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Your Top Teens part 16

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, October 02 2009 and posted in Features

Our last tie shows up in this batch. Enjoy.




144. Empress/Tag (16 points each)


Anita Fite is the daughter of Donald Fite, of the All Purpose Enforcement Squad, who, with his partner Ishido Maad, hounded Young Justice throughout the team's early days. (The partners' names, Fite 'n' Maad, are a deliberate pun by Peter David on the phrase "fightin' mad"; the name Anita Fite is also a pun – "I need a fight". She is usually written as speaking with a Jamaican patois.

She first appeared in the pages of Young Justice, saving Wonder Girl from dying of a poisonous snakebite. Shortly afterward during Young Justice's visit to the Olympics to support their former teammate, Cissie King-Jones, she met the team out of costume, and her father (who claimed to not know of her super heroic activities) let her secret identity slip ("Empress" having been a childhood nickname her mother had given her).

It was revealed that Anita had become a super heroine due to the inspiration of Cissie King-Jones, the former Arrowette. Anita had seen Cissie stop a thief in a mall, and was so impressed that she began to use her natural abilities to fight for good. There was tension at first between Cissie and Anita - Cissie thinking that Anita had simply wanted to replace her in Young Justice - but the girls quickly came to an understanding and became friends.

Anita remained a member of Young Justice for the rest of its run, even through the death of her father, by Agua Sin Gaaz, the same villain who had killed her mother years before. Gaaz retreated to the island of Zandia, a haven for super villains. Due to an invasion force of dozens of teenaged superheroes, Anita, Maad and a few others were able to bring her parents back in a fashion, reincarnated into infant bodies. She became a guardian to them, with the help of friends and her father's partner. During her time in Young Justice, she even developed a certain friendship with Li'l Lobo during his time on the team.

In January 2006, Empress appeared as backup in the fight to save Gotham City from wild magic in the Infinite Crisis special follow-up to Day of Vengeance, although a coloring error depicted her as Caucasian. Anita appeared again in Infinite Crisis #6, when the world's mystics joined together at Stonehenge to usher in the new age of magic by summoning the new Spectre and his host.

Anita is seen hanging out with Cissie and Cassie in Wonder Girl #2. Anita and Cissie appear again in Wonder Girl #3, helping Cassie realize that she has at last gotten past Superboy's death. Both Anita and Cissie appear at the end of the Wonder Girl mini-series, both back in costume as they help Wonder Girl defeat the Furies alongside Robin, Supergirl and several other allies.

Anita appears in Final Crisis along with Mas Y Menos and Sparx in a failed attempt to launch The League of Titans. She next appears in the pages of Supergirl #33 (July 2008). After her parents-turned-infants are kidnapped, Empress seeks out Supergirl to help her retrieve them. However, it is revealed that Empress was in truth leading Kara to a trap, in order to get her parents back. Fortunately, Anita double-crossed the villain and aided in saving Kara and her parents


tag.jpgBrian Cruz lived in Puerto Rico with his mother who is openly pro-mutants and supported her son entirely. Tag’s powers first manifested while he was at school. He inadvertently caused everyone around to runaway leaving him alone. Tag was a psionic with a very limited form of mind control. Specifically he could mentally control others to either be compelled or repelled by specific things, particularly a person. Some time after his powers emerged he and his family came to America and he was enrolled at the Xavier Institute. Tag was quickly selected by Emma Frost as one of her advisees and as a result he became a member of the Hellions training squad.

As a part of the Hellions, Tag took part in many school exercises that had pitted each of the squads together, competing to see whose squad would prevail. The Hellions squad was a very tight knit group. They even chose to stay together during the Summer time. One such summer began as a result of the Hellions not receiving favorable news from their advisor Emma Frost.

The Hellions were informed by Emma that the X-Men had been called away on important business matters which required them to leave immediately. As Emma was on the active roster for the X-Men this would mean that she, too, this meant that she was not going to be able to attend the "Prize-Giving" ceremony at the Institute. Julian (Hellion), annoyed, and then informs Emma that the Hellions were going to skip the ceremony and start summer break early. The Hellions were going to spend their time off at his parent's house. Emma would give them permission and the squad would be off.

When the Hellions arrive at Julian's parent’s house he would go to his parents right away to greet them. The rest of the squad would remain behind in the entry of the house in awe of the size of the mansion. When Julian spoke to his parents he was informed that he had been cut from the will and a conversation continued. Once done, he returns to his squad and was quite angered by his news. Not accepting what his parents told him, he would decide to seek out the will and see exactly what his parents did. While he and the Hellions searched his parent’s office they came upon a parchment inside of the safe. On the parchment was a spell to contact the Kingmaker. Immediately a majority of the Hellions made contact with the Kingmaker. Tag willingly went along with the majority but Dust did not want to participate. After some convincing by the other, she would be persuaded into following the rest of her squad. They would contact him and the following day he would arrive. A man arrived at the mansion and introduced himself to the Hellions as the Kingmaker and stated that he would grant any one wish to each of the Hellions. Each of the squad would tell their wish except for Tag as he was very hesitant. Finally, after everyone one had told their wish to the Kingmaker, Tag would go up and tell the mysterious man his wish in his ear. The Kingmaker would tell Tag, not repeating the wish aloud, that he, the Kingmaker, could do much better then that.

