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Your Top Teens part 38

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, October 14 2009 and posted in Features

3 for your viewing enjoyment...


73. Calista (39 points)

calista.jpgThis character is a hard one to research, I found. But I came across this. So enjoy:

"Calista, the little girl who captivated readers in the first Powers story arc "Who Killed Retro Girl", has become a super hero herself. Due to some bizarre kind of reincarnation, Calista now has powers and skills similar to the original Retro Girl. Though it concerns Detective Christian Walker, who has taken on a father/protector type of role, Calista is determined to bring Retro Girl to life through her abilities.

Powers is an interesting comic book. In its origins is the fact that there are several heroes who are immortal and have lived throughout the ages. Some have retained their memories throughout time, and others have had their memories fade as time goes by. Christian is one such individual. He can remember his life for a couple of normal lifetimes, but can remember no further back.

With Calista, she was a normal 9 year old who has grown into a 14 year old with powers like those of Retro Girl. Because super heroes are not allowed in current society, she faces a challenge like no other. Her instincts are good, but her maturity is not up to par with where Christian wants it to be. She also has foggy memories of how to use her gifts, but not a specific cue. For cute little smart ass Calista, life has become very confusing. She is being as courageous as possible and trying to be the best hero she can be.

I would like to see creator Brian Michael Bendis put the spotlight on Calista in an upcoming story arc in Powers. I think there is a great deal of untapped potential that could take her very far and make her as popular a character as Christian or Detective Deena Pilgrim. It does remain to be seen.

Unfortunately, my scanner is on the fritz and I couldn't find a good picture of Calista as Retro Girl on the internet. If you get a chance, take a look at issues 1, 2, or 3 of Volume two of Powers that is being published by Marvel and you will see what I mean.

Calista definitely gets my vote as an up and comer simply for the potential she has to be such a great character."

72. Kid Devil (39 points)

kiddevil.jpgEddie Bloomberg was the assistant of his aunt Maria. Her aunt had her own film company where she made tons of different kinds of films. It was there that Eddie would meet the actor known as Daniel Cassidy, a young actor that had a lot of future in the movies business.

Some time later Eddie's aunt would decide to produce a new movie named "The Blue Devil". Daniel Cassidy was chosen to make the role of the hero known as Blue Devil. Everything was well until the moment that a lightning fell into the studio, merging the monstrous costume of Daniel Cassidy with his skin thanks to the power of the demon known as Nebiros. That day Daniel Cassidy died and Blue Devil was born from the ashes.

Thanks to this accident that made Daniel Cassidy become Blue Devil, Eddie desired to become Blue Devil's sidekick.

One night Eddie Bloomberg decided to sneak into Daniel Cassidy's workshop. When he was there he created for himself an armor that would be his superhero's costume. The suit granted Eddie Bloomberg powers similar to the ones of Blue Devil. That was the night that Eddie Bloomberg would become the hero known as Kid Devil, sidekick of Blue Devil.

After the events of Infinite Crisis, the DC universe skipped one year of continuity. During the missing year Eddie Bloomberg as Kid Devil along with the dozens of young heroes that went to the membership drive held by Beast Boy to join the Teen Titans.

However like almost everything in Eddie Bloomberg's life, things didn't go well and he wasn't accepted in the Teen Titans.

It was after this that Eddie would go to Lex Luthor's Everyman Project to try to gain new powers and become a more respected hero. However he also wasn't accepted there because he couldn't make the test. The doctors said to Eddie that the reason they weren't able to do the program on him was because of "psychological problems."

After being rejected by both the Teen Titans and Lex Luthor's Everyman Project, Eddie decided to find another way to get powers. Eddie managed to obtain a magical candle, which he was told would help him get what he wanted. Because he knew magic was not something he should just jump into, Eddie turned to his friend and magic-using superhero Zachary Zatara.

The candle took the two of them to Neron's reign where they met Neron himself. Just like Blue Devil before him, Eddie Bloomberg made a deal with Neron to gain something he desired.

The deal was Neron would give Eddie Bloomberg powers similar to the ones of Blue Devil, However if the trust that Kid Devil had for Blue Devil was ever broken he would become Neron's servant for all eternity. Eddie accepted since he trusted Blue Devil with his life and thought that his trust with him could never be broken.

Neron granted Eddie's wish and transformed him into a being that looked exactly like a devil and gave him powers similar to the ones of his former mentor. Eddie revealed to Zatara that it had always been his dream and vision to become this version of Kid Devil instead of using a battle suit.

Just after this transformation Neron decided to reveal to Eddie the deal that he had done with Blue Devil years ago to let him gain his former glory and how it had ended with Marla Bloomberg's death. After getting his powers, Kid devil joined as a member of the Teen Titans along with Deathstroke's just reformed daughter, Rose Wilson (Ravager). The two of them quickly became close friends leading to Kid Devil having a crush with Ravager. While he was in the Teen Titans, Eddie regularly pretended to have phone calls from Blue Devil since a requirement for being in the Teen Titans was to have an adult supervisor in case that anything happened.

71. Brainiac 5 (39 points)

brainiac5.jpgBrainiac 5 is usually portrayed as being anti-social, cold towards others, aloof and self-involved. The reasoning for this is his heightened intelligence which always surpasses those around him, making it difficult for him to relate communication his point to others. Through sensible, appropriate dialogue, Brainiac 5 found he had to "dumb down" his conversations so his peers could understand his ramblings. Still Brainiac 5 has shown a dedicated valor to his friends and the Legion, he has enjoyed being the resident brainchild on the team. The strain of his intelligence has caused Brainiac 5 to demonstrate occasional mental problems including a bout of insanity, however currently he has shown to be stable.

Brainiac 5 in the most recent rendition of the Legion of Super Heroes is a major player. Early on Brainiac 5 comes into conflict with Legion leader Cosmic Boy about the way he has been leading the team and some actions he has taken against himself and other Legion teammates.

Brainiac 5 also different from earlier renditions of the character develops a close relationship with Dream Girl. At first it is anger towards her powers and their unpredictability, but it develops into a close relationship and Brainiac 5 shows true caring. Brainiac 5 is visited by Lemnos a space criminal who has the power to make you forget him completely. Brainiac 5 doing justice to his name sends himself a picture of Lemnos so that he will never forget his face.

Brainiac 5 then takes a team of Legionnaires to his home planet of Colu upon their arrival something is very wrong. All of the Coluans have had their brains erased... Brainiac 5s entire race has been turned stupid. Brainiac 5 visits his mother only to find her mind has been wiped as well. A monster attacks and during this attack Brainiac 5 discovers the true cause of the genocide of his race... Lemnos. Brainiac 5 sees his face and remembers their entire encounter the first time. Lemnos escapes for now.

Brainiac 5 after broadcasting a conversation between Cosmic Boy and Sun Boy causes a fight between The Legionnaire's on his side and Cosmic Boys squad. Cosmic Boy is called back to his home planet and Brainiac 5 assumes leadership of the Legion. Before Cosmic Boy can get there Terra Firma attacks Helegyn and Cosmic Boy returns to the Legion to help defeat Terra Firma and capture Elysion. Brainiac 5 accepts this and they move forward as allies.

Just when things could not get any worse for Brainiac 5. Elysion escapes after a series of suicide bombs and using his ground shifting powers brings down Legion Tower on the person he is closest to, Dream Girl is killed. Brainiac 5 recovers her body and puts it in stasis. Brainiac 5 also manages to teleport all the Legionnaire's home from different worlds and capture Lemnos the criminal behind the entire plot, placing him in stasis as well and trying to use him to bring Dream Girl back to life.


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