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Your Top Teens part 28

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 08 2009 and posted in Features

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107. Lei Kurono (25 points)

leikurono.jpgKei Kurono is in all truth a typical teenager he initially thinks about himself and holds nearly everyone else in low regards. He starts off as 15 year old that can’t stand his family and is allowed to live alone. Kei judges everyone he crosses based on appearance. Kei starts Gantz trying to have sex with Kishimoto another Gantz Hunter. The only other person he acknowledged was his old friend Masaru Kato. Kei gradually adapts to the situations presented to him while on missions better than most. He is a fast thinker and able to determine means to defeat enemies if he is at a disadvantage. Kei truly cares for his own well being at first. Masaru soon becomes someone Kei admires but all too late. Kei changes his personality after losing Masaru and Kishimoto. He becomes protective of new comers and focuses on trying to get team members back from missions alive. Kei gains leadership skills through his experiences in Gantz. He still has his perverted ways that he shows outside of Gantz and still cares little for people he doesn’t really know.

Kei as everyone knows him is a copy of the one killed by the train. This Kei shares every aspect of the original by unknown means. He feels unfortunate at first to have Masaru by his side. He blamed Masaru for his death. Kei grows past this upon meeting Kei Kishimoto, a beautiful red head that was teleported into his arms. Kei, Masaru, and Kishimoto (Kei female) decide to trust each other. Kei discovers with others that he must now hunt aliens at periods of time by the mysterious black ball known as Gantz. He shows a keen sense as he is the only one of the new group to put on the power suit. Kei also tends to be self centered and does things only if he has something to gain. Like allowing Kishimoto to reside with him expecting sexual favors in return. Masaru mentioned on many occasions of how Kei was his inspiration growing up. Events of Gantz ignited dormant feelings of dauntlessness and instinct for survival in Kei.

106. Anole (25 points)

anole.jpgAnole (Victor Borkowksi) was born and raised in small-town America, Victor is a sixteen year old mutant who grew up quite normally despite his mutation and appearance. The neighborhood he grew up in was a small community that accepted him for who he was until anti-mutant feelings spread and threatened his safety. As a result Victor was sent off to the Xavier Institute where he quickly excelled academically and made close friends with Northstar who subsequently helped him come to terms with his sexuality.

When his homosexuality was 'outed' to his friends, most of them already were aware that he was gay, except for Rockslide. When advisors were being assigned, Victor at first chose Karma but was reassigned to Northstar. Victor's friends spanned almost every team and school clique, from popular snob Julian Keller (Hellion) of the Hellions to outcast New Mutant, Joshua Foley (Elixir). Anole was also field leader of the Alpha Squadron and became very close friends with teammates Indra and Loa.

When Northstar was killed by Wolverine, Victor was deeply affected and no longer felt the understanding of a fellow gay mutant. Unbeknownst to Anole or any of the X-Men, Northstar was quickly resurrected and brainwashed by The Hand.

In the wake of the House of M, more than 90% of the mutant population lost their mutant powers. However, Anole was spared as one of the 27 remaining students at the school.

Shortly after Decimation, Emma Frost called for an all out brawl to decide who would lead this new X-Men group. Though Anole was not selected, he still remained at the Institute to further his training.

A manipulated Northstar later returned to the Institute under the control of the Children of the Vault. An excited Anole approached his former mentor and wished to speak with him. Though Northstar's recognition of Victor almost gave him a moment of mental lucidity, Northstar instead attacked his young pupil leaving him unconscious.

105. Kid Miracleman (26 points)

kidmiracleman.pngJohn Bates is the orphaned child of deceased Air Force personnel, and like Mike Moran, he was in an experiment that saw the creation of Miracleman, Young Miracleman and Miraclewoman along with their nemesis Young Nastyman by Dr. Gargunza. He had the power to change places in space and time with a super powered cellular replicate, Kid Miracleman, through the use of the magic word, "Miracleman." Whenever he says his word his normal body is placed in limbo in a realm that apparently doesn’t age him no matter how long he is in there.

Johnny Bates like his fellow test subjects was put through the dream tests based on the adventures of the Marvel Family when Miraclewoman and Young Nastyman escaped their virtual simulations and seemingly killed each other it was decided to end the experiment and the remaining subjects were supposedly destroyed in an explosion but apparently Miracleman and Kid Miracleman survived with no authority figure to keep him in place Kid Miracleman took on Johnny Bates’ identity and aged to an adult version of Kid Miracleman he also gained more powerful and became a corporate tycoon apparently he also slowly went insane. When Mike Moran rediscovered his superpowers Kid Miracleman saw him as a threat and targeted him and his wife revealing his sinister nature he killed his own assistant as a sign of what he would do to Miracleman’s wife Liz. He easily defeated Miracleman due to how he used his powers he almost killed Miracleman until he said his name by accident in battle and transformed back into his Johnny Bates identity a tearful and regretful thirteen year old.

