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Your Top Teens part 44

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, October 19 2009 and posted in Features
A little annoying, this is the 2nd time I am writing this. Stupid server crash. If you had quotes for some of the characters posted and they are here, it’s because when I wrote it the first time I used the cut and paste feature from the Word.doc and not copy and paste, so when I came back to write them the 2nd time I lost them. Some I remembered from certain PMs/Lists you sent in, but yeah. Sorry.


53. Silver Age Supergirl (53 points)

silveragesupergirl.jpg"This is the girl that every comic book reader growing up in the 70s had a crush on, whether they want to admit it or not. Sure, she was Superman's cousin, had all his powers, blah blah blah. She's blonde, she's cute and she wore all kinds of cute outfits (especially the hot pants and exposed cleavage). Her name could just as easily been Out-of-Your-League Girl, but it didn't matter. Every issue of Superman Family or one of her many failed series showed she was the girl everybody wanted, and that's why Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 still breaks every fanboy's heart. It's not the noble sacrifice Kara made for her cousin, it's the fact that the Anti-Monitor took away the perfect girl. (Actually, that's probably when people really saw Anti-Monitor as a valid threat, if you think about it.)"

When Krypton exploded a large chunk of the planet was hurled away from the planet, shielded from the explosion and space under a dome. There were several hundred survivors of Krypton, one of these was named Zor-El, Jor-El’s brother. Unfortunately due to the explosion that destroyed krypton, the large chunk of the planet they were living on was slowly turning into Kryptonite. With help from fellow scientists, Zor-El constructed sheets of lead to cover the ground until such time as they could evacuate the planet. Several years passed while the survivors and descendants of Krypton lived in peace, life settled down for them. The survivors moved on with their lives, becoming scientists, explorers, but none actually left the city or its protective dome. Some years later Zor-El fell in love, he married and eventually had a child, Kara. When Kara was in her early teens disaster struck again. A meteor shower bombarded the survivors of krypton, destroying the dome and puncturing the lead shielding that was protecting them from Kryptonite poisoning.

Desperately, Zor-El raced against time to construct a rocket in his lab, a rocket to send his only daughter to safety. While Zor-El worked on the rocket his wife started looking for a suitable planet to send young Kara to. Eventually they found a planet where there was a man with amazing powers, Superman. Using their Super-Space Telescope and Space Radio they learned about Superman’s history and that he was a survivor of Krypton as well. Deciding they had found a safe place to send their daughter, Zor-El finished the rocket while his Wife made a copy of Superman’s suit out of their native ‘indestructible Super-Cloth’. Barely in time Kara was placed in the rocket and launched towards earth, her mother and father, her entire race now dead, aside from Kal-El, Superman. Arriving on Earth, Kara told her tale to Superman who explained to her that he was launched into space by his father too; Jor-El. Hearing the name Kara announced that her father was Zor-El, Jor-El’s brother. As Kara's newly found cousin, Superman promised to take care of her like a big brother. Kara immediately asked if she could come and live with him, a problem for Superman as he had adopted a secret identity of Earth, one Supergirl might jeopardize, even unintentionally. Testing her powers for the first time Superman and the newly christened Supergirl. Agreeing to keep her presence on Earth a secret for the time, Kara lived as Linda Lee Danvers living at the Midvale orphanage while attending Stanhope Collage where she majored in astrology. At night, Linda operated in secret as Supergirl, often using her powers to help others. On her first night out, she fought invading "Rancors" who kidnapped the world’s greatest scientists.

Despite Supergirl’s continued popularity and status as a central member of the "Superman Family", it was determined by the editors at DC Comics and the creators of the maxi-series that Supergirl would die during the Crisis. As Superman was about to be killed, Kara stepped in and sacrificed herself for her cousin. It would later be revealed that Supergirl was "warned" ahead of time about her death. The universe was rebooted, time had been altered and Kara was erased from existence.

Paul Levitz who was writing the 'Legion of Superheroes' title at the time made a last attempt to save Kara Zor-El with his 'Who is Sensor Girl?' story arc. The reader as well as some characters believed her to be Supergirl. In fact she was Supergirl until DC denied Levitz the character. Sensor Girl became Projectra and the Supergirl clues became a red herring. However this did not stop characters claiming to be Kara returning. In Christmas with the Superheroes Kara returned to stop Deadman from stealing people's holidays. She reminded him that they do not become heroes for glory but because it must be done even if no one remembers that you even exist. The story was dedicated to Otto Binder and Jim Mooney with the words 'We still remember'.

