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Your Top Teens part 57

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, October 23 2009 and posted in Features

Another character I like, and another I do not...


14. Beast Boy (155 points - 6 first place slots)
"The humorous part of the TT. Without him, what would they have done?"

"My second-favorite character in American comics, period. He's not always lucky enough to be well written, to show up a lot or to be treated with some kind of respect by the writer, but screw it, he's still a great character and will remain one of my favorites no matter what."

Biologists Mark and Marie Logan took their two year old son Garfield with them to the African country of Upper Lamumba, where they were conducting research on genetic codes. Gar came down with a rare tropical disease that was believed only animals could survive. In a desperate move to save his son, Professor Logan treated Gar with an untested machine which he originally developed to isolate the common genetic bond shared between humans and animals.

Gar managed recovered, but a side effect turned his skin green. A few years later, Marie Logan was threatened by a deadly Black Mamba snake, and Gar's desire to rescue his mother brought forth his powers, changing him into a mongoose. Several years later, his parents died in a boating accident, an incident which Gar still feels he could have prevented. After the death of his parents, Gar was raised by King Tawaba, a friend of the Logans and chief of the local tribe. Mobu, the tribe's witch doctor, had hated the Logans so much that he arranged for two Americans to kill Gar in exchange for Mobu revealing the whereabouts of a temple containing fabulous treasure. The temple collapsed and killed Mobu, but the two American looters rescued Gar and brought him back to the U.S. in order to force him to commit crimes for them. The two men eventually killed each other, and the courts set out to appoint a legal guardian for Gar.

It was decided that Gar's guardian would be Nicholas Galtry, an evil man who was the attorney for the Logan estate. While the young Logan was missing in Africa, Galtry had embezzled funds from Gar's inheritance. When Gar was found, Galtry plotted to kill the boy and have all the wealth for himself.

Gar hated Galtry, but things took a change for the better when he met Rita also known as Elasti-Girl Farr of the Doom Patrol and Steve Dayton also known as Mento . Gar tried to join the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans, but was rejected from both groups because he needed his guardian's permission; Galtry was not aware of Gar's identity as Beast Boy. A bitter Gar happened upon an evil circus owner who immediately used Gar as his star attraction and thief. A hypnotized Beast Boy, in the shape of an albino baboon, mesmerized the crowds into turning over their money and jewels. The Teen Titans discovered the ruse and, after battling Gar as a giant gorilla/boa-constrictor, put an end to the criminal activities.
Eventually, Gar began working alongside the Doom Patrol, so Galtry secured the services of various villains in attempts to kill Gar and the Doom Patrol. Once Rita Farr and Steve Dayton were married, the couple adopted Gar as their son after winning a court battle against Nicholas Galtry.

Gar was allowed to work alongside the Doom Patrol and served well until the Patrol was killed by Madame Rouge and General Zahl. Needing a change of scenery and wanting more from his life, Gar left home and traveled to Hollywood where he became an actor in the television show Space Trek, 2022, playing an alien metamorph named Tork. Both Gar's acting ability and the show's episodes were less than memorable, and soon Gar found himself out of a job and looking for a place to stay.

Out of work after the series cancellation, Gar was reunited with his high-school girlfriend, Jillian Jackson, only to have the criminal known as Arsenal return and kidnap her. Trailing the armored villain to his castle hideout, Beast Boy discovered that the Arsenal was actually his former guardian, Galtry, who had hired the original Arsenal to eliminate the Doom Patrol and who had now usurped that costumed criminal's identity himself. His goal was to hold Jillian for ransom and regain the money he had lost when Gar Logan's guardianship had been taken from him. Gar was unable to attain the needed ransom money. Galtry then left him trapped in an airtight room while he attempted to get the ransom paid by Jillian's father instead. Escaping, Beast Boy battled Galtry/Arsenal, shattered the villain's armored costume, and defeated him.

After changing his name to Changeling on the advice of his public relations team, Gar became an official member of the New Teen Titans.

Gar’s adopted father Dayton continued to perfect his helmet and helped out the Doom Patrol, until their deaths at the hands of Madame Rouge and General Zahl. Dayton vowed vengeance and spent much time and money in search of his wife's killers only to be captured by them. Several months after Dayton's disappearance, Gar Logan, now Changeling, asked Robotman to help him find Mento. The two old friends, plus Gar's new friends, the Teen Titans, rescued Mento from General Zahl and Madame Rouge; both villains died in the ensuing battle.

As a member of the New Teen Titans, Gar often felt insecure compared to the other older, more confident members. He often masked this insecurity with humor. Gar also forged a close friendship with fellow Titan, Vic Stone (Cyborg) due to them both looking different, the two quickly became best friends. Changeling's time with the Titans has had its rough spots. He fell in love with Terra, a sociopathic teenaged girl who was working for the Titan’s arch nemesis Deathstroke the Terminator. Terra pretended to like Gar while she infiltrated the Titans. After Terra died in battle, Gar went berserk with grief and sought revenge against the Terminator. Gar refused to acknowledge Terra's duplicity until he learned from the Terminator that it was Terra who had killed King Tawaba.

