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Your Top Teens part 19

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, October 05 2009 and posted in Features

The last groupage for today.


134. Misfit (17 points)

misfit.jpgThough it is still unclear exactly when Misfit first learned she could "Bounce" as she calls it, we do know her motivations to be a hero.

There was a fire in her apartment building, caused by tons of flaws the landlord paid the fire inspectors to overlook. Her mother demanded Misfit to save herself, and so she teleported out of the burning building and could do nothing to save her mother and baby sister.

Misfit first appeared wearing a Batgirl costume which looked like the same one that Barbara Gordon used to wear. She used a Batarang and the couple whom she rescued called her Batgirl. The Birds of Prey caught wind of this and set out to find this new "Batgirl". They have Gypsy pretend she is being attacked to lure her out. They saw that she has meta-human powers, such as teleportation and healing. She also seemed to know the identity of Huntress. It is also proven that she is invisible to sensors (that Batman and Martian Manhunter have never accomplished).That is seen when Misfit entered Oracle's home without triggering any alarms. She fought Oracle in the headquarters and was persuaded not to use the moniker Batgirl anymore. She now goes by Misfit and is a fulltime member of the Birds of Prey. Misfit has a characteristic battle cry :"Dark Vengeance!". Oracle claims that Misfit is "the most powerful teleporter I've ever encountered."

Misfit has a habit of teleporting into battles where she is way out of her league, including the knock down drag out rumble between the Birds Of Prey and the Secret Six. However, the worst occasion was when Misfit bounced to the aid of Huntress against a transformer-esqe robot. Misfit bounced right into the cockpit of the vehicle and knocked out its operator. But Misfit then tried to deactivate the machine without awaiting Oracle's instruction, the result being the vaporization of a large portion of Metropolis. Misfit was unable to bounce the operator out with her, and she along with countless others died. Superman placed the blame entirely on the Birds, but Misfit took all the blame for herself.

Misfit discovered her powers where magic based during a run in with Black Alice. In a recent Birds of Prey story line, Misfit also finds out she and Black Alice are blood relations during a run-in with the Dark Side Club.

In the Teen Titans storyline "Titans of!", Charlotte's adult self has become the Huntress and has dyed her hair blonde. Her battle cry seems to be the same in this alternate future.

133. Rogue (17 points)

rogue.jpg"Taught me that somewhere out there someone is having a worse first kiss than me."

You know, she was a former Top 3 character on past list. That’s right, on the Top X-Folk list she placed in the Top 3, kinda shocking eh? I thought so. But look at her now, not even in the Top 100. Then again like most characters, especially the X-Folks who are adults now, people do not think of there teen versions. Some did, and I do remember when she was in the comics and yeah. Anywho, here she is...

Anna Marie’s journey begins in Caldecott County, Mississippi, where she was born to the beautiful Priscilla and her lover Owen. Her parents married far too early in their relationship and were plagued by their mistake constantly. In an attempt to fix their decaying relationship, Priscilla became pregnant with their first child. Nine months later she gave birth to a baby girl that that she named Anna Marie. Unfortunately the young couple was whisked into a nature-loving commune where they joined in on an insane plan to reach the Far Banks, a dreamland from Native American mythology, where the rules of the physical world no longer applied. The commune hired a shaman to take them to the Far Banks, but something went horribly wrong during the ceremony. Owen had planned to sacrifice Priscilla to the spirits of the Far Banks, but she took control of them and angrily closed the mystical place behind her as she vanished. Grief stricken Owen pleaded with Priscilla’s sister Carrie to aid him in raising his daughter. Anna Marie, who had been nicknamed Rogue, didn’t have a happy or even pleasant childhood with her aunt. Carrie was rough on her in an attempt to prevent her from making the same mistakes her mother made. Though Anna did not go entirely without love as her beauty, like her mothers, was well recognized by the boys of her town. There was one boy in particular that was blessed with her affection, his name was Cody Robbins.

