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Your Top Teens part 11

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 01 2009 and posted in Features

Some fun characters in this one. Well, maybe.


161. Dino Pooh Bear (13 points)

dinopoohbear.jpgThis is what Wiki says about this character:

A young man struggling to make a living on the reservation. He encounters Dashiell at a meth lab which Dashiell is shutting down. Poor Bear wants a better life for himself and his daughter, and would like to leave the reservation. He works as a janitor for the Crazy Horse casino.

I really need to buy this comic, so many people have told me too, and after the Modern List I have felt the urge too but money is a little tight and I just cannot afford it. Dammit.

Anywho, well done character I wanna read but have not. I look forward to reading you one day. If you are like me, and have no clue what this book is about here is the downlo:

Dashiell Bad Horse returns to the "rez" after fifteen years of absence, picking fights with whoever crosses his path. His belligerence quickly leads him to a run-in with Chief Lincoln Red Crow, chief of the Oglala tribe, chief of the local police, and a wealthy mob boss. Red Crow assesses Bad Horse's fighting ability and enthusiasm for getting his hands dirty, and coerces him into joining the tribal police force. Bad Horse's primary duty is breaking up fights and shutting down meth labs--Red Crow is about to open a $97 million dollar casino, and is anxious to clean up the tribe's public image, not to mention taking out competition for his illegal interests.

Secretly, Bad Horse is an undercover FBI agent, tasked with infiltrating Red Crow's organization. Dashiell's immediate superior wants to bring Red Crow to justice for the murder of two FBI agents 30 years ago, when Red Crow was a militant Native American rights activist alongside Dashiell's mother, Gina Bad Horse.

Dashiell develops an obsession with Red Crow's estranged daughter, Carol, who resents Dashiell for leaving the reservation. Dashiell speaks to her occasionally, but mostly follows and observes her as she tries to escape the crushing boredom and poverty of the reservation through alcohol, drugs, and sexual promiscuity.

The first story arc, 'Hoka Hey', ends with the murder of Gina Bad Horse, seen scalped and lying on the ground outside the rez. She had previously tried, frantically, to speak to her son, always narrowly missing him.

106. Blink (14 points)

blink.jpgClarice Ferguson was a young, inexperienced mutant who was targeted as a member of the next generation of mutants by the Phalanx. The technological alien race couldn't absorb mutants, and had decided to kidnap and experiment on young mutants. They stole Professor Xavier's list of new mutants, which included Clarice. Along with Husk, M, and Skin (who would become founding members of Generation X) she was entombed within the Phalanx as a test subject on the assimilation of mutant tissue.

By the time she had been kidnapped by the Phalanx she had already experienced the first traumatic awakening of her power. She recalled how much blood there was, and swore that she would never use her powers again. She was a teleporter, who could move matter in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately she couldn't control her powers, and they terrified her. Therefore she spent most of her time huddled up with a 5th mutant who comforted her. What she didn't know was that the 5th mutant in the prison cell wasn't a mutant; he was a Phalanx operative who monitored the children, and prevented them from attacking the Phalanx operative known as Harvest.

When Harvest appeared, Clarice resisted him by turning her power on him. Her teleportation skills weren't complete and therefore her power caused Harvest to fracture. As he cried out in pain, the secret Phalanx operative pulled at her which broke her concentration and saved Harvest. M had seen through the Phalanx's ruse, and began to plan their escape. With the help of Jubilee, Synch, Banshee, Emma Frost and Sabretooth they finally managed to escape their prison cell.

Free from the cell, they discovered that they had been kept imprisoned on an old freighter ship. Harvest and the Phalanx under his control continued to attack the children and X-Men. In an effort to save the others, Clarice ran back to confront Harvest. She had already caused him pain the once and she was determined to stop him once and for all. She teleported away a large section of the ship's hull, separating herself from the other young mutants. Attacking Harvest, her powers flared out of control. Harvest was destroyed, but by the time Banshee reached Clarice she had already begun to disappear. Her fingers vanished as Banshee desperately tried to cling on to her hand. Clarice died saving the others from the Phalanx.

Clarice was briefly seen in the Casino of Erebus. Both Hercules and Amadeus Cho made a journey to the underworld, which resembled a casino. It was explained that there were many different appearances of the underworld, but all were essentially the same place. Therefore, famous deceased characters from the Marvel Universe appeared including Cypher and Blink

In the preview for the Necrosha cross-over, Clarice was seen and identified as Blink. She had joined Selene's personal army of deadly mutants (many of whom had also been raised from the dead). Alongside Caliban, Eli Bard, Mortis, Senyaka and Wither she was introduced as a teleporting mutants who uses her powers to kill.

During the preview she lead the attack on Utopia (the X-Men's off-shore base in San Francisco Bay), seemingly with former members of the Hellfire Club as their intended target. Currently, it remains unclear how Blink has been resurrected from the dead. However, he brief appearances seems to indicate that she has been in Selene's company for some time, and that she has plenty of experience of killing with her teleportation powers.

159. Rictor (14 points) rictor.jpg

Rictor and Shatterstar
Sitting in a tree.
Pissing off Liefeld

I just wrote that. I know. I know. I am awesome.

Rictor (Julio Esteban Richter) grew up the son of a Mexican arms dealer. As a young boy, Rictor witnessed his father's murder at the hands of a mysterious white-haired man. His murder would continue to plague him for many years after his father's death.

When Rictor's ability to produce seismic waves manifested, he unwittingly destroyed several blocks in his local area. He was later kidnapped by the criminal organization known as The Right, headed by Cameron Hodge, who wanted to use his earthquake generating powers to cause massive devastation by destroying San Francisco.

Rictor was rescued by the group X-Factor, then posing as mutant hunters, and was given safe haven on their sentient command center, appropriately called ' Ship'. There, Rictor met fellow X-Factor wards Tabitha " Boom Boom" Smith, Captain Okada, Rusty Collins, Sally " Skids" Blevins, and the Morlock Leech. The six of them struck up an early friendship and together they were trained to use their powers under the original X-Factor lineup.

Rictor spent a lot of time with the team, despite the horrors they faced. Rictor found himself captured by the Right once again. Desperate to escape, he nearly committed suicide so he would no longer be the group's pawn, but Boom Boom convinced him to not give up. After escaping The Right again, he went back with the others to their seemingly chaotic days until X-Factor decided to enroll them in boarding school.

After a brief time spent at the boarding school, the group, now calling themselves the X-Terminators after X-Factor's initial mutant hunting guise, continued their adventures, including a mission where they rescued Artie Maddicks and Leech from the demon N'astirh.

Recently Rictor and Strong Guy embarked on a road trip that lead to a reunion with Rictor's former X-Force teammate Shatterstar.

It was revealed that Shatterstar was in fact mind controlled by an entity called Cortex, which had been targeting depowered mutants for currently unspecified reasons. When the mental link Cortex had on Shatterstar abruptly wore off, Shatterstar was pleasantly surprised to see Rictor. As Rictor walked over to attend to his friend, Shatterstar grabbed him and the two shared a passionate kiss.



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