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Your Top Teens part 37

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, October 13 2009 and posted in Features

Your last batch of the day.


76. Fairchild (38 points)

fairchild.jpg"Taught me that somewhere out there someone is going through worse pubescent growth spurts than me."

Caitlin Fairchild is the daughter of Alex Fairchild of Team 7, along with her fellow Gen-active half-sister, Roxanne "Roxy" Spaulding (Freefall). Unlike Roxy, the identity of Caitlin's mother is unknown and Caitlin has never spoken of her.

Caitlin grew into a brilliant but mousy young woman. Her academic skill led to her acceptance at Princeton University, where she double-majored in computer science and electrical engineering. Caitlin was recruited into Project: Genesis, which she believed to be some sort of prestigious government internship. One night, Caitlin began to feel ill (due to secretly being fed drugs designed to activate latent Gen-active abilities) and tried to find a bathroom. She inadvertently stumbled into a restricted computer room where her future teammates Grunge and Roxy were hanging out.

While Caitlin was studying data about the true nature of Project: Genesis on a computer screen, a guard discovered the three of them in the room. He first attacked Caitlin, seemingly knocking her unconscious, and was about to turn on Grunge and Roxy, but was interrupted when Caitlin’s anger activated her Gen-active abilities. Within seconds she transformed from a mousy computer geek into a tall, statuesque, and super-powered Amazon who easily dispatched the guard. Due to the drastic growth in Caitlin's height, proportions, and musculature, most of her clothes were completely shredded as a result.

Grunge lent Caitlin his shirt so she could preserve what was left of her modesty, and Caitlin, Grunge, and Roxy quickly decided that they had to escape from Project: Genesis. Along the way, they were joined by fellow Gen-actives Bobby Lane (Burnout) and Sarah Rainmaker. Despite their best efforts, the group’s escape from Project: Genesis would have failed if not for the intervention of International Operations director John Lynch.

Deciding that I/O had to be opposed, Lynch turned on the organization and helped the teens flee to San Diego, California, where he set up a luxurious safe house in the La Jolla area. Lynch promised to teach the fledgling superheroes how to make a difference in the world and to help them uncover the mysteries of who their parents were.

During most of her career in the Gen 13 team Caitlin is the acknowledged team leader, not counting overseer and former Team 7 member John Lynch. Later John Lynch disappeared, promoting Alex Fairchild, whom Caitlin reunited with during the Fire From Heaven crossover, into the mentor role. The team also relocated to the Florida Keys, where Roxy and Caitlin discovered they were half-sisters.

Sadly, the family reunion was short, as Alex was killed protecting his two daughters and the rest of the team from the villainous Professor Tindalos. Caitlin took full leadership of Gen 13 after her father's death, since Lynch was still missing.

At one point an accident resulted in a case of amnesia that made Fairchild believe that she was Supergirl for a time, though this issue was eventually resolved.

75. Julie Power (39 points)

juliepower.jpg"Julie might not be the oldest but she was the motherly figure. She took the responsibility of keeping her siblings safe all by herself while still being a scared little kid."

After an alien called Whitey came to Earth, Julie was given the power of flight. Her siblings also gained supernatural powers: Alex could control gravity, Jack could manipulate his body density and Katie could disintegrate matter and then fire energy balls.

They went on many adventures across the galaxy, working with many larger superhero organizations, like the X-Men and Fantastic Four. They also had Franklin Richards as an unofficial member. Their first major battle was with an alien race known as the Z'nrx. Since their name was unpronounceable Julie dubbed them the Snarks, based on the monsters of her favorite book; The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll.

When the team went through their first 'power switch', Julie gained the density power. She could turn into a cloud or go small and super dense. She was the first of the Pack to discover how to use this power to project water and air bubble force fields. In the next switch, she got her flying power back. Early on in the series, she was the first of the Pack to demonstrate Kymellian healing powers when her arm broke but nearly healed the next day.

Her time with the Power Pack was shortly lived and Julie now seventeen decides to retire from the hero business and pursue her personal life. During a meeting with the Excelsior (Loners) she decides that she would like to take on an acting career, however she and the others agree to take on the mission offered to them. The goal of the mission was to bring in the Runaways. After the mission the decided that it was a one time thing and return to there support group.