It was with him one night under a full moon during their first kiss that she first manifested her powers, leaving her first love in a lifelong coma. Cody’s father and some of the town’s folk ambushed Anna’s home, while Owen fought off the mob Anna stole one of his guns and ran as far as she could into the swamp. She was seen and chased by a small part of the mob. While looking at her followers, Anna ran into a stranger and fell unconscious. She never saw how she was rescued by the time-traveling Cable, as he quickly dealt with the mutant-haters and had already left before Anna regained consciousness. While in the swamps holding her father’s gun she stumbled upon by a beautiful woman named Raven Darkholme

Mystique took Anna home with her where she introduced the teenager to Irene Adler (Destiny), Raven’s lover. In a few short weeks Anna grew to trust the two women, and she would expose herself as a mutant; what was most shocking to her was that her foster mothers were themselves also mutants. With this information she grew to further trust them, and even love them. It was with them that she met her closest friend, another mutant girl her age who called her self Blindspot, and whose powers allowed her to erase anyone’s memories by touching them. Her powers seemed to counteract Anna’s mutation and they were able to safely touch each other, which pleased Anna as she was finally able to touch someone again.

Anna frequently tested her limits. Mystique often needed to keep her in line, as Anna took her powers too lightly and enjoyed the use of her abilities for fun. Anna also dyed her naturally white streak brown, only two replace it with two white streaks on her temples, apparently in an attempt to look older. She felt pressured by Mystique to join her terrorist group, The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants; but Anna wanted a normal life. When Anna was dared to kiss a boy named Freddy, her powers kicked in and she drained him of his life force too. After that she would never speak to him again, and with no sign of a normal life ever being possible she joined Mystique in the Brotherhood.

During their final mission together, they were hired to travel to Japan and break into the house of Lord Dark Wind, the father of Lady Deathstrike, where they were to steal his plans for the adamantium bonding process. In order to succeed they had to team-up with Sunfire. During the mission, Sunfire was knocked out and Anna took his solar powers. She loved flying and wanted to keep the abilities, but they too faded, however not before Anna destroyed major parts of Dark Wind’s estate. Although they hadn’t accomplished their actual mission, the Brotherhood still classified this a victory, and to celebrate Blindspot took a picture of Mystique, Anna, and Sunfire with Dark Wind’s burning property in the background. Back home though, Mystique had enough of Blindspot and exiled her from the group. In order to protect herself, Blindspot erased Mystique’s, Anna’s, and everyone else’s memory of her to move on without being recognized. Life went on for Rogue, Mystique and Destiny as if nothing had happened. In time, Destiny received precognitive visions that warned her about the Avenger known as Ms. Marvel costing Rogue her soul one day.

Destiny discussed her visions with Mystique, who then vowed to not allow Rogue to meet Ms. Marvel, even if it would kill her. Rogue only hearing the last part of the conversation decided to hunt down Ms. Marvel herself in order to protect her surrogate mother. Ms. Marvel had however vanished from Earth and the Avenger's active roster, having been taken to Limbo by Marcus, and was nowhere to be found. When Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants made their public debut, Destiny had convinced Mystique to keep Rogue back from the mission as a fail safe. Destiny proved to be correct, for all of the Brotherhood, except Mystique, were captured in their first mission by the X-Men.
During this incident, Anna learned that Carol had returned and was now living in San Francisco. Unaware that this would cause the danger that Destiny had predicted, she tracked down Danvers, and battled her on the Golden Gate Bridge. Carol resisted Anna’s powers like nobody before but something went wrong. Anna found that, somehow, her metabolism had permanently retained Ms. Marvel's mind and powers. Fearing for her own sanity and identity as she kept hearing Carol's voice in her head, Anna threw Danvers’ body off the bridge. Hoping that her physical death would also kill the voice in her head, unfortunately for Anna, she was rescued by Spider-Woman, who brought Carol to a hospital where Charles Xavier (Professor X) could partially restore her memories. Under Mystique’s guidance, Anna proceeded to attack the Avengers one by one, absorbing the powers of Thor and Captain America, with Raven impersonating Nick Fury; she tried to free the rest of the Brotherhood from prison. The remaining Avengers and Spider-Woman managed to prevent the breakout. As most of her stolen powers were already fading, Anna escaped with Mystique to avoid being captured as well.

Several weeks later, the X-Men sneaked into the Pentagon with Carol to delete their data files. They ran into Rogue in one of the corridors who was there thanks to Mystique's secret identity as a government agent. A fight started and Rogue absorbed both Wolverine and Storm’s powers. After regaining consciousness, Storm created an air vortex to carry Rogue away as she did not want to endanger the Pentagon personnel by a fight. Soon after, Mystique tried once more to release her teammates from prison. Anna and Mystique easily defeated the guards, but ROM (the Spaceknight), discovered the breakout. He easily rendered the Blob, Pyro and Avalanche unconscious because they fought in an unorganized manner. Mystique angrily decided to leave them in prison for a while longer.

