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Your Top Teens part 54

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, October 22 2009 and posted in Features

Top 20. How do you feel? I said HOW DO YOU FEEL?!?!


20. Boy Blue (119 points - 3 first place slots)

boyblue.jpg"Really, I don’t have to say anything about him, do I? You’re posting on a comic book message board, so I’m sure you’ve read about Fables’ reluctant warrior and tragic hero, right? I mean, you have to know about this character who we first met as Snow White’s meek assistant, only to later find out about his history as a war hero. You thrilled to his one manned invasion of the homelands to take on the Adversary and was moved by his sad, eventual fate, didn’t you? And if you haven’t, what the hell is wrong with you?"

Before coming to Fabletown, Boy Blue was an active fighter against the Adversary. He joined the fight during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte (whose campaigns Blue thinks were caused by some sort of "sympathetic magic" from the Fable worlds). This was at the tail end of the Adversary's campaign against the European fables, with most of them having either escaped to the mundane world, been enslaved or killed.

Blue fought with Colonel Bearskin's Free Company, eventually becoming the colonel's aide-de-camp. He survived "Boxen, Ruby Lake, Oakcourt, and the hellish rout at Hollyfield", among others. His last battle was a defense of the castle guarding the last portal to the mundane world. A ragtag force, including Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, were to hold the fort while a single ship took as many people as possible to the new world.

The day before the battle, a woman who claimed to be Red Riding Hood rode into the fort nearly dead from arrow wounds. She and Blue quickly became infatuated with each other, to the extent that she suggested that Friar Tuck should marry them so that Blue would have a seat on the last ship. Citing his duty, he refused. Arriving for battle in the morning, he learned his new orders: he would observe the battle from a high parapet and, at the appropriate time, would use a powerful item known as the Witching Cloak to teleport himself to the ship. Fabletown needed to know what had happened, Bearskin told him, and he wanted Blue and Riding Hood to be together. Unfortunately, when Blue arrived on the ship, he discovered that Riding Hood was not there. Not wanting to live without him, she had given up her spot and stayed behind.

Boy Blue serves as Snow White's office gopher and clerk. His monkey Bufkin is Fabletown's librarian. Blue is one of Fabletown's most skilled musicians; he takes his horn with him everywhere. He will occasionally try to get gigs in Harlem jazz and blues clubs, but is always told that he is too young, too white or "too hayseed". His roommate is Pinocchio; the two of them, along with Flycatcher are best friends. Blue seems to live a typical "nerdy" lifestyle, avidly reading comic books and playing board games. He wears Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Blue's life changed after Red Riding Hood suddenly appeared in Fabletown, claiming to have recently escaped the Adversary. She was initially angry at Blue, claiming that he had abandoned her to the Adversary's forces. However, she soon sought him out and said she was sorry and wanted to resume their relationship. After a sexual encounter, he realized that she was not the Riding Hood he remembered (it transpired that she was Baba Yaga using Red's form as a mystical disguise). Along with three wooden soldiers, she interrogated him under severe torture for several days, breaking all his fingers, before having the soldiers deliver him, along with a message from the Adversary, to the Woodlands business office.

Against Snow's objections, Blue had Dr. Swineheart patch him up and bind the Vorpal Sword to his hand so that he could fight in the Battle of Fabletown where he was injured by gunfire. Dr. Swineheart continued to rehabilitate him, doing so good a job that Blue was able to play his horn again.

With the election of Prince Charming as mayor, Blue resigned from the government. One night, he abruptly left for the Homelands, taking the Vorpal Sword, the Witching Cloak and Pinocchio's body. Using the full capabilities of the Witching Cloak (it provided impregnable armor; could not be burnt, stretched or ripped; and allowed a large degree of shape-shifting), Blue cut a swath of destruction across the Homelands. He killed thousands of soldiers, killed and impersonated multiple governors (always ordering his underlings to lower tax rates), slew a dragon through cleverness and guile, and defeated the three knights of the Rus. The knights were magically connected to Baba Yaga; the fact that their decapitated heads kept talking alerted Blue to the fact that she was still alive and a prisoner of Fabletown.

