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Your Top Teens part 52

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, October 21 2009 and posted in Features

Welcome to the Top 25 Youth Characters!


25. Patriot (106 points - 3 first place slots)

patriot.jpg"I like this kid a lot. He's a little jaded and bitter but he's got a good reason. Still he wants to do good and stick up for what he believes and make his grandparents and Steve Rogers proud. Can't fault a kid for that."

"The leader and my favorite character in the Young Avengers. He's the grandson of the Black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley. Great character, he's made some awful mistakes, but has proven himself a hero time and time again. I'd love to see this team get a new book."

Elijah is the grandson of the black Captain America - Isaiah Bradley. After Steve Rogers was given his super-soldier serum, the government had tried other variations with little success. Isaiah Bradley was left with the child-like state of mind as the experimental serum had affected his thought process.

When a young Kang sought him out under the guise of Iron Lad, Elijah felt compelled to assist him and prove his family's worth. Not having any apparent super powers, Elijah used the designer drug MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) to gain superhuman powers. He soon became part of the Young Avengers. His teammates soon discovered his "drug" use and were able to convince him to stop. Patriot still remains in the team and relies on his natural intelligence and athletic skills to lead the team.

After receiving grievous injuries during a fighting between Skrulls and Kree for the right to Hulkling, his grandfather gave him a blood transfusion, giving Elijah the powers he originally pretended he had. He demonstrated these while helping his teammates to clean the remains of Avenger's Mansion.

The Young Avengers were soon faced with a difficult choice along with the rest of superhero community because of the Superhuman Registration Act. While the rest of the Heroes were drawn into a Civil War, Elijah and his friends were similarly affected. Elijah and his friends decided to join Captain America and his Secret Avengers. During the course of the war Patriot and his team discovered the whereabouts of the Runaways. Patriot took the information to Captain America, expecting aid to be sent to their fellow heroes. When Captain America declined, because of a lack of resources, Patriot defied a direct order and led his team to find them.

Upon the Young Avengers arrival, they were greeted by the youngest Runaway Molly. Frightened by their arrival Molly attacked them, and passed out from use of her powers. Patriot carried the young girl to the rest of her team. Due to misunderstandings because of Molly's condition and the interactions between Vision and Victor the two teams began to fight. After stopping Hawkeye and Nico from fighting, Patriot was able to get them to work with him to put an end to the conflict. As Patriot and the others talked, discussing the current war and other events, a Kree was sent to abduct some of their members. The Kree attacked and managed to put the majority of the team members down, knocking Patriot away from the fight. Realizing that some of their members had been taken the two teams decide to work together to retrieve them.

Patriot and the other teen heroes are successful in infiltrating the Cube to retrieve their teammates. Patriot leads them against the soldiers, creating a distraction as Vision leads the others to safety. As a pitched battle breaks out; Noh-Varr once again attacks the two teams. In the end they are able to repair the damage that's been done to Noh and escape from the facility. Patriot is surprised when Nico and her team decides not to accompany them back. He leads the Young Avengers back to Captain America's forces. Patriot was present during the final battle of the Civil War fighting alongside Captain America's forces. Patriots team didn't manage to fully escape the war unscathed, Stature decided to join Iron Man and his Pro-Registration forces. Even after Captain America's surrender, Patriot and the Young Avengers continued their war on crime, without joining the Initiative.

While secretly using his specially concocted MGH formula, Elijah possessed agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction-time superior to that of normal Super Soldiers like Captain America. After receiving a blood transfusion from his grandfather, Elijah developed genuine Super Soldier abilities, including peak-human strength and super hearing. Patriot carries a replica of Captain America's original, star-spangled, triangular shield. It looks very similar to the one his grandfather used to wield, though his grandfather's was unpainted. He also has throwing stars, modeled after the stars of the flag, that he keeps on his person and can use like shruiken.

24. Layla Miller (109 points - 4 first place slots)

laylamiller.jpg"Young Layla > Adult Layla. She knows stuff. And that's creepy awesome coming from a little girl."

"Least annoying and most interesting child/teen character I've come across in my 18 yrs or comic buying."

"Just knows stuff, insufferable for many"

"Yeah, whodathunkit? Peter David showed his ability to work miracles when he took a deus ex machina from an awful Bendis event mini series and made her into an interesting character. Through equal parts drama and comedy, he made her into the heart and soul of X-Factor, to the point where the book actually suffered for her absence. Yeah, whodathunkit."

Little is known about the mutant named Layla Miller. She first appeared during the House of M as the only person other than Wolverine, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver to have any knowledge of the true past. During this time she was able to use her abilities to "unlock" their true memories so that they may remember the truth. By doing this to a number of key heroes, she played an important role in destroying the House of M.