Gar’s ex-girlfriend Jillian Jackson returned from boarding school in Europe and re-entered Gar's life. She was able to ease some of his loneliness and bitterness following the death of Terra, they resumed their romantic relationship.

Sometime later, Gar's adopted father, Steve Dayton confined himself to a wheelchair and began using a combination of his mental powers and Promethium to create this new Doom Patrol, which he called the Hybrid. The demented Dayton blamed Gar for the original Patrol's deaths, and used the Hybrid to attack Gar and the Titans. After a series of battles, Raven cured Dayton of his dementia and his cancer. Steve and Gar have resumed their father and son relationship, but Dayton forbade Gar from participating in any more of the Titans' adventures until his grades improved. Gar began to attend public school and took a leave of absence from the Titans.

13. Magik (156 points - 5 first place slots)
"Can you get more exotic than a Russian teenage mutant that spent her adolescence in a demon realm? Magik is the hot bad girl, who could either give you a hug or stab you with her Soulsword. Is she dangerous? Hell, yes, but when does that ever a bad thing, especially for teenagers?"

"I really hate when characters have "relatives" that come out of nowhere with powers as well i.e.: Husk, but Magik here is one of the few exceptions. I loved her in New Mutants, I love the impact of her death, but not much of a fan bringing her back."

"She kicked ass in Asgardian Wars."

"Soul Sword FTW"

The younger sister of the X-Man Colossus, Illyana came to live with her brother after being kidnapped by the eccentric assassin Arcade. Months later, the sorcerer Belasco captured Illyana and held her prisoner in the pocket dimension Otherplace, a.k.a. Limbo. Belasco turned a portion of her soul demonic in nature, and in the process conjured a “bloodstone” gem from her soul. When Belasco conjured five such gems, Illyana, who would have transformed into the entirely demonic Darkchilde, would serve as the means by which Belasco’s demon masters, Chthon and the N'Garai, could conquer Earth.

Belasco’s spell gave Illyana considerable magical power, and she nearly killed him, but decided not to give in to her demonic side and drove him from Otherplace, becoming its new leader. Illyana returned to Earth at a point only seconds after the X-Men’s escape from Otherplace. However, whereas only seconds had passed for the X-Men, Illyana had aged seven years in Otherplace and was now 13 years old. She then joined the team of superhuman mutant trainees the New Mutants as Magik.

Belasco’s former servant S’ym later seized control of Otherplace and spearheaded an invasion of Earth. In an effort to defeat him, Illyana retroactively erased her existence as Magik by using her mutant powers to alter time, and as a result the invasion effectively never took place. Illyana emerged from the enchantment as her younger self, possessing no magical abilities and having a pure soul. Ultimately, Illyana contracted the deadly mutant-killing Legacy Virus and died. It was later revealed that her eldest brother Mikhail had actually given her the Virus after the past New Mutants travelled into the future to meet their present-day counterparts.

Illyana Rasputin has the mutant ability to create and control teleportation energies in the form of "stepping disc's". These yellow rings of glowing light, once created, provide the ability to teleport. Not only just herself but a group of individuals as well, to a multitude of different places including through both time and space. The only limitation to her teleportation power is that she much use Limbo as her stopping point prior to her final destination, where-ever that may be. Magik can also teleport herself or others into her domain, Limbo or "Hell" dimension or out of it. As Limbo is her domain, Illyana is able to mentally scan Limbo, while on Earth in order to locate whomever she wishes to teleport to Earth from it.
Magik has succeeded in teleporting herself and another person across a continent on one occasion, and across centuries in time on another. However, Magik has not yet mastered her teleportation ability. The greater the distance over which she teleports, the greater the possible margin of error in terms of her arriving at the point in time she desires. Hence, when she once teleported herself and a friend from New York to California, hoping to arrive within seconds of the time she left, Magik and her friend instead arrived one week later, having accidentally traveled into the future. Magik is continuously practicing the use of her teleportation power in order to master it. Although already quite adept in the use of the mutant powers she still has a lot to learn especially considering how new she is to them.

In terms of potential Illyana's is nearly limitless. She was once told by Dr. Strange that she had the potential for great feats of manipulating time on a very wide scale. Never one to accept the status quo, Illyana continuously and regularly practices the use of her mutant powers in order to master them and have them grow in strength.

As a result of the time Illyana was forced to spend in Limbo, she was permanently changed both physically and mentally. She would spend a total of 6 years in Limbo during which she would learn valuable skills and abilities taught to her by different teachers that would help her in becoming the future Sorceress Supreme & Ruler of Limbo, that she was destined to become.


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