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Your Top Teens part 50

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, October 21 2009 and posted in Features

So close to the Top 25...


30. Carl Grimes (94 points - 3 first place slots)

carlgrimes.jpg"The shit this kid has been through is worse than you could imagine. First, there's a zombie apocalypse. Then his "uncle" is killed and then killed again by his dad. Then he gets to watch every friend he makes die. And their parents. And then he gets to watch his parents go through some tough times. And he is forced to kill a man. And watch his dad kill people. And then watch as his mother and new born baby sister are gunned down by a vindictive maniac. Then he almost gets to watch his dad have a nervous breakdown and he has to defend his dad all by himself from a swarm of about 12 zombies. And somehow, the kid is still sane. One of the best books on the stands right now, and this is probably the most interesting character in the book."

"I love to hate that murderous kid."

Carl is the son of Rick and Lori Grimes. His mother Lori, his father's partner Shane, and Carl tried to make it to Atlanta after the Zombie outbreak but could not make it into the city. The stayed at a camp on the outskirts where they were reunited with Carl's father Rick. There at the camp Carl was taught how to shoot even though he was only seven. Later he saved his Mother from a Zombie by killing it with his gun and even his father when Shane tried to murder Rick.

When the survivors began to relocate to another spot, Carl was shot by Otis and brought to the Greene farm, where they remained for some time till they were asked to leave by Hershel Greene after an argument with his Carl's father, this forced them to hit the road once again until Dale and Andrea stumbled upon the prison while searching for supplies.

At the prison life for Carl began to settle down with only the minor disturbance of seeing his father Rick beat up Thomas, an inmate that killed Hershel's daughters Rachel and Susie. It was at this time that Lori gave birth to Carl’s (half) sister Judith whose father is believed to have been Shane. After his father returned from trying to locate a downed chopper and his father’s experiences at Woodbury, Carl was forced to get used to his father without the use of his right arm. When Woodbury attacked the prison, Carl was one of the few to be there till the prison fell to the Governor and his men, and barely escaped with his father. Once they had reached relative safety from the violence taking place at the prison, Carl and his father then began to mourn the death of Lori, Judith, and all those that had died, that they cared about.

While wandering the area, and after an attack by two Zombies, Carl and Rick then took refuge in an abandoned house, and after a brief encounter with another three Zombies, Carl was led under the impression that he could defend himself from now on, and even blamed his father for his mother and sister's deaths. However afterwards he realized he needed his dad still and was scared without him. When on the move again, heading back to Hershel's farm, Carl was rescued by Michonne who had also survived the prison and informs the duo that she was tracking someone from the prison. After traveling further and then reuniting with Maggie and Glenn, Carl is reunited with Sophie and the surviving members of the prison that had left prior to the Governor's second attack. One morning Carl is woken by a shot and seeing the new arrivals Abraham, Rosita and Eugene who bring hope that society has not crumbled, Carl along with the remaining survivors and the arrivals, proceeds to take the long journey, to Washington DC.

Along the journey, Rick decided to take a detour to his hometown in Kentucky, and brings Carl and Abraham along. It is during this trip that a band of road bandits attack and attempt to rape Carl, due to his father resisting them. However Rick manages to break free by biting one of the bandits, and with the help of Abraham frees Carl. Later on Carl, Rick and Abraham discuss similar situations that they had been involved in, where they committed acts of in-human violence in order to protect, which prompts Carl to talk about shooting Shane in order to save his fathers life. After visiting their hometown, and reuniting with Morgan and his zombified son Duanne, the four head to the police station in order to retrieve supplies, during this time Morgan constantly stares at Carl, remembering how Duanne used to look, the end result of a freaked out Carl. On the return trip to the interstate junction, the four encounter a Zombie herd (the largest Abraham has seen an estimated to be 2000 Zombies in size). Initially Rick tries to drive the car into the herd in order to escape, however when the car gets jammed over the mass of bodies, the survivors flee on foot in hopes of escaping. With Carl drifting behind Abraham quickly grabs him and carries him on his back. After a failed attempt at distracting the herd, they return to the main group and flee by truck out of the area.

29. Barbara Gordon (95 points)

barbragordon.jpg"THE Batgirl....great as a full adult as Oracle too."

"The cool-as-hell potential of Barbara Gordon's Batgirl has yet to be fully realized, though it came darn close in the kitsch Batman live-action TV series of the 60s. Batgirl should be a frothy, camp, uber-feminine character thriving in a dark, violent, miserable world. She should have ruffles on her motorcycle and she should have a cosmetics compact that shoots frickin’ bat-lasers. Why? Because it's fun. Kind of like comic books. Babs' Batgirl gave us that over-the-top uber-feminine butt-kicker, usually without compromising the gravity of Gotham's dark crime world. Even as she matured in her stint as Batgirl, she brought a breath of fresh air to the tried and true formula of the Dynamic Duo."

Barbara Gordon is the niece (adopted daughter) of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. Barbara started her crime fighting career as Batgirl when she was on her way to a costume ball dressed as a female Batman. Barbara accidentally stumbled on an attempt to kidnap Batman by Killer Moth.

Eventually Barbara would reveal her secret identity to her father, James Gordon. However, he had already discovered his daughter’s alter ego on his own. Barbara would give up her career as Batgirl to pursue politics. Batgirl would be brought back in Superman comics when she was set up as a blind date for Clark Kent. They developed a great friendship and also fought along side each other.

