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Your Top Teens part 60

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, October 28 2009 and posted in Features

The Speedster batch. Seriously.


7. Bart Allen (218 points - 12 first place slots)

"No. Doubt."

"This is how a young kid with super powers would act like, crazy, impulsive, and a little out of control. Bart brings fun and humor into the DCU while still being able to be a responsible hero with character depth. An example of his depth would be when he was shot in the leg by Deathstroke and as Cyborg was in the hospital with him Bart's only thought was that he did not want to disappoint his mentor, Wally, From his relationship with Young Justice and later the Teens Titans Bart has earned a spot on this list."

"The best speedster ever."

"Because how rare is it to see a happy, rambunctious kid in comics?"

"Impulse, Kid Flash... it doesn't really matter what costume he's wearing, the evolution of Bart Allen has always been really interesting to me."

"Fun, Funny, and with a heart of gold. Everything I love in comics."

"Cool when Geoff writes him."

"Nuff said!"

"A fun loving.....impulsive kid as some people would say. I'm glad they brought him back."

"Bart was one of the best DC characters in the 90s. He was the condensed living embodiment of that era's pop culture: A.D.D., video games and a smart mouth. With all of the stuffed shirts and overblown egos in the DCU, Bart was a refreshing change of pace. He was running a mile-a-second, and his mouth was running even faster. Bart brought fun, life and perspective to the DCU; it's a damn shame DC took all that away, isn't it?"

I have a quote for ya...


Bart was born in the late 30 Century and was the son of Don Allen ([son of Barry Allen) and Meloni Thawne. Bart was born with his grandfather’s super speed, this came with its down falls, Bart suffered from a hyper-accelerated metabolism, this meant that Bart was aging a lot faster that a normal person for example when he was 2 years old he looked physically 12. To stop Bart from developing mental problems, Bart was placed in a virtual reality simulator which creates a virtual world that kept pace with his growth.

When it became clear that the simulator was not working his grandmother, Iris Allen decided to take Bart into the past [our present] to see her nephew, Wally West in hopes Wally would have a solution to his cousins problems. Wally made Bart use his super speed at new levels this extreme burst of speed shocked Bart’s metabolism back to normal. Because Bart spent most of his childhood in the reality simulator Bart had no concept of danger and would often act before thinking. Bart proved too much to handle for Wally so Wally passed him over to the veteran speedster Max Mercury. Max moved to, there he taught Bart about the Speed Force and how to use his powers responsibly.

Batman gave Bart the name Impulse as a warning not a compliment. Bart joined the Teen Titans in his early career before going on to be one of the founding member’s of Young Justice along with Robin (Tim Drake) and Superboy. For a time, Impulse came into the possession of a space ship gave to him by a rich man in thanks for saving his castle. The team used the ship to reunite Doiby Dickles with his queen and restore the rightful rule of Myrg. Impulse stayed with Young Justice for a long time becoming best friend with Tim Drake and Superboy.
During his time with Young Justice Bart discovered he had the ability to make speed force duplicates of himself the that he can send through the time stream, they could remain in their selected place for a certain amount of time before they had to return to Bart and when they returned they would rebound with Bart and Bart would learn everything his “clones” learned but when one of his duplicates got killed Bart got the trauma from it. Bart would not use the power again.

When Max disappeared, Bart was taken in by Jay Garrick, the golden age Flash, and his wife Joan. Bart would continued his training with Jay and Wally and prove himself as an excellent hero. When Young Justice disbanded, Bart joined a new roster of Titans along with Robin and Superboy.

Shortly after he joined the Titans, Bart is shot in the knee by Deathstroke. Bart had to have a prosthetic one, while recovering Bart read every book in the San Francisco library, While in the hospital re-invented himself as Kid Flash (although he was still a goof). Once he healed he returned, the prosthetic knee did not affect his running. Wally did not approve of Bart taking the mantle of Kid Flash, he thought Bart hadn't earned it but Bart would prove Wally wrong many times over. After Superboy-Prime attacked Conner Kent (Superboy) in Smallville and injured or killed many Teen Titans, Bart joined with Flashes Wally West and Jay Garrick to stop the rampage of Superboy-Prime by running him at top speed into the Speed Force. Jay reached his limit before entering the Speed Force and Wally turned into energy and vanished, leaving Bart alone with Superboy-Prime. Barry Allen, Johnny Quick and Max Mercury, all of whom had previously been absorbed into the Speed Force, appeared and aided Bart. After taking Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force, Barry told Bart that "Wally is waiting for you". After they disappeared, Jay claimed that the Speed Force was gone.

6. Wally West (305 points - 7 first place slots)

"Better as an adult than a teen, but Wally still belongs on this list. One of the 5 best costumes of all time, super speed (always a great power), and a guy with plenty of other personality traits to give him character: humor, staunch right-winger, hero-worshipper, etc."

"Wally is one of my most favorite characters in all of comics as the Flash; that doesn't take away from his Kid Flash years at all. At some points he may not have been the confident man he is now, but still, he was a great Kid Flash."

"Nuff Said."

"The growth of a legend begins as a teenager following his mentor."

"Even though the greatest point in Wally's career (to me) is when he grew up and accepted his responsibilities, I do enjoy his old Kid Flash stories quite a bit."

"He wasn't Bart level awesome as a teen, but I always enjoyed reading him."

He beat Bart, that’s all that matters.

Wally West was the nephew of Iris West, fiancée of Barry Allen who was, unknown to her at the time, The Flash of Central City. Wally grew up in a small town called Blue Valley with emotionally distant parents, and dreamed of living in Central City and perhaps one day meeting his hero, The Flash. Wally was only close to one relative, his father's sister Iris.

One summer, Iris offered to let Wally stay in Central City with her. Wally gladly took the chance to get out of his hometown and away from his parents, and looked forward to the excitement of the big city. Iris introduced Wally to Barry, whom Wally thought was dull and uninteresting - until Barry offered to introduce Wally to The Flash.

Barry used some simple super-speed tricks to pull off the double identity, and gave Wally the surprise of his life. In Barry's lab, The Flash told Wally about how he had gotten his powers - a stray bolt of lightning that hit a rack of chemicals, which in turn hit him.

A bolt of lightning struck chemicals which spilled on Wally granted him super-speed powers similar to Barry's. This was the exact same way in which Barry received his powers! Wally would later find out that the Speed Force used these accidents as a cover to grant super-speed powers to both him and Barry.

Barry revealed his dual identity to Wally and a new partnership was forged. Wally became Flash's sidekick, Kid Flash. Initially, Wally wore a costume mirroring Barry's. As a strategic decision during a battle, Flash altered Wally's costume to a primarily-yellow design. After the battle, Wally chose to keep the costume, and wore it through his whole career as Kid Flash.

Wally enjoyed many adventures with Barry and quickly established himself as a good hero, a few years after becoming Kid Flash, Wally met fellow hero’s Robin and Aqualad, they joined together to stop the menace of Mr. Twister. It was the first time the sidekicks joined forces. Their second meeting was more eventful: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, now joined by Wonder Girl and Speedy, fought against their mentors, who had been possessed by the evil Antithesis. At this second meeting, the five youngsters decided to become a team and the Teen Titans were born! Robin naturally became the leader of the original Teen Titans. The sidekicks would continue to operate with their mentors, as well as spending time with their peers in the Teen Titans.

Kid Flash eventually left the group to focus on school, while also continuing a part-time solo career and partnership with the Flash on a handful of cases. Wonder Girl eventually persuaