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Your Top Teens part 41

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 15 2009 and posted in Features

I am nice today, I am giving you 4.


64. Dust (43 points)

dust.jpgDust is a mutant from Afghanistan. She was taken into captivity by slave traders who planned to sell her off as a mutant slave. When her capturers attempted to remove her headdress she lashed out at them, turning into her Dust form and stripping the flesh from their bodies. It was Fantomex who initially discovered her to rescue her. Wolverine had also been out to locate her, and assisted in killing the remainder of her would-be capturers and getting her to the safety of X-Corporation headquarters in Mumbai. While Wolverine was sleeping and allowing himself to heal she turned into her dust form, hiding all around the room. Jean Grey recognized telepathically that she was there and attempted to comfort her, but she would only say one thing: Turaab (meaning "Dust").

She was placed in Xorn's Special Class. When Xorn asked her to join his new group and she refused, he controlled her dust form and forced her to destroy Cerebra. With other students such as the Stepford Cuckoos, Dust went into hiding and helped Cyclops and Fantomex plan to take down the crazy Magneto/Xorn.

While at the Xavier Institute, she befriended and joined the Hellions. Instead of wearing a traditional X-Uniform, she decided to keep her traditional clothing, an abaya and a niqab veil. While also at the Institute, Dust was placed in a room with Surge. Surge and Dust didn't become friends, as the two had very different ideas about how to dress. During the first field training, Dust used her powers to mask the maze from the New Mutants view.

When the Hellions and Wind Dancer (now Renascence) went to break Kevin Ford out of jail, Dust went because she was obliged to do so as a member of the team and because Julian had said so. But, when they got there, the New Mutants managed to talk Wind Dancer around, so the Hellions (minus Icarus) and the New Mutants (plus Icarus) battle. Firstly, Dust battled Surge, but Prodigy instructed Surge to switch places with Wind Dancer, and Wind Dancer used her powers to send Dust out of the battle. It was later revealed that she was flung back to the Institute, where her niqab veil and abaya had lost, so she was naked, but Icarus had asked Surge to take her one of her others, seen how a girl was the only one who can see her without them. Dust also began to develop a good relationship with Icarus during this time.

Dust can transform into a cloud of sand or dust. In this form she can propel herself through the air at great speeds. This form makes her particularly dangerous, as the microscopic edges of the sand particles act as tiny blades, stripping the flesh off an opponent. She can use this form to move through cracks and crevices, allowing her to venture where others cannot.

According to several different people, Dust's dust form is very hard to detect and effect telepathically. Dust's main weakness is water, but has also been shown to have a vulnerability to air. Even though Dust can control her dust cloud, it can be controlled by others who have abilities such as Telekinesis or Aerokinesis.

Dust's dust form is resistant to magic according to Belasco. She is also weak to fire, as shown when she was turned into glass, as sand turns into glass at extreme heat.

63. Bart Simpson (44 points)

barsimpson.gif"Fuck you to all the nonsupporters."

Bart, although not by any means a model citizen and a constant prankster, is only a bad child when compared with exceptionally well behaved children like Lisa or Martin Prince. His enemy (Principal Skinner) always wants to find away to give him detention but Bart always manages to slip out. His father (Homer Simpson) and his mother (Marge Simpson) both genuinely care about him and love him, no matter what he does.

His sister, Lisa, is smart and her accomplishments in school are above and beyond anything Bart can muster.

Bart is one of 3 children of Marge and Homer Simpson. His sisters are Lisa and Maggie Simpson. Bart and Lisa have the regular American brother-sister relationship. They often quarrel but do care for each other deeply. They often fight over the smallest of things, including who is better at what, who gets what first, etc. They often are mad at each other for quite some time, as Lisa had a Restraining Order on Bart, but they usually make up after all the trouble has past.

Bart often gets into trouble for his rowdy conduct. He mooned the doctor the second he was born, and so began a career of boisterous behavior. He often plays pranks on his school, like spray painting, and Principal Skinner is often the butt of jokes, or the target of pranks himself.

Bart suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, and it seems to be a severe case, as he is quite intelligent, but does not pay attention in school. He has outsmarted geniuses and planned master pranks.

Bart has a very complex relationship with his parents. They both love him, but he is prone to creating difficult situations inn their lives. Marge seems to take a more active role in raising Bart than Homer does. Homer often refers to him as, 'the boy,' which Bart responds to by calling him Homer. Homer often strangles Bart when he is angry, and calls him names.

Bart's personal nemesis, Sideshow Bob, often tries to murder Bart. Lisa and sometimes the rest of the family, help Bart out of his problems. Bart often takes advantage of Bob, like when he asked him to sing an entire opera to stall for time, knowing that Bob could not resist. Bob is always caught though, and is sent to prison, where he is regarded as a very dangerous criminal. Bart is no longer scared of Bob. This surprised Bob until Bart explained that he is 6-0 against him, and that every time they tangle Bob ends up in jail.

Bart enjoys reading Radioactive Man comics, skate boarding, and helping out his hero Krusty the Clown, who often gets in serious problems in which Bart and Lisa help him out of. Bart is famous for prank-calling Moe's Bar, where his dad often drinks. He is also known for writing messages on the chalkboard over and over again at the beginning of each episode.

62. Bette Kane (46 points)

bettekane.jpg"Great costume, total brat. Probably what Veronica Lodge would be like as a villain."

Bette Kane was born blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful. It was not long before she quickly garnered the adulation of those around her. Whether that fueled her thrill seeking and high competitive nature is still a conundrum. However, the constant attention would grow to bore Bette and would eventually be perceived by others as spoiled. Bette grew to become a champion tennis player while still in her early teens, a beauty pageant winner since the age of five, skilled in martial arts, and an Olympic gymnast and swimmer.

Excelling in all of her goals, there was one Bette still found beyond her grasp. At an early age Bette discovered Robin (Dick Grayson), the teen wonder and longed to meet her teenage crush. Failing in all previous attempts, Bette decided to meet Robin on his own terms and fashioned a costume similar in colors to his. Calling herself Flamebird, Bette managed to have some high-profiled crime fighting exploits gaining her media coverage. To her dismay none captured any sort of response by Robin

It wasn’t until the formation of Titans West that Bette finally achieved her goal and met Robin. Just after winning an exhibition tennis tournament aboard the aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Tippecanoe, Bette found herself alongside other super-teens like herself (Beast Boy, Golden Eagle, and Hawk) in a rescue attempt of the civilians aboard the aircraft carrier as it floated high above the sea. As a team the young heroes bring the carrier back down to sea level. Bette and the others were then introduced to Dove and Lilith. Lilith gathered the young heroes together and told them how she foreseen many more disasters all created by the villain Mr. Esper. She recommended they go to the East Coast and ask the Teen Titans for help (especially Robin’s leadership).

The Teen Titans had faced their own disaster with the villain Captain Calamity. When the two teams met the plot unfolded that Mr. Esper had used the power of his helmet’s “sonic whisper” to tap into Lilith’s mind to gain access to her powers. Captain Calamity was first an illusion of Mr. Esper, but when the teams defeated him he had made Mr. Esper the illusion and assumed the identity of Captain Calamity.

After the case had ended, Robin voiced his concerns about two Titan teams existing and his unwillingness to lead both. Flamebird and the rest of Titans West were offended at Robin’s assumptions and stormed out on the Teen Titans. The main reason that Golden Eagle joined the team was because he thought that it would give him a great amount of money, however it wouldn’t be long before both teams disbanded. Titans West continued on a little longer after this before finally disbanding altogether. Dishearten, Bette moved on, putting her crime fighting days behind her and continuing her education and tennis career.

It wouldn’t be long before Bette found herself missing the thrill and excitement that being a crime-fighter provided. Flamebird would reappear once again on a mission into the afterlife with Hawk and Dove II, which involved many of the former Titan West members. Her enthusiastic attempt to resurrect Titans West after this was unfavorably met by the other former members. Another incident would draw Flamebird out as she was captured by a probe sent by the malfunctioning Cyborg aka Victor Stone, who had become a menace to the Earth. Fighting alongside all previous Titans, Flamebird helped protect Victor Stone’s soul from the JLA. This event would usher in a new Titans team, which dampened Bette’s spirits when Nightwing (formerly Robin) and the other original Teen Titans overlooked her for membership.

