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Your Top Teens part 13

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 01 2009 and posted in Features

Some characters in this batch, and I can see more people getting a tad annoyed.


154. Ricochet (14 points)

I dunno much about this comic or character, and around the web there is nothing on this character AT all. Why do you do this to me? Why? *temple rubs

With the exceptions of Super Patriot and Mighty Man, all of the team was part of a failed "freak force" program, in which the Chicago Police Department attempted to recruit super-powered police officers. Dart, a vigilante from Detroit, was among the first recruited. Horridus joined soon after the Dragon rescued her from abusive captivity in her parent's basement. Ricochet and Barbaric were led to the program from a meeting with the Savage Dragon, although Ricochet was rejected as too young to be a police officer. While sulking, she helped rescue Rapture from a homicidal pimp.

Their tenure as police officers was brief and fraught with disaster. Barbaric almost killed members of the Vicious Circle criminal organization during a prison escape. Dart gravely injured the villain Cesspool, who later filed a lawsuit. The police department also wanted the crew to wear standard police uniforms, instead of superhero costumes. The heroes complained that this would restrict their fighting ability. This, and other factors, soon led to the team leaving the police department.

153. Xavin (14 points)

xavin.jpgWow, so many Runaways so early. I thought they were the 2nd coming of teen comics, folks? And you people call yourself fans...

Xavin came to Earth to marry Karolina Dean, but was turned down because she said that she was attracted to females. But Xavin revealed that this was not a problem because Skrulls are natural shape shifters, meaning that he could change gender as easily as she could changer her clothes. So Karolina left with him to get married. The intricacies of Xavin and Karolina Dean's relationship and the nature of their sexuality together are not completely understood by the Runaways, but appear mostly homosexual.

During the wedding ceremony, one of the Skrulls made a rude comment towards the Majesdanian brides' maids, and this reignites the war between the Skrulls and the Majesdanians. The brawl ends up destroying the planet (no one is expected to have survived other than Karolina and Xavin).

Xavin was a major part of the plan for rescuing Molly Hayes from Geoffrey Wilder, and foiling Wilder's plan, in which he attempts to sacrifice Nico Minoru (of the Runaways). Wilder was planning to revive his family by giving Nico's soul to the Gibborim.

During the Civil War Xavin's neck was broken by Marvel Boy, and he appeared to be dead. Later, Xavin was able to fix her neck and heal herself.

Xavin, as her betrothed Karolina states, is learning to become more human. Her different, more warlike ideologies sometimes cause conflicts with the other Runaways, particularly Victor due to the later being considered an artificial being. Nevertheless, she is totally dedicated to Karolina, and seems willing to adapt just to be more accepted in the group.

During their time trapped in 1907, Xavin adopts a white male form, recognizing that being white and male in the society they find themselves in will benefit them most.

Upon returning to the present, the Runaways encounter invading Skrulls in New York City. Recognizing the Skrull invaders, Xavin quickly knocks out the other Runaways with a force field and speaks to the invaders. They leave the Runaways with Xavin, who attempts to transport the unconscious Runaways to safety. However, Nico and Victor only feign being knocked out and attack Xavin. Xavin does not fight back and explains that the Skrull invaders are part of an extremist religious sect who believes Earth to be their rightful dominion and view others with superpowers to be sacrilegious. Nico and Victor are convinced by Xavin to run, Xavin telling them that all of their talk of standing and fighting in contrast to the Runaway's motto means nothing when dealing with the invaders, stating that they will not hesitate to even kill young "hatchlings" like Molly. Reluctantly, Victor and Nico leave Xavin behind, taking the others with them in the Leapfrog. Xavin notices the Young Avengers being attacked by Skrulls and manages to save Hulkling from capture. However, Hulkling is injured and both are cornered by Skrulls, who attack them in the sewer system.

152. Talisman (14 points)

talisman.pngEvery 10,000 years the planets align in such a fashion that allows evil to gain the upper hand on Earth. Around 20 millennia ago, Llan the Sorcerer was evil's choice to run rampant on Earth. He devised a plan to unleash the Twisted World's armies on Earth from another dimension by opening the Gateway of Night. Earth's gods chose the original Talisman to fight for them bestowing Talisman with the mystic Coronet of Enchantment. The first Talisman defeated Llan by cursing him when failed to adhere to the rules of engagement by having others worship him; 10,000 years later, her reincarnation, Nahita of the Elk Tribe joined the Tribe of the Moon as the new Talisman and she also came face to face with Llan. She bound him into an idol form via the curse until the next conjunction. Nahita was reincarnated recently as Elizabeth Twoyoungmen.

When her physician father Shaman could do nothing to save her mother from dying from cancer, Talisman disowned him. Years afterward, while in college studying archeology, she uncovered a human skull during a dig. Once she touched the skull she released an ancient spirit of the Great Beast Ranaq and had to search out her father for his help. She accompanied Shaman as he battled Ranaq and was struck by a mystic blast which she instinctively redirected back to the Beast. With her help, Shaman was able to defeat the Beast and began having suspicions that his daughter was the prophesied Talisman. When he introduced her to his Alpha Flight teammate Snowbird, his suspicions were proven correct by her bowing to Elizabeth. Shaman then had Elizabeth reach into his pouch and withdraw a magic circlet known as the Coronet of Enchantment, and, upon his instruction, put it on her bow. She was transformed into a person of immense mystic ability. Soon after, she joined her father in Alpha Flight, gradually forgiving him for his perceived past failings. Liz went on to assist the Alpha Flight in battling the Berserkers, Caliber and also venturing with them to the Realm of the Great Beasts to rescue the spirit of their beloved teammate Sasquatch. During a battle with Omega Flight, Shaman's pouch was turned inside out. Fearing what could happen he asked Liz to go inside and collapse its interior. He promised she would be safe but he was distracted and she ended up getting trapped inside. Luckily the Beyonder set her free but she once again lost her trust in her father and quit the team in disgust.

