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Your Top Teens part 46

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, October 19 2009 and posted in Features

A batch of five females.


44. Atom Eve (67 points)

atomeve.jpg"Her relationship with Invincible is probably one of the best and the most believable in comics, but that’s not why she’s on this list. I loved her turn as the humanitarian superhero. That’s something that is way too overlooked with a lot of superhero books. "

Atom Eve was created 19 years ago in an experiment to mutate an unborn child. The scientist in charge was ashamed of what he had done so he traded the child with the dead child of another family. Eve went to live with the Wilkins and they named her Samantha Eve Wilkins. In school she was considered a science prodigy since she already knew everything about any science that anyone could teach her. She became a member of the Teen Team and met Invincible, even though her and Mark were in the same Physics class and had the same lunch period. She had a relationship with Rex-Splode that ended when she found out he was cheating on her with another teammate Dupli-Kate. She liked Invincible but wasn't able to tell him before he began dating another girl from their school named Amber. She tried to go on with normal life but it became increasingly harder for her. Eventually unable to stay near him anymore while he was with someone else, she stopped being a superhero and went to Africa where she uses her powers to help people there. Invincible and Amber came out to visit her. During their trip Eve tried to convince Mark that Amber was wrong for him and she tried to start a relationship with him but he was oblivious to her feelings.

Invincible meets a future version of Eve from 15 years and tell him to tell her younger self how he feels so won't be held back by her feelings. Mark tries to tell Eve that he doesn't have feelings for her but they end up kissing and Mark feels guilty for kissing her behind his girlfriend Amber's back. However after Mark and Amber break up Eve confronts him and he tells her about the future which upsets her and she leaves.

After Mark tells Eve about his confrontation with her future self, Eve returns to her humanitarian work in Africa. Eventually, Mark finds her, although she made it difficult for him to do so. Mark wishes to talk to Eve about their last conversation, but she tells him that she is not in the mood to do so. At that same time, Mark receives an emergency call from Cecil regarding the fact that all of the heroes have disappeared, and that he needs Mark back in the United States immediately. Eve decides to accompany Mark on this particular mission.

While in flight, Mark tries to, again, talk about things between the two individuals. However, Eve tells him that she has no desire to talk about things at that time. When they arrive at the specified location, Eve uses her powers to drill three miles underground to where the heroes are being held by Doc Seismic. The two begin fighting Doc Seismic and the creatures under his control, but Eve is, eventually, knocked unconscious by a giant worm-like creature. As she falls, she is caught by Mark, who is then blindsided, dropping Eve. Before hitting the ground, Eve is retrieved by Wolf-man.

She is now dating Mark after Mark has decided to part ways with Cecil. The two of them plan to live in a place together in a couple of months which prompts Eve to go to various prisons, power stations, and whatever else that seems to be under attack from Villains to have those places pay Mark to be on guard for them.

The first call Mark gets is about all of the other Invincibles from other dimensions attacking various places. Eve then gets hurt helping Mark and others during the Invincible War, and she is taken to the hospital where Mark waits by her bedside instead of fighting. Eve awakes two days later to see Invincible fighting a Viltrumite on Television, and she demands for Cecil to teleport her to Mark to help him out. Mark desperately tries to get Eve to run away, and the Viltrumite easily breaks through her force field. In a moment of distraction, the Viltrumite seizes Eve and bloodily runs his arm through her midsection. Mark catches her as she falls and she dies on the ground from her wounds as Mark tries to help her. However, Eve's powers allow her to regenerate and revive herself. She uses all of her power to blast Conquest and sear the skin off of his body. After Mark kills Conquiest, she passes out from exhaustion as more heroes arrive to help her and Mark.

43. Kate Bishop (68 points)

The daughter of publishing magnate Derek Bishop, Kate was born into a life of privilege and luxury, though she never fully embraced her father's self-serving attitude, instead taking after her mother and contributing to a variety of social causes. The death of her mother while she was doing charity work overseas and her father's single-minded focus on his business meant that Kate learned to chart her own course early on in life. Sometime after her mother died, Kate was attacked in Central Park during a nighttime walk, and while the precise nature of this attack has never been clearly stated, it is implied that she was sexually assaulted. Turning her sense of grief, shame and helplessness towards positive ends, Kate began a rigorous training regimen, schooling herself in the arts of archery, fencing, sword fighting, self defense, and several other types of combat, all in an attempt to prepare herself against such an attack in the future and prevent it from happening to others.

