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Your Top Teens part 25

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, October 07 2009 and posted in Features

Few more characters and a lot of first place votes...


ultimatemj.jpg116. Ultimate Mary Jane (22 points)

"Oh dear God the flack I'll get for this.”Why the heck is Ultimate MJ on this list? Dear God the Bendis syndrome strikes again!" Well guess what much like Peter Parker I never knew the teenage MJ much thus had to settle for this version.

And to why she's on this list? Because Bendis show's just how great a supporting cast member she truly is. Need I bring the examples of Ultimate Spidey #12? Or when the Ultimate Green Goblin returned and we almost thought she died from that. Yeah it's that sort of impact that show's you just how great a character Bendis has made with her.

Even though I'm a fan more of Kitty/Spidey, Bendis showed just why MJ/Pete are so much better and why no matter what they're always meant to be. So eat it Quesada and current Spider Brain Trust writers. Bendis proves beyond no doubt why Spider-Man must always have a Mary Jane."

Mary Jane attends Midtown High School with Peter Parker and Liz Allan. Mary Jane is a bright intellect that pretends to be a "party girl" to fit in. When MJ and Peter started going out, she finds out that Peter is actually Spider-Man and is the second person to know his secret identity. MJ sews Peter's costumes for him when he tears them, and she also makes spares for him just in case. The Green Goblin took advantage of Mary Jane for being the love of Peter Parker. He kidnapped her and threw her off the Queensboro Bridge. Spider-Man catches her and at first looked like she was harmed, but in fact she just fainted. When Harry returns to New York it was revealed that Mary Jane and Harry were romantically involved for a brief amount of time. Harry tells MJ that he blames Peter for "killing his father". When Harry turned into the Hobgoblin and battled Spider-Man, MJ was caught in the middle and was almost killed.

After the fight, Peter broke up with MJ in fear for her life. He decided that being a superhero was too dangerous of a life for her to be a part of. Mary Jane tries to bounce back with another guy she met but realized that she loved Peter. MJ soon found out that Peter started dating X-Men's Kitty Pryde. During the Clone Saga story arc, MJ was kidnapped by a deformed clone of Peter Parker who wanted to give MJ the power to be able to take care of herself, so they can get back together. He injects her with the same OZ formula that created the Green Goblin and Spider-Man. When she found out that he injected her with something she got scared and panicked which caused her to transform into another type of Goblin (it could possibly be Bendis' version of the Demogoblin). She was cured at the Baxter Building by Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Franklyn Storm. MJ and Peter seem to have rekindled things between each other after that incident. Later when Shocker kidnaps Spiderman, MJ and Kitty team up to locate and save Peter, which they do. One day when Peter and MJ were talking MJ asked Peter if they should have sex, later after she asked him this she started to avoid him, but when Jessica Jones thinks she’s figured out who Spider-Man was, MJ gave Peter the heads up, Peter then tells Mysterio, who she thinks has someone working for him on the inside, later MJ is proven right, Peter later talks to MJ about them having sex, which she says that her saying she wanted to then saying she didn't, but wanted to really, it would make Peter break up with her, like Flash did with Liz, but Peter told her he wanted to have sex with her, but wanted to wait until they were older and that he wanted to marry her, which made MJ happy and start to cry and then she kissed Peter.

115. Buffy (22 points - 1 first place slot)

buffy.jpgI thought she would get higher too. You folks are surprising the hell outta me on this one. I mean really.

Buffy was just another regular fifteen year-old high school student in the city of Los Angeles, California. She was a cheerleader and quite the popular girl; she was fiesta queen and prom princess at Hemery High. But her seemingly ordinary life was soon interrupted when she started having crazy violent dreams in which she saw women from different places and times fighting demons and monsters.

Soon enough, she found out about the cause of these dreams when she met an enigmatic man named Merrick. He told her about her fate as the Chosen One and thus, became her first Watcher. He would begin his job. As her watcher he was given the job to train Buffy to become the Slayer. As such he had would assist her learning how to control her powers and train her in skills that would help in her survival.

Buffy Anne Summers was born on the 19th of January, 1981. Her parents were named Hank and Joyce Summers. Since she was a little girl she liked playing the hero. Pretending to be Power Girl was one of her favorite games. She had a cousin, Celia, with whom she was really close and they would play together and be happy as children should be.

