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Your Top Teens part 17

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, October 05 2009 and posted in Features

Four characters from all walks of life...ermm comics.


141. Damage (16 points) damage.jpg

"Damage started out as a teen back in the 90s, and I really dug the character starting around Zero Hour."

"My first real exposure was in Grayson/Faerber's The Titans (of which I was one of the few fans) but I remembered him from the cheesy photo house-ads when his solo series debuted. I really liked that he became so fleshed out in that run; not a big fan of the current scar face status though."

"Damage This kid has a messed up background, powers he couldn’t control, and was hunted by the authorities... A team he was on was brutally murdered before his eyes. He’s gruff and surly. However he still tried to be a hero. Oh and he restarted the big bang on time. So kudos for that."

Grant Emerson was a teenager who had troubles with the authorities. At the age of 16 he had already been shuttled around from school to school without being able to stay in one for long. This made Grant Emerson to move to Marietta (Georgia), it was a little after that that his powers started to manifest themselves. The first powers he showed were increased speed, as well as endurance, using them he destroyed a car with one punch.

Grant's powers were incredibly strong, and they lead him to a fight against the villain Metallo. Grant won the fight, however he paid a big price; because of the battle he couldn't control his powers and blew his entire high school to bits during the battle. Grant had been raised by two people that he always thought were his parents; John Emerson and Kate Emerson, however those weren't really his parents at all.

Grant's adoptive parents told a corporation named Symbolix that Grant's powers were manifesting, this lead to their murder by the head of Symbolix, the one known as Dathan Wahrman. Soon after that Grant met a former member of the team known as the Young All-Stars, Iron Monroe, who would help Grant in almost every way possible. There was a time that Grant even suspected that Monroe was his dad, this wasn't the case tough

An accident happened and half of Atlanta was blown up by Grant because of his lack of control over his powers. After he was captured he went to trial, and his lawyer was able to make a deal; Grant Emerson would join the newly formed Teen Titans that were being led by Roy Harper instead of being put in jail.

After that Grant joined Arsenal's newly formed Titans as the hero Damage. He stayed there for a short time and then decided to leave the team and go in a quest for answers about his past.

Now he is all emo and where’s a mask cuz he is a butterface.

140. Jack Power (16 points)

jackpower.jpg"Of all the Power children, Jack was the most believable. He was a bully to his siblings, and sometimes an insufferable brat. But doesn't that describe most of us? And what if we got the ability to turn into clouds or condense ourselves into a tiny, dense version of ourselves? Wouldn't that give us an attitude boost? While the other Power Pack members had more interesting powers, Jack was the most interesting to read."

The second youngest member of Power Pack, he gained the ability to manipulate his body density and turn into his 'cloud form'. In this form, he couldn't be beaten (except for when the Snarks used their technology on him) and when the Pack was taken by the Snarks, he found he could shrink and become super dense. He developed a move called a 'jack-hammer' where he would fly down in cloud form and smash the enemy in his super dense form.

When the pack first switched powers, he gained the gravity power and became Counterweight. He developed a 'posi-gee' punch, where he would hit an enemy with full gravity on.

At the next switch, he came close to killing Maraud when he gained the disintegration and energy discharge power. She had always feared him, knowing that he could unleash the full destructive terror of the powers. Like his siblings he also has a subconscious healing factor, first used by Julie early on in the series.

139. Carmilla Black (16 points)

carmillablack.jpgCarmilla is a genetically engineered human, created by Advanced Idea Mechanics. Though AIM Scientist Supreme Monica Rappaccini considers her a daughter, she grew up with adoptive parents (also agents of AIM), never knowing of her or their involvement with the organization.

Carmilla considered herself a normal teen until her powers kicked in the night of her prom. Her mutated arm--which she has taken to calling her "stinger" -- discharged a highly concentrated dosage of toxins, killing her boyfriend. Scared of the social and legal backlash she would suffer, she fled her small home town. She lived on the streets, surviving however she could, living a nomadic life. When she learned her adoptive parents had been murdered, she returned home once more.