Kate met the Young Avengers during her older sister's wedding when gunmen took the entire church hostage. Her quick thinking played a large part in the gunmen's defeat when things took a bad turn for the Young Avengers. Afterwards, Kate met Cassie Lang and the two became quick friends, traveling to the ruins of Avengers Mansion and joining the team even they were threatened by Kang the Conqueror. Kate's father is very wealthy and she used this money to get new uniforms for the team after their originals were confiscated by Captain America & Iron Man, while Kate was a major driving force in keeping the team active and afloat after being shut down by the older heroes. The team also uses an empty building owned by her father as a base. After Patriot was injured during the battle between the Kree and Skrulls Empires over their teammate Hulkling, Kate stood up to Captain America about their need for training. Impressed and somewhat humbled by Kate's words, Captain America gave her the code name Hawkeye and Clint Barton's bow and arrows.

Kate and the rest of the Young Avengers were aligned with Captain America's forces, after the Secret Avengers freed them from the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Capekiller units. Alongside the rest of the team, the new Hawkeye traveled to LA during the conflict to assist the Runaways, and the two teams would join forces against the threat of the Warden and Marvel Boy. Kate was disappointed by her friend Stature's decision to register with the government after the death of Goliath, but remained supportive of her friend, and the two parted fairly amicably. Also during the conflict, she, Patriot and the new Vision encountered Bucky for the first time, and assisted him in bringing down a cell of HYDRA, an experience she would remember vividly months afterward.

Following the victory of Iron Man's forces in the Civil War, Hawkeye has remained with the rebel superheroes, often teaming up with Patriot while on patrol. Shortly before the funeral of Captain America, Hawkeye and Patriot were confronted by Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye (at the time dressed in Cap's uniform and bearing his shield). Unaware of his true identity, Kate lambasted him for usurping the name and costume of Captain America and acting as a puppet of the United States government. In the process, she explained that she had chosen the name of Hawkeye not to replace the original, but to honor him, and would act accordingly as he might have. Stunned by this revelation, Barton let the two Young Avengers go, even referring to Kate as Hawkeye before abandoning Iron Man to join Luke Cage's New Avengers.

Kate would continue to have many adventures with the team, including helping Patriot locate Bucky once more (as well as take down an AIM base in the process), and help her close friend Stature after she accidentally injured her father in a fight with the Growing Man. As time passed, she and Eli would continue to grow fond of one another, and they eventually went out on a date in Central Park. Unfortunately, the date turned out to be a disaster, as Kate, still uncertain of her feelings, rebuffed Eli's suggestion that they form an official relationship. Meanwhile, the impromptu ambush and sparring session initiated by Ronin (actually Clint Barton in disguise), didn't help matters. Accepting Ronin's offer to meet at the headquarters of the New Avengers, Kate was shocked to discover that he was Barton, back from the dead, and that he had called her there to test her worthiness of bearing the Hawkeye mantle. Losing out both the name and the bow in an archery contest with Barton, Kate eventually took up Speed's offer for a date, and to steal the bow back from the Avengers. While she did manage to retrieve the bow, her theft had not gone unnoticed by Barton, who saw this as a sign that Kate was willing to stand up for what she believed in, and would not back down in the face of a challenge. Officially giving his blessing to her using the Hawkeye name and bow, as well as promising to let her run the Young Avengers as she saw fit, Barton followed it up with a present: an old picture of the Avengers back from the "Kooky Quartet" days. Now validated as Hawkeye, Kate ended up choosing Patriot over Speed, asking her teammate to be patient with her and give her some time.

During the Skrull invasion, Hawkeye and the Young Avengers were the first superheroes on the scene, and despite their best efforts, along with those of the Camp Hammond Initiative recruits, they were eventually defeated by the superior number and firepower of the Skrulls. Fortunately for her, both teams were rescued by Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors, and Kate joined the assembled heroes in his secret underground base. During the Battle of Central Park, in which the combined super humans of Earth fought the main Skrull army, Kate took part, but was badly wounded by one of the Super-Skrulls and had to be taken to the nearest hospital. Kate however survived and made a full recovery, taking part in the clean-up operations after the battle had been won.

