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Your Top Teens part 9

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, September 30 2009 and posted in Features
There more females for your viewing enjoyment, and two are from the same book...


168. Klara Prast (12 points)

klaraprast.jpgGrowing up Klara didn't realize she had any powers. She thought it was natural to grow plants simply by asking them too. When her mother discovered her powers, she pegged it as some sort of unholy curse. Klara's mother then sent her daughter to marry Mr. Prast a man who would be sailing away and taking Klara away from her home. Mr. Prast is a white haired man who would beat Klara when he was drunk and even sleep with her despite her tender age of twelve.

During a fire, the Runaways were helping children escape the building. When Karolina was doing another sweep of the area she discovered huge rose vines that burst right through a brick wall and a girl who she could only assume created them. Karolina loss sight of Klara that day but recognizing Klara's horticultural work and was able to find her again. She watched Klara through a window and there discovered Klara's upsetting living conditions. Karolina then set out to help the girl appreciate her powers and fend for herself, until Molly suggested they take Klara back to the future with them which shook Karolina's plans a bit.

It isn't until Klara let it be known that Mr. Prast was bedding her that Karolina agrees to take her to the future. Upon learning about this plan Xavin objects, which leads to an argument with Karoline. In his anger he lets his current shape (a Caucasian gentleman) slip and takes on his true form as a young African American girl. When Karolina realizes this form has become Xavin's true form she happily kisses Xavin. Klara is scandalized by Karolina kissing a "nigress" (as she puts it) and runs off calling them sinful and dirty. Klara was living in a time when gays and blacks were considered unholy, therefore the chemistry between Karolina and Xavin was extremely upsetting to her and her beliefs. Molly chases after Klara to try to calm her down but when Klara insults Karolina and Xavin some more Molly turns her back on her and leaves Klara to go back to her abusive, old husband.

After a violent beating from her spouse Klara goes back to Molly who to her surprise takes Klara back with open arms with the condition that Klara never insult Karolina or Xavin and that she not "freak out" when she sees her first jet plane. Klara then becomes the newest member of the Runaways.

167. Secret (12 points)

secret.jpgRobin, Impulse and Superboy helped save Secret from the Department of Extranormal Operations. They were holding her against her will. Secret is incorporeal, able to take on a variety of appearances. Eventually it is revealed that Secret was once an ordinary girl named Greta, whose adoptive brother Billy kills her as part of his plan to become a super villain. After her death Greta remained stuck on this plane of existence. She becomes a gateway between the living and the dead.

Secret joined Young Justice with Wonder Girl and Arrowette. She was often referred to as Suzie due to the fact that her real name was unknown. Secret became good friends with the two girls. She developed a crush on Tim Drake/Robin, and often defends his actions and his leadership without doubts and was jealous of Spoiler, Robin's girlfriend.

During the "Sins of Youth" arc, where the teen heroes became adults and vice versa, Secret was in protest of being changed back into a kid, preferring to remain an adult, so she can be respected. But she is over ruled and returns to her teenage state.

After many adventures Darkseid strips her of her powers turning her back into an ordinary, living girl. Ironically this is just as she always wanted to be. She now attends the Elias School for Girls, along with Cassie Sandsmark a.k.a. Wonder Girl and Cissie King-Jones a.k.a. Arrowette. She is a void to the after afterlife and her brother is Harm.

166. Karolina Dean (12 points)

Karolina Dean is the only child of two famous Hollywood lucyinthesky.jpgactors, Frank and Leslie Dean. She grew up living a normal life up until the day she discovered the truth about her parents. Like the rest of the Runaways, Karolina discovered that her parents were part of the Pride, and evil organization aiming to end the world. Along with her friends, she ran away from home, stealing weapons and resources from their parents in the process. It was around that time that Karolina discovered that she was an alien and that she had superhuman powers. Together, the Runaways decided to both atone for the evil deeds their parents committed and overthrow the Pride. When the kids finally did take on the Pride, their parents died in an explosion. The Runaways were then sent to separate foster homes by the Avengers.

A few weeks later, Karolina organized a group meeting during which the Runaways decided to stay together and run from the authorities. Karolina stayed with the group for a short while during which she confessed her love for Nico, after which an alien Skrull, named Xavin, came to Earth seeking her fiancée, Karolina. The team fought the Skrull but when he announced that their union would stop a war between their homeworlds, Karolina agreed to leave with him to stop the conflict. She then spent some time in space with Xavin, during which she discovered more about her powers, learned about her people, the Majesdanians, and wed Xavin, whose shape shifting abilities allowed him to become a woman for Karolina.

Karolina has since come back to Earth after her and Xavin's peoples clashed again, around which time Majesdania were destroyed. She and Xavin have reintegrated the group and are helping the Runaways fight the villains who have come to California after the power vacuum that followed the death of the Pride. When the Runaways accidentally end up in the time period of 1907, Karolina meets Klara Prast, and convinces everyone to accept her on the team.


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