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Your Top Teens part 10

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, September 30 2009 and posted in Features

More familiar characters in this batch...


165. Usopp (12 points)

usopp.png"As far as action, adventure type stories go, this, to me, is the ultimate hero, the true, perfect heroic character. Yes, most of the time he's used for comedy, but that goes for EVERYONE in One Piece (really, everyone, Oda introduces a character that looks as badass as it gets and first thing he does is bring them down to the same level as everyone else by making fun of them) and when he kicks butt....DAMN is he amazing.

One reason for this is that he is a coward and, compared to the rest of the main characters, he seems weak. They are godlike figures, he is a somewhat normal guy that fights using his brain and his inventions. But he overcomes his fears and stands at the side of his friends, even if he is much more likely to die and has to take more damage, he will go and fight, because he is loyal to them and while he is a coward he doesn't want to be and he does everything he can to become the Batman of his group...he is not there, but he is working on it. That's what makes him so great - development. He can't just jump into any battle, he has to grow as a person and as a fighter to be able to do so, he has to believe in himself and in his abilities and whenever he actually does it is just so much more amazing than a character with super strength punching someone in the face until he wins. And for me as a reader I never felt more satisfied than when Usopp, one of the greatest cowards in manga history, the guy who began his "pirate life" as some idiot playing with a bunch of kids when he was already in his later teen years, goes into a fight, over fifty volumes later (yes, volumes, that happened in chapter 460+), a fight against an opponent NONE of his comrades could defeat because of her powers - and he wins without touching her even once, by scaring her to the point of fainting. Believe it or not, that was one of the most awesome moments I've ever read in a comic."

Usopp is the son of Yasopp, a high ranking member of the Red Hair pirates, which is one of the 4 crews of the Yonkou. One trademark of Usopp is the fact that he is easily frightened, though many of the things that don't faze the other Strawhats would frighten most normal people. A second trademark of Usopp is his lies: he is often seen telling tales of his adventures which never actually happened, or pretending be the captain of the Strawhats or of another crew of "8,000 men."

His dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea and to go to Elbath, the land of giants. Usopp serves as the crew's sniper and is quite good at it. He also has the ability to take high amounts of damage and continue fighting. He is seen to be a good runner which he uses to run away, scared of his enemies. He had an attachment to the crew's former ship, the Going Merry, which lead to a falling out with the rest of the crew. It was a reminder to him of his friends back on his home island, because it was his friends who had crafted the ship. After his falling out he created an alternate persona to assist them in rescuing Robin when she was captured. Most of the crew saw through the persona but Chopper and Luffy were fooled.

164. Phil Urich (12 points)

philurich.jpg"Created during a time period where everyone now has a selective memory (Clone Saga), Phil is a great character. A true everyday dude trying to survive in the chaotic Marvel world. Through sheer luck he become's the new Green Goblin and actually tries to bring some good to the name. During his small career he fought Arcade and the Jason Macendale Hobgoblin (both of which are probably his two greatest issues). Nowadays alas for Phil, that Goblin Formula he accidentally bathed himself into finally claimed his sanity. I'm still waiting for an actual continuation of his storyline. DAMNIT C.B. GIVE US MORE LONERS!!"

Phil Urich discovered one of the late Harry Osborne's secret lairs. He discovered that Harry, before his death, had been working on new goblin gear, notably a new goblin suit and glider.

Phil would start parading around as the Green Goblin and getting into fights with super-villains. Some believed Phil to be as maniacal as the rest of the goblins, but he claims he was only doing it for kicks.

Phil's costume would later become damaged during the Onslaught saga after Phil crashed his glider into a Sentinel attacking the Daily Bugle in order to destroy the robot. Repairing it was beyond his scope, and after getting beaten without his powers, he finally decided to give up being the Green Goblin.

Later, Phil, and Mickey Musashi (formerly Turbo), started up a new team The Loners to get teenage heroes off of the streets. Phil had a mental breakdown, and tried to attack Musashi and Chris Powell, then stealing Darkhawk’s amulet. Soon after Phil was depowered, and escapes with Penance, and hasn't been seen since then.

163. Radius (13 points)

radius.jpgAlpha Flight, represent yo!!

Jared Corbo was raised in the Canadian orphanage Hull House along with his younger half-brother, Adrian (Flex). Hull House, not to the boys' knowledge, was actually owned and operated by the Canadian government organization Department H. When the boys were old enough, they were recruited into the Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight. After a short stay on the team, he was demoted to Beta Flight, the trainee team.

Jared was later recruited into Banshee's new team, X-Corps, which operated as a militaristic group to police the mutant population in Europe. This team was also short lived, as Mystique broke the mental control over the "reformed" villains on the team. In the ensuing battle, Jared was swallowed by a huge opening in the earth below him, courtesy of the mutant Avalanche.

Jared survived the fall, though, and has been shown as one of the many depowered mutants in the aftermath of M-Day. It has also been revealed that Jared's biological father is the X-Men villain Unus the Untouchable.

162. Jolt (13 points)

jolt.jpg"You didn’t think I’d let one of these lists pass by without voting for someone from the T-Bolts, did you? While Jolt herself is hardly my favorite Thunderbolt, she did have an incredible effect on the development of other characters on the team, especially Atlas and Moonstone. So for that, she makes my list."

Hallie Takahama had just turned fifteen when New York was attacked by the psionic Onslaught and his robot Sentinel army. Hallie's parents were slain, and she became the protector of several younger children during the crisis. She and her charges were abducted for experimentation by the geneticist Arnim Zola. Mutated into superhuman form, Hallie escaped and sought aid from the Thunderbolts, not realizing they were secretly Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. As part of their heroic pose, the Thunderbolts captured Zola, and when Hallie's involvement was telecast, Zemo, as Citizen V, agreed to let her join.

The enthusiastic Jolt served with the Thunderbolts for weeks before Zemo, as part of his larger scheme, revealed the team's true identities; as the team fled, Jolt stowed away on their craft, and when some of the Thunderbolts questioned their involvement, she persuaded them to become genuine heroes and help defeat Zemo. Still on the run for past crimes, the Thunderbolts fell under the leadership of the Avenger Hawkeye, who wished to help them redeem themselves to the public. To Jolt's annoyance, Hawkeye insisted that she complete high school, where she was targeted by Scourge, an assassin controlled by government operative Henry Gyrich. Scourge apparently killed Jolt, who was mourned by her teammates. However, Jolt's superhuman form retained some semblance of life, and her former teammate Techno absconded with her body, holding her in stasis for weeks as he considered her condition, ultimately releasing her when Scourge attacked the Thunderbolts' base. Now partially paralyzed but able to assume an energized form, Jolt joined her teammates in defeating Scourge and exposing Gyrich's activities. Now a ward of the state, she joined the government super-team the Redeemers.

After joining the Redeemers, Jolt was unable to return to school due to having such a public civilian death and burial. Instead she was schooled by S.H.I.E.L.D. and went through a strenuous daily therapy regimen to learn to walk normally again. Tragically, most of the Redeemers perished fighting the godlike Graviton and Hallie's best friend Charlie (Charcoal) was presumed destroyed. Jolt survived, and she and the Thunderbolts were transported to Counter-Earth, a duplicate Earth on the other side of the sun. The team labored to help the problem-ridden world recover, and when the Thunderbolts returned to their own Earth, Jolt chose to remain behind and continue the rebuilding process alongside the teen team of the Young Allies. Jolt briefly returned to aid the Thunderbolts during a crisis with the Avengers but is again on Counter-Earth.


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