During the "Chaos Cascade" crisis, Kate Bishop was turned to stone along with Hulkling, Patriot, Wiccan, and Speed, part of the random magical effects generated by the spell work of the Darkhold. Hawkeye is also present along with the rest of the team during the events of "Dark Reign: Young Avengers" series, which sees the team face a rival team of the same name inspired by action of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers. The initial meeting between the two teams erupts into violence, and Kate finds herself facing down the heavily-armed Executioner, holding her own against him, and when Melter's team tries out for positions in the real Young Avengers, the two work together to face a horde of robots released by HAMMER. Unfortunately, Kate's problems with the "Young Masters" are only just beginning, as the Executioner uses his newfound revelation of Kate's secret identity to blackmail his way onto the Young Avengers. While she rejects Wiccan's suggestion to have his memory altered, Hawkeye is still very concerned about the situation, feeling that the presence of the Young Masters will only serve to corrupt them and ruin their good intentions.

42. Spoiler (68 points)

spoiler.jpg"So many supporting cast members who are teens, and no way am I forgetting the best amongst them. Much like Tim she too had not much tragedy in her life and was always a loud voice of reason whenever things got too dark in Tim's universe. She always was there for the lad whenever things got too dark bringing light to his universe. To me she's almost like the female version of Peter Parker, a normal teen girl trying to live out being a vigilante on the side. Course she's thrown numerous road bumps (getting preggers and usually being a pawn of Batdickery to do things to Tim) yet through it all she remains herself. Hopefully if she does become Batgirl DC and the writer behind this remembers that."

Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the C-list Batman villain, the Cluemaster, who spent most of Stephanie’s early childhood in jail, away from Gotham City. On return to the city she finds her father back to his old tricks, except he no longer feels the need to leave clues behind. In an attempt to try and stop her father she created a costume of her own and began to call herself the “Spoiler”. She had discovered her father’s plans and locations and decided to leave clues in an attempt to have him caught by Batman and Robin. Despite being new to the world of capes she is able to get by through her enthusiasm and dedication. When Robin eventually finds the Cluemaster, Spoiler joins in to capture him. Every time her father escaped, Stephanie would don on her costume and go out to stop him.

Eventually Stephanie realized she enjoyed being a superhero so much she continued on a regular basis. Despite her help, both Robin and Batman try to dissuade her from future pursuits, though that doesn't stop her from patrolling the streets at night, mostly with Robin. She began to regularly patrol the city with Robin, and began to develop a crush on him. The two of them would continue working together and they would eventually fall in love. The two form a relationship and eventually become romantically involved despite Stephanie being pregnant with her old boyfriend's child who had ran away from Gotham after the earthquake. However, Robin was always there for Stephanie, even taking her to Lamaze classes under a false identity. She still did not know his true identity because Batman forbad Tim from revealing his identity to Stephanie.

Later Robin would leave for boarding school but he would eventually return when Stephanie gave birth. Stephanie decided, against her initial thoughts, to give the baby up for adoption without ever seeing her. Tim’s father returned him to boarding school, but Tim and Stephanie continued their relationship. However, it put more strain on their relationship because it was long distance and Stephanie still did not know his true identity.

Then she died...yadda yadda yadda...she is alive and the new Batgirl which I called way back when she appeared on the Top Modern thread. I shoulda bet someone to change their name.

41. Mary Marvel (70 points)

marymarvel.jpgI am just gonna focus on the Super Buddies Mary Marvel, cuz that’s the only one I really know.

After Mary's brother, Captain Marvel, turned down an invitation from L-Ron to join a new super team, Mary was convinced by Maxwell Lord to join in his stead. This team, not able to use the moniker Justice League (because the League had been recently reformed) became known as the Superbuddies. Mary, despite what the wisdom of Solomon told her, and her invulnerability to boot, believed she would get radiation poisoning from Captain Atom. As a result, Mary avoided Atom like the plague.

The Superbuddies touted themselves as the "Heroes for the Common Man," and was often subject to the ire of the neighborhood residents around them. The group's first misadventure was defeating a group called the "E Street Bloodsuckers," a super powered gang that lived a thug life, but spoke and otherwise acted like highly educated thespians. After what was pretty much a draw, until Mary entered the fray, they eventually defeated the Harvard dropouts because of a well executed slap from Mary. One of the Bloodsuckers members could transform into a massive dinosaur, which she promptly slapped across the nose and knocked unconscious.

