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Your Top Teens part 53

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 22 2009 and posted in Features

From now till #11, you will only get two characters per entry...


22. Static (112 points - 3 first place slots)

static.jpgVirgil is just a nerdy teenager, attending Ernest Hemingway High School, with a fetish for comic books and role-playing board games. His only problem was being ridiculed and bullied, mainly by his rival Francis Stone, also known as Biz-Money-B, later becoming Hotstreak. After taking a beating from him, Larry Wade, a close friend, asks him to meet him at Paris Island, the most dangerous section of Dakota. Once there, Larry hands Virgil a gun in order to pay back Francis from earlier. But, he couldn't bring himself to do it, and with that, he tosses the gun into the water. There was one problem. Virgil was present at the Big Bang, a large brawl between rival gangs, but at the same time, the police arrived and unleashed a tear gas, spiked with chemicals to track any gang members that tried to slip away. Things backfired, and the gas proved harmful. Out of over 500 gang members, only 10% of the people exposed to the gas survived, either mutating into monstrous creatures or gaining super human powers and abilities, and leaving the rest on their deathbed. When Virgil was exposed to the gas, he gains electromagnetic powers, and unwillingly dismantles police robots with his powers before making his escape from Paris Island. Later, he decides to become a superhero, naming himself Static.

One of his best friends, Frieda Goren, later finds out that Virgil is Static, after he takes yet another beating from Francis, who is now Hotstreak (Who, in turn, is defeated by Static in later confrontations). She later becomes more of a confidant then a friend to him, as she keeps his secret safe. His other close friend, Rick Stone, later comes out as homosexual. At first, Virgil is unable to deal with Rick's homosexuality, but later comes to deal with his homophobia to save Rick and a bunch of other homosexuals from a gay bashing being orchestrated by Hotstreak and his cohorts... In desperation, Rick shoots Hotstreak, and his status is left unknown throughout the series.

At one point in the series, Static and some of his Dakota-verse comrades are sent to the DC Universe to team up with its respective superheroes (Most notably Superman, Superboy, and Steel) during the Worlds Collide event, a cross-over between Milestone and DC Comics. They team up against a villain named Rift, and he is later defeated when Static uses his powers to trap him and send the heroes back to their universes.

During his career as a superhero, Virgil begins to deal with relationship problems. One of his well-known relationships was with Daisy Watkins, but because of lack of commitment on Virgil's part, it didn't last. He had a flirtatious attraction with Dusk, a teen vigilante with powers unknown. They patrolled the streets together, even while Virgil was with Daisy, unknown to her. During a drug bust, Static ended up finding out that one of his close friends, Larry, was a drug dealer and on the run from enemy gangs. He let him go because of his friendship with him. But, while trying to protect Dusk from being killed by gang members, Larry was killed in cold blood. Static erupted in rage, and brutally beat every gang member in the street, responsible for Larry's death.

After Larry's funeral, Virgil told Frieda that he was going to give up his identity as a superhero, but Dusk managed to talk him out of that, and told him that she had to leave the city, after being wanted for murder.

Static later joined the team, Heroes, a ragtag group of superheroes from Dakota. Around this time, Virgil is in a relationship with a girl named Madison. But, she and Frieda end up fighting over him. Later, he and the Heroes face off against Tower, a man with the power to steal powers of other superheroes who has been kidnapping Bang-Babies. With Static's cunning, he managed to gain the upper hand, and defeat Tower, with the help of other Bang-Babies.

