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Your Top Teens part 14

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, October 02 2009 and posted in Features

A weird groupage in this batch..



150. Black Alice/Skaar (15 points each)

blackalice.pngBlack Alice

"Cool powers."

Lori Zechlin is a gothic teenager. Her mother was a drug addict, and one day Mrs. Zechlin couldn't take it anymore. She put on her best dress, took an overdose of drugs, and drowned herself in the pool. Lori found the body after she came home from school. Lori then discovered later that same night that she had a mysterious, magic ability she could use the magical powers of other magical beings. Lori could not use the stolen powers as well as the rightful owners, and had very little control over how long she keeps them. Lori's father became distressed, and began to pretend everything was okay for Lori's sake. She began shutting herself off from her peers. Her only social group was a Wiccan circle that kicked her out because she was expelling dark energy since her mother's death, but this wasn't really the case, her best friend Dawn, the leader of the circle, became jealous of her friends real, and developing ability.

The Birds Of Prey discovered Lori while searching for previously unknown meta-humans. Lori took on the powers of Doctor Fate, to try and kill three drug dealers. When Black Canary saw that Lori was determined to kill the men, she intervened to save their lives. Lori escaped, and continued to be unseen. The Birds of Prey and Lori soon discovered that her boyfriend, Kyle, was cheating on her with Dawn. Oracle took Lori and turned her over to the real Doctor Fate.

During the Infinite Crisis Lori is surprised to see Nightshade and Chimp in her room talking to her dad. She is then teleported to the fight with Shadowpact. When the group goes to the Oblivion Bar Chimp tells everyone what Black Alice can do and their plan to kill Spectre. When he appears on an island she takes his powers. But, it is revealed that with his abilities stolen, the Spectre becomes almost ethereal, unable to be touched by anything - physically or magically. However, before relinquishing the abilities, she uses them to help hurl Eclipso (who was coercing the Spectre into his violent assaults) into an orbit around the sun.

With the Crisis over, Lori returns home, but is soon approached by members of the Secret Society of Super Villains, as well as the Birds of Prey. Manipulating her, the Society brings back Lori's dead mother, albeit in a near catatonic state, and in retaliation, Lori forcibly evicts the Society members and the Birds from town, declaring she never wishes to see them again. After an incident involving the Helmet of Fate, however, she returns to aide the Birds in finding the location of a person, only to be chased off by Misfit in a bout of jealousy.



*face palm

The Hulk (Emperor of Sakaar) and Caiera the Oldstrong (former slave to the Red King) wed and were pregnant with a son on the way. Unfortunately, Caiera, her unborn child, and millions of others seemingly perished when a spaceship exploded in Incredible Hulk vol. III #104. Though his first chronological appearance is in What If? Planet Hulk #1, Hulk and Caiera's child (named Skaar) makes his first appearance in regular continuity in November 2007's issue of World War Hulk #5. Skaar arose from the ashes of Sakaar and he was raised by monsters and he is destined to conquer. He never met his parents but has messages from his mother in his head.

It was believed that her child was never to have the blessing of life. He was born when mother, Caiera the Oldstrong, was incinerated in the blasts that destroyed Crown City, along with most of the inhabitants of Sakaar, it was assumed that both of them lost their lives in this massive explosion. However, his existence is unknown to his father, by some unknown phenomenon, her child rose from the ashes of the charred planet. He was christened with the name of Skaar, and the title Son of Sakaar.

The Son of the Hulk has survived the monsters and of the radioactive swamps, then defeated the barbarian general Axeman of the Fillians. Not long after the defeat of the Axeman Bone, Skaar locked horns with the warrior Princess Omaka. The Princess and Skaar joined forces to defend Sakaar’s refugees from the invading barbarians. Hailed as a savior, Skaar walked the Prophet's Walk through the Great Desert of Sakaar. Once in the shadow of the holy stone, he claimed his birthright of the Old Power promised by Old Sam of the Clear-Eye Shadow. Skaar's ascension to his birthright was spoiled when the hidden technology Old Sam, sought to use to awaken the Old Power within Skaar was cannibalized by the Wildebots. However, there stood a chance that the power would awaken on its own. Before this mystery could unravel, however, the holy rock was destroyed by Hiro Amin, the Axeman's Blind Shadow Priest. His attack was blistering with amazing new strength promising nothing but destruction for Skaar and the refugees. Unbeknownst to all present, Old Sam had once tried to train Hiro-Amin to control the Old Power, but he lacked the discipline and skill to master the secret power of the Shadow People. Skaar was able to defeat Hiro-Amin by separating him form the planet - thereby decreasing his power. After seeing the might of the Old Power, Skaar is now seeking to master the Old Power. Soon after, he finds himself allied with the Former King, who was saved from death and rebuilt with a majority of cybernetic parts by the Wildebots.

After becoming his ally, many people who considered him a savior, including the Omaka, daughter of the Red King lose faith in him and ally themselves with Axeman Bone. With his Oldstrong, he manages to see the acts of death committed by everyone on the planet and intends to kill Axeman and his followers, and almost succeeds, when the Silver Surfer makes a sudden return and manages to take away his Oldstrong power and reveals that Galactus is coming to the planet to consume it. He opts Skaar the chance to use the Oldstrong power to revive the ancient technology of the Shadows to evacuate the planet, becoming a hero of the universe as the planet Sakaar would have enough energy to satiate Galactus' hunger for a hundred thousand years. Throughout the series his mother, Caiera, spoke to him asking him to fight for good of the people of the planet, but he insisted on revenge, consumed with rage over Axeman Bone. Through one final plea of his mother's spirit, she asked him to give up his rage, he instead proceeds into battle, with no regard for the innocent. Caiera, using the little of her strength left as a spirit, used her Oldstrong power to return in a stone form of herself initially, then in the image of his father. She proceeded to defeat him with ease and asks why he insisted on being a killer instead of a attempting to make peace. He then reveals his plan of killing everyone on the planet he deemed evil after glimpsing the destruction so many people made when he briefly wielded the power of Oldstrong.