61. Rond Vidar (47 points)

rondvidar.jpgRond Vidar was the son of a long time enemy of the Legion Of Superheroes, Universo. He was sent to live with a family on Earth, where it was felt he would be safe. He proved to be a genius with the concepts of Temporal Theory. He even ended up winning a prize for his invention the time cube, a device capable of transporting its contents through space and time. It later proved indispensable to the Legion, and ironically they used it to stop Universo, Rond’s father, from taking over the world.

It wasn’t long after that event that the Legion made Rond an honorary member. After this he continued with his research, while also making time to collaborate on many different and varied experiments with the super-genius Brainiac 5. He continued to be influential in many advances in temporal sciences, including the creation of the Time Beacon which allowed for safe travel through time. Though his experiments did take a disastrous turn when they managed to hurl Professor Jaxon Rugarth into the clutches of a time loop, an experience responsible for turning him into the Infinite Man.

Rond’s ring, presumably for the first time by his reaction, warned him to flee explaining escape from Prime as the only viable option. The Legionnaires were left trapped between Mordu. Rond constructed a barrier to keep Prime and his Legion at bay, and managed to buy enough time for Dawnstar and White Witch to create a star gate to the Legion’s base. Knowing that Prime’s Legion could not be allowed to follow Rond elected to stay behind, even going so far as to force the others through the gate when they protested.

After waiting for the gate to close, he lowered his shields and faced off against Prime and his Legion. He managed to fight his way through and defeat a number of his enemies; He used a prism to refract Lazon, blasted Emerald Empress and Storm Boy, used the construct of a mace to pummel Black Mace, a fist to knock out Titania, place a muzzle on Validus and blast Beauty Blaze with a cannon. He was preparing to face Earthman when Saturn Queen attacked him mentally. Using her powers of telepathy she disrupted his willpower which gave Prime an opportunity to capture him.

The villains pause for a moment to defer to his father Universo, who had no problem with his son’s death, simply stating his desire of the power ring. After telling his father he’d never have the ring, and spitting in his face Rand was killed by Prime. Yet Rand was able to offer assistance to the Legion one last time. Later under direction from Brainiac 5, Mon-El returns to retrieve his body. He takes it to Oa as a sign of good will and to hopefully help in seeking the aid of Sodam Yat, the final member of the Green Lantern Corps, the last Guardian of the Galaxy.

Upon their arrival, Mon-El and Shadow Lass were surprised by the revelation of Sodam Yat. They were the only non-Corps to witness a Green Lantern Funeral. Sodam gathered his power, and used it to turn him into pure willpower. As his friends from the Legion lamented about him, Sodam himself did the same. Stating that Rond reminded him of the original Torchbearer, Kyle Rayner, it was his death, along with Mon-El's words that helped to inspire Sodam to re-start the Corps.

At some point during his career Rond was secretly recruited by the Guardians to serve as the Green Lantern of 2814, a fact closely guarded due to Earth’s ban against members of the Corps at the time. Rond kept this information to himself, not even sharing it with his friends among the Legion. Universo, who considered his son a threat to his plans because he was immune to his powers, eventually killed Rond. Though he managed to survive, he allowed everyone to believe him dead because the illusion made his mission easier. He continued to serve the corps, until his survival and identity were revealed when he helped to save Braniac 5, Saturn Girl, Duo Damsel, and Mon-El during an attack on the Time Trapper. Due to Earths ban on Lanterns he was forced to leave the planet, never to return.

Rond Vidar was called upon for aid by the Legionnaires Dawnstar, Wildfire, and Blok as they rescued the White Witch from the clutches of Mordu. As they were preparing to make their escape Mordu arrived and attacked them, demanding that they return the White Witch to him. Rond was able to block the majority of his assault which led Modru to use necromancy to call upon his fallen foes to assault them. Rond attacked him with Knight Constructs, leading to a battle of wills. Mordu distracted them long enough that Superboy-Prime was able to arrive with his Legion of Villains.


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