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Your Top Teens part 4

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, September 28 2009 and posted in Features

Oooh, some characters I know.


183. Zayne Carrick/Malcolm Dragon/Pinky the Wiz Kid/Synergy (7 points each)

zaynecarrick.jpgZayne Carrick

An unknown Jedi Master found Zayne accidentally, and brought him to Dantoonie to test out his Force powers. His father was named Arvan and his mother Reiva. He was trained by Master Vandar Takore there. During the Mandalorian Wars, Zayne Carrick was accepted into the ranks of the Jedi on Taris. He wasn't the best Padawan there was, as Jedi Master Vandar Tokare described his Force powers as "marginal". He also lost focus during training many times, and didn't have the confidence to perform certain Force feats. As a Padawan on Taris, he was appointed the Jedi Master Lucien Draay and there he found an attraction to Shel Jelavan. His clumsiness in the Force also allowed him to meet a black-marketeer named Gryph. There, he also met another Padawan who introduced himself only as Squint. He supported Zayne and told him "sometimes you have to enter the dark to save the light." After Squint had given Zayne such advice, Q'Anilia felt a disturbance in the Force. She told the other Jedi Masters, and so the Jedi Masters feared that all the Padawans may fall to the dark side.

The Jedis feared that their worst fears would come true - that all the Padawans would fall to the dark side. So they took desperate measures, by appointing the Padawans a mission, which they had to complete on Taris' rogue moon. Once they had completed it, the Jedi Masters called them for a ceremony. However, it was all fake as the Jedi Masters thought that the Padawans were sure to fall to the dark side, as the mission on Taris' rogue moon was used to observe their emotions. The ceremony was really planned by the Jedi Masters and Krynda Draay. Krynda Draay was the leader of the Jedi Covenant, who were dedicated to keeping the Sith at bay. Zayne was actually running late as he was chasing after Gryph which meant that he had avoided the massacre. The Jedi Masters knew that Zayne would come later, so they had planned that Shad Jelavan would be framed for the massacre. Shad himself was suspicious of this ceremony as he couldn't believe that the Jedi Masters would allow Zayne to become a Jedi Knight; he was a joke amongst the Padawans. The Jedi Masters quickly made up a story, saying that he had a special connection to the Force, but Shad thought differently, so the Jedi Masters killed them all. Zayne showed up and realized what the Jedi Masters had done, and was now on the run from them. Zayne, along with Gryph had escaped from the Jedi Masters and fled to the Lower City of Taris, where gangs were rampant. The Jedi Masters made up another story about Zayne killing the Padawans. He obviously did not have the skill to kill all the Padawans, so they added that he had turned to the dark side to do his killings.

With Zayne and Gryph in the Lower City, they made their way to Junk Junction and met a mechanic named Camper and his friend, Jarael. At first they were not too friendly towards Zayne and Gryph because one, Zayne had indirectly smoked out a company called Lhosan Industries who looked after the Lower City in Taris. When the massacre happened, they sought out to look for somewhere safer and when that happened, the Lower City was in a state of disarray; and two, Gryph had failed to pay back Camper from last time. Camper and Jarael soon changed their minds as a police force, led by Constable Noana Sowrs and Lucien Draay were looking for them. Camper and Jarael led them onto their ship, the Last Resort. The Last Resort had broken down in the asteroid belt around Taris and were stationed there until repairs could be completed. On the ship, Zayne made a call to Master Vandar and told him about the massacre. Vandar believed Zayne, but he had his suspicions, and speculated that Zayne had killed the Padawans himself. He advised Zayne to contact one of the Jedi Consolers on Taris. During the call, he was knocked out by Jarael. Zayne himself was suspicious of that as the four of five, except Lucien, were consolers on Taris were also his masters, the same masters who performed the massacre. He decided that he should investigate on Taris' rogue moon along with Jarael to look for clues about this massacre, and in the hopes of proving that he wasn't the killer. On the moon, Zayne finds a destroyed robot called T1-LB, also known as "Elbee". Elbee tells Zayne that he had accidentally fallen off a cliff, but Zayne realizes that the masters had pushed him off as he was present during the Jedi Trials. Before Zayne can grab anymore information, Lucien, Noana Sowrs and the rest of the force arrive.