Johnny was placed under mental observation but no therapy could relief the depraved ranting of Kid Miracleman in Johnny’s head who pressured him into using his powers Johnny thought if he was with other people it would drown out Kid Miracleman. Johnny was left in an orphanage but was humiliated and picked on by other kids. When bigger kids began molesting Johnny he said Miracleman’s name he became Kid Miracleman and began to kill the other kids and the whole orphanage.

Kid Miracleman then went into a super powered killing spree all over London destroying it and killing thousands of innocent men, women and children to call Miracleman out.

Miracleman returned to London along with Miraclewoman as well as the alien warriors The Warpsmiths and the newly created Firedrake. All saw the destruction Kid Miracleman did and attempted to stop but still could not bring him down Kid Miracleman was able to beat his opponents all, right before he killed a Warpsmith he severely injured Kid Miracleman by teleporting a piece of shrapnel in Kid Miracleman’s eye before that and metal beam in his chest in absolute pain Kid Miracleman said Miracleman’s name and transformed back into Johnny Bates who was terrified and disturbed at what Kid Miracleman had done.

He cries to Miracleman over his actions but Miracleman tells him he knows how to stop Kid Miracleman altogether he thanks Miracleman who tells him it will be okay. Miracleman then crushes Johnny’s head exploding it and killing him. Miracleman lets out a scream at his actions and held him for hours.

London apparently was never rebuilt and all the bodies of Kid Miracleman’s victims have since become skeletons it is often visited by the friends and families of the victims. Kid Miracleman’s actions still haunt Miracleman as well as Johnny’s death.

104. Firestorm/Jason (26 points)

firestorm-jason.jpgThe "essence" of Firestorm found its way to a young man named Jason Rusch, and imbued him with powers very similar to the original. However, in order to become Firestorm, Rusch needed another person to complete the matrix. Unlike previous incarnations, this was not a fixed set of people. It was Rusch and whoever happened to be nearby.

This was usually a surprise for the other person, which made controlling Firestorm more difficult. There were risks, however. If Jason over-exerted himself, the person he merged with could fade away and die. Also, if he merged with someone strong enough, it was possible for that other person to take over Firestorm and bend it to their will.

At one point, the mind of Ronnie Raymond reappeared in the Firestorm matrix, but didn't last very long. Raymond vanished again, perhaps never to return.

During the Infinite Crisis, Firestorm was part of the team that went into space to close the rift opened by Alexander Luthor. Rusch's companion in the matrix, his friend Mickey, died during the fighting, and Firestorm was saved by the reappearance of the elemental Firestorm, Martin Stein. Stein offered to help him, and Rusch talked Stein into rejoining the Firestorm matrix. They returned to Earth, though not unscathed, and eventually resumed work as a hero.

In the events of 52, Firestorm, with Firehawk, tried to lead a new Justice League, but that proved to be a failure when the new League was decimated by Skeets, the robot companion of the late Booster Gold.

With knowledge of a quarter of the Life Equation hidden in the Firestorm Matrix, Firestorm and Shilo Norman are attacked simultaneously by the New God Orion (who wanted to keep Martin Stein safe), and the Female Furies and Kalibak of Apokalips, who carried out Darkseid's plans to secure the Matrix. Darkseid himself feared that the Life Equation would hinder his Anti-Life Equation. With the combined might of Firestorm and Shilo, Orion, Apokalips and the Female Furies were defeated. But that didn't stop Darkseid from arriving in a boom tube, and snatching the essence of Martin Stein from the Firestorm Matrix. With sheer determination, Jason merged with his girlfriend Gehenna to become Firestorm, in order to find Martin Stein.

While searching for Martin Stein, Jason was later taken down by Lex Luthor, The Joker and Cheetah. After his recovery, he helped the Justice League of America break free of imprisonment and joins them in battle against the Injustice League. After the battle, Firestorm is drafted into the Justice League by Batman.

During the events of Countdown, Firestorm teamed up with Una and Karate Kid to find a cure for Karate Kid's infection in Bludhaven. They were later confronted by the Atomic Knights, but they made quick work of them. Digging deeper into the underground of Bludhaven, the team stumbles upon Desaad torturing Martin Stein. While attempting to stop him, Firestorm was trapped inside of a mystical barrier, and that alone allowed Desaad to take over the Firestorm entity and relentlessly attack Karate Kid and Una with the intent to kill them. The Atomic Knights intervened just in time to separate Desaad (who then fled back to Apokalips through a Boom Tube) from the Firestorm Matrix. While Firestorm held off the Atomic Knights for another go-around, Karate Kid and the rest of the team continued into the Bludhaven Underground. Meanwhile, Brother Eye and the OMACs arrive in Bludhaven and take over the area, using Firestorm as a power source. During a battle between an OMAC and Red Robin, Firestorm is freed from Brother Eye.

The current incarnation of Firestorm is composed of Jason Rusch and Martin Stein, although not necessarily all the time. He is currently merged with his girlfriend, Gehenna.


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