a child."

Yotsuba Koiwai is..... well.... a typical 5 year old, energetic, enthusiastic, amazed by everything. In volume one Yotsuba's father is noted as saying "She can find happiness in anything, nothing in this world can get her down". This just reinstates that fact that she is a very happy girl. Yotsuba is also very forgetful, so much so that she has even forgotten her age at one point. Yotsuba is also noted as being a foreigner by the other people in the manga. When she first moves into her new house she is still confused by the moving process and tells Fuka that her house is "Way over there" while pointing to the left. Also Yotsuba does not know where she comes from but when people ask her, her response is "To the left".

Silk Spectre II

silkespectreii.jpgLaurie Juspeczyk, the second Silk Spectre, is the daughter of Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre. Laurie's mother apparently wanted her to follow in her footsteps and so she fought crime for ten years before the Keene Act banned vigilantes. Unlike the other protagonists, Silk Spectre was not based on a particular Charlton character, although her relationship with Dr. Manhattan is similar to that between Captain Atom and the heroine Nightshade. Moore felt he needed a female hero in the cast and drew inspiration from comic book heroines such as Black Canary and Phantom Lady.

Laurie is kept on retainer by the government because of her relationship with Doctor Manhattan and lives on a government base at the beginning of the comic. When Doctor Manhattan leaves Earth, the government has her removed from the base and suspends her expense account, forcing her to move in with Dan, with whom she starts a romantic relationship. At the end of the eighth issue, Doctor Manhattan appears and takes her to Mars because he knows she wants to convince him to save the world. On Mars, (in the film) she realizes that The Comedian was her biological father. In the book it is alluded to be Hooded Justice. After the final encounter with Veidt at the end of the series, she assumes the identity of Sandra Hollis and continues her relationship with Dan. In a 2003 draft script of Watchmen by David Hayter, which was reviewed by IGN, Laurie has the family name Jupiter and the alter ego name "Slingshot".

185. Jessie from Sentinel/Alphonse Elric jessie.gif(5 points each)


I remember this comic on the Top Modern character list, for the life of me I cannot find the write up. Well, I am just too lazy to look for it. Sentinel is the story of Juston Seyfert, a normal human teenager tormented by the seniors at Antigo High School in Wisconsin. He is dirt poor and lives in his father's junkyard with his little brother named Chris; their mother walked out years ago. Being poor, Juston must find his own fun, and spends the days playing in the salvage yard. He finds the remains of a giant robot programmed to exterminate mutants: a Sentinel. Rebuilding and reprogramming the Sentinel, Juston attempts to give himself a better life while avoiding the government agents that are quickly following his trail. After the CSA discovers his big secret, Juston decides to run away and use the Sentinel's DNA Detection skills in looking for his long-lost mother.


alphonse.jpgAlphonse is a sweet boy who loves (mostly feline) strays, a very strong pacifist, and is kind and gentle to everyone. He almost stays the same age in his armor 'body' and because of this, speaks with a child’s voice despite his size. Edward, feeling a tremendous guilt over affixing Al to something that won't grow or have senses, doesn't care what happens to himself and would without second thought give his life to give Al his body; he believes Al may lose his humanity. Alphonse is completely against Edward dying or being separated from him, so Al stops his brother from going too far for him. Al is known to be one of his "tough-as-steel" older brother's very few weaknesses; enemies often take advantage over it. Alphonse sometimes feels that he is a burden to Edward, but he has saved his brother's life more than once. Alphonse is seen as the counterpart of Edward. While Edward is demonstrated as violent, impulsive, stubborn, and loud, Alphonse is quiet, pacifistic, submissive, and strategic.

Since Al is bound to one of Hohenheim's antique suits of armor, he does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. Al's second wish (the first being to be able to eat apple pie) is to be able to sleep so that he does not have to spend his nights feeling lonely. Also, because of his armor (and the fact that he is more imposing than Edward) most people who meet Alphonse automatically assume him of being the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Edward and Alphonse are both very loving and close to each other; in their traumatic struggles, they retained their very sanity by becoming each others support beams and only friends

184. Edward Elric/Chopper (7 points)

Edward Elric

edwardelric.jpgEdward Elric is the youngest State Alchemist to be selected by the State Military of the country, having achieved the rank of Major at age twelve, receiving the title of the Fullmetal Alchemist shortly after from military head, Fuhrer Bradley. His father's early disappearance, the death of his mother, and a failed human transmutation play pivotal roles in his story. Edward's motivation stems from a love for his brother Alphonse, whom he is desperately seeking to restore to a human form after their alchemy accident. Owing to this, he is also generally perceived to be very independent; he feels that he's the only one who can solve a problem. Often, he feels a heavy guilt that the problem is his fault to begin with and thus is his responsibility to solve. This gives him a selfless inclination.

His automail limbs are made by his childhood friend and neighbor Winry Rockbell. Edward often fights by transmuting his forearm of his automail into a blade. Winry is occasionally kept busy repairing Edward's automail, as Edward regularly breaks them during fights. She is constantly looking for new ways to improve them, whether it is an attempt at extending their durability, lightening the weight, or making them stronger. In both the anime and manga, Winry is an extremely important person to Edward. In the anime series, romantic feelings are hinted at but never explicitly stated. In the manga, Winry is in love with him, and Edward exhibits similar feelings though he constantly denies it.