Lucien finds Zayne on the moon, but thanks to Gryph and Camper’s surprise attack Lucien and his force, they make it back onto the ship, and Zayne puts Elbee's memory core into another droid. Zayne asks Elbee to tell him the last of what happened through his recordings and holograms. Elbee's holograms show the Jedi Masters, apart from Lucien have a vision where a Sith in red armor would kill them all. Feln assumed that the red spacesuits the Padawans wore was a symbol of one of them being the Sith. However, all of the Padawans had red spacesuits, which resulted in them being murdered. As soon as Zayne discovers the truth behind the masters' actions, the Last Resort was pulled in by a tractor beam from the Oroko, which was owned by the bounty hunter Valius Ying. Zayne realized he now had to make a decision a true Jedi would make. After some negotiations, Valius allowed the others, except Zayne, to be let free. Zayne's bounty was too high for him to be let go, so Gryph and Zayne made an escape plan, where the guard guarding them would be distracted while Zayne would make a run for the Last Resort. Jarael intervenes and tells him that there is nothing wrong with running, though endangering the lives of others while doing so is not right. Zayne then chooses to face the music and surrender to the Jedi Masters who were chasing him. Valius Ying, a bounty hunter had turned Zayne in on Taris where his execution was being prepared. Crowds had gathered, including the sister of the murdered Padawan Shal, Shel Jelavan. Up at the Jedi Tower where Zayne was brought by Valius, Lucien had explained how Shal's suspicions had caused this situation of cat-and-mouse to happen. Lucien was ready to finish Zayne off, but not before killing Valius who had discovered too much. Just before Lucien is about to execute Zayne, a Sith in red armor walks in the room with Zayne's lightsaber. The Sith rescues Zayne, and it later turns out to be Jarael dressed up. Zayne escapes, though the Jedi Masters on Taris retreat to Coruscant because of the backlash the general public gave to them for letting a "murderer" escape. A few weeks after Zayne's escape, he calls the Jedi Masters, warning them that they too have the a mark above their heads for a bounty, and possibly death.

Malcolm Dragon

malcolmdragon.jpgMalcolm Dragon is the only child of the heroes Dragon and Rapture. He was born extremely premature but due to his unique genetic heritage, he was born as developed and healthy as many full-term babies. This early great news quickly turned sour when Malcolm died in Hillman Hospital. It was decided by his parents not to insist on an autopsy as it seemed clear that Malcolm died due to complications with his premature birth and he was laid to rest in a local cemetery.

However, unbeknownst to both Dragon and Rapture, Malcolm was still alive and well. The secretive Covenant of the Sword organization had abducted the child and left a synthetic double in his place. This covert group had been set-up in the past by the time-traveling Damien DarkLord and were dedicating to building up their own private army of super-humans, raising the offspring of known super powered freaks in the doctrine of the Covenant.

Malcolm remained in the care of the Covenant, being raised by an alternate version of his mother, brought over by DarkLord to replace Rapture (whom he had previously killed). He was told of his father but was kept hidden away from Dragon. When he was four years old, Dragon raided the Covenant stronghold to retrieve several abducted children and learned that his son was still alive.

Dragon ended up getting transported to an alternate timeline, leaving his son to continue to grow up in the care of the alternate Rapture. This continued for another couple of years until Universo, the Devourer of Worlds, arrived to consume the Earth. Malcolm and several other children managed to avoid the end of the world when SoulStar, HotWire and SkyLark took them with them through a portal into Dimension-X.

This led to a long exile where these survivors fought constantly against alien threats until the adults got caught in a battle against monsters. The children fled and eventually learned of the existence of Glum World where a portal back home was rumored to exist. Malcolm led his friends to the planet where Mister Glum reluctantly returned them all home, at the behest of the alternate Earth’s Angel Dragon.

Malcolm was finally reunited with his father and step-sister, allowing them to be a family for the very first time. Malcolm and Angel desire to follow in their father’s footsteps as a hero and have thrown themselves into battle against villains such as Mako in an effort to live up to the mantle of Dragon.