At this point, she comes to believe that S.H.I.E.L.D. may have killed her parents, and finds a birth certificate suggesting she is a princess of the Madripoor Royal Family. After she was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., she learns that her parents were actually AIM agents, and she herself becomes an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Following information leading to her birth mother, Carmilla learned her mother is 'Scientist Supreme' of AIM, Monica Rappaccini. Carmilla infiltrated the organization, learning that she was engineered to survive disease and nuclear fallout, and that there were others like her.

These teens were designed to survive any situation they may encounter, from a global plague intended to collapse industrial society to nuclear fallout. While the other teens are chemically-induced to be completely loyal to AIM, Carmilla discovers the mutation which gave her her "stinger" also makes her immune. Carmilla lost her cover in the organization when she stopped an assassination attempt on the Vice President.

Carmilla became the lover of Hardball and co-leader of a HYDRA training camp in Madripoor. The Shadow Initiative was sent to bring in the latter but Komodo was disabled by HYDRA's upgraded S.P.I.N. Tech darts. However, Carmilla could tell that Hardball held no true loyalty to HYDRA and only wanted Komodo to be safe. She also revealed herself as a double agent for an unknown group, giving Hardball one last kiss, while stealing his S.P.I.N. Tech dart, which he noticed after he destroyed the rest.

138. Prodigy (16 points)

prodigy.jpgDavid Alleyne was born a mutant, but kept his power to pick up knowledge and skills from others a secret from his friends and family. Dani Moonstar recruited him and he decided to go to the Xavier Institute after an attack by Purity, an anti-mutant group. Dani Moonstar created a team called the New Mutants and Prodigy became one of the co-leaders because of his intelligence and leadership abilities. His team often came into conflict with Emma Frost's team of students, the Hellions, led by Hellion.

At one point he wanted Emma to unlock his mind to let him be able to permanently keep all knowledge gained from others. She and Moonstar gave him a very realistic vision of the future where he had these new abilities. In this possible future, Prodigy gained all of the knowledge of the teachers at the Institute (including Beast), and quickly surpassed them in intellectual abilities. He set off into the world to learn more absorbing the intellect of Stephen Hawking, Tony Stark, and other famous minds. He is able to develop a cure for all incurable diseases at the cost of killing his friend and former teammate Elixir. Later, he is married to Surge, and becomes President of the United States. He is responsible for the deaths of the X-Men, and seeks to create a one-world government through coercion and intimidation, and finally destroying anyone in his way. The vision ends during an attack on the White House by the Hellions and his wife where Surge is forced to destroy everyone. After experiencing and believing in this possible future, David agrees with his teachers and decides against having his mental block removed. This experience comes at the price of his relationship with Surge, who he shared a mutual romantic interest in, as he is left afraid of her getting hurt.

Prodigy's mutant ability, called psychomimicy, allowed him to gain the knowledge and mental skills of those around him for as long as they were in his range. Not only did this make him incredibly skilled and even smarter depending on who was near him, but it gave him a better understanding of his teammates' skills and how to best have them work as a unit, each person's abilities complimenting another, making him a natural leader. He also had the innate ability to read attacks directed against him, allowing him to easily avoid or counter them if he was fast enough. He is currently powerless as a result of the Decimation but is still a highly intelligent and skilled leader and an experienced fighter in his own right. The Decimation came and he became powerless.

Prodigy, to an extent, regained his powers in New X-Men #43. He can no longer absorb new skills telepathically, but thanks to the powerful psionic abilities of the Stepford Cuckoos, has all the knowledge and skills he had ever gained at his disposal, similar to a photographic memory-based muscle mimicry power. It is implied that he has every skill that the X-Men have been known to possess like Wolverine's samurai skills but it hasn't been directly shown, however he is still a baseline human with no physical enhancements so he won't be able to perform any super-human feats.


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