At age eight little Buffy was traumatized when she witnessed the death of her beloved cousin. Celia was sick in the hospital which is when she a became victim of a demon known as Der Kinderstod who used to prey on little boys and girls who were suffering from illness. Such was the dreadful nature of the beast. This event scarred Buffy thus developing a phobia against hospitals.

While growing up, Buffy seemed to be a well-adapted child. She learned to ice skate following the steps of Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hamill. She was a Cheerleader and she was elected both fiesta queen and prom princess at her High school, Hemmery High. Even with all her popularity, deep inside Buffy always felt like an outsider.

One day she started having strangely vivid and violent dreams. Dreams in which she saw girls fighting horrifying beasts and demons. These girls were strong and powerful and seemed to belong to various periods of history. Buffy felt strangely identified with them, like they were she in another lifetime. This was confirmed when a strange and off-putting fellow came into her life. He introduced himself as Merrick, a Watcher, and explained Buffy that those who she saw in her dreams were actually Slayer of the past, guardians possessing the power to protect the world from evil entities. Incredulous at first, Buffy reluctantly began her training with Merrick. She soon showed great potential but not enough commitment to live up to that potential.

Merrick did not remain Buffy’s Watcher for a long time. Little after Buffy started accepting her role as the Slayer, Merrick sacrificed himself in order to spare Buffy from death at the hands of a powerful vampire named Lothos. This same vampire, along with his henchmen, trashed Hemmery High school and murdered many students. In the end Buffy faced him and killed him using a hairspray can as a flamethrower. This marked her first big kill and a decisive step towards becoming the legendary Slayer.

In the days following these events, Buffy suffered the divorce of her parents and the expulsion from school. Buffy's mother, Joyce, did not understand what Buffy was going through, and she thought her daughter to be insane. Worrying about her daughter's misconduct, Joyce Summers was forced to take action and they moved away from the city of Angels to start a new life.

114. Alex Power (22 points - 2 first place slots)

alexpower.jpg"An annoying little brat that has a heart of gold."

"Get ready for the 1 point club! Hahaha. Alex Power of Power Pack who later steals his siblings powers and becomes Powerhouse. I thought it was nice to see the Pack kids grow up and the responsibility Alex felt towards them. I wish they would actually use him."

"Hey, it's my vote, I'll do what I want with it! I actually thought Power Pack was a really stupid idea, if only because the breakout character from Power Pack was always Julie Power, but she's turned out really dull as an adult so Alex gets the vote. His story-arc in New Warriors was actually fun despite his douchebag character-turn, but for some reason he was drawn as a muscleman rather than a scrawny kid, which missed some of the charm of the Power Pack concept. You could argue making fictional not real made-up kid heroes grow older is less natural progression and more a lack of imagination - and in fact I just have."

Two first place votes. Two last place votes. All awesome.

Alex, along with his brother and sisters, gained powers off a Kymellian called Whitey. Alex gained the ability to manipulate a gravity field around his body. It has been hinted that he's an omega level super, as once he effortlessly lifted a massive ship out of the water and moved it to Antarctica. When the team went through a 'power switch' he gained the power to absorb energy and fire energy beams. He hated this power and didn't want to kill, but got over it and excelled in using the power. When the next switch occurred, he gained the density power, but also hated it because he didn't understand how to use it, but he was the first of the pack to use the power to turn into water.

Alex was recruited by both Bandit and Hindsight in order to help stop the Sphinx and rescue the time displaced Warriors. However, he initiated a power-transference from his siblings in order to be a greater help to the Warriors without the need to involve the rest of the Power Pack. Afterwards, he returned their abilities back to them and promised not to take them again, but was later forced to reclaim them again to aid in the Warriors' battle against the Soldiers of Misfortune. Eventually, Alex explained to Julie and Jack his reasons for taking the Pack's powers into himself, which angered his siblings, especially Jack. During Alex's tenure with the Warriors, he had encounters against Spidercide, a brief fight against Psionex (with then Night Thrasher and Rage on said team at the time), Protocol and the Soldiers of Misfortune, and both the Sphinx and Advent. Alex's final mission with the Warriors was when they fought the Dire Wraith, Queen Mother Volx, (who had already stolen the Torpedo suit from Mickey Musashi, Power Pack's Smartship Friday, and Rom's Neo-neutralizer). The team succeeded in destroying her plans (along with the Dire Wraith as well), but at the cost of nearly destroying Friday.


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