His mother, offering him one last chance of redemption, makes Silver Surfer bring to Galactus a being who has killed billions in order to truly grasp if he was able to succeed at his plans, showing him consequences of his actions will result with the death of everyone on the planet by the hands of Galactus, making him a Herald of Galactus with a vision. The Surfer then sends him back to Sakaar after believing he sees things his way. Caiera then returns to being one with the planet, believing Skaar has taken up the Silver Surfer on his previous offer of evacuating the planet and returns his old power to him to do so. Skaar then unsuspectingly uses his newly returned old power to destroy the ships, dooming everyone on the planet. He chose that the planet and his mother's soul was more important that its inhabitants and gave the Surfer an ultimatum, spare Sakaar or he will use his old power to increase Galactus' hunger which would cause him to consume every planet the Surfer managed to save. The Surfer decides to leave, informing everyone on the planet of his actions and how they would be subsequently responsible for the deaths of billions. Caiera returns to him once more and denounces him as her son for his decision and exiles him from the planet to Earth, saying she can understand the reasons that the people of Earth wanted to get rid of Hulk. She then absorbs the power of Sakaar and waited for Galactus to consume her.

Now he is on earth.

The end.

148. Trauma (15 points)

trauma.jpgTrauma joined the Initiative with fellow recruit, Komodo, Hardball, Cloud 9, and now deceased MVP. Trauma was the outcast of the group being the only one who cannot understand or control his powers. Henry Gyrich and Yellowjacket both assigned depowered mutant, Dani Moonstar, to train Trauma and teach him how to use his powers because she was formerly able to sense people’s fears before she was depowered on M day. Trauma shows resentment to Dani and all of the other people in Camp Hammond. He seems to be a difficult but good asset to the team. In The initiative #4 and #5, Trauma is revealed to be apart of a special task force for the Initiative, named by Henry Gyrich as 'The Shadow Initiative. By issue #5 Trauma is shown in full control of his powers thanks to coaching from Dani Moonstar, who goes on to say he could possibly become the worlds greatest behavior therapist, helping people overcome their greatest fears, one step at a time. However Trauma has been called an "Omega level threat" by Gyrich, and that he could be one of the few people alive that could stand up to the Hulk. However in the course battle with the Hulk it turns out he is unable to manifest as anything the Hulk fears, as the Hulk in his current state doesn't fear anything. It is after this that Gyrich drops him down to a Class 50 mutant. In issue #9, when an MVP clone was granted the tactigon previously removed from Armory, he accidentally saw on screen the real MVP die. When starting to go crazy, he went into "his" file and saw the KIA stamped on top of MVP's picture and carved those letters into his chest. He vowed to kill all that saw "him" die and started on a rampage. Towards the end of the issue, Terrance shape-shifted into the tactigon’s worst enemy, only resulting in the clone laughing at him saying it’s not his fear. The clone then apparently killed Terrance though it is not yet known if he is truly dead.

After that attack, during his funeral on the base Trauma got up out of his coffin while everyone was at his wake. Trying to learn more about his condition he stayed behind at Camp Hammond while his friends went other ways. During the Secret Invasion he was attacked by the rest of the Shadow Initiative and taken captive. He was forced to join the Shadow Initiative. In the Avengers: Initiative Annual, the Hood revealed that Nightmare is his biological father, and is forced to work for Norman Osborne.

148. Zephyr Noble (15 points)

zephyrnoble.jpgShe is the youngest of the Noble children and has been in the spotlight more than the others. When she was young Zephyr was taken by an enemy of the Nobles and although rescued safely she cannot recall the event. She had no problems from being in the spotlight and loved to be adored by millions. She was even a member of the Pact for some time

Once she was old enough Zephyr began to date and dump “IT Boys” by the tons and despite what she told the public she often kept the relationships non sexual. However she has been often independent and rebellious towards her family. She even slept with the Noble’s enemy Draconis as a means of retaliation against her parents for not letting her go to a public function she wanted to. She found herself pregnant after her tryst and tried to keep it hidden from her family, but after suffering injuries during a battle with the robot Icarus her doctor revealed her condition

Many were upset by the news, but mostly Zephyr’s friend Krennick who was Draconis’s son and wished to be with Zephyr romantically. They even allowed people to believe he was the father of the baby and not his own father. After she gave birth the baby died, but this was revealed o have been a lie by the doctor who had been paid by Draconis’s daughter Necrona and has been raising the boy as her own.

At some point in time Zephyr severed her ties with the family and went to live a normal life due to help from a friend Detective Ryan O’Mega. She used the name Gretchen Lewis a prostitute Krennick had paid to sleep with due to her likeness and died. She lived like a normal person and befriended Bobby a man living in the same apartment as her. Later she found out he was Slate Blackthorne who’s family was the evil opposite of her own. He wanted to escape from his own family and their relationship soon became intimate and five years later they are now married and the two have now become active members of the Nobles



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