Pinky the Wiz Kidpinkythewizkid.jpg

Pinky became the ward of local district attorney Brian Butler. He learned Butler was also the costume hero Mr. Scarlet. Butler’s success as a vigilante crime fighter left his civilian job in jeopardy. He would resort to finding various odd jobs as a supplement for his needed income. As Butler’s adopted son, Pinky would become his junior partner (sidekick) and given the nickname The Wiz Kid.

In the Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC universe, Mr. Scarlet and Pinky, the Wiz Kid were from Earth-S along with the Marvel Family and the rest of the Fawcett heroes. At one point they were both members of Captain Marvel’s Squadron of Justice (along with Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Spy Smasher, Ibis, the Invincible). The Squadron would meet and team-up with the Justice League of America (Earth-1) and the Justice Society of America (Earth-2) in what was called a “Crisis on Multiple Earths”. The three teams fought King Kull and villains from all three Earths.

Mr. Scarlet and Pinky’s were heroes of the 1940s and based in Fawcett City. They were among a small group of heroes called upon by the wizard Shazam to aid in his fight against his daughter Blaze and the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Blaze was defeated and Shazam contained the Seven within ridiculous containment shells.

Due to Ibis, the Invincible’s spell over to slow the advance of time, Butler and Pinky were able to live longer than normal lives. However, age eventually caught up with Brian Butler and he passed away. Pinky would take up the mantle and become the new Mr. Scarlet.


synergy.jpgSynergy's parents, Chrysalis and Captain Dynamo, were archenemies that called their home Tower City. Eventually, their rivalry turned into attraction and they secretly became lovers. The product of their union was Synergy thus making her Captain Dynamo's sixth love child.

Synergy, who's real name is Cynthia, inherited all of her father's special abilities by exposing her to the same radiation that gave him his own powers. One of Captain Dynamo's favorite things to do was to fly with Cynthia.

Synergy has used her abilities to impersonate her father after his death. The reason behind this was actually a sinister plan of her mother, Chrysalis. While acting as Captain Dynamo, Synergy was able to coax Maddie Warner, the widow of Captain Dynamo, to come to Chrysalis' headquarters.

At the behest of Chrysalis, Synergy attempts to kill Maddie Warner. However, Maddie Warner injects herself with a serum, becoming the latest Whiptail. Maddie was able to defeat Synergy, with the help of Dynamo 5. Synergy's half-brother Gage then used his telepathy to make her forget her villainous ways and give her a fresh start. Maddie leaves her at a school for girls.

Recently a man posing as a priest shot Cynthia in the head (knowing it would not kill her). The bullet jogged her memory and she is now planning her revenge on her half-siblings.

182. Kid Spawn/Havok (8 points each)

Kid Spawn

kidspawn.jpgA young boy who was contained in Spawn’s heart and is meant to replace his lost innocence. He was conjured by the Man of Miracles. In life, he drowned in a water tank after climbing to the top and slipping on the side and falling inside. He has a bad leg and had no way of getting out. His mother came to rescue him but neither could escape. Dehydration set in and Christopher fell asleep and drowned while his mother was confronted with a woman covered in plants who promised to allow him to return. She was on the verge of suicide and only Christopher’s prompt return kept her from killing herself. On the way, he was confronted and tempted by Billy Kincaid who for Chris had seemed to have taken on a similar role to The Clown. Christopher was given the choice of many action figures to choose from while Kincaid attempted to distract and stab him. His costume reacted and subdued Kincaid. As all of this was happening Christopher was also beginning to decompose. He left and headed for home. This is when he met his mother and Man of Miracles returned to him. Though badly decomposed, his mother could only see her son as he was. She saw Man of Miracles as the green woman. They left his mother again to search for Spawn. On the way, Christopher was left again to fend for himself. He ran into a comic book which filled in the details of his death and with this he realized he was dead. He also ran into a circus and Kincaid again, trying to kill him. He showed that he had kept two action figures from their previous encounter, Sam and Twitch and this distracted Kincaid, who shortly afterwards was grabbed and killed by the costume. Sam and Twitch were mystically transported to his location and saw Kincaid’s corpse and found Chris who had lost his eyes at this point after seeing Kincaid "do things" to other children, and was dressed fully in his hellspawn costume. Christopher is the key to unlocking the powers of The Legion. He moves in and out of Spawn to rest himself as well as to bring out other members. He has thus far summoned the Kitamuras and Surendras. It is theorized that he is the child that Bootsy warned Spawn about right after Spawn’s first encounter with Greenworld. He was last seen bidding his farewell to the reborn Spawn, the last soul to leave for the afterlife.

He returns to lead a scaled down version of the Legion, numbering a mere dozen of members, to protect Al Simmons from Morana, his daughter turned into a new, powerful Hellspawn. Once again, he's the last to die, asking Al Simmons to follow him in a new dimension of everlasting peace, beyond Heaven and Hell.


havok.jpgThe younger son of Christopher and Katherine Summers, and younger brother to Scott (and older brother of Vulcan...stupid retcon). Christopher was a test pilot for the air force, and was flying a private plane with his family on board when the plane was attacked by a spaceship from the Shi'ar Empire. There was only one parachute, so Katherine strapped it to Alex and Scott, before pushing them out of the plane.

Both boys survived the crash, but Scott suffered a serious head injury upon landing. Taken into care with the belief that their parents were dead, Scott and Alex were separated. Alex was adopted by the Blanding family who had recently lost their son. Todd Blanding had been killed in a car crash. His new parents tried to make Alex the same as Todd, and Alex tried his hardest to please them. When the boy who caused Todd's death attacked Alex, Alex's mutant powers surfaced. However, raging out of control, his plasma blasts accidentally incinerated the boy. No-one was aware that Mr. Sinister had been monitoring Alex ever since he had been adopted. He then placed genetic locks on Alex to stop the him from developing his mutant powers again. As a side effect of the blocks, Alex also forgot what had happened and how he had killed a boy.

Alex remained unaware of his mutant powers until he graduated from collage. Unknown to Alex, his professor of archeology named Ahmet Abdol was also a mutant. professor Abdol had discovered a psychic link between himself and Alex. While both of them had the latent mutant power to absorb and transform cosmic radiation, Abdol's ability to exercise the power was jammed in an unknown manner by Alex' body. Abdol called himself The Living Pharaoh and kidnapped his student, taking Alex to his laboratory. Abdol found a way to screen the ambient cosmic radiation from Alex' body, permitting the Living Pharaoh to attain his latent potential. The bombardment of energies transformed Abdol into the Living Monolith, a gigantic mutant with vast cosmic power. Alex's mutant powers resurfaced under the strain of Abdol's technology. The activation of his mutant powers signaled to Professor Charles Xavier. The Monolith was defeated while in combat with the X-Men and Alex was reunited with his older brother; the X-Men's field leader, Cyclops.

Although he had finally been reunited with his long-lost brother, Alex was still incapable of controlling the shock waves his body emanated. Therefore, he chose to remain in the Egyptian desert rather than accompany the X-Men back to their headquarters in upstate New York. However, Alex was soon captured by a mutant-hunting robotic Sentinel and taken to the headquarters of Larry Trask. Trask gave Summers the codename Havok and a costume with a display on the chest which monitored the build-up of cosmic energy within him. When the X-Men finally freed Trask's captive mutants, Havok finally accompanied his brother and his teammates back to civilization where the X-Men began training Alex to help him keep his energy in check. Eventually, Havok gained enough mastery over his power that he would release it only when he wished to do so, and could wield his power skillfully enough to become a formidable opponent in battle.

While with the X-Men, Havok fell in love with Lorna Dane, the mutant known as Polaris. They both served for a time in the X-Men helping to repel the invasion by the alien Z'nors. Neither Havok nor Polaris wished to lead a life as an adventurer, but they discovered that they had a mutual interest in geophysics. Hence, Havok and Polaris began their graduate studies in geophysics in the American West. Shortly after the X-Men's disastrous mission to Krakoa, Havok and Polaris felt that they were no longer needed in the X-Men and left to return to school in order to complete their degrees.


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