Edward is extremely short for his age and is very sensitive about his height; he tends to humorously overreact to any comment about it (and often misinterprets the words) in a fit of rage. In the manga, he declares that he is 165cm (5'5") tall overall, including the height of his hair antenna and platform shoes. Despite all of the obstacles that Edward tackles in the story, he still displays a childish personality when it comes to things he despises, such as needles and milk. He is extremely idealistic and strongly believes in the concept of Equivalent Exchange, that every outcome requires an equal payment, using it as his personal philosophy. Despite his occasional bouts of immaturity, he is a selfless, strong, independent and a mature young adult that gains a reputation as a "hero of the people".

Unlike regular alchemists that normally use transmutation circles, Edward has the special ability to create alchemical currents in his body simply by connecting his hands. The arms and body themselves form the circle, and the power that circulates through the body when this is done is used for the transmutation. This is a direct result of seeing the Gate of Truth, the source of all alchemical knowledge, while attempting to resurrect his mother in the failed human transmutation. He is adept at changing substances from one thing to another quickly, such as changing water into ethanol, and can transmute the elements of an enemy's body to injure him or her in battle. In the manga, this knowledge is great enough to save his own life, as he heals a wound that would be fatal. In addition to his alchemical ability, Edward is a formidable fighter as result of his training with Izumi Curtis, who had extensively trained both brothers in martial arts when they were young, after their mother died.[

Chopper chopper.jpg

Marlon Shakespeare was a typical Mega-City One teenager, bored, restless, with no future. His father, Bert Shakespeare, believed that his (Bert's) hobby of head-butting eggs into a basket would make him stand out from his peers whilst Marlon’s mother, Ruby, filled her hours by obsessively washing dishes again and again. Marlon wanted more from life than the mundane existence that his parents reveled in so he broke out and found infamy by becoming Chopper - a wall scrawler (graffiti artist), challenging authority by making his mark (a smiley face) in increasingly more ambitious and public locations. Soon Chopper became known as King Scrawler of Mega-City One. That was until a Scrawl War broke out between Chopper and a mysterious rival scrawler known as The Phantom, who challenged Chopper's position as King Scrawler by beating Marlon to some of his more ambitious scrawls and openly mocking Chopper in his scrawl ("Chopper is a Ninco. Signed The Phantom"). The Scrawl War escalated with more and more inventive scrawls turning up and confusing the Judges, culminating with Chopper defacing the relocated white cliffs of Dover in 100ft letters. This angered The Phantom who then publicly challenged Chopper to scrawl the Statue of Judgment on the following Saturday. When Chopper and The Phantom finally came face to face Chopper was shocked to find that The Phantom was in fact a painting droid. Chopper found himself asking the droid what its motivations for becoming a scrawler were and was just as shocked to learn that they were identical to his own - To escape the monotony of life and to be somebody. The Phantom refused to be taken by the Judges and plunged to its death, leaving Chopper in awe of the similarity of their lives and wondering, as he was being arrested by Judge Dredd, if that was what we all were - robots.

Several years later Judge Dredd crossed paths with Chopper again while searching for the masked felon known as The Midnight Surfer - A sky-surfer who had evaded the judges with his highly illegal and very dangerous low-flying surfing. While on rehabilitation, Chopper had been given his first opportunity to use a Powerboard and soon realized he had a natural talent for the sport and had become a Powerboard instructor for young kids living in Tommy McArdle Block. Dredd soon discovered that Chopper was actually the Midnight Surfer and had been merely training for the forthcoming Supersurf 7, an illegal Powerboard contest which was to be held on the streets of Mega-City One. Dredd set up 'Spy In The Sky' cameras to track Chopper's movements in the hope that he could find the secret starting location of the contest and thus preventing the race from happening, but Chopper spotted them and outwitted the remote cameras with his skilful and dangerously daring surfing style. When he arrived Chopper found himself surrounded by such surfing legends as Dak Goodvibes, Johnny Cuba and the world champion Yogi Yakamoto, and within an hour was competing against them in a race of suicidal proportions. Tackling set obstacles and avoiding gunfire from the Judges, the surfers sped through the future city, many falling along the way until there were only two men still with a real chance of winning the race - Yogi Yakamoto and Chopper. The final obstacle - surfing in the notorious Manfred Fox tunnel against the flow of high-speed traffic - served as the backdrop of what was later called by many as the single greatest example of surfing ever seen when Yogi Yakamoto fell after being clipped by a large vehicle and was left struggling to his feet as another large vehicle hurtled towards him. Seeing his Idol's imminent demise, Chopper swung his board around and scooped up the injured surfer before once again turning his board against the flow of the traffic and weaved amongst the vehicles, finishing the race with Yakamoto in his arms. The rescue had been in vain though. As Yakamoto lay on the pavement dying he addressed Chopper - "You the best boy...Nobody can do what you do. You...King Surfer..." Again, Chopper was promptly arrested by Dredd, but this time to the entire city chanting his name.



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