During the House of M Doctor Strange suggested that the Scarlet Witch may have created Layla for this express purpose. It is unknown if this is the case because while she remained after M-Day, the Scarlet Witch may have added her into the current (and only slightly altered) reality.

After M-Day, Jamie Madrox reformed X-Factor in Mutant Town. In the first issue, Layla just appears in the HQ and begins organizing the files, just telling the members "I'm Layla Miller. I know stuff". Layla handed Rictor a coupon off gas, and there was an incident at a gas station, which did help convince him to join X-Factor. She tells the team about incoming phone calls and a client who's entering. She fixes the bath for M, and when a Singularity Investigations employee goes to kill Rictor (believing him to be the cause of their problems when it was Layla) she killed him by electrocuting him (she did admit to him that she's there at X-Factor because she has to stop them from finding out the truth behind the Decimation). She then orders a special deliverer to take him back to Singularity, with the message to back off.

When Siryn was attacked, Rictor instantly blamed Layla for not telling them about it (although Strong Guy threatened him at first for making this accusation, showing that he's some what protective of her). Layla walks outside, and after talking to Wolfsbane, a woman from the orphanage Layla lives at pulls up, telling Wolfsbane she run away. The woman says that Layla was having some trouble before, because apparently she was a mutant who could breathe fire and had horns. The woman takes Layla back to the orphanage (in a quick flashback we see that her father nicknamed her "Butterfly"). Wolfsbane and Madrox decide to go visit Layla, but the woman refuses to let them see her. Wolfsbane sniffs her out, only to find Layla covered in bruises. After Wolfsbane scares the other kids, Layla reveals why she couldn't tell them about Siryn getting attacked: she'd be killed if she did. Layla compared herself to a butterfly in the "Chaos Theory", and when she had to, she flapped her wings. Wolfsbane and Madrox try to adopt Layla, but are unable to, because the X-Factor organization are technically not a family, but she said that with all the work she has going on, if a child slipped through the cracks, she wouldn't be able to file a report.

When Quicksilver comes to town, Layla tries to get him killed by getting ex-mutants to change him, but because of his relation to the Scarlet Witch messed with her powers. She then journey's with the team to confront the X-Men, and Wolverine recognizes her. We also see that Layla reads at the bottom of the steps, and that she eats "Cheerios" with water and yogurt. When the team launches an attack against Singularity Investigations, Layla frees their hostage after causing a traffic jam slowing down the van she's in.

When the team goes to see Doc Samson, Layla lay upside down on the sofa, saying she found the world looks more interesting that way. After making a reference to Star Trek, she compares herself to pawn, because she's just another person.

Later, Layla forces M and Siryn to be friends. When Nicole is brought back, Layla becomes quite annoyed when she didn't see her joining. Layla gives the group instructions where to be to find X-Cell, and later during the final confrontation, Layla shows several members of X-Cell a recording proving to them that it wasn't the government who were behind the Decimation, but rather the Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver was about to kill her but she was saved by Rictor.

Nicole later finds a pregnancy test, but Layla doesn't know who's pregnant. She takes the test to a bridge in the middle of a park, and begins to wonder. Nicole shows up, and brutally attacks her with a rock, hitting her over the head and knocking her into the river. Layla nearly dies, but is saved by Quicksilver, because he believes that he has to kill her. She manages to escape from Quicksilver, and warns Madrox about what Nicole said, that Huber wanted her dead, and Jamie knows exactly who she's on about.

Layla goes to take the subway, but is followed by Nicole. Nicole goes to push Layla in front of train, but Layla picks a penny up and Nicole trips over her and falls in front of the moving train, revealing her to be a robot.

Layla has currently snuck in to the future with a dupe of Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) in order to find out what has happened along that timeline. She got there by jumping on the time machine just as Jamie was about to travel. They have found out that a war between humans and mutants has happened, with a mutant being responsible for the beginning of it. All the mutants are currently locked away in an outdoor prison, watched over by Sentinels. Layla's powers are not working in the future however and she is doing research by means such as libraries. When she and Jamie attacked some guards at the camp to try and gain information, more troops were instantly alerted as soon as they uttered the word 'mutant' due to the government clampdown. Their scanners detected only the mutant 'X' gene in Jamie but as they took him away, Layla admitted that she was a mutant herself to Jamie's disbelief.