A character claiming to be Kara also appeared in the Linda Danvers run of the Supergirl title. She appeared to be a spirit of fire but while calling herself Kara it was not conclusive that it was Kara Zor-El. Kara did undeniably appear in the volume in 'Many Happy Returns'.

52. Lightning Lad (53 points - 1 first place slot)

lightinglad.jpgGarth Ranzz, his twin sister Ayla and their brother Mekt were joy riding between planets when their ship lost power and came down on the world of Korbal. They devised a scheme to recharge their ship's energy cells using the electrical energy of Korbal's lightning beasts, a rhino-like animal that could shoot bolts of lightning from its horn. They underestimated the beasts' power, though, and were all bathed in an incalculable amount of bio-electric energy.

After their return from Korbal with new found powers, Mekt disappeared from their homestead on Winath. Garth left home to look for his older brother, to no avail. He was, however, in the right place at the right time to help two other super powered teenagers foil the assassination of philanthropist R.J. Brande. Brande admired their teamwork and suggested they form a team - the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Lightning Lad's long career with the Legion was an eventful one. He sacrificed his life to save the Legion, only to be resurrected by Proty, the shape shifting pet of Chameleon Boy. The Legion learned, much, later, that Proty actually took Garth's form and, somehow, his powers, and spent the rest of his days believing that he was Garth Ranzz. He also lost his right arm to a giant space whale, and had to get a cybernetic replacement. Perhaps the worst event was the loss of one of his sons to the evil god Darkseid, who raised and twisted the boy and sent him back in time to become one of the Legion's most dangerous foes, Validus.

Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl were the model couple for the Legion, and stayed together through countless tragedies, adventures and trips through time. They eventually married and, abiding by the Legion charter, quit the group. They remained a part of the Legion's extended family, however.

The origin of Lightning Lad after the Zero Hour "reboot" is much the same, except that this time he chose the name Live Wire. In his search for his brother Mekt he had made himself something of a police fugitive. When his sister arrived to join the Legion, he was told to quit the group. The planet of Winath did not want a criminal to represent them in the Legion, and wanted his sister instead.

Garth quit the Legion and went to work for the industrialist Leland Macauley. Macauley was a rival of R.J. Brande, and tried to create his own version of the Legion - Work Force. Garth had hoped to make some money to look for his brother, but quit the team soon after due to Macauley's complete lack of morals. He worked with the Legion again for a short time when the Daxamites attacked Earth.

Despite his aid against the Daxamites, Garth was still not allowed to rejoin the team, so he went off again to find his brother. It cost him nearly every credit he had, but he did eventually find Mekt. His brother's mind had snapped, and he was a deadly criminal. Mekt abducted Garth and took him to Korbal, where he began his systematic slaughter of lightning beasts. He would have killed Garth too, if not for the intervention of their sister, Ayla. She arrived in time to save Garth's life, but not his right arm, which Mekt destroyed. Working together, the twins brought Mekt under control and into United Planet custody.

After recovering from his battle with Mekt, Garth worked with a newly formed Espionage Squad to uncover the corruption of the UP President Chu. She was impeached, and Brande was made president in her place. His first act as President was to eliminate the membership restrictions on the Legion, finally allowing Garth to rejoin the team he had founded.

51. Roy Harper (53 points - 2 first place slots)

royharper.jpgThis one pisses me off, I had a nice fun quote for this one that would've made chap roll his eyes and possibly go into a nice fit. But again, the server crash lost it. Fuck you, server. Fuck you to hell.

Roy's father, a forest Ranger, died in a forest fire when Roy was very young. Roy was taken in by a Navajo medicine man named Brave Bow. Brave Bow taught Roy archery and marksmanship.

As Roy grew he came to idolize the Green Arrow a modern day Robin Hood and superhero. In order to prove to himself that he was a worthy archer, young Roy entered an archery contest. Although he ultimately lost, the Green Arrow took notice at the young boy and decided to make him his partner, helping in Roy's development as an archer. He adopted the name Speedy for the fact that he was faster than Green Arrow himself. Eventually Roy became Oliver Queen's ward, after Brave Bow's death.