They faced their next threat at the hands of Roulette, the illegitimate daughter of Terry Sloane, the Golden Age Mr. Terrific. Roulette kidnapped the most powerful members of the Superbuddies, and forced them to become gladiators in her intergalactic arena, a place where criminals and aliens placed bets on who would win each battle. Mary was forced to battle Captain Atom after being hypnotized by Roulette. Mary, in this state, no longer has access to the wisdom of Solomon, and therefore loses all self-control. Though Captain Atom is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Mary beats the crap out of him, cracking his alien metal containment armor in numerous places, nearly killing the Captain (proving the Marvels are some of the most powerful people in the universe). Mary also gives a fair beating to Fire before the wisdom of Solomon finally overcomes her brainwashing, and the team is ultimately released. Ironically, Captain Atom is now leaking radiation, serving to be a radioactive danger to Mary for the first time by her own hand. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold rush Atom to a hospital while the alien overlord Magna Khan arrives at Earth to reclaim L-Ron. Khan offers to give Max Lord the canine Green Lantern G’nort in exchange, but Lord refuses. After Booster accidentally damages Khan's sentries, the alien declares war on earth. The Superbuddies are unable to defeat the overlord until the real Justice League arrives and saves the day.

All during Mary's time with the Superbuddies, her worldview (which is decidedly Golden Age) is repeatedly challenged. When Mary Batson becomes roommates with Fire, Mary's brother Billy is extremely upset. Beatriz DaCosta (Fire) is not known for her moral stand, and was at one time running a risqué internet website where paid members could download pictures of her naked in her fire form.

Because Captain Atom got the crap beat out of him by Mary he quits the team, leaving a slot open on the roster. He is also suing Max Lord, so Lord tries to fill the spot by recruiting Power Girl and Guy Gardner. Guy refuses the invite while Power Girl accepts. Guy takes it upon himself to open a bar next door to the Superbuddies' headquarters, so he is always hanging around. Guy, being Guy, takes it upon himself to repeatedly sexually harass Fire, Sue Dibny, Power Girl and Mary.

During a visit to the JSA headquarters, Booster starts playing around with one of Doctor Fate's magic items. He accidentally wishes the team into Hell, and all the Superbuddies are whisked into that burning plane of inferno. While Beetle and Booster are forced to serve orders at *Beelze-Burger,* Sue uses her cell phone to call for help (there's cell signal in Hell?). Power Girl and Guy Gardner rush to Hell to help rescue the crew, but end up being useless in the effort.

The visit in Hell is hardest on Mary, because she has been taken hostage by the demons, forcing the others to do their bidding. Mary has lost access to her powers, because the wizard Shazam is not present in Hell. When the demons try to torture her, Elongated Man is able to foil their plan with his stretching powers. The Superbuddies discover their dead friend Ice is in Hell. So great is the sorrow that Ice and Guy share, that the demons sicken of it all and decide to send the team away. They are told they can leave Hell, as long as they don't look back. On the way out, Fire looks back, breaking the deal. Ice is pulled back into Hell, but it is believed that she is eventually allowed to go to Valhalla.

Making their way out of Hell, the Superbuddies believe they have made it back to their own world, but have actually stumbled into a hell of an entirely different sort. Everything seems normal until they run into evil doppelgangers of themselves. They soon realize that they have stumbled upon a reality alternate to their own (didn't the multiverse collapse?). Their counterparts call themselves the *Power Posse," and are a group of thugs-for-hire under the employ of an even greedier and sleezier Maxwell Lord. The Lord of this universe has made Sue Dibny (who has divorced Ralph) into his mistress, and they run their business out of his strip club.

The Power Posse was made up of an incredibly stupid version of Booster (who tends the club's bar), a cold-blooded killer/stripper named Tiffany (who is their version of Ice, and killed off their Fire), a skyscraper sized G'nort, a bouncer Metamorpho, and S&M versions of Mary and her brother Captain Marvel. This world Captain Marvel speaks with a lisp, and is quite obviously submissive to Mistress Marvel.

When G'nort goes on a rampage, they are forced into battle with their dubious copies. The battle mostly takes place on the flea infested carcass of G'nort himself. Fortunately, Dr. Fate has been searching for the lost Superbuddies, and brings them back home to their proper universe.

40. Rachel Summers (72 points)

rachelsummers.jpg"Q: What's the one way to one-up fanboys' love of Jean Grey?

A: Give her a troubled daughter from a post-apocalyptic future era.

C'mon, there's something appealing about a girl that's slightly damaged goods. Add in the Terminator feel of Rachel Summers' future era, and put a heap of PHOENIX on top of it--that's fanboy perfection."

Rachel Summers is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, Cyclops and Phoenix, on Earth-811 (Days of Future Past), her reality diverged from the regular time line when Senator Robert Kelly was assassinated by the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. In her world, this event caused the mutant/human relations to escalate to the point that an anti-mutant candidate won the next presidential election. He put forth the legislation that brought the giant mutant hunting robots known as the Sentinels. The goal was to eliminate all mutants. The Sentinels adapted and decided the best way to do so was to take over North America. They did not stop with just mutants. Several super-powered humans were also killed or imprisoned.