After the two of them are taken away, shaved, and branded with the "M" mark, they are both put in the concentration camp. There they find Lucas Bishop as a child, and ask him what happened. He just tells them that if he could, he'd go back and kill the mutant that made this happen. Jamie and Layla realize what this means, and before Jamie (well the dupe as you know) can do anything, she throws a stolen grenade at him, killing him. Just before he's killed, she hesitates, and before finishing her slogan, she changes her surname from Miller to Madrox. Prime Jamie wakes up and warns the others, leaving Layla stranded in the future. She has however recently returned to Earth-616 fully grown, posing as a nun and was able to stop Madrox (who was still shaken up from the death of Baby Sean, along with learning that Monet had gotten pregnant as well, but because her mind was "stronger" than Siryn's, Monet's child, who never truly existed in the first place, was erased from existence) from committing suicide.

23. Raven (111 points - 3 first place slots)

raven.jpg"The Trigon saga was the stand out storyline of the Teen Titans' Wolfman/Perez era for me."


"I really to say something but I can't think of anything. I'm just a huge Titans fan and she's a favorite of mine."

Raven is a veteran member of the New Teen Titans. A character with morbid past and origin, Raven is the half-breed daughter of a human mother named Arella and the inter-dimensional demon Trigon. She grew up in an alternate dimension called Azarath, where she was taught to "control her emotions" by the goddess Azar, a sworn pacifist, in order to suppress her inherited demonic powers. During this time, Raven rarely saw her mother and grew very detached from her. Upon Azar's death, Raven's demonic heritage was revealed, as she met her father face to face for the first time. Soon after her 16th birthday, Raven learned that Trigon planned to come to her dimension, and she vowed to stop him. Raven initially approached the Justice League, but they refused her on the advice of Zatanna, who sensed her demonic parentage. In desperation, she reformed the Titans as the New Teen Titans to fight her father.

The team consisted of Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy. Kid Flash only agreed to let her be a member after Raven used her powers to coerce him into loving her. On another meeting with the Justice League, Zatanna revealed this information, which caused the other Titans to turn away and mistrust Raven. This separation didn't last long when Trigon kidnapped Raven to his home dimension. The team defeated Trigon and sealed him in an inter-dimensional prison with the help of Arella, who stayed at the inter-dimensional door as Trigon's Guardian. Raven continued to fight her father's influence, as he was not completely destroyed. For a period of time, Raven lost control several times in high-stress situations, but managed to regain control before Trigon could assert himself. Popular story-lines such as “The Judas Contract" took place during this period. Eventually, however, Trigon escaped his prison, came to Earth and took control of Raven, destroying Azarath in the process. The Titans came together and were forced to kill Raven, thereby allowing the souls of Azarath to possess her and guided by the spirit of Azar, who was acting through the body of the Titans' ally Lilith, used her as a channel to kill Trigon. After this battle, Raven rose again from the ashes, purged of Trigon's evil, and vanished. Even during Crisis on Infinite Earths, Raven was still absent to the point that Anti-Monitor could not detect her whereabouts. Raven was actually in a non-parallel dimension which is the reason Anti-Monitor could not detect her, because he can only see everything in all the parallel universes

Raven returned years later donning a white cloak. Some time later, after being free to feel, Raven found she was able to not only sense, but control others' emotions; a power she learned to handle only after unintentionally forcing Dick Grayson/Nightwing to love her for a brief time. It was during this incident Starfire and Raven became close friends. Raven also fostered a relationship with technopath Erik Forrester, who was using the life force of women he seduced to regain some of his lost humanity, a result of interfacing with computers. Forrester knew that Raven's soul-self could help him to permanently retain his humanity. This attempt was cut short by the intervention of Joseph Wilson (Who helped Raven overcome her love for Forrester by destroying him and saving herself.

Raven's life went on without change until she was kidnapped by the Wildebeest Society during the Titans Hunt storyline. The Wildebeest, lead by the Trigon-possessed souls of Azarath, were going to use several Titans to bring about the return of Trigon. During a massive battle in the remains of Azarath, Raven was possessed by the evil souls and once again became the evil doppelganger of her father. Arella, along with Danny Chase, used the power of Azar's soul to cleanse Raven; however, through the battle, her body was destroyed, and Arella and Danny joined the cleansed souls of Azarath to become Phantasm. Now free of its bodily prison, the evil energy that was Trigon's in Raven's soul took on sentience and possessed a meta-human with a resemblance to Raven. Raven appeared possessed by her evil conscience, and attempted to implant Trigon's seed into new bodies.

She arrived at Nightwing and Starfire's wedding, and implanted a seed into Starfire. Instead of corrupting her, she actually implanted the soul of the good Raven. This caused Starfire to leave Earth in order to escape from the evil Raven, who implanted seeds into several other superheroes. The Titans were able to defeat her with the help of Phantasm. Raven returned later, still evil, in order to destroy the good version of herself implanted in Starfire. The Titans defeated her once again, for the last time. The good Raven became a being of golden energy without a physical body.

Then Geoff Johns got a hold of her and she kinda went down from there. And do not get me started on Winnick.


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