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Your Top Teens OPC part 2

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, October 26 2009 and posted in Features

More one pointers for ya...


Elsie Dee
Elsie-Dee was created along with her counterpart, Albert (a robot double of Wolverine), by Donald Pierce. These androids were designed to kill Wolverine. The Wolverine double was to act as the bait and Elsie-Dee (who outwardly appears to be a 5 year old girl) was to trap Wolverine in a burning building were she would detonate with sufficient force to kill him.

The plan fails because one of Pierces' henchmen, Bonebreaker, accidentally gives Elsie-Dee the maximum artificial intelligence one of Pierce's automatons was capable of, instead of the intended intellect of a 5 year old. As a result Elsie-Dee eventually finds a way to defuse her detonation sequence. She also enhances the primitive intelligence of her counterpart, giving him intelligence beyond even hers. They meet and battle Wolverine in the skies over New York. She and her counterpart decide that he was a noble person and did not deserve to die and consequently abandon their mission.

At one point Else-Dee is responsible for reviving Sabretooth. The murderous mutant had been left for dead in the sewers and her casual misstep forced his neck back into place, allowing his healing factor to finish the job.

The two robots risk their existences several times for each other and for Wolverine. At some point they travel in time and have several adventures, eventually gaining an AI stealth bomber and the companionship of the 'Hunter in Darkness'. Hunter is white-haired wolf-like creature whom Wolverine twice rescues from confinement, which Elsie-Dee dubs "Puppy". Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Bouncing Boy
He is Chuck Taine of Earth, and he has the power to inflate like a ball and bounce. He received his powers when he accidentally drank a super plastic formula which he thought was soda pop. He first appeared in Action Comics #276 (May 1961).

He married fellow Legionnaire Duo Damsel in Superboy #200 and then left active service as a Legionnaire to become a Legion reservist, appearing only sporadically thereafter until Zero Hour. During his period as reservist, he and Duo Damsel were also in charge of training recruits to the Legion's Academy.

In the post Zero Hour reboot continuity, he was Charles Foster Taine (Chuck for short) who was the Legion's resident architect and engineer. He has not received bouncing powers in this continuity and was only an honorary member of the Legion. As a maintenance man, he once built a specialty vehicle called the "Bouncing Boy" which acted as a bouncing juggernaut, smashing anything in its way.

The name "Charles Foster Taine" is a reference to the classic 1941 feature film, Citizen Kane and its title character, Charles Foster Kane.

He has yet to appear in the "Threeboot" version of the Legion, which began in 2004.

The Post-Infinite Crisis version of Bouncing Boy appeared in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. Missing in action during most of the miniseries, he and his wife, now known as Duplicate Damsel, finally show up in the final issue to help end the battle against Superboy Prime and Co. and then rejoin the Legion.

Richie Rich
Richie is the only child of fantastically wealthy parents and is the world's richest kid. He lives and works in an expensive mansion and owns at least two of everything money could buy. He appears to be around 7-10 years old, wears a waistcoat with a white shirt with an Eton collar, which is obscured by a giant red bow tie, and blue shorts. He occasionally attends school in his hometown of Richville. Despite any negative stereotypes associated with his incredible wealth, Richie is portrayed as kind and charitable.

Beginning in 1980, Richie Rich appeared in his own Saturday morning cartoon show, Richie Rich. He was voiced by Sparky Marcus. The show aired on The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show from 1980–82 and The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show from 1982–84. In the animated version, Richie and his pals are somewhat older, around 12 years old. In the cartoon, Richie wears a red sweater with the letter "R" in front.

In 1996, the second and most recent Richie Rich animated television series aired in non-network syndication, starring Katie Leigh as the voice of the titular character. The series ran for 13 episodes and portrayed Richie in his "classic" tuxedo outfit.

In a crossover on The Simpsons Richie Rich takes the place of his friend Bart Simpson in a clip from the episode "Disorder in the Court". In another episode Bart and Lisa read a Richie Rich comic book and, noticing the facial similarity between Rich and Casper, speculate that maybe Richie became disenchanted with his wealth and killed himself.


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