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Your Top Teens part 40

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, October 14 2009 and posted in Features

Last group for the day.


67. Thorn Harvester (41 points)

thornharvester.jpgWho is this you ask? A character from Bone. What is Bone you ask? Well, the series centers on the Bone Family, white, bald cartoon caricatures with big noses. In the opening pages the three Bone cousins—avaricious Phoncible P. "Phoney" Bone, goofy cigar-smoking Smiley Bone, and everyman character Fone Bone—are run out of their hometown of Boneville after Phoney decides to run for mayor and built a balloon (thought to be an evil god later in the story) on top the head of a statue of the mayor. The balloon broke the head off of the statue and all the town’s people ran Phoncible, Smiley, and Fone out of town. After crossing a desert and ending up in the mysterious Valley, the cousins are separated by a sea of locusts, and must individually make their way across the fantasy landscape pursued by rat creatures. They joyously reunite at a local village called Barrelhaven, where they are taken in by a mysterious girl named Thorn and her even more enigmatic grandmother. Fone Bone instantly develops a crush on Thorn when he meets her, and repeatedly attempts to prove his love through poetry. As they stay longer in the valley, they encounter humans and other creatures who are threatened by a decrepit dark lord, the Lord of the Locusts. The Bones are quickly drawn into the events around them, compelling them on a hero's journey to help save the world.

Although essentially a high fantasy, Bone also displays slapstick humor, particularly in The Great Cow Race (issue #10) and Phoney Bone's ongoing efforts to become rich off the credulous valley residents. As the series progresses to graver issues and a more serious level, its characteristic use of broad humor lessens but continues to recur.

Fone's crush. Seemingly a simple farm girl, it is soon revealed that she is heir to the throne of Atheia. She is also a "veni-yan-cari" (an awakened one). Thorn has been shown to show excellent courage, as well as powers, such as escaping through a landslide blindfolded, flying, and jumping a castle wall without injuring herself. In a sense she can do anything if she can "concentrate her dreaming."

66. Cyborg (41 points - 1 first place slot)

cyborg.jpg"This character I think is the heart and soul of the hero community in the DC universe. I have no doubt in my mind that he gets Christmas cards from everyone from Lois and Clark to the Dugan family. He started out as a teenager who despite his uncomfortableness with his tech and powers made the best of it and made a new family in the process. Cyborg as an adult took it upon himself to help the new young heroes like he was helped by the 80s Titans and he had hope for them we they and not even their mentors are any hope for them. We have seen him go from super teen to super man and he has earned the right to join the JLA and be one of the premiere heroes in the DCU."

"I post this a little bit hesitantly, because I think Vic Stone is one of the most adult teen superheroes I can think of. You don't really think of him getting into wacky hijinx or engaging in acts of frolicsome joie de vivre, though aspects of his youth were certainly chronicled throughout his years in the Titans books. At the same time, he's not a brooding party-poop like Donna Troy or Raven can be. He's just a very sensible, practical young guy, as some teenagers are. Not to mention the poor guy can't seem to catch a break in the TV big leagues. He made appearances on Super Friends AND Smallville and he's STILL not a superstar superhero. Harsh!"

"Bitch need to be in the JLA."

Victor Stone grew up surrounded by science. As the only son of research scientists Silas and Elinore Stone, Victor was pushed and trained to follow in his parents' footsteps. While experimenting on ways to boost human intelligence, they used Vic as a subject, which bestowed him with an IQ of 170. Silas and Elinore Stone's pursuit of science unfortunately blinded them to their son's need for a normal childhood.

Young Vic got into trouble when he began hanging around with the wrong crowd, which included a youth named Ron Evers, who got Vic into trouble several times. Victor remained Ron's friend because he had no one else, his actions stimulated by his loneliness and lack of attention from his father.

Thanks to Elinore's persuasion, Silas allowed Vic to attend public high school, where he immediately began making friends and showing great athletic potential. Vic met his first girlfriend, Marcy Reynolds, and trained very hard in the hopes of going to the Olympics. Silas was angered by Victor's athletic plans because he wanted his son to pursue a career in the sciences; he did not think in terms of what Victor might want. This disagreement created a large rift between Vic and Silas and laid the groundwork for future tensions.

One day Vic happened to visit his parents at S.T.A.R. Labs. They were working on two projects: a long-range inter-dimensional study and observation project, and the development of cybernetic body parts for physically disabled soldiers. While observing another dimension, Silas accidentally let a blob-like creature slither through the dimensional barrier. The entity killed Elinore and critically wounded Vic before Silas could activate the recall button and send it back.

Determined not to let his son meet the same fate his wife did, a desperate and unauthorized Silas used the untested cybernetic technology to rebuild Vic's body with a frame of enforced molybdenum steel, special polymers and plastics. Vic survived, and Cyborg was born.

Angry at his father and bitter about his fate, Vic ostracized himself from society by moving to Hell's Kitchen, a bad part of town where he felt a freak such as himself would fit in. It was here that Raven found Vic and asked him to join the New Teen Titans.

65, Cloak and Dagger (42 points)

cloak-dagger.jpgI counted this two as one. Why? Because I can, and more people had them on their list as a whole, rather then separate.

Cloak and Dagger are runaways: two lonely teenagers who ran away to New York City to seek a better life. Fate, however, had other plans for them.

Tandy Bowen grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, the daughter of a multimillionaire and his trophy supermodel wife. Her dad abandoned the family while Tandy was very young, and her mother was too busy with her career and social life to pay much attention to the girl. Even her boyfriend forgot about her as soon as he went to college. Feeling empty and alone, Tandy boarded a bus for New York City with dreams of becoming a dancer.

Tyrone Johnson, or Ty, had a very different background. Ty was raised in the slums of South Boston, Massachusetts, and had been born with a speech impediment. When his best friend died because Ty was unable to say the words that might have saved him, the distraught teenager fled Boston.

The two teenagers met up in New York and became fast friends, but were captured and were taken to a lab. Chemist Simon Marshall, who worked for gang leader Silvermane was developing a synthetic drug, a cheap version of heroin that could easily be smuggled. He began his tests on teenagers with only two survivors. Ty and Tandy. This experiment led to their extraordinary powers.

The two use their powers together to defeat enemies. Cloak disorients them using his dark dimension and Dagger finishes the job with her daggers of light.

Recently, the duo aided Captain America and the Secret Avengers in Civil War. As of lately the Iron Patriot aka Norman Osborn tracked down Cloak and Dagger to be on his team of Dark X-Men. They initially refused but Norman said they either join and get cleared of their past, or don't join and get arrested, they realized they had no choice but to join.

Now under the command of Emma Frost, as it is her team she tells Cloak to make a portal to where the rioting mutants are. The Dark X-Men stop the riot, and return to base with the Dark Avengers waiting for them pretty pissed off that they aren't getting any action and a fight between them starts, which is quickly stopped by Emma. Then they already get a second mission to find Trask and the people he has infected. After that crossover I am not too sure they go to Exodus or not, I was kinda confused there...


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