When Rachel was a child, the X-Men's base, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, was attacked. Rachel was the only survivor. Rachel was taken and brainwashed. Using her psionic powers, Rachel became a mutant "hound" and tracked down other mutants. Her face was tattooed with the mark of a hound. Rachel was even forced to kill some of her fellow mutants.

After some time, Rachel ended up at a Mutant Containment Facility where she found other surviving X-Men. In a plan to end the nightmare that was their world, Rachel used her psionic powers to switch the psyche of the X-Man, Kate Pryde with that of her younger self. Kate found herself in the body of a young Kitty Pryde who was still new to the X-Men. Together they prevented the assassination of Senator Kelly.

Unfortunately, history couldn't be changed. Rather than switching psyches with her younger self, Kate was actually sent into a different reality. So even though the assassination was stopped, the Sentinels still ruled their world. With everyone killed except for Kate and Rachel, Kate hypnotized Rachel to use her powers to tap into the Phoenix Force. Kate forced Rachel to travel back in time when the two were trapped in the laboratory of Project Nimrod, the next evolution in Sentinels.

Rachel was followed by Nimrod and found herself, not in her past, but that of the mainstream reality. She was finally able to come to terms with her situation and found a home with the X-Men of this world.

Upon hearing about the death of Jean Grey, Rachel decided to take on the mantle of Phoenix in the hopes of clearing her mother's name after the destruction the Phoenix Force had caused while in the guise of Jean. She locates a crystal with the mental imprint of her "mother" and relives the most indelible memories of Jean. Through experiencing what a woman her mother was in this time she feels confident that she can carry on with the good her mother had accomplished before becoming tied with the Phoenix Force.

Rachel was a helpful but sometimes unreliable teammate who was driven mostly by her emotions and ghosts of her past. In an early mission, she, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Rogue were sent to save Banshee from James Proudstar who would later be known as Warpath. When given the task to locate Banshee with her telepathic powers, Rachel is unable to come to terms with this use of her power as she spent so much time as a Hound in her time. She panics and becomes a liability to the team. On a mission to Asgard, she proves her worth and confidence as a member of the team, donning a costume resembling the Phoenix which was a problem for Cyclops.

Rachel is finally pushed to her limits when targeted by the External, Selene. When doing battle with Selene, Rachel gains the upper hand and is about to execute her when Wolverine steps in and nearly fatally injures his teammate. His intention was to save her from doing something that would haunt her but he nearly killed her in the process. She runs off and even though the X-Men search, especially her best friend Kitty Pryde, they can find no sign of her anywhere.

Rachel was next found as a prisoner of Mojo and Spiral, forced to perform for the people of Mojoworld. She is rescued by her former teammates Nightcrawler and Shadowcat and are later joined by British Superheroes Captain Britain and Meggan to form Excalibur. During her tenure with this team she came into her own as a confident woman and is frequently shown having to stave off advances from men all around England, much to the chagrin of her teammate Shadowcat. Rachel was a huge asset to the team and battled with several forces such as the Technet and Sat-yr-9. The team ventured through many adventures through time and even found themselves becoming a part of history in World War II.

On the way back to the present, Captain Britain got lost in the time stream and Rachel switched places with him. Rachel found herself in far future where the evil mutant, Apocalypse ruled. She started the Clan Askani who had a hand in saving and raising her half-brother, Nathan Summers, also known as Cable. Rachel used her psionic abilities to bring Scott and Jean's consciousness forward through time to care for Nate. This caused a great deal of strain on Rachel's body.

With Excalibur, Rachel was a big help. Galactus came to Earth sending one of his Heralds to tell Excalibur to render Rachel. The herald tells them that Galactus wants to take the Phoenix out of Rachel saying Rachel it too dangerous to Galactus to have the Phoenix. Rachel laughed it off and asked was the Herald joking. She uses her telekinesis to hit the Herald out of the Earth's orbit and onto the moon. Galactus made a machine that would take the Phoenix from Rachel and send it into orbit. Rachel goes to other dimensions and finds out she is the only Rachel Summers anywhere. She comes back and the Herald returns and charges at her. Rachel uses her telekinesis to swing her around and throw her at Galactus.

Later Cable was able to save Rachel and bring her back to the present.


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