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Your Top Teens part 33

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, October 12 2009 and posted in Features

Another batch of four. You are welcome.


90. Slobo (32 points)

slobo.jpg"The Lobo teen from Young Justice, he was fun as hell!"

When Young Justice traveled to Apokolips, Lil Lobo was killed by Parademons. Still being (a much smaller) Lobo, Lil Lobo's blood transformed and each drop grew into another Lil Lobo and saved the day before turning on each other. The last clone standing became the real Lobo. Unknown to him, one drop of blood formed into a smaller, weaker clone. This clone knew he was not the strongest and hit on Young Justice's space ship to keep himself from being killed.

The clone felt he was weak and did not deserve the name Lobo. He finally shook his depression when his teammate Secret, telling a story said "So Lobo here took it as a challenge." The clone proclaimed that he liked that and would henceforth be named Slobo. He became the team's mechanic and maintained a strong bond with Empress.

Unfortunately, Slobo's genetics proved to be problematic and his body began to degrade, causing him to weaken and go blind. Knowing he would die soon, he sacrificed his life to save his teammate, Secret, from Darkseid. Darkseid's Omega Beams transported the Slobo's essence into the future, where he became trapped in his own statue in the headquarters of the 853rd century's Young Justice.

89. Vision/Jonas (33 points)

vision.jpg"The one from the Young Avengers a few years back when I used to buy several Marvel Comics. Young Avengers was good almost as good as Teen Titans at the time."

Synthesis of two exceptional beings, the heroic young android Vision is evolving into a unique entity in his own right. His origins begin with the previous Vision, a sentient android and mainstay of the Avengers superhero team. The senior Vision eventually died in action, wrecked by his own insane ex-wife, the Scarlet Witch, and the Avengers placed his remains in storage in hopes of someday reactivating him. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old incarnation of 31st Century-born time traveler Kang the Conqueror from the alternate world Earth-6311 arrived in present-day mainstream reality, a fugitive from his own future self. Having met his time-traveling adult self and learned he was fated to become the monstrous villain Kang the Conqueror, young Nathaniel had fled into the past in the hopes that Kang’s longtime enemies, the Avengers, could help him escape his evil destiny; however, he had arrived in the present day during a period when the Avengers were disbanded. Seeking information, young Nathaniel found the Vision's remains and downloaded the android's programming, operating system and data files into a suit of neuro-kinetic armor he had obtained from Kang. These files included the "Avengers Fail-safe Program," a plan secretly developed by the late Vision to identify a new generation of potential Avengers recruits in the event of the team's destruction. Using these files, young Nathaniel recruited several Avengers-connected super-youths with whom he formed a new team as the Young Avengers, including the armored Nathaniel as Iron Lad.

Nathaniel's adult counterpart Kang eventually caught up with him, clashing with the Young Avengers, detective Jessica Jones and Avengers veterans Iron Man and Captain America to determine young Nathaniel's fate, and Kang died in the battle. Ultimately realizing that he had to fulfill his destiny as Kang or risk doing catastrophic damage to all reality, young Nathaniel returned to his native time period; however, he left behind his neuro-kinetic armor, which retained replicated impressions of Nathaniel's brain patterns, emotions and memories. Developing a physical form and powers adapted from the late Vision's programming, the armor became an independent sentient being as the new Vision, first activated during the battle with Kang. The regrouped senior Avengers tested and analyzed this new Vision for some time, reluctant to place him on active duty too soon, and the restless android eventually decided to join the Young Avengers instead. He has served capably with the team since then, though a romantic affection for teammate Stature inherited from Iron Lad has led to an unrequited crush on the Vision's part. Vision has also discovered that twin teammates Speed and Wiccan may be the long-lost children of his elder counterpart, the previous Vision.

Vision sided with the Anti-Registration and fought with them against Iron Man and his Pro-Registration team in the Civil War that pitted heroes against each other. During the final battle between the two-sides he compromised Iron Man's armor allowing Captain America the upper hand in his second bout with Tony. After the Civil War had finished Vision traveled around to figure things out, becoming many people to find that he was one particular individual. He goes to Camp Hammond and impersonating Stark he takes Cassie away from camp grounds with the intention to make clear to her that he, now called Jonas, wasn't a what but a who, a real person who has feelings for her and to find out if she had feelings for him. After they share a kiss she states that she needs time which Jonas is willing to give.

During the Skrull invasion of Manhattan, Vision tries a long with his fellow Young Avengers to keep the people save while staving of the invading force. They are soon joined by the Initiative. The Super-Skrulls however retain the upper-hand defeating both the Young Avengers and the Initiative. They blast Vision with multiple beams till one destroys his head. He survives the shot and he and the Young Avengers join Nick Fury against the Skrulls. Jonas then joins the Mighty Avengers. Now being both a member of Young Avengers and Mighty Avengers.

88. Boom Boom (34 points)

boomboom.jpgBoom Boom’s history is long and stuff, and most of you know who she is so I figure I just focus on what her powers are. Sound good? Thought so. As a mutant, Boom Boom has the ability to psionically create plasmic energy with intense combustive power. These explosives were originally known as time-bombs. Over the years her powers have undergone various changes. Now she is able to wield the plasma as she wishes, but still uses the tiny spherical marbles out of habit.

Initially the time-bombs were spherical balls of plasma that varied in size and power according to what Boom-Boom desired. By concentrating, she would create the explosives, which would appear from the palms of her hands. Most of her time-bombs had the destructive power of a cherry bomb, and earned her the nickname Firecracker from friends like Rictor & Sunspot.

The size of the time-bombs often indicated their destructive force; ranging between tiny marbles and a giant beach ball. The larger the ball, the more explosive damage. When she tried to commit suicide after being separated from the Beyonder she created a time-bomb the size of a beach ball, that would be capable of blowing herself to pieces. Also, the larger time-bombs were more unstable. During the underwater fight after Inferno, she created larger time-bombs to fight the giant squid. She reminded the others to be careful when throwing them because they were more unstable and therefore liable to explode before the timer ran out.

On a few occasions, Tabitha purposefully made 'dud' bombs that would looked like a regular time-bomb, but simply dissipated without any form of explosion or noise. She did this either to play pranks on people, or during games of Volley Bomb with Iceman and the other X-Terminator kids.

Each time-bomb came with a pre-set time before it would explode; hence her original desire to be known as Time Bomb. The timer, like the size and strength of the bomb, was determined by Boom-Boom when she created it. The time-bombs would never detonate before the timer had run out, but she did warn others about larger unstable bombs. The majority of her time-bombs were marble-sized. Even though they were made out of highly dangerous explosive plasma, they could bounce against surfaces until the timer reached zero. It was possible for her to create a short fused timer to detonate almost immediately, or a longer timer of over 10 seconds.

Through personal preference the majority of Boom-Boom's time-bombs were set to explode approximately 3 seconds after creation. This gave her ample time to throw the bomb at her desired target, while ensuring her own personal safety. Although it was not necessary, she would often count down the seconds till detonation. This provided both a sense of dramatic suspense and warned friends and allies of the impending explosion.

Malleable Forms instead of being spherical balls of explosive power, her plasma became streams of energy that would streak through the air. The shapes and forms of the plasma were malleable to her psionic command. This allowed her to move the plasma through the air, around a victim, or back and forth purely by the power of thought. On her first outing as Meltdown she forced the Blob to swallow a soft-ball-sized bomb. At first she cancelled the detonation, and then withdrew the bulk of the plasma making it float back up his throat. However, she had left some plasma behind, and had sent it into the Blob's inner ears. From there, she set of a minute detonation without a countdown, to coincide with the click of her fingers.

After her transformation into Meltdown, she exerted one more new trick that surprised everyone. Instead of being vulnerable to a time-bomb in close proximity, she was suddenly capable of absorbing the energy of any unexploded plasma. She would simply take the plasma into her hand, and re-absorb it; the reverse of creating it. This meant that her bombs would no longer be a threat to her own physical safety, or that or team-mates and allies. Despite Boom Boom's greater control over her powers, she still uses the classic time-bomb with a 3-second timer. It is an old school approach to her powers, only with more adaptability and control over them.

87. Rex Splode (34 points)

rexsplode.jpgAs a child, Rex was born into a poor family. Relief came eventually in the form of a government agent. The man offered his family a life of luxury in exchange for Rex. The deal was made and Rex was taken. Rex was made into a soldier. He was trained in gymnastics and fighting and was put through experiments to alter his body including giving him increased strength and the ability to charge inorganic materials. He was used as an agent and was sent to places as a terrorist of sorts. All seemed fine until one day he decided to escape. It might have been a longing to meet his true family and that's exactly what he did as soon as he was clear. He found his family prosperous with young girls. This devastated him and he became secluded. Eventually he met up with Robot and formed the Teen Team.

Rex-Splode was one of the first heroes Invincible met along with the rest of the Teen Team during a fight with the Mauler Twins. Invincible thought he was a jerk and had a hard time getting along with him especially because they both had feelings for teammate, Atom Eve, whom Rex was with. Their relationship was short lived however when Eve found Rex with fellow teammate Dupli-Kate. This angered Invincible, but eventually they became friends

When the original Guardians of the Globe were killed, Rex decided to try to get into the team. When he was at the member drive he got in a fight with future teammate Monster Girl because of her appearance. With Robot as team leader Rex was granted membership as long as he behaves. He coasted with the team and enjoyed his relationship until one day he came into HQ and found Dupli-Kate with The Immortal much in the same way Eve found her and Rex. During one of the team meetings Cecil revealed the real Robot, a young boy who looked remarkably similar to Rex. Robot explained that his body was not sufficient so he made a younger clone of Rex as a replacement body.

During the Sequid's attack on Earth, Rex, Shrinking Ray, and Kate were all benched because they could be used as hosts for the Sequids. However, during the rest of the team's time in space the Lizard League attacked a nuclear missile base. The remaining team went to confront the league and appeared to have the upper hand by killing Salamander and Iguana, but the strongest member, Komodo Dragon, turned the table by killing Shrinking Ray and apparently Dupli-Kate and all her clones. Rex sacrificed his hand to put an explosive in his head, killing him. Rex thought he won until King Lizard pulled a gun on him. Rex fought it out and ended up getting shot in the head. Luckily King Lizard passed out when he did and Brit showed up to take them away. Rex was able to heal and got a robotic, replacement hand that shot explosive projectiles.

These events seemed to have matured Rex emotionally. He takes his activities as a superhero more seriously. Upon hearing of Invincible and Atom Eve's new relationship, Rex sincerely wishes them well, much to Eve's surprise. After Invincible leaves the government, Rex along with Robot, Monster Girl, and Bulletproof leave the Guardians of the Globe to reform the Teen Team.

In order to save his team from an Invincible from an alternate universe, Rex blows himself up so they have time to escape, destroying himself and the Invincible.

Oh yeah, spoiler warning.


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