Roy joined Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), Tempest and Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl to form the Teen Titans. While members of the Titans, Donna and Roy started dating. Unfortunately, as things were looking great for Roy, his life took a horrible turn. The Titans disbanded, he and Donna broke up and Ollie started to neglect Roy. Roy picked up heroin and was very quickly addicted. After Ollie lost his fortune due to scandal he set off for an adventure across the country with Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Black Canary. When Green Arrow found out about Roy's addiction, he was in shock. Feeling betrayed and ashamed, Ollie punched Roy and kicked him out of his home, leaving the poor youth without a home and with a drug problem.

Eventually Hal found the young Roy and brought him to the home of Ollie's girlfriend, Black Canary (Dinah Lance). While there she took care of Roy and helped him kick his habit. Eventually, Roy was able to completely free himself of his drug addiction thanks to Dinah. As a means to stop other youths from doing drugs, he signed up with the government and became an Anti-drug spokesman.

After kicking the "horse", Roy helps the Titans on various missions. Through these missions, Roy comes into contact with various government agencies. One such agency was the CBI, Central Bureau of Intelligence, or Checkmate. Checkmate recruits Roy and puts him undercover to help fight the war on drugs. While on a mission to gain the trust of the villain Cheshire, Roy falls in love with her and the two have an affair. Unable to bring himself to turn Cheshire in and believing he put her in danger, Roy soon leaves. Unbeknown to Roy, Cheshire is pregnant with his child. While on a mission with the former Robin, Nightwing, to stop Cheshire's attempt to assassinate a group of dignitaries, Roy learns he is the father of Cheshire's daughter. Roy is captured but soon released by Nightwing. Roy now acquires sole custody of his daughter. Lian Harper.

50. Amadeus Cho (56 points)

amadeuscho.jpgWhen the Hulk and his Warbound attacked Earth, everyone tried to stop him. Cho's plan was different, and he formed a group of Renegades consisting of Cho, Hercules, Angel and Namora to help the Hulk. The Hulk and the Renegades even fought against Thunderbolt Ross and the army. He tried to offer help to the Hulk even saying they should use Angel's money to pay for a safe place; but the Hulk, determined to get revenge, and ignored Amadeus’s advice. Amadeus does not give up feeling Hulk is not a monster like most people believe him to be. However, despite his trust in the Hulk, Cho works with Scorpion and S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to free his prisoners. After being poisoned, by Scorpion, Cho and the Renegades fight Hulk to increase his anger so he will heal but no matter what Cho does and no matter how angry he gets him he never hurts him increasing Cho's trust. The Renegades continue to aid Hulk, even when he fights against Doctor Strange possessed by Zom. It was actually Cho who allowed Zom to enter his body and be knocked unconscious, but in the end Hulk was defeated and the Renegades disbanded. However Hercules and Cho remained together.

Cho and Hercules are now partners of sorts, and have spent their summer destroying S.H.I.E.L.D. They are guided by Athena, who tells them to stick together and hopes Cho won't become evil. When Cho's puppy got hurt, he unleashed a virus taking down basically everything S.H.I.E.L.D. had under its control, thanks to help from a drugged Hercules who had been shot by Ares with bullets covered with the blood of the Hydra. Cho stopped the virus after Hercules pleaded with them, and S.H.I.E.L.D. blew their craft up, but luckily they escaped via teleporting.

During the Secret Invasion; Hercules and Cho, like many heroes, do what they can to fight against the Skrulls. Athena tells them that if they are able to kill the Gods of the Skrull they may have a chance of bringing them down. To do this, Hercules and Cho form a "God Squad” who set off to bring down the Skrull gods. During their assault they are attacked by Nightmare and freed from his powers by Kirby (who is later eaten by Atum after discovering the dog to be a Skrull). The God Squad fight Kly'Bn and his wife Sl'Gur’t. They lose Atum; but kill the two gods, a winning blow for Earth. After trying to relax with Namora, Cho is taken by Amazons who want him to translate an ancient item they want to use to change the world literally.

Cho, along with Hercules, met up with long time Avengers ally Jarvis. Meanwhile, the world was being attacked by a series of strange magical attacks called Chaos cascades. Scarlet Witch used her powers to take them to see Wasp. Cho and Wasp debate for a while on how to best handle the problems and during their talks, Pym downgrades Cho to the 8th smartest person. Scarlet Witch uses her powers once again and takes the group in the middle of danger summoning even more heroes


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