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Your Top Teens part 34

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, October 12 2009 and posted in Features

The final four for today...


86. Firebreather (35 points)


Duncan's full name is Duncan Xeres Absalom Wu Fan Cassius Draco Draconus Quetzelcoatl Gondwana Mjarl Khan Belloc-Rosenblatt Jr. he is a half human half dragon hybrid. His mother Margaret Rosenblatt is human. Belloc is a three hundred foot tall dragon and is the King of Monsters. Both his parents are divorced and while Margaret wants Duncan to lead a normal life such as getting good grades and getting in to college Belloc hopes that Duncan will one day follow in his foot steps, destroying, conquering and become King of Monsters himself. Due to his life Duncan is an outcast and often has to move around a lot although he has come to terms with that.

Duncan has a hard time trying to fit in at his new school. He has to deal with a school bully named Troy and his school principal. However he was able to confine in other outcast such as himself namely Ken Rogers. Duncan then goes to train with his father for the weekend where he is escorted to by the Head of the United Nations Special Operations Strikeforce (S.O.S for short) Col. "Booshwa" Barnes who does so regularly.

At school Troy tries to get Duncan in trouble and he hides a gun and tries to frame Duncan for having it. This causes Duncan to worry about whether his place is really with humans, but he soon forgets about that when he goes home to find it destroyed and his mother missing. Duncan is soon able to find his mother and the monster that captured her. Duncan and the beast battle and the battle ends with the monster being badly burned by Duncan’s flame. However Belloc arrives and finishes the monster off by stabbing him with his tail. Duncan realizes that it was Belloc who arranged the whole thing and Duncan threatens his father’s life, but that causes Belloc to show pride in Duncan by saying "That's my boy."

Later Duncan goes on a field trip to London with his class and a Spanish teacher Mr. M. unbeknown to Duncan he is both an S.O.S agent and a descendant of a Spanish village that his father destroyed centuries ago. The survivors built a suit of armor called the Iron Saint created to destroy Belloc. Duncan becomes aware of the suit’s past and that it has come back to life. In reality the suit is being worn by Mr. M wanting revenge. However due to the fact Duncan is half human the suit is destroyed when it touches him as it was not meant to be used on humans.

Duncan would later join the short lived group the Pact fighting their foes including his father Belloc, space aliens, lava monsters and Doc Seismic.

85. Argent (36 points)

argent.jpgToni Monetti is the daughter of a former U.S. Senator. When she turned sixteen, Toni's skin became quite pale and had a silvery coat to it. On her sixteenth birthday party, Toni was mysteriously teleported away.

Awakening on the alien ship of the dreaded H'San Natall, Toni met other super-powered teenagers all of whom had been implanted by the aliens 16 years earlier. Eventually, the group of teenagers escaped their captors and returned to earth, where they subsequently found Loren Jupiter and Omen. This group would soon go on to form a new Teen Titans.

Argent, though inexperienced showed much promise as a hero. She became quite close to her teammates especially the heat-generating Isaiah Crockett whose code name was Joto. After the tragic death of Joto, Argent vowed to become a better hero in her own right and began using her powers in more advanced ways. It was also known that at the beginning of her career as a Teen Titan she had a crush on older hero Nightwing, but later grew out of it.

When the original five Titans decided to reform the team, Argent was offered membership, and she gladly accepted. Shortly afterward, an android from the future known as Indigo attacked the Titans and Young Justice.

After founding Titan Troia was apparently killed by a Superman-android, Nightwing devastated by numerous deaths of so many Titans disbanded the Teen Titans, believing they needed more training. Toni as did all the others left but she subsequently returned to the Titans during the year after Infinite Crisis. She was brainwashed into joining the Martyr Militia at the Dark Side Club. She was later brought to Titans Tower by Miss Martian for shelter. She was offered another membership, but just wanted to return home.

Argent can generate solid energy constructs out of silver plasma. In simple forms such as protective shields, daggers, and battering rams. While she initially could not fly, she could create slides and flying platforms to carry herself and others through the air. Her silver plasma energy is said to be of a similar wavelength to the green plasma energies of a Green Lantern's ring. In JLA: Rock of Ages, Argent's powers in the future had evolved to become almost identical to a Green Lantern's, as she was able to fly and could create more complex energy constructs, such as an entire army of silver plasma "superheroes".

84. Knives Chau (36 points)

kniveschau.jpg"Words can not describe my glee whenever I see her in the pages of Scott Pilgrim."

"An asskicker at 17."

I should read this, but I know it’s not my cup of tea. It takes place in Toronto after all, so I should be glad about that. But yeah, I know I won't. So, yeah.

Knives Chau is a 17-year-old Chinese-Canadian high school girl and self-described "Scottaholic". Scott dated her for a short while (they never kissed or held hands, simply talking about her school and social life), but broke up with her when he met Ramona. Initially a quiet, typical school girl, after their break-up, she cut and dyed her hair and changed her clothing style, hoping to win Scott back by becoming more of a hipster. Her discovery that Scott was cheating on her with Ramona causes tension between the two girls, sometimes culminating in actual fights, though later the two reach a level of acceptance of one another. She starts dating Sex Bob-omb's groupie Young Neil, although she is still in love with Scott.

She and Young Neil later break up, but Knives still hangs out with the group, and by Volume 5 has developed a possibly mutual attraction to Stephen Stills. She used to idolize Envy Adams, based on her success as a musician and her former relationship with Scott, but is soon disenchanted when Envy has her drummer Lynette punch Knives hard enough to knock the highlights out of her hair. Knives' father becomes aware of Scott's past relationship with his daughter, causing him to hunt him down and try to kill him, though Scott later earns his acceptance. Knives is completely unaware of her father's plot and its subsequent resolution.