Static has the ability to project, channel, generate, manipulate and absorb raw electromagnetic energy, mainly being able to generate electricity from his body and fire powerful lightning bolts from his hands. He can generate electromagnetic shields from his body, to protect himself from bullets and other projectiles, and he can also generate repulsion fields to that repel nearly anything. He can manipulate magnetic fields, and magnetically lift metal objects, sometimes weighing many tons (anywhere from cars to helicopters). He can use his powers to magnetize and demagnetize objects, and broadcast his voice over speakers nearby. He can also cover his fist with electromagnetic energy, and employ them in the use of melee attacks. He can also use electromagnetic energy to cling people and/or things to surfaces, dubbing it a "Static-Cling." He can also use it to charge and levitate non-metal objects, but sometimes he can't. Static's maximum power level is unknown, but he's able to generate at least 20,000 volts of power. Static uses a reinforced piece of steel to flight, controlling it via electromagnetic levitation. He was once able to generate enough electrical power to travel at the speed of lightning (anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 the speed of light). Static possesses some level of mind control resistance, having been able to eventually resist the control of the Anti-Life equation.

21. Jughead Jones (115 points - 5 first place slots)

jughead.gif"What's not to love about Jughead? He's the original geek. And the best part? He didn't give a damn if people thought he was a geek. He loves food and loves hanging out with his friends. Archie may run around like an idiot drooling over Betty & Veronica, meanwhile Jughead plays it cool, eats a burger and lets the women come to him. (And remember when he got that yellow arrow tied in a knot on his crown/cap? Women DID start coming to him!) But think about it--who dislikes Jughead? NOBODY. Has Moose ever threatened Jughead? Has Reggie ever tried to scam Jughead? Has Mr. Weatherbee or Miss Grundy ever put him in detention? (Well, probably, but Archie is likely to blame.) The point is, Jughead is the one character that everybody would be fine hanging with, or emulating."

Jughead Jones real name is Forsythe Pendleton Jones lll, although in the comics, he is often referred to as Jug, Juggy, or mainly Jughead. His character is known for his trademark sweatshirt with a letter S on the front and his beanie hat. He first appeared in Pep Comics in the year 1941. Often he is seen lying about and relaxing or eating. He shows little to no interest in girls often saying “I find food to be a better companion.” Even though he demonstrates unhealthy eating habits his athleticism has been proved. Often times he is seen running from Ethel or racing to the front of the lunch line. He has been asked to join various sports teams at the high school he attends, Riverdale High, but has not been able to stick to the sport. He lives in the fictional town of Riverdale. His family includes his father Forsythe Pendleton Jones Jr., his mother, Gladys Jones, and his sister, Jellybean Jones. He is able to run very fast, perhaps as he runs from Ethel and often run to the head of the canteen food collecting line.

Jughead also is very intelligent. He is 2nd in intelligence to Dilton and is often shown outsmarting and tricking Reggie mantle. Often during the toughest of times, he speaks out fixing the situation with a few simple words. At school he tends to stay out of trouble, but he frustrates the teachers with his nonchalant attitude. They find it odd that he does well in school without putting in any type of serious effort. Jughead remains unfazed by the exasperated teachers and remains true to his nonchalant nature. For a long time the mystery in the Archie comics was what was Jughead’s real name. Jughead was trying to hide the fact that his name was Forsythe after his ancestor a great American hero.

Jughead has quite the obsession with food. In almost all of his appearances he is eating or about to eat something. Despite his eating habits,

He remains the same size, only sporting a rather enlarged stomach after eating a big load. Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shoppe is a frequently visited by Jughead. He often accumulates large tabs. He also has an amazing sense of smell. It allows him to identify any type of food, even unopened food from a can. His other talents include being a Revered Food Critic with perfect taste and a Gourmet Cook. In one story, it was accounted to the fact that he had an amazing metabolism that causes him to stay thin despite eating so much food. While in another story, it is said that the food is used for as brain food and his brain burns up the large amount of food, causing him to be very smart and him to be very thin.

It is rare to see a comic issue that doesn’t have Jughead wearing his signature Beanie. Nowadays the hat is not popular but among the 1930s -40s the hat was in style. The dot and dash that adorn the hat are Morse code for the letter “A”. It is revealed that he has a large collection of these hats for fear of getting one lost. In one story, the hat he wears changes his personality.


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