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Your Top Teens part 5

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, September 28 2009 and posted in Features

More characters for ya. Enjoy. {nomultithumb}

barbarathorson.jpg181. Barbara Thorson: Giant Killer (9 points)

"A girl struggles with impending family disaster by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters."

In their main character, Barbara Thorson, an alienated, socially awkward and, we learn, emotionally hurting, 5th grader living on Long Island, New York, Kelly and Nimura offer an opportunity to explore alternative, relational notions of identity, as opposed to the hermetic view favored by the mainstream of pop culture.

Readers first see Barbara performing a blood ritual with a heart-shaped purse. The scene then shifts to a classroom on career day. Barbara is keeping herself apart from the rest of the class, reading a book instead of participating in the day’s events. When she steps out from behind her desk she has long, stringy hair, uneven bangs, rabbit ears on top of her head, and a long t-shirt with a stylized skull on the front. She proclaims that her disinterest in career day stems from that fact that she already has a career finding hunting, and killing giants.

Barbara is a smart, but weird kid. However, her weirdness does not simply emerge from some fundamental strangeness to her being. It can be related, at least in part, to circumstance.

That she doesn’t feel like one of the popular, ‘normal’, girly girls she rides with on the bus seems to stem in some measure from the fact that she doesn’t easily look like one of them, either. More deeply, her sense of dislocation, of having bigger things to worry about, is related to a home with parents who initially appear to be absent (true in the case of the father, only partially true in the case of the mother).

180. Cypher/G-Man (9 points each)

Douglas Ramsey is the son of Philip and Douglas Ramsey. His powers developed during his puberty. Doug Ramsey was a friend of Kitty Pryde before he discovered his mutant gene existed during the days when she had just moved in to Westchester to enroll at Xavier's. The X-Men were hesitant to recruit him because they wanted him to attempt to live a normal life with his mutant power-thus furthering their goals for mutants. That plan changed however, when the Massachusetts Academy invited Doug to join their school. Kitty couldn't tell him how that school was a front for evil mutants so she decided to go along to keep an eye on him. She was counting on the X-Men to back her up if she got into any trouble. Unfortunately for her this was at the same time that the Beyonder abducted Earth’s super heroes and villains to compete in the first Secret Wars. Kitty and Doug were both brainwashed by the newly returned Emma Frost. They were eventually rescued and Doug joined the New Mutants.

During his time on the New Mutants he always felt that he was a liability to the team because he felt insecure about his powers and that they were worthless to the team. When the team discovered the techno-organic alien Warlock, he had met his new best friend. The downside was that everything techno-related Warlock touched tended to become infected with a virus. Doug, finally feeling helpful to the New Mutants, would risk his life to fuse with Warlock so he could help his teammates

Doug was also romantically linked to Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane.) It was because of his strong feelings for her that cost Doug his life. The team was on a mission rescuing mutants that had been kidnapped and experimented on by the Ani-Mator. In the process the team was captured themselves. During their escape the Ani-Mator was going to shoot Wolfsbane in the back when Doug jumped in front of him and took the bullet to save her life, a romantic gesture on his part.

Years later Doug returned to life when Warlock infected his body with the transmode virus and they were fused together as a new person called Douglock. Kitty Pryde as a good friend checked if it is really Warlock fused with Cypher or it is just Cypher resurrecting. She phased through his coffin from the underground and found out that Cypher's corpse was still there cold and dead. Then she is convinced about the fusion of Warlock and Cypher's personality.


Mikey G wanted to be a superhero. When he found a magic cape, he gained the ability to fly. It also enhanced his strength and gave him some invulnerability. His older brother, Dave G took a piece of his cape and made a belt out of it. He decided to call himself "Great Man."

Yeah, I never got into this. Same reason I never got into Tiny Titans, I know I know. I am a crazy man. And other then what I wrote above, I really have nothing else to write about him. Well, I do work with a dude named Glaister and we call him G-Man or Big G because most people cannot pronounce his name well.

179. Elixir (9 points)

Elixir is an Omega-level mutant whose abilities have yet to reach their full potential. As an elixir.jpgOmega Level Mutant, his capabilities are only limited by his imagination when he reaches his full potential. His power is to manipulate the organic material on a genetic level which he uses to mainly heal wounds. This ability requires him to have direct contact with those he wishes to heal. Because of the nature of his power, Elixir has received in depth knowledge on human anatomy. With a greater understanding of the inner workings of the human body, he has demonstrated the ability to heal or even re-grow tissues that has been damaged beyond repair or removed completely. For example, when a classmate's heart was removed by an enemy, Elixir was able to grow a new heart in its place simply by concentrating on the construction of the human heart, re-growing one section at a time until the organ was complete. He has also demonstrated the ability to heal his own minor wounds at a subconscious level, however healing greater damage to his own body does take some degree of concentration.

Theoretically, he may even have the capacity to alter his own genetic code, which may be why he is classed as a potential Omega. Elixir has also demonstrated offensive uses of his powers. When enraged by an attack on the Mansion, Elixir made contact with William Stryker and reversed his healing power, which caused Stryker to rapidly die. This power has been demonstrated since, and is an ability that he has limited control over. While he has begun to explore what he can do with his healing abilities, he has yet to fully explore his control over the reversal of healing, and any practice of this ability will most likely result in the death of his target.

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