The following days would see each of the Hellions wishes come true, save Brian's as no one knew what his wish was. Tag would have an active hand in both Hellion and Rockslide's wishes and making them come true. It was then that Tag revealed what his wish was. His wish was to keep his friends after their own wishes came true. Brian was embarrassed and would defend his wish quickly. He stated that he believed that once his fellow Hellion's wishes were granted that would/might stop hanging out and everybody would go their own separate ways. Effectively leaving Brian alone which was one of his greatest fears and something he refused to face. So the Kingmaker would instead grant his finer control and a power boost on his mutant powers. Which he used to grant Hellion and Rockslide's wishes. Kingmaker basically gave Tag the ability to make his teammates happy and thus would create a need for him and in turn keeps the team together. Tag was also to be trained as the future Kingmaker. This would all be reversed though once the Hellions decide that the price was too steep. With the help of Emma Frost, the Hellions were able to free themselves of the Kingmaker and the price that he would have made them pay.

Tag was de-powered after M-Day. After he and several Mutants (Dryad, DJ, Rubbermaid and Network) who also lost their powers said goodbye to their friends and were leaving Xavier's school on a bus. Unfortunately the bus was destroyed by a missile launched by William Stryker´s Purifiers. Tag and forty-two others students were killed. Nightcrawler, a devout Catholic member of the X-Men who had at one time been a priest, delivered the eulogy at Tag's funeral, which was held on the school grounds. A cross can be seen on Tag's casket, distinguishing it from most of the other caskets for the slain students.

143. Jason Todd (16 points)

jasontodd.jpgJason Todd was the child of Willis and Catherine Todd, raised in Gotham City. His father was a petty crook who ended up serving a prison sentence, and even after the sentence was served, his father did not return to the family. That left Jason alone with his drug addicted mother, who he tried to take care of by ripping off car parts like tires for cash. Sadly, his mother would soon die of an overdose and he was left alone. He fended for himself just as he had taken care of his mother by continuing to rip off car parts. One night, Jason came across the Batmobile parked in an alley. Batman had recently put new tires on the vehicles but not replaced the hubcaps with the redesigned ones yet. This created an opportunity that Jason did not pass on. Batman caught him when he had already stolen one of the tires and was coming to take the others.

Batman tried to put Jason in a boarding school for troubled kids, but this did not work out for Jason. He could not be contained there. Batman would then decide that perhaps the boy's anger could be channeled against criminals as Robin, or else the boy would likely end up a criminal himself. This was how Jason Todd became the second Robin. He was not the acrobat Dick Grayson was, but he was a strong kid with skills from life on Gotham's streets. He would come to discover that his criminal father had been killed by Two-Face and that Batman had known. Jason stayed in bed the whole day and let his anger out on Batman but was able to handle his rage against Two-Face and let him be arrested.

But still, Jason Todd was not Dick Grayson. It was not a matter of who was a better Robin. Jason had the skill and the determination. What he had that set him apart was a mean streak. He was a darker and more aggressive Robin. The dealers, the pimps and the murderers received no pity from him. As far as he was concerned, they did not deserve him going out of his way to treat them gently. Once, when a criminal named Felipe Garzonas raped a young woman and walked due to his father being a diplomat, a questionable incident occurred with Jason. No one really knew what happened on that roof when Robin caught up to him. All that was certain was that Garzonas fell to his death. It could have been an unavoidable accident, or it could have been avoided but Jason let it happen. Even worse, Jason could have pushed him. The truth was never known or asked for.

One of his successes was helping Batman take Gotham City back when Joseph Blackfire overrode and ran it. This is documented in the graphic novel " Batman: The Cult".

Jason Todd heard that his mother was actually still alive and in the Middle East. Catherine Todd, the woman he thought was his mother, was actually his stepmother. He took off on Batman to go look for her. At the same time, Joker was in the Middle East trying to hijack a nuclear warhead. When Joker noticed him, he scared Todd's mother so badly that she sold out her son to him. Joker found Jason, beating him savagely with a lead pipe. When Todd awoke, he and his unconscious mother were next to a bomb in a warehouse. His last action was to try to shield his mother from the blast. Batman came in time to see the warehouse explode. He tore through the rubble and found Jason's dead body.

A memorial case was installed in the Batcave in remembrance of Jason. And in my mind, that is where his story ends and there is no convincing me otherwise.

So there.

142. Hellion (16 points)

hellion.jpgHellion is a highly skilled telekinetic whose uses his abilities to fly at subsonic speeds, generate telekinetic force barriers, fire telekinetic force blasts, and lift things weighing multiple tons. He was able to simultaneously carry the Blackbird, while tunneling through over a mile and a half of tunnel. Julian has also shown that he has a huge amount of untapped potential. After the New X-Men fought Nimrod and X-23 needed medical care, Emma Frost unlocked some of this potential so Hellion could get her to the mansion in time. He was able to travel from Dallas, Texas to New York in mere seconds, plowing through a Sentinel upon arrival before stopping. That's around 1400 miles in just a few seconds. Since then, Hellion's powers have lowered some, but they are still much higher than before. As a result, he has very little fine control over his telekinesis. At one point, he tried to lift a paper clip and accidentally blew a hole through the floor of the Danger Room. When Hellion uses his powers, the telekinetic energy he creates often glows a visible green. He also seems to prefer having the telekinetic energy flow from his hands rather than directly from his mind.

X-23 once told him that he beat Kimura fairly easily by simply expanding a bubble inside of her, to the point where she exploded. Hellion however is reluctant to use his powers in such a manner. If he ever were to let go of his values and ethics however, Julian could possibly become much more combat proficient. Being a student at Xavier's, he has received some basic training in martial arts and certain forms of self defense.



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