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Your Top Teens part 21

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, October 06 2009 and posted in Features

Three more for ya to bitch at.


127. Angel 2.0 (18 points)

angel2.jpg"She was a total stuck up bitch and I loved every second of it."

Angel Salvadore was fourteen years old she began developing physical manifestations of her mutation. At first her skin appeared to be developing a strange rash on her back. When her step-father suspected that she was a mutant he beat her and threw her out of the house. Angel fell asleep that night praying that she wasn't a mutant. Over the night a cocoon formed around her and when she woke up in the morning she had developed veined wings, much like a fly. She was also surrounded by U-Men, humans who butchered mutants for their mutated body parts, who wanted to cut off her wings. After she was grabbed by one of the U-Men, Angel spit acid at his arm and was able to fly away. She crashed a short distance away after she accidentally flew into some power lines, where the U-Men captured her. Luckily, Jean Grey was tracking her with Cerebro and telepathically guided Wolverine to Angel's aid. Wolverine was able to dispose of the U-Men quickly and succeeded in rescuing Angel, though she did not trust him immediately and threw up acid on his hand. Wolverine convinced Angel to come with him. Stopping at a diner to eat, Angel and Wolverine were noticed by the owner who recognized them as mutants due to Angel having to throw up acid on her food in order to digest it. He pulled a shotgun on them and asked them to leave. Angel's hot temper caused the owner to fire his weapon and Angel flew out through the window. Once again she crashed nearby, where Wolverine calmed her down. Angel arrived at the institute with Wolverine just after Jean Grey had defended the school against the U-Men.

Shortly after her arrival, Angel was helping the Stepford Cuckoos steal Cassandra Nova's DNA from Beast's lab when she discovered Beak being held naked in a tank. Angel decided to release Beak from the tank. The two helped the Cuckoos and the X-Men during Cassandra Nova's attack on the institute.

During a flight class, Angel and Beak were left behind by the other flying students. Angel stayed behind with Beak, who was attempting to fly but was unable. In order to lift his spirits, Angel kissed Beak and carried him to their destination. It was revealed there that Angel only kissed Beak as part of a bet.

No longer mutants thanks to M-Day, Beak and Angel left the X-Mansion. They were later recruited by Night Thrasher II and joined the New Warriors. Angel took the code name Tempest and received new powers through technological means. She now wears gauntlets that give her heat, wind, and ice powers.

126. Franklin Richards (19 points)

franklinrichards.jpg"He recently shot Norman Fucking Osborn! I liked him before but after that he was in the Top Ten!"

This one kinda shocked me. Quite a bit actually.

Franklin Richards was born in New York City. Franklin was born a mutant but since his mom was imbued with cosmic energy he started to exhibit his powers while still in the womb. Franklin was exhibiting powers in utero, giving the Invisible Woman premonitions and even moving objects telekinetically. During Sue's pregnancy with Franklin she began to weaken to the point where the remainder of the Fantastic Four, traveled to the Negative Zone in order to get Annihilus's, Cosmic Control Rod, in order to save both mother and child. After a long struggle, Reed and the rest of the team managed to salvage some of the cosmic energy from the rod and went back to their own reality where Sue gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In remembrance of her father who had perished in an act of heroism where he saved the life of the team, she and Reed named the boy Franklin Benjamin Richards. It should be noted that Benjamin is the first name of Franklin's godfather, the Thing, who was also honored. Franklin Richards would be babysat by Agatha Harkness when his parents were away. They came very close to the point where Franklin would call her Agatha Harkness. They stayed at Whisper Hill where Agatha lived. Until she moved to Salem California, after moving Franklin was sent back to the Fantastic Four's home.

In issue #245 Franklin was playing with a Rubik's Cube and found it too difficult so he extended his powers out to solve it just as the television said, "When are you going to grow up?" With his powers extended and completely open to suggestion he changed into an older, almost Christ-like, cloaked man. Being confused with no accumulated knowledge and a near memory-wipe, he assaulted Reed, Ben, and Johnny, wiping their minds in search of an "answer." Sue managed to escape and confront him in the street, recognized her son and his memory flooded back. Before he reverted to his younger self, he changed Ben Grimm back into the original "slate covered" Thing we know and love (Ben had changed into a smoother, clumpy rock thing when Reed's experiment to revert him to his human form failed and disfigured him). During his sudden and extreme release of power fixing Ben, Franklin set up some psychological "dampers" so he couldn't use his full powers until he was of an appropriate age to handle them.

