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Your Top Teens part 42

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 15 2009 and posted in Features

So close to the Top 50...


60. Wolfsbane (47 points)

wolfsbane.jpgThe red haired lass known as Rahne (pronounced like "rain") Sinclair was born in her native land of Scotland. In the Scottish Highland town of Kinross, it would be the person who delivers her, geneticists Dr Moira MacTaggert, who would one day, not only save but change her life. Moira, herself, was the daughter of Lord Kinross and close friend of Professor Charles Xavier. Though this wouldn't happen for many years to come though.

Once delivered, her biological mother would die and she would be abandoned and left alone. The child would become a ward of the church as she had no one to care for her. While there she was under the fanatical, religious, strict fundamentalist Reverend Craig. Reverend Craig would act as her legal guardian and made clear that Rahne was hated since birth. Unknown to all, even Rahne, Reverend Craig was actually her biological father and her mother was a prostitute. He was ashamed of the illicit relationship that would lead to Rahne's birth. It was due to this and only this that he acted as her guardian. Craig would raise Rahne in a very strict religious way as a Christian with strict Presbyterian teachings and treated her harshly all of the time. Never would he forget to give the young girl a healthy dose of guilt and extreme criticism on a daily basis. This coming from her would-be father would affect Rahne greatly and cause her immense internal anguish. Rahne would grow through the years and become almost painfully shy, introverted and a very emotionally repressed individual. Lucky her that Rev. Craig was there for her, lucky here indeed.

At the age of 14, Rahne would have both the best and worst thing possible happen to her in her, still, short life. It would be the emergence of her mutant powers of lycanthropy, the ability to transform to and from a wolf. The best because these powers would make her a mutant. This would result in her meeting people would truly care for her and accept her for who she was. Worst, because Rev. Craig would find out and would take actions against her. He would gather together a large group of his religious fanatical followers and form a mob intent on capturing Rahne. They would quickly form and begin their hunt for her. Finding out, she would change to a wolf and run for her life. It was her, would be-father's, plan to capture her and perform an exorcism on her. He believed that her powers where actually signs that she was possessed by the "devil." To rid her of the "devil", he was going to burn her at the stake. Knowing their plans, Rahne had no intentions of getting caught OR allowing them to perform their exorcism. So, she ran like there was no tomorrow. Not being far behind her, one of the mob members would pull out a gun and shoot at her. He managed to connect with one of his shots but only grazing her and causing surface wounds. She continued to run but with the injury she was weakened and her energies depleted fast. Her fate all but sealed, still running Rahne chanced upon one of the villagers name Moira MacTaggert, coincidentally the doctor that delivered her 14 years prior. As she passed Moira, Rahne succumbed to her pain and exhaustion and fell to the ground. As she fell, she reverted to her human form. Realizing who she was and what was going on, Moira quickly took her into her home and protected Rahne from Rev. Craig and his mob. There she remained, taken care of and cared for by Moira and free from Rev. Craig's evil intentions. This would be the first time anyone ever cared for her unconditionally and treated her as a person. From that point on Rahne would consider Moira as her mother and the same in reverse from Moira MacTaggert. Moira ended up legally adopting Rahne and brought her to her research facilities on Muir Island where she would continue to raise her.

Although Rahne was now in a much better place and cared for properly, she was still quite far from normal. As a result of 14 years being raised by Reverend Craig she was very much mentally affected. She was already a very shy, soft spoken and an insecure girl by nature. She, too, grew to become emotionally repressed, self loathing and became very guilty during any times of happiness. She also became even shyer then she already was and had intense melancholy tendencies. Due to her religious upbringing she was also very uncomfortable with topics of mythology or magic. The hardest part for her was her own mutant powers. Although she was in a place where powers were very normal, accepted even, she was still at odds with herself. When in wolf form, Rahne felt emotions of pure joy, freedom and happiness. Though most would openly accept this Rahne would not. At her core Rahne would feel wrong, guilty for these emotions. She claims when she views her reflection in the mirror, she only sees the face of the "devil." Due to this any joy she felt from her powers would quickly go away and replaced with many negative ones. Thus, Rahne was constantly in deep emotional conflict with herself and her mutant nature never allowing herself to truly enjoy life.

Here, Rahne met Professor X who had a school in New York for young mutants. Through a string of events, Rahne would become one his first new student since his X-Men long ago. Rahne attended the Xavier Institute and became part of his team, the New Mutants. Actually, Rahne was the very first New Mutant, ever. It was because of Rahne that Charles even considered the idea of teaching once again. It would be here that she would get her codename, Wolfsbane. While a part of the New Mutant, Rahne would befriend, create and grow many life long friendships with most all her team mates. Most notable would be those of Danielle Moonstar, Samuel Gutherie, Warlock, Doug Ramsey and Julio Richtor. Though she would encounter plenty of wonderful things, the bad was never too far behind. The first of which was the death of one of her closest friends Doug Ramsay better known as Cypher. Making matters worse she had began to have feeling for her.

59, Phobos (48 points)

phobos.jpgNox, being ever-resourceful and clever, posed as the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and seduced Ares, the god of war. Nox, according to her plans, later gave birth to two sons, Deimos, the god of terror, and Phobos, the god of fear. Deimos and Phobos were raised by Nox to do her bidding, and were both sent to apprehend Thor and Hercules. In the battle, both of the brothers were killed.

Not being able to live with the death of her sons, Nox utilized the power of human fear during the Great Fear takeover by the Fear Lords in order to resurrect her sons. They held Clea and Rintrah in their captivity, but were both again killed due to the lack of fear in the humans caused by Doctor Strange, this time at the hands of their prisoners.

Again reincarnated Alexander was taken from his father by Zeus and kidnapped by the Japanese god Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Mikaboshi trained and manipulated him for years, under the guise of a mother-figure, turning him into a deadly swordsman. He was saved from the evil deity when the combination of Zeus and Ares's influences removed his brainwashing. Alexander killed Mikaboshi with one swipe of his Grasscutter blade.

It has recently been revealed that Alexander is actually the Greek god of fear, Phobos. He has been recruited by Nick Fury for his team of Secret Warriors.

58. Speedy (48 points)


Mia was a derailed teenager, who was in the prostitution ring, and was saved by Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) from her client. After that, Mia then becomes Green Arrow's ward. One day, Mia comes across his longbow, and Green Arrow offers to train her in efficiently using the longbow. From there on, Mia officially became his sidekick, though she had not yet taken on the name of Speedy.

However in 2004, it was revealed that she had become HIV-positive in light of her prostitution. Even so, Mia convinces Green Arrow to let her become Speedy. After a while, Green Arrow decides that she would do well in the Teen Titans. For Speedy to earn her spot, she was pitted against Robin. Even though Robin beats Speedy, she shows herself as a skilled fighter. After their first mission, she reveals that she is HIV-positive to the team, which they accept

One year later after the events of Infinite crisis Mia is seen as one of the Titans while Cyborg was shut down and was then revealed to have been training on an island with Green Arrow and Conner Hawke. During her stay at the island Green Arrow recruited the best teachers in everything from long distance jumping to cooking. There she trained in many skills such as cliff jumping and sword fighting. She was later seen helping Brick and Green Arrow. She also instrumental in rescuing Green Arrow from Amazon capture after he is presumed dead.


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