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Your Top Teens part 26

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 08 2009 and posted in Features

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113. Aquagirl (23 points)

aquagirl.jpgHow the hell did she beat Aqualad? Tell me this... How the hell did she beat Warlock?!?? Morons. And some of you put Tula, and some of you just put Aquagirl, so I am assuming it’s Tula. Cool? Cool.

Orphaned at birth, Tula found her way into the royal family of Atlantis, where she was raised and taught. Little is known of her early years as she was schooled in Atlantean way and remained secluded in the royal home. Tula sometimes joined Garth (Aqualad) on Teen Titans adventures. Tula and Garth were friends, but eventually fell in love. When Mera and Aquaman were both away from Atlantis for some time and the evil Norkran took the throne by force, Tula led the rebellion that overthrew him.

During Crisis on Infinite Earths Tula, along with a vast multitude of super heroes, fought against the super villains dispersed in 5 different universes by Brainiac and Lex Luthor. Aquagirl and Aqualad found the vile monster Chemo wreaking havoc on the Statue of Liberty and the surrounding area. They quickly began to assault the beast from the depths below, unfortunately they were attacked by Black Manta and the Shark. While Tula countered the Shark's attacks she was caught in chemical waste that Chemo had dumped into the ocean. She died shortly after in Garth's arms, choking to death on the pollution.

Years after Tula’s death (In the Tempest mini-series), a woman claiming to be her enters Garth's life. However, she turns out to be doppelganger created by Garth’s villainous uncle, Slizzath. It was his elaborate plan to siphon Garth's mystical energies for his own dark purposes. Garth sees through the ruse and is able to defeat Slizzath, and finally gain a sense of closure about Tula's death.

Tula is brought back as one of the living dead by the new youthful Brother Blood. Along with past dead Titans, Hawk, Dove, Kole and Phantasm, Tula fights the Titans while under Blood’s control. When Beast Boy and Raven free Kid Eternity from his imprisonment of keeping “Death’s Door” open, Tula and the others are once again laid back to rest.

In Blackest Night #2, Tula is revealed to have been revived as a Black Lantern along with Dolphin and Arthur Curry, attacking Mera and Garth. When Garth hopes that he can defeat her, Tula rips out his heart and kills him, turning him into a Black Lantern.

112. Gravity (23 points)

gravity.jpgFrom an unknown accident, Greg can now manipulate gravity and decides that he will become a superhero. He enrolled in New York University and started his superhero career there. During his first day, he encountered a fight between Rage and Black Death, a homicidal anarchist made of black energy. Unfortunately, Greg thought that Rage is the villain and let Black Death get away. In his college, he meets his roommate, who has ADHD and a fanatic of super heroes, and Laura Singh, a fellow freshman herself.

One day, while defeating Rhino, he caught the attention of the Daily Bugle. Because of his icon in his costume, which is pattern like an X, people who are reading the newspaper thought he was a mutant.

Becoming insecure of his career as a superhero, he met another super hero, the Greenwich Guardian, the self-proclaimed protector of Greenwich Village, and they patrol the city. Disturbed by his new partner's violent nature, Gravity searches for Black Death on his own. Because of his relationship with Laura has gotten deeper. Greg decides to quit the super-heroics.

But later, the Greenwich Guardian pressured Greg to help him to defeat Black Death. In doing so, he misses out his date with Laura. She doesn't want to forgive him, his college adviser tells him that his grades are slipping. Greg meets up again with the Greenwich Guardian to trap Black Death. But was tricked by the Guardian and reveals himself to be Black Death. He planned on using Gravity's power to destroy the Greenwich Village and New York University, but Greg defeated him but escaped. After the fight, Spider-Man came to him and congratulated him for a job well done. Later, in a cafe, Greg meets up with Laura and said that to her that he's planning to drop out of college and return home. Laura was disappointed with Greg and gave him a pep talk. After that, he decided to stay for another semester and now more confident with his abilities goes off to stop another super villain, Brushfire. Meanwhile, Black Death is trying to find out the identity of Greg in the NYU website.