Since some of the people who voted for this as Psi-Lord I should mention that little tidbit. Sometime during the 90's, his time traveling paternal grandfather, Nathaniel Richards, kidnapped him and replaced him with Psi-Lord, a teenage version of Franklin taken to another reality where he was trained by his grandfather alongside his aunt, Huntara. When he returned to the present, however, everyone was weary about him and were too suspicious to believe his story of being a grown up Franklin. The person who believed him least, was his own mother, Susan. Psi-Lord created the Fantastic Force and eventually absorbed the essence of Malice, a manifestation of Susan Richards that occurred when her emotions were manipulated by the Psycho-Man, and later on subsided. Years later it once again resurfaced giving Sue a more aggressive personality. He did so in order to save his mother from the constant internal battles and to finally give her peace. However, the futuristic tyrant Hyperstorm then kidnapped Psi-Lord, and returned the child version. It was revealed that Hyperstorm was the son of Franklin Richards and his schoolmate, Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl). Rachel is the daughter of Cyclops and Phoenix of the X-Men.

125. Halo (19 points)

halo.jpg"Ahhh, sweet Gaby...errr, Violet. My comics reading habits were shaped early on by two fairly similar series, Wolfman & Perez's New Teen Titans and Barr & Aparo (and later Davis)'s Batman & the Outsiders. They were the fist team books I was in on from the beginning, the first I was in on for every issue, the first ones that really made me care about every individual member as well as the team and who they were fighting, and to this day their artists remain in my top 5 favorites of all time. And while I already knew and liked Bats, Metamorpho and Black Lightning, I fell in comics-love with the sweet, pretty blank slate of Gabrielle Doe. Much like Firestar who I also listed, she had cool powers, a sweet personality, light-hearted and fun with just enough angst and sadness to make her real, and she quickly became a favorite of mine who to this day I still feel is sadly underutilized."

The young woman called Halo is an actual co-existing entity of a human body and an Aurakle, an ancient extra-dimensional energy-being resembling a sphere of scintillating color. When the American criminal and sociopath Violet Harper went to Markovia to hideaway from the crime lord Tobias Whale due to a deal gone wrong, he hired assassin Syonide, an operative of the 100. At that time the Aurakle had been observing Violets actions out of curiosity, witnessed Syonide shoot and kill Violet. After Syonide departed and left the body behind the Aurakle opened a rift to Earth's dimension and was sucked into the newly-vacant body, which it found could animate and continue organic human functions. The intense trauma to its senses and due to the disorientating nature of death-and-resurrection she was left with amnesia in the newly combined entity. When the Batman came across the glowing form of the unconscious girl, she was than recruited to aid him in freeing other heroes from the captivity of Baron Bedlam. The group of lone heroes would form the Outsiders under Batman lead.

Halo is given a new identity of Gabrielle "Gaby" Doe with Bruce Wayne's assistance and allowed to reside at the penthouse of his Gotham City high-rise. Because Gaby's actual human body was that of a teenage girl and due to the fact of her being unfamiliar with human interaction she was watched over for by her team-mate and friend Katana, and was later made her legal ward. Halo has maintained a general air of innocence, despite many traumatizing adventures. Halo soon has a series of adventures in which she has to confront the past of Violet Harper and deal with the consequences of her body's previous occupant's past criminal actions. Halo than meets Violet's father and mother and is confronted by Tobias Whale and Syonide, with the help of her teammates Halo survives the encounter but the Harpers do not, shot dead protecting Halo from Syonide. Halo buries them, ,allowing them to pass away believing the pretense that she is their daughter come home to repent her former sins, anguished by a past she had no part in but would treasure forever.

While going through severe and mind altering dreams, Halo accesses the memories of the long lived Aurakle. Halo and the other Outsiders are visited by other Aurakles who have come into Earths dimension to force Halo into rejoining them in her true form. The Outsiders free Halo and help her severe all ties with the Aurakles, forcing them to stand down or be utterly destroyed. Halo finally comes to terms with her unique existence and sets forth as her own person discovering all things human. When their plane shot down by the Bad Samaritan, stranding them on a tiny jungle island, Halo came to fear mortality, specifically, dying on the island. In an attempt to escape, she uses her powers to shoot high into the sky, searching for land. She almost did die, if not for the cooperation of her teammates. Later, teamwork did rescue them. She also becomes closely attached to the young new member Windfall, who originally was a member of the Masters of Disasters, who would be one of the Outsiders foes. The two develop a "best friend" relationship due to their similar age and tragic backgrounds.

Halo does indeed die, in a manner, in a much later incident. After the team was framed for the murder of Markovia's Queen, which was caused by Roderick and his vampire forces, they were forced to flee. Technocrat evil ex-wife, Marissa Barron hires an old associate named Ryer who believes Technocrat had abandoned him in Markovia. As the cyborg Sanction, he nearly kills the team in Switzerland. Sometime later in Gotham City, he attacks again, slaying both Marissa and Halo. As with Violet Harper, Halo's Aurakle essence is sucked into Marissa's body, reanimating it with all of her former memories and powers. When Halo's Aurakle jumped into the body of Marissa Baron it left behind the body of Violet Harper, which was turned into the villainess Spectra by the terrorist Kobra. In the human form of Marissa Barron she is older and is a brunette, Halo is shaken by her new form and is stranded in it for quite sometime.


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