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Your Top Teens part 36

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, October 13 2009 and posted in Features

Two more DCers and one Marvel character.


79. Firestorm/Ronnie (37 points)

firestorm-ronnie.jpgOne of my fav. costume designs. Ever. Seriously, it’s badass and if you people disagree with me you are all idiots. IDIOTS I SAY!!


The first Firestorm was an amalgam of two people - high school student Ronnie Raymond and university professor Martin Stein.

Raymond joined an anti-nuclear activist group as a student, but tried to stop them when their protests turned violent. The group wanted to blow up an experimental nuclear power facility that had been designed by Stein. They wired the place to explode, knocked Stein unconscious, and tied up Raymond, thus leaving them both to die.

The explosion that followed fused them into one being, with Ronnie in control of the body and Stein acting as a kind of phantom spirit alongside him (usually portrayed as a disembodied head). They adopted the name Firestorm, and used their ability to rearrange the atomic structure of matter to create a costume. Firestorm was all set to be a hero, and a powerful one at that.

When Raymond and Stein split, however, problems emerged. Stein couldn't remember his time as Firestorm, and could not trigger the hero's manifestation. When his time as Firestorm ended, Stein would often find himself in a strange place or situation, with no memory of how he got there. He turned to alcohol and was bent on self-destruction.

Raymond, on the other hand, was trying to balance the life of a student with that of being a super-hero. He would often find himself battling a rogues gallery of strange villains, often while trying desperately to hide his double identity. It was not until Raymond and Stein actually met each other that they were able to come to grips with who they were. Firestorm became a popular hero, and a member of several incarnations of the Justice League of America.

After a few years, however, Professor Stein was diagnosed with malignant cancer. The realization that his death would also be the death of Firestorm led the hero to try to leave a legacy, in the form of forcing the nuclear powers of the world to give up their arsenals.

This flagrant opposition to American and Soviet leadership led the two superpowers to try and bring him down. To do so, the Soviets sent their own Nuclear Man, an experimental soldier code-named Phozar, to bring him down. The resulting battle resulted in a massive nuclear explosion and the birth of a new, tripartite Firestorm.

This Firestorm was made from the physical forms of Raymond and Phozar (whose real name was Mikhail Arkadin), but was controlled by the disembodied and amnesiac mind of Martin Stein. Not knowing who he was, or anything about the world he was in, the new Firestorm was a dangerous force in the world. Fortunately, this incarnation was short-lived. Firestorm was revealed to be the potential Fire Elemental, and gained yet another form. This new form was composed of the combination of Ronnie and Mikhail, but had its own mind. Stein's mind was returned to his comatose form and regained consciousness.

The elemental Firestorm also struggled to find his place in the world, consulting other elementals, such as Swamp Thing, Naiad and Red Tornado to find out what he was supposed to be doing. His quest was cut short, however, by the appearance of the Apokolyptian villain, Brimstone.

During the battle, the techno-seed that powered Brimstone was hurled into the sun, where it threatened to cause a chain reaction that would set off a supernova. In order to stop it, Firestorm would have to leave Earth, but as an elemental, he was bound to the planet. Martin Stein found a solution - he piloted a high-altitude jet into low Earth orbit with the assistance of Firestorm, flying as high as he could. Once that point was reached, Stein triggered an explosion that resulted in the destruction and re-formation of Firestorm. Mikhail and Ronnie were returned to themselves, and Stein became the sole possessor of Firestorm's powers. He dove into the sun and destroyed the techno-seed, creating a wormhole that flung him into the far reaches of the universe

Ronnie Raymond did not escape unscathed. He soon discovered that he had leukemia, and underwent treatment for it. During these treatments, the Firestorm powers reasserted themselves, giving Raymond another chance to be a hero. But he was a sick hero, and it took the combined efforts of the Justice League and the surprising return of the elemental Firestorm to restore his health. Raymond continued to act as Firestorm from that point, until his death during Identity Crisis. He was impaled on the Shining Knight's sword by The Shadow Thief, and exploded.

78. Cyclone (37 points)

"I read JSA #1 and fell in love."

"Have not read JSA in a while so I don't know how she has progressed but a fun character with history mixed with old characters, also had some psychological problems I think."
cyclone.jpg"Bright a cheery... loves the wizard of Oz and being a superhero!!! (Has a pet monkey)"

I personally think this is too high for this character, but that’s just me.

Maxine Hunkel is incredibly intelligent. With an SAT score of 1300 she's a 4.0 student of Harvard University. This intelligence alongside her naturally bubbly nature has made her somewhat of an outcast due to her unintentional seemingly oblivious know-it-all nature. Except it's not completely oblivious.

She is fully aware of her isolation and has shown signs of depression. Things began to change when she started developing her powers. A sneeze demolished her grandmother (honorary member and caretaker of the JSA's headquarters) Abigail "Ma" Hunkel's home, and a few days after that she woke up on top of a roaring tornado.

Her family history, powers, and untapped potential has made her a prime candidate for a reformed Justice Society of America. Her college major is theatre, and she has a flair for fashion, as shown when Stargirl takes her to design a costume.

77. Sunspot (38 points)

sunspot.jpgRoberto da Costa came from a rich family in Brazil. He was also a very skilled soccer player with a promising future until the day his mutant powers manifested. During a game, he was taunted by a player on the opposing team and ended up beating the player down. He was shunned by everyone around him except his girlfriend Julianna. He also attracted the attention of Donald Pierce, a member of the inner circle of the Hellfire Club. Pierce tried to kidnap da Costa but failed in his attempt and took Julianna instead. Charles Xavier intervened, he sent his team, the New Mutants, to help da Costa stop Pierce. During the fight, Julianna took a bullet to save Bobby's life. Pierce was defeated. Xavier then invited da Costa to join the team and attend his school to learn more about his powers. He took the name Sunspot and experienced several adventures with them.

A short time later, Bobby met his mother Nina, who had been estranged from him for years due to her job as an archeologist. She invited Bobby and the New Mutants to join her on an excavation in Brazil, no one knowing that Bobby's father Emmanuel da Costa had dealings with the Hellfire Club and had particular interests in that area. Axe, the Hellfire Club's assassin was sent to kill her, but was stopped by the New Mutants and led to Magma's recruitment. Emmanuel went on to become the White Rook within the Inner Circle, at his son's dismay.

When he accidentally injured teammate, Sam Guthrie, Cannonball, during a soccer game, Sunspot left the New Mutants. Another teammate, Warlock, followed him to Los Angeles and the two met up with the group, the Fallen Angels (which included the mutants Multiple Man and Siryn). The two worked with the group until it was discovered that they had been brought together by Ariel, part of an alien race that studies human mutations. The team was captured and studied until Sunspot rescued them. Afterwards Sunspot and Warlock returned to the New Mutants.

Sunspot's mutant ability allows his cells to absorb solar energy and convert it into superhuman strength, allowing him to lift approximately 25 tons. In his later years however, Sunspot would grow to a maximum of 50 tons. He can also use his power to fire energy blasts of intense heat, light, and solar radiation from his hands, as well as absorb all manners of heat and light (as well as sunlight). If he projects these blasts downward, it allows him to fly. It should be noted that, while Sunspot has superhuman strength, his durability is only slightly better than that of a human, making him still vulnerable to injury.

When Sunspot uses his powers, he is surrounded in a sort of aura of glowing black energy with a corona effect, his eyes turn white and he is surrounded by Kirby Dots. This is because when he uses his powers, he drains all the ambient wavelengths of light from around his personage. For a short time sunspot gained the abilities of Cloak in the means of teleportation and darkness manipulation.


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