Julie however feels the urge to make use of her powers again and dives of a building and soars through the sky. When Julie intrudes during a battle between Hollow and Ricochet she is stabbed through the shoulders by Hollow, but fortunately her alien metabolism allowed her to heal from the wound quickly. Later, she enjoys a conversation over burgers with Ricochet and has him take her to Marvel Studios for an audition

74. Freddy Freeman (39 points)

freddyfreeman.jpg"CM3 or Captain Marvel Jr. He HATES NAZIs. What’s not to love."

"When I first saw Freddy, I was like "A blue Captain Marvel? Cool!". Then I found out who he was. I'm glad he's become the new Captain Marvel, or whatever they call him, and it's good to see him get some time in a book like Cry for Justice."

Freddy Freeman was on a fishing trip with his grandfather like he always did, however they were attacked by the villain known as Captain Nazi that was fighting with Captain Marvel and his sidekick and sister, Mary Marvel. Although Freddy was able to survive his grandfather didn't have the same luck and was murdered by a blow from Captain Nazi, at the same time Freddy was crippled by the same blow.

Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel had a reunion with the Wizard known as Shazam and asked him to restore the body of Freddy. The Wizard Shazam accepted and told Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel to share their powers with him. Captain Marvel shared a part of his power with Freddy, something that enabled him to become the hero known as Captain Marvel Jr, the only thing he needed was to say "Captain Marvel" out loud.

Captain Marvel Jr. started to have adventures with the rest of the Marvel family in the place known as Fawcett City. The time passed and Freddy kept protecting his city and also the world with the help of his partners, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Shazam.

Freddy decided to leave the codename of Captain Marvel Jr and become the hero known as "CM3". The change of name was because if he started to say his codename the magic lightning would strike him, take his powers away and leave him powerless against enemies.

Some time later another team of Titans was created, however just like the originals this were all teens. The group was formed by a group of heroes that had something in common: an alien race named the Veil planted seeds inside of them giving them their powers. Along with them there was a de-aged Atom because of the events of Zero Hour: crisis in time.

However this team lacked popularity, in great part because they used new characters. DC decided to take care of that making a contest of who should be the new Teen Titans. The contest was originally won by Robin (Tim Drake) however the Batman writer thought that Tim shouldn't be in the Titans so they requested that he wouldn't be included in the Teen Titans roster. After that Captain Marvel Jr. joined. (He had changed back to his previous super name)

The first appearance of CM3 was when he helped the Teen Titans to save Supergirl and the half-alien being known as Fringe. The two of them were captured by the Veil that wanted to wipe out everyone in the world with their alien blood.

After that the Titan member Argent started a membership drive in an attempt to make the Teen Titans a stable team that wouldn't dissolve after the death of Joto (later Hot Spot). A group of young heroes appeared for the audition in an attempt to join the Teen Titans. Among them was Captain Marvel Jr who wanted to join the team because of their previous encounter.

The Veil found out about this and started to attack the Teen Titans and the rest of the young heroes. A fight started and Captain Marvel Jr. proved what he could do, impressing everyone after such a great display of power and abilities. After that Captain Marvel Jr. and Fringe were offered membership by the Teen Titans.

Some time later it was revealed that Joto (Hotspot) had survived and was alive. After finding this out the Teen Titans went on a mission to rescue him. After that the team broke up and everyone went their separate ways.

Some time later Captain Marvel Jr. would be captured along anyone else who had ever been a Teen Titan. After he was freed he helped everyone who had been a Titan against the JLA and their allies in order to save Cyberion (Cyborg). In the fight he helped Wildebeest to fight Superman and tackled him, when the fight was over he apologized to Superman under Captain Marvel's request.

After that the five founding Titans (Nightwing, Flash, Donna Troy, Arsenal and Tempest) decided to form a new Titans group. Each one of them nominated another candidate for membership. Captain Marvel Jr. wasn't offered membership though.

Some time later, Beast Boy decided to revive the Teen Titans West under the new name of Titans L.A., along with Bushido, Matt Logan, Bumblebee, Flamebird, Beast Boy, Hero Cruz, Terra and Herald, and Captain Marvel Jr. However the team didn't last.


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