The Coronet amplified her anger and immaturity. When Shaman was trying to find a safe place for Snowbird to deliver her baby, Liz misdirected him to where F.R. Crozier's hate-filled spirit was located. She intended for his spirit to possess the newborn child. Once possessed the child became Pestilence and began defeating Alpha Flight. Liz wanted her father and the rest of Alpha Flight to fail so that she could swoop in and save the day where they could not. She figured she could control the spirit but since Crozier had never died he was beyond her control and in control of power comparable to demi-gods. Pestilence ripped the Coronet from Liz's head reducing her back to a mere mortal. Shaman took on the responsibility of Talisman so that his daughter could lead a normal life. This act finally proved to Liz how much her father actually loved her.

With things back to normal, Liz decided to resume her schooling and strive for her degree. The Dreamqueen had other plans for her though. The Dreamqueen tried forcing Liz to touch a dream totem which would allow her to tap into Liz's dormant powers giving her access to the waking world. This caused her powers to awaken once more which destroyed the totem and freed the Dreamqueen's pawns. Through a vision, Liz realized the Dreamqueen had also targeted Alpha Flight. She tried to reach her old teammates but arrived too late. With the Dreamqueen released into the real world, Liz knew she had to accept her destiny as Talisman. She went to her father and convinced him she was now mature enough and ready to take on the responsibilities of Talisman. Fresh with all her powers once more, Talisman led Alpha Flight against the Dreamqueen and they were able to banish her to another dimension.

151. Risk (15 points)

risk.jpgCody Driscoll (Risk) was born and raised in the community of Cosmos, he lived alone with his mother in a horrible trailer park. The reason Cody (Risk) lived alone with his mother was because his father had died when Cody was just six months old. However Cody's mother wasn't alone, after the death of Cody's father she was married two other times, making Cody's life even harder than what it looks like.

However it was the day he turned sixteen that his life got a lot more complicated, because like the rest of the teenagers that would soon become the Teen Titans of that generation he manifested for the first time his super-powers. The powers he manifested included enhanced strength and speed.

Cody Driscoll (Risk) had always been a troublemaker and someone who didn't respect his authority, this would lead Cody (Risk) to make an attempt to sneak into a facility known as N.O.R.A.D which was under the government control.

During this "adventure" Cody (Risk) would be teleported with the rest of the teens that would become the newest Teen Titans and that had also manifested their powers the day they turned sixteen, into a ship of the H'San Natall, a de-aged Ray Palmer (Atom) had been teleported there too, not because his powers were from the same origin, but because he was with Isaiah Crockett (Joto/Hotspot) when he was teleported into the ship.

It was during this time that they also met Prysm, a girl who had been there her entire life.

After the mission was a success the teens would decide to stay together as a new superhero team, choosing to become the newest Teen Titans. This team got the funding it needed thanks to Loren Jupiter (Mr. Jupiter) a former ally of the original Teen Titans. Cody would choose the codename Risk as his superhero identity.

Soon after creating the team, Prysm would start to have romantic feelings towards Risk, however the relation never happened because Risk was interested only in Argent.

The Teen Titans would meet and battle the villain known as Haze, who was actually the son of Loren Jupiter and sister of Lilith Clay (Omen). During their confrontation Joto (Hotspot) was killed in action, or at least it was thought so. This made the team have a really hard time, Argent in an attempt to keep the team together started a membership drive in an attempt to gather new members, it was then when both Captain Marvel Jr. and Fringe joined the team.

When Infinite Crisis happened, the survivors of the multiverse: Kal-L, Lois Lane of Earth-2, Alexander Luthor Jr. and Superboy Prime decided that the heroes of Earth-1 were a corrupted version of the heroes of Earth-2. This lead Superboy Prime to confront Connor Kent (Superboy) which led to a battle between the young Kryptonians. It was during this fight that Superboy (Connor Kent) called reinforcements using his Teen Titans communicator.

The call brought former members of the Teen Titans, along with the current incarnation of the team. The Doom Patrol and the Justice Society of America were brought into the battle too. While being attacked by the heroes Superboy Prime killed Pantha by accident, which lead to him killing more Titans. While Superboy Prime didn't kill Risk like the other Titans between them Bushido and Wildebeest, he would rip Risk's arm off using only his great strength. Argent helped Risk from bleeding to death using her powers but this attack by Superboy Prime did leave a big change to Risk, both physically and mentally.

When the war between the Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern Corps reached Earth, Superman Prime attacked several heroes between them the Justice League, the Justice Society, the Teen Titans, The Outsiders and others.

Risk also made a temporary alliance with the heroes because he wanted to make Superman Prime pay for what he had done to him by taking his arm. However things didn't go as Risk expected and Superman Prime ripped Risk's second arm off.


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