83. Danny Ketch (36 points)

dannyketch.jpg"The first series I made sure I got every month. To a 12 year old reader, there’s nothing cooler than a leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding flaming skeleton going around avenging the innocent. Danny had a great cast of villains and one of the coolest superpowers ever: The Penance Stare. How cool was it?"

Dan Ketch was born in the Quentin Carnival where his parents, Naomi Kale and Barton Blaze shared top billing with their good friend Craig “Crash” Simpson in their motorcycle stunt act. Dan was the youngest of the Blaze children, which included his brother Johnny, and sister Barbara.

Unknown to Blaze family, Naomi was the descendant of Noble Kale; Noble was cursed by Mephisto in the 18th century to exist in an empty void. Noble would come forth to every first child in each new Kale generation, allowing them to be transformed into the Ghost Rider.

The ancient being known as Caretaker approached Naomi and told her that both her eldest Johnny and her youngest Danny would both become a Ghost Rider. Caretaker offered to help safeguard Naomi’s children, which she agreed to, and faked her own death, going into hiding while she sought out a way to lift the family curse of the Ghost Rider. Naomi allowed the Caretaker to place Dan and Barbara in the care of a widow named Francis Ketch who lived in Cypress Hills. Naomi would watch over her children for some time until in a battle with Mephisto she lost her life.

Dan and Barbara were too young to remember that Barton and Naomi were their real parents. Dan had a normal childhood, expressing an interest in motorbikes at an early age. Dan’s best friend and eventual object of his affections, was Stacy Dolan. Danny’s bond with his sister was especially deep -- the two were fairly inseparable well into their late teens. One Halloween night, Danny and Barbara took a shortcut through a graveyard...Barb had convinced Dan to take her (in hopes of seeing Harry Houdini's grave). Reluctantly, Danny agreed and they went on.

On their way through, the two saw a man called Deathwatch killing a man and taking his briefcase. Barbara screamed at the sight of the man dead on the floor and the screams attracted the attention of Deathwatch and his men. The two tried to escape but one of Deathwatch’s men managed to shoot Barbara in the chest with a cross-bow...thus causing extreme injuries. So Dan carried Barbara off to hide in a nearby junkyard.

While hiding, Dan noticed an unusual motorcycle. Looking brand new and out of place among the wreckage, the motorcycle seemed to call out to Danny. Danny, his fingertips dripping with Barbara’s blood, reached out and touched the motorcycle. The contact between the bike and innocent blood spilled activated the piece of the medallion of power within Dan and transformed him into the living Spirit of Vengeance, the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider easily defeated Deathwatch and his men, and took Barbara to the hospital. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe, and she fell into a coma.

Ghost Rider's primary target in early days was Deathwatch who was competing with Kingpin to find a group of canisters. He also came across various gangs in the Cypress Hills area. One of Deathwatch’s employees, Blackout, a mutant who believed himself a powerful vampire, would fight Ghost Rider many times; in one of these fights Ghost Rider would badly burn and disfigure Blackout's face. Since then Blackout has had a strong grudge against Ghost Rider.

Later, Blackout would find out Ghost Rider’s secret identity and take revenge on him by killing Barbara in her hospital bed. After Barbara’s death, Dan became more withdrawn from the people who loved him and started to take his mission of vengeance more seriously. Dan started fighting more powerful foes such as Zodiak, Scarecrow, Nightmare, Snowblind, and the anti-hero Suicide. He would fight the Brood alongside the X-Men. Later on he would finally defeat Deathwatch stabbing him in the heart causing a major explosion at his headquarters.

All the media attention surrounding the new Ghost Rider caught the attention of Johnny Blaze, the previous Ghost Rider. Blaze tracked down Dan, believing that Zarathos was free again. Johnny shot Dan at point-blank range with a shotgun, but instead of shooting bullets the gun began producing hellfire. This surprised Blaze, who thought he had lost his Ghost Rider powers when Zarathos was captured in the soul crystal.

Dan was badly injured by this and barley survived the encounter. Dan convinced Johnny that he was not Zarathos. Together he and Johnny defeat Blackout who was killing the Morlocks. Johnny would stay with Dan in order to watch over him and help teach him about his powers. The two would team up helping Spider-Man defeat Hobgoblin, Venom, Demogoblin, and Hag and Troll who tried to bring Deathwatch back from the dead. Blaze was worried about his younger brother's welfare and was happy with the spirit [Noble Kale] that was bound with Dan.

During sometime, Blackout became under the rule of the FIRM and was hired to capture Ghost Rider. He meets up with Dan and he bits Dan in the neck draining him of all his blood and killing him. However while Dan was dead, the Ghost Rider spirit took over. During this time, the Spirit of Dan would talk to the Ghost Rider threw the spirit world. At one point he warns Ghost Rider of the rise of a powerful demon known as Lilith, the mother of demons, and appeared to take over the world with her demon children the Lilin. Around this time, the Caretaker re-emerged. Together Ghost Rider and Blaze would search different areas to find the members of the Midnight Sons, the Earth’s only defense against the occult which was scene in the vision. During the battle of the Midnight Sons and the Lilin, Lilith creates a demon version of Dan and sets it out to attack the Midnight Sons but the demon is easily stopped. Together they defeat Lilith and her children and ally of the Midnight sons Doctor Strange brings Dan back from the dead.

There is so much more I could write bout, but it’s too awesome to put into one post. To sum it up Ghost Rider = Awesome.



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