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Your Top Teens part 30

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, October 09 2009 and posted in Features

Welcome to the Top 100!!! And welcome the drama that comes with it!!


surge.jpg100. Surge (28 points)

Surge (Noriko Ashida) was born in Tokyo, Japan and was close to her brother but ran away from home at age 13 after her powers manifested. She claims that her father doesn't believe in mutants. It's unknown how she got to the US but when she did, she was living on the streets of Salem Center when she went up to the Xavier Institute for help. Julian Keller chased her away for being homeless. Later, she had a serious power discharge harming the Grindstone Cafe waitress in the process. Led by Elixir, he gathered the group to search for her that night. They saw her buying drugs which they thought was causing the problems with her powers. Sofia blew them away but it turned out to be the other way around as without them her powers were out of control. With Laurie's pheromone emotion-manipulating powers, they subdued her and took her home.

Beast then designed special metallic gauntlets that could regulate and control her ability to absorb ambient electrical energy preventing further overloads.

Nori became a student of Xavier's School when the school adopted a squad system. She was assigned to Dani Moonstar's New Mutants squad with Elixir, Wallflower, Wind Dancer, Prodigy, and Icarus.
She reluctantly roomed with the Afgani mutant, Dust; the two young women disagreed and repeatedly clashed on the accepted role of women in society and the Muslim traditions Sooraya wanted to follow.

Soon, the romantic relationship between Josh and Wolfsbane was revealed by the jealous Wither and faced much ostracizing from his fellow classmates. Surge is one of the one's who accepted him or didn't care. Using his powers in a new light, Josh restored Rahne's mutant powers, Josh was mauled by the newly feral Wolfsbane. Surge put her ingenuity to test, using her electro kinetic discharges to shock Josh into healing himself without harming him.

Later, her teammate, David asked Emma Frost to remove a mental block on his mind that prevents him from accessing his full power. David gets corrupted from the knowledge and skills and power he absorbs and had married Noriko. One thing led to another, and Nori died and it was revealed that this was a complex illusion with a likely outcome orchestrated by Emma Frost and Dani Moonstar. Feeling guilty, David avoided Nori, who was very annoyed at that fact. She eventually cornered him and from there the two became an active couple.

I could write more, but its pretty fucking late here...

99. Victor Mancha (29 points)

victormancha.jpgVictor Mancha was created by Ultron to infiltrate The Avengers and destroy them from within. His abilities were programmed by Ultron to manifest after his first encounter with super powered beings. This is because he was meant to be a superhero fan, and go on a trip to New York City shortly after graduating from high school. While there, he would meet The Avengers, who would most likely ask him to join them because he was so powerful. He would then proceed to working his way through there ranks for a few years, learning all of there strengths, weaknesses, and secrets. After which, he would kill them all.

This would have happened, had Gertrude Yorkes (another member of The Runaways) not traveled back in time to warn her friends (The Runaways) about him. The future Gertrude died just after telling them this.

After burying her, they sought out the location of Victor Mancha. They found his high school and confronted him there. They tried to talk to him, but his powers were activated by them and he attacked them accidentally. The Runaways knocked him out and took him to the Hostel (their secret underground base). After he awoke, he talked to them for a while, then took one of them hostage to make a phone call to his mother. He found out that Dr. Doom was his father, and had taken his mother hostage.

He explained the situation to the Runaways, who agreed to help him. Together, the Runaways and Victor defeated Dr. Doom, but only to find it was a robot. Then Ultron walked in and explained that he had created him, and explained his purpose. Then Ultron took control of Victor and made him fight his friends. Excelsior showed up, and destroyed Ultron, while The Runaways made their escape. Afterward, the Runaways take the now-orphaned Victor back to their hideout to keep him from ending up in the custody of Social Services.

Because of his superior intelligence and electromagnetic powers, Chase calls him the Calculator Kid and Nico, calls him Zapper. After observing the team in action for a month, Victor proves his worth by defeating Swarm using his electromagnetic abilities.

The Runaways are friendly towards Victor, but they know that he is still a potential threat. He is often paired with Molly Hayes when the team separates to buy supplies, because Molly is the only individual member of the team strong enough to take him down should he go rogue. Chase was suspicious of Victor long after the other Runaways accepted him, but eventually he came to regard him as a brother. Judging by a comment made by Nico Minoru at the end of "True Believers," she is fully prepared to kill Victor if the need arises. In the story arc "Parental Guidance" it is revealed that Victor is being used by the new Pride to spy upon the Runaways. His teammates ultimately accept Victor's protestations that he was bugged and used as a spy against his will, and allowed him use his power to capture the new Pride members, clearing his name.

