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Your Top Teens part 29

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, October 09 2009 and posted in Features

Find out here who were the final three to miss out of the Top 100...


103. Visionary (26 points)

visionary.jpgHector Chang was conceived during a one night stand between his Chinese mother, Jennifer Chang, and Captain Dynamo, who at the time, was disguised via his shape shifting power as a Chinese man. Jennifer never knew that the man was Captain Dynamo, and never saw him again. She raised Hector as a single parent, and although Hector's maternal grandfather has also been a positive presence in his life, Jennifer has lamented the lack of a male role model in Hector's life, as Hector tends to think of his father when Father's Day approaches.

Following the assassination of Captain Dynamo, the much-beloved superhero protector of Tower City, his widow, former government agent posing as a now-retired investigative reporter Maddie Warner, discovers from his personal effects that he had been unfaithful to her countless times. Despite her devastation at this discovery, Warner realized that without a full-time protector, Tower City would be vulnerable to Captain Dynamo’s legion of super-villain enemies. She used her skills and the information she discovered to track down five people who could be Dynamo’s illegitimate children.

The first of Captain Dynamo’s children Warner contacts is 15-year-old Hector Chang, a Vancouver, British Columbia high school geek who suffers school from bullying. When Warner appears before him offering to change his life, Hector is initially skeptical, stating that he had heard such things before from guidance counselors. Gathering all five of the children together, Warner exposes them to the same unidentified radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his powers forty years earlier, unlocking their powers. Hector, the youngest of the Dynamo 5 siblings, inherits his father’s vision-related powers. He takes the codename Visionary, and works to protect Tower City with his newly discovered brothers and sisters.

One month after gaining his abilities, Visionary and his siblings fought the paramilitary organization known as The Veil. Although he and the team acquitted themselves well against the Veil, Visionary himself was kidnapped during the fracas, and brought to The Veil’s base, where he was injected with a serum to make him amenable to interrogation by The Veil’s leader, who called himself The Superior. Visionary divulged everything about himself and his siblings, how they inherited their powers, and how Warner assembled them, but before The Veil could make use of this information, Visionary was rescued by Warner and the rest of Dynamo 5, who had tracked him using Scatterbrain's telepathy. His powers have also proven useful in reconnaissance, as when the team investigated the reappearance of the creature known as Whiptail, and as a weapon against adversaries such as Quake.

Despite never having known his father, he thinks of Captain Dynamo as "Dad", and a poster of Dynamo hangs over his bed. This is in contrast to his siblings, Bridget, Gage and Olivia, who were raised by adoptive fathers, or his brother Spencer, who, having wondered all his life who his father was, only to be disappointed to learn it was Captain Dynamo, thinks of the late superhero as "an enormous hypocrite and a horrible husband".

After gaining his powers, Hector exhibits greater confidence in the face of bullies at school, but his social awkwardness and virginity is been a source of embarrassment, in light of his siblings' greater range of experience. Although Gage and Spencer place great importance on this, his sisters Bridget and Olivia are more understanding.

Hector's life as a costumed superhero creates difficulties for his home life, particularly when his capture, along with the rest of Dynamo 5, by the U.S. government superhero-monitoring organization known as F.L.A.G., keeps him away from home for two days, causing his mother to panic. She eventually discovers Hector's secret accidentally when she walks in on him as he attempts to use the teleportation device known as a Jump Portal, which the team uses to assemble for missions. Hector reveals the truth to her about Captain Dynamo, his siblings, and his superhero life. Jennifer is angered at learning that Maddie Warner exposed Hector to a heavy dose of radiation to unlock his powers, and after having Hector introduce them, she threatens to report Warner to the authorities for what she regarded as child endangerment and possibly kidnapping. Warner insists that because his children share Captain Dynamo's DNA, the radiation poses no risk to the children, and speculates that Jennifer's ire was motivated more from feeling abandoned by the man who seduced her, but Jennifer is not amused by this statement. Before this conflict could be resolved, Warner and Jennifer are taken hostage by the assassin, Widowmaker. In order to save her son's life, Jennifer tells Widowmaker about the Jump Station, which Hector later sees as an act of betrayal on her part. Despite the fact that Jennifer forbids Hector to continue his super heroics, he does so anyway.

102. Betty Cooper (27 points)

betty.jpgBetty Cooper is best friends and enemies with Veronica Lodge, the two of them are always fighting over Archie Andrews. Betty loves Archie and is willing to help him do his homework, bake cookies for him, cooks for him. Betty is well known for her big heart, shinning intellect and all around friendly nature. She is extremely responsible and often baby-sits as well as volunteers for the Riverdale community. She has been a lifeguard, camp counselor, Girl Scout leader and much more. Betty loves sports and the great outdoors.

Betty has a much less extravagant lifestyle than Veronica. She works hard to earn money and does chores around the house. Betty is the stereotypical "girl next door". She is almost always hard up for cash and seems to be opposed to change, once finding it hard to even get her hair cut. Also, she has been able to make copies of expensive clothes such as designer clothes for her own use at low cost. Normally, the stories involve her making a dress which veronica is wearing.

Betty is an athlete, specializing in gymnastics. She has also been a baseball player, softball player and a cheerleader. According to various 1980s stories she has mechanical skills, sufficient to repair cars on her own. Betty is also extremely intelligent, though not as brainy as Dilton Doiley, she can keep up in most classes. She has also been seen as a big over-achiever, though that's not always a bad thing. She has been able to get A for many subjects.

Betty cooper keeps a diary and she has two types off diaries. One type of diaries does not elaborate much and is used to fool Veronica when she tries to read her diary while she keeps the other one which she elaborates a secret so that Veronica will not read her diary.

101. Casper the Friendly Ghost (27 points - 2 first place slots)

Casper, the friendly ghost, casper.jpg
The friendliest ghost you know.
Though grown-ups might
Look at him with fright,
The children all love him so.

He always says hello (Hello),
and he's really glad to meetcha.
Wherever he may go,
He's kind to every living creature.

Grown-ups don't understand
Why children love him the most.
But kids all know
That he loves them so,
Casper the friendly ghost.

Two first place slots people.



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