While Barbara was still into politics, she (as Batgirl) would eventually team up with Robin (Dick Grayson). Dick worked for Barbara as her intern during the summers. He had a crush on her but she was currently dating a Senator. Eventually they would both discover each other’s alter-ego and continue fighting crime together. Batgirl has also teamed up with Supergirl many times, and the two became close friends.

Barbara Gordon’s back story was changed after Crisis on Infinite Earths. She was now the daughter of Roger and Thelma Gordon. Jim Gordon was Roger’s brother and Barbara’s uncle. Her mother and aunt were killed in a car accident because of her father’s drinking. Her dad became a heavy drinker and started taking his aggression out on Barbara, he eventually died from too much alcohol and self-abuse. Jim would adopt Barbara and she went to live with him, his wife also named Barbara, and his son in Gotham City. At first Jim and Barbara did not get along, but with time they grew close. However when Batman discovered a letter that Barbara had been keeping in a safe, it reveals that Barbara knew that Jim had been dating her mother before she married Roger and that there is a chance that Jim is her biological father. She also says that she does not want to confront him with this because it might not be true.

Barbara was a gifted child and she quickly became a skilled martial artist and graduated High School at an early age. She had always wanted to work in law enforcement but Jim Gordon her father disapproved of this saying she did not meet the height requirements and she needed a less dangerous life. She applied to the FBI but was dismissed because her body was not physically built for the job.

She became angered at her father’s disapproval of her wanting to go into law enforcement that she crashed the Gotham City Police Department annual ball dressed as a female Batman. Coincidentally Killer Moth attempted a robbery at the ball and this helped launch Batgirl’s career. Batman and Robin would take her in and help train her. Also, Dick and Barbara had also been dating for a long time already. With Supergirl’s origin being retconned, her early adventures with Supergirl was changed into adventures with Power Girl.

On one fateful day, Barbara and her father James Gordon were in their home when someone came knocking on the door. Barbara opens the door and was shot and paralyzed from the waist down by the Joker in The Killing Joke story arc. Barbara would never be able to return to her role as Batgirl. However, it did not stop her from fighting crime. She is currently operating under the identity of Oracle and leader of the Birds Of Prey.

28. Inertia (96 points)

inertia.jpg"Anybody who can orchestrate the death of Bart Allen gets a vote from me!"

You know, the pic I used for Inertia was once my sig back at the oldrama. Heh.

The bitter feud between the Allen family and the Thawne family would span generations. Even in the 30th century, President Thawne sought to recruit Bart Allen in his revenge campaign against the Allens, since Bart was half-Thawne himself. When that failed, Thawne mixed Bart's DNA with Thawne genetic material to create a speedster clone that he named Thaddeus Thawne. Whereas Bart grew in a hyper-accelerated world, Thaddeus' childhood was the exact opposite; His development was super-slow, which led the young speedster to become more calculating and methodical. Thaddeus was also taught to hate the Allen family, and Impulse in particular.

After years of indoctrinated hatred for the Allen family, Thaddeus traveled to the past and began to observe Impulse with the help of his technological servant, Craydl. Taking the name Inertia, Thaddeus fashioned a green "reverse-Impulse" costume and confronted the young hero. After meeting with failure, Inertia insisted the first encounter was merely a recon mission; After all, Thaddeus was Bart's superior in every way.

Inertia later ambushed Bart and held him prisoner in a virtual reality, while he assumed Impulse's identity on Earth. Once gaining Max Mercury's trust, Inertia led him into a dangerous trap within the speed force, intending to kill him. When Impulse raced to save his mentor, Inertia witnessed the love and trust between the speedsters. At that moment, Inertia realized that his whole life had been dedicated to a centuries-old hatred - leaving his own life cold and empty as a result. Now enraged, Inertia bolted from the scene.

In the wake of the Infinite Crisis, Inertia realized that Bart Allen - as the new Flash - had completely co-opted the Speed Force. Jealous that Bart has once again usurped him, Inertia gained super-speed from the speed drug known as Velocity 9. The supplier of this drug was none other than long-time Titans adversary, Deathstroke. In exchange for his super-speed, Inertia agreed to join Deathstroke's Titans East team. As a member of the villainous team, Inertia became romantically involved with the hot-tempered Sungirl.

Titans East set up their own Titans Tower on the East River, the very same location of the old tower. Deathstroke had his own agenda, which was to reclaim his children, Ravager and Jericho. Titans East was nearly successful in that mission, until Nightwing, Flash, Troia and Beast Boy helped turn the tide and reclaim their island headquarters. The members of Titans East dispersed, unaware of Deathstroke's true objective; by cementing his offspring as trusted members of the team, Slade knew the Titans would provide his children with a better family than he ever could.

After failing to defeat Bart Allen by himself, Inertia began to gather a Rogues Gallery of villains to team up against Flash. Meanwhile, Iris Allen returned and warned Bart that if he fought the newly formed league of Rogues, he would not survive. Inertia, in a plan to steal the speed force energy for himself, manipulated the Rogues into battle with Bart. As a depowered Bart fought valiantly against the combined might of the Rogues, he saw the spectre of the Black Flash, and died as Iris Allen and Valerie Perez were left to mourn him. Wally West captured him, and froze him.

Zoom freed Inertia and taught him how to tap time as a power source. The Rogues came to kill Inertia. Libra showed up and created a hostage situation, using Weather Wizard's son Josh. Inertia grew sick of the whole thing, and killed Josh. Inertia decided he is Kid Zoom. When Zoom objects he removes his powers by "unraveling" time, leaving Zoom as paraplegic Hunter Zolomon. He also hurts Libra. The Pied Piper freezes Inertia, which creates the diversion needed for the Rogues to stop, and kill, Inertia.


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