Searching for new allies, Mystique, Destiny and Rogue found Hybrid (a half-human, half-Dire Wraith) and offered to team up with him against their common enemies, Rom and the X-Men. In combat with Rom, Rogue touched his Galadorian armor and absorbed some of his inherent nobility in the process. When Hybrid revealed his plans to turn the entire Earth, including mutants, into his slaves and cattle, the mutant trio opposed him before fleeing. While Rom battled Hybrid alone, Rogue showed potential for goodness for the first time as she went against Mystique’s orders, finding she could not bring herself to leave without helping the Spaceknight.

Wanting revenge on the X-Men for having spoiled their plan to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly, Mystique and her partners assaulted Angel. During the fight, Rogue was supposed to absorb the knowledge of the X-Men’s whereabouts from Angel’s mind but she did not want to use her powers on him, as the wings were a physical mutation and Rogue feared what effect that would have on her. While distracted with their own problems, Dazzler took Rogue and Mystique by surprise with her light powers. Rogue then developed a grudge against her, the woman who had everything she wanted. Having been a fan of her music before, she now saw that Alison Blaire also had a controllable mutant power and a beautiful boyfriend.

Slowly, the personality and memories that Rogue had permanently absorbed from Ms. Marvel began to overpower her mind, affecting her control and her sanity. Finally, after seeing that Mystique clearly couldn't aid her she turned to Charles Xavier and his X-Men.

And the rest is history.

132. Chase Stein (17 points)

chasestein.jpgWow. Yet another Runaway not making it into the Top 100 on the Top Teens list. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I remember on the Top Modern heroes I got bitched at because the Runaways were "The best new characters of this generation" and with the collected points they all had they would've been in the Top 10. Yet now, on a list that was pretty much meant for them they are sucking ass. I couldn't care less really, but it makes me laugh how things change from list to list.

Chase is the son of two extremely clever inventors but he often comes into conflict with his father over his average school grades and the fact he would rather play sports and work out than study for school. The conflict comes to blows just before the yearly trip to the Wilder home, while at the Wilder house Chase and the other kids discover that there parents are part of an evil group called the Pride, they witness their parents kill a prostitute. Later that night the group discovered more about the Pride, as they search around their homes and discovered things like Old Lace and that Karolina Dean is an alien, while at Chase's home Chase takes his parents' Fistigons and x-rays goggles. At the same night happened their first confrontation with some members of the Pride, when they only escaped thanks to Old Lace. They manage to rescue Molly and escape to a cave that Chase found where no one could find them. They named the cave "The Hostel" and Chase takes the name Neo.

Prior to Civil War, Chase was romantically linked with Gertrude Yorkes, who was killed by a time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder from 1985. The emotional pain of having his girlfriend die in his arms drove him to offer up his own soul to the Gibborim in exchange for saving Gert's life. The effects of her death were still evident during the events of Civil War, as Chase would often lash out at people due to his frustration at not being able to save his girlfriend. Molly Hayes, the youngest member of the team, suffered the most from this as she looked up to Chase as the older brother she never had and had never experienced the distance and anger he displayed. Chase only realized how much Molly cared for him when she was nearly knocked unconscious by Noh-Varr while attempting to save Old Lace, one of the only things that Gert left behind in memory of her.

Chase has displayed a level of technical savvy that comes at an unnatural rate, manipulating and understanding machinery without even knowing why or how he does. This was most evident when he bonded with the younger Vision during their encounter with the Young Avengers. If this is a genetic trait that was passed on from his parents or rather signs of untapped intelligence has yet to be established.

Chase has at times used a switchblade in battle. Originally, he was in possession of The Fistigons, a pair of pyrokinetic gauntlets as well as a pair of X-Ray goggles. The goggles allowed him to see through clothing, walls and even miles of rock. The gloves allowed him to shape flames into any form he desired. They were destroyed by Nico Minoru when Alex Wilder had possession of them at the end of the first volume of The Runaways.

He has since inherited Gertrude's psychic link with her Deinonychus, Old Lace. As well as being able to communicate telepathically with Old Lace, Chase empathically feels its pain. Old Lace also empathically feels his own pain.


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