After fighting a Brushfire, he was suddenly teleported to another planet. There he was with Spider-Man, Venom, Hank Pym, Wasp, Medusa, Alyosha Kravinoff (Kraven the Hunter), Firebird and The Hood. They were sent there by the Beyonder to battle each other to see who would win. Hank seems to have killed all of them and demands his reward. It was revealed that the Beyonder is actually The Stranger. Little that The Stranger know that Hank simply shrank the others and after getting them back to normal size, they all fought The Stranger. When Uatu the Watcher revealed himself, The Stranger got intimidated by his presence and left the planet. The planet soon began to crumble, as it was being held by The Stranger's powers. So, Gravity volunteered to be left behind to hold the planet long enough for the others to escape. The strain killed him, and back on earth, all of those he saved mourned for him, even Venom. It has been hinted that Gravity's destiny still awaits him, as Uatu was there to witness his death, and when a Watcher appear on an event, it means that it’s a very important event.

Gravity was resurrected and made into the new Protector of the Universe by Epoch since Quasar was dead. Shortly after being reborn, Gravity battled a hungry Galactus, who was trying to feed on Epoch. Gravity exhausts his cosmic awareness by feeding Galactus, and refuses to take the powers back. He then returns to Earth with the Fantastic Four, claiming that he still has his original gravity control powers, and sets off to reunite with his loved ones. When the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, and the Silver Surfer were trying to save the universe, Uatu made a deal with Gravity, that he will restore his secret identity if he could use his powers to cut away the bad parts of the universe.

It’s been revealed that Gravity has joined the Initiative and was assigned to the Nevada team, The Heavy Hitters as its leader. The other members of the team; Hardball, Non-Stop and Telemetry. During the Secret Invasion, the Heavy Hitters helped the Skrull Kill Krew defeat Skrulls posing as Equinox and Thor Girl. Later, Gravity and Komodo tried to get back Hardball away from Hydra, but Hardball chose to be with Hydra because of the betrayal of the two heroes against him. Hardball then became the supreme ruler of Hydra.

111. Myriad (24 points)

myriad.jpgCaptain Dynamo was the much beloved superhero protector of Tower City. He was also a philanderer who cheated on his wife, Maddie Warner, countless times with a slew of different women. One of these women was an alien whom Dynamo met in deep space when he came to the aid of her starship, which had broken down far from her home. After aiding in their repairs, he journeyed with her crew to her home planet (the name of which has not been revealed), where he had an affair with her, resulting in a pregnancy. Because of the cultural taboo of raising a "half-breed" on her world, she journeyed to Earth after Spencer was born to leave him in Dynamo's custody. Dynamo, however, had no interest in raising Spencer or threatening his marriage, so he left Spencer in the custody of a F.L.A.G. (Foundation for Law and Government) research facility not telling them that Spencer was his son, but that he found the infant at an alien crash site. Spencer's home for the next few years was the research compound, where scientists subjected him to extensive study and experimentation, including exposing him to the same radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his superhuman abilities, not knowing what effect it would have on Spencer. This exposure activated Spencer's shape shifting ability, which he inherited from Dynamo. He learned how to use this power to disguise his alien appearance, and to mimic the appearance of people around him, but one of the scientists in particular, an African-American woman named Dr. Bridges, took a liking to Spencer, and the two formed a rapport. The other scientists were not amenable to how Dr. Bridges was bonding with Spencer, and separated the two. Unable to convince Captain Dynamo to remove Spencer from the facility, Bridges had Spencer use his shape shifting ability to smuggle him out of the compound. Knowing that she would be discovered by F.L.A.G. if she attempted to raise Spencer on her own, she placed Spencer, who maintained the appearance of a full human, in the care of child services. Because of this, the two never saw each other again. Spencer spent his childhood in an orphanage, and was placed in a succession of less-than-ideal foster homes. He struck out on his own at the age of thirteen. At some point Spencer took on Dr. Bridges' last name, though when he did so is unknown. The origin of his first name, and the point in his life at which he adopted it has also not been specified.

Following Captain Dynamo's assassination, Warner, a former government agent posing as now-retired investigative reporter, discovers from his personal effects that he had been unfaithful to her countless times. Despite her devastation at this discovery, Warner realizes that without a full-time protector, Tower City would be vulnerable to Captain Dynamo’s legion of super-villain enemies. She uses her skills to track down five people who could be Dynamo’s illegitimate children. She probably found Spencer through a notation in Dynamo's black books about Dr. Bridges. Spencer was the third person Warner contacted to be on the team. He agreed to join the team only because Maddie is paying him. Gathering all five of the children together, Warner exposes them to the same unidentified radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his powers forty years earlier, unlocking their powers. Neither Warner nor Spencer's siblings know that his powers had already been thus activated, nor that he is half alien. Spencer takes on the codename Myriad, and works to protect Tower City with his newly discovered brothers and sisters


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