During the Emperor's bimonthly public address, Blue impersonated a peasant sweeping in front of the throne. This got him close enough to decapitate the Emperor. But before he could escape, the Snow Queen encased him in a block of ice. He woke up without any of his magical equipment, imprisoned in Geppetto's cabin and soon (in exchange for Pinocchio's body) learned the full story behind the Empire's rise. Geppetto also promised to bring him Riding Hood, but this brought a nasty shock: the version Blue had known at the castle had been another copy of the original, who had no idea who he was. A heartbroken Blue called the Witching Cloak to him and slew Geppetto's guards, before he made his escape back to Fabletown (along with Riding Hood).

Unbeknownst to the Fabletown community (which thought Blue had stolen its valuable magical devices), Blue had been on a mission from Prince Charming. In addition to its other properties, the Witching Cloak had infinite storage space. Blue emptied every library in the Homelands, bringing Fabletown hundreds of volumes of intelligence. Unfortunately, this could not be made public, so Blue had to stand trial. He was sentenced to two years of hard labor at the Farm, Fabletown's upstate annex for non-human looking Fables. Rose Red, the Farm's administrator, considered him a hero, and thus defined "hard labor" in very loose, general terms. Blue was last seen leading the construction of Bigby's house in Wolf Valley and serving as Bigby's best man when he married Snow. There have been hints in recent issues that Blue and Rose Red are getting romantically attached to each other.

19. Kitty Pryde (128 points - 4 first place slots)


"Awesome character."

"Kitty was a breath of fresh air to the X-Men when she joined. Smart, kind, and fun to watch grow into a competent heroine."

Kitty was born in Deerfield, Illinois. When she was 13 years old she began getting headaches which were the result of her mutant powers starting to manifest. Both the Hellfire Club and Professor X pursued Kitty to get her to join their cause. Kitty did not like Emma Frost or her attitude which made Kitty feel uncomfortable around her. It was an easy decision for Kitty to go with Xavier and the few X-Men accompanying him. One of the X-Men in that group was Storm, and they quickly became friends. Storm told Kitty about herself and about what the X-Men fought for. The X-Men were abruptly attacked by mercenaries sent by Emma Frost. The X-Men battled them and defeated them easily, but Emma used her telepathy to freeze everyone. Kitty was able to slip away during the confusion and was able to contact Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler. They arrived soon after and Kitty helped them rescue the captured X-Men.

When Kitty's parents got worried about their daughter who had been missing for a day, Xavier brought her back and to her furious parents. Kitty's parents would not allow their daughter to join Xavier's school and hated him for the danger they felt he represented to their daughter. Jean then erased their memories and replaced them with false ones, thus changing their perception of Professor Xavier. Kitty was then allowed to join the team and became the youngest X-Man ever.

While being an X-Man Kitty Pryde developed feelings for Colossus. She also became close friends with his sister Illyana Rasputin. Kitty was also uncomfortable around mutants with irregular physical features such as Nightcrawler. Eventually she overcame this problem as she got to know him, and the two became close friends. During a mission in space, Kitty befriended an alien dragon named Lockheed. They gained a psychic bond with each other and Lockheed became extremely loyal to Kitty. As a result, the two are nearly inseparable.

Kitty began dating Colossus but their relationship wouldn't last long. Colossus developed feelings for an alien named Zsaji who he met during the Secret Wars. At first he thought the feelings were due to the side-effects of her healing powers but when he returned to Earth, he realized that his feelings were true and he started to grieve since she had died. He confessed to Kitty that he had not been faithful and cheated on her with Zsaji, this ultimately ended their relationship.

When Kitty's father, Carmen Pryde, runs into trouble with the Yakuza, Kitty went to Japan to investigate. She was kidnapped and brainwashed by a mob boss and a ninja named Ogun. They made her into an assassin and she single-handily killed entire groups of ninja. Ogun then ordered her to kill Wolverine. Kitty nearly did kill Wolverine before his friend, Yukio, knocked her senses back. She realized that she had been turned into a killing machine and wanted to run away. Wolverine stopped her and forced her to face her problem. Kitty, Wolverine, and Yukio then battled Ogun and defeated him. Kitty decided not to kill him which revealed to Wolverine that she was herself again. Ogun tried to kill her but was impaled on Wolverine's claws as he passed through the phased Kitty. Together, Wolverine and Kitty helped her father and then returned to New York City. The two of them have since developed a big brother/little sister relationship. Kitty also adopted the code name Shadowcat after this event.


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