After the death of fellow Runaway Gertrude Yokes, Victor finds himself in a physical relationship with Nico; she bids him to keep their first encounter a secret. During the "Dead Means Dead" story-arc Victor displays several of his less-used powers: he flies the Leapfrog without any prior training (albeit clumsily); dismantles and reconstructs a Glock-9; and fixes the Leapfrog using his powers. At the end of the arc Victor and Nico revisit their feelings for one another and almost kiss, but are interrupted by Chase's return.

During a S.H.I.E.L.D. operation to capture the Runaways, Victor uses his powers to shield the Leap-Frog from a barrage of Teflon coated missiles. He is hit and suffers grievous damage and the team returns with him to the Hostel. Victor then experiences intense seizures when the Vision arrives with the Young Avengers.

Although the Runaways are initially mistrustful of the Young Avengers, Stature is able to pull the Vision away from Victor. The Vision explains that he and Victor were experiencing a form of feedback caused by their shared programming due to the fact that both of them were created by Ultron. Since he is still broken down, Stature begins to watch over him, and they start to bond. However, in the end, Victor saves the day by touching the Vision again and knocking out Noh-Varr, who had the Vision's arm phase-shifted into his chest.

Recently, Chase tied up Nico and stole her Staff of One, and was confronted by Victor. Chase revealed that the Abstract has three secret shutdown codes (questions) embedded in Victor's programming. The question Chase asked him was, "Could God make a sandwich so big, that even He couldn't finish it?" Because Victor was programmed by Ultron to be both "super-logical" and "super-religious", these functions cancel one another out and cause a feedback which temporarily shuts Victor down. These codes work only once, yet two codes remain, and the section of the Abstract that contains them is now in Nico's possession - Chase gave it to Nico because he fears Victor will still one day become Victorious.

Still completely catatonic, where all he could do was endlessly repeat the computer simulated phrase of "010101010101...” Molly was forced to stay with him while the others fought the Gibborim and tried to stop Chase from killing himself. After trying desperately to wake him, Molly asks the ghost of Gert to tell her what to do, and strangely enough is given instructions on how to cure Victor. She tells him that "Yes, God could make a sandwich so big that even he couldn't finish it, and then he would finish it anyway." With that, Victor suddenly is awakened, with full power.

He and Molly go through the portal, and Victor tries shocking the Gibborim, which has no effect. He then instructs Molly to throw him, and as he flies he grabs Nico from the Gibborim's grasp, effectively "killing" them.

98. Kick Ass (29 points)

kickass.jpg"Not a Super powered Teenager, but definitely the most realistic superhero Teen."

Dave Lizewski led a typical high school life. He wasn't popular or a geek or class clown. He was just another average student at his high school. Nothing special about him really. Just a kid who liked Ryan Reynolds movies, Snow Patrol and the Goo-Goo Dolls. He couldn't even strike up a conversation with the girl he liked. His mother died of an aneurysm when he was fourteen and he lived with his dad, who was still having problems coping with her death. As an escape, Dave played a lot of video games and was really into comic books. He became so obsessed with comics that he decided that was the career he wanted for himself, even though superheroes didn't really exist in the world.

One night he decided to put on a costume. He spent the first few weeks walking around on rooftops getting used to the costume and enjoying the thrill of wearing it underneath his clothes. He spent time working out in his high school gym during lunch and also ate high protein foods to try and pack on lean muscle all the while trying to come up with a name.

One day he decided to go into action. Seeing some kids spray painting a wall, he felt this was his time. Having courage from wearing a mask and costume, he approached and insulted the three kids. After an exchanging of words, a fight began with a costumed Dave throwing the first attack that came in the form of an improvised miniature bat. He used bottles as well as his own weapon to fight off the thugs but their numbers overwhelmed him. Things didn't go so well as Dave ended up getting stabbed by the first man that he attacked upon arriving on the scene. The thugs rushed off and Dave struggled to walk home. Crossing the road, he ends up getting hit by a car and became a victim of a hit and run as the ones responsible fled the area. He was left with two broken legs and a crushed spine yet in his horrendous state he was able to take off his costume and hide it before the paramedics arrived. After months of counseling and therapy, Dave burns all of his comic books and promised himself to never partake in heroics ever again. A promise he immediately broke.

Donning his costume once again, he roams the streets only to find a man getting mugged by three "Puerto Ricans". This time Dave was armed with not one but two of the improvised mini bats which he kept strapped to his back. In an act of bravery or stupidity he decided to take on the three men. The fight instantly became bloody and again Dave became overwhelmed by the number of attackers. This time though, he was able to fight himself out of the beating reaching a point where the Puerto Ricans left saying that he was "f***ing nuts". The crowd that had gathered to watch the battle cheered Dave on, while a young man takes out his cell phone and records the fight, putting it on You Tube for all to see. Dave becomes a local celebrity and his costumed persona finally has a name, given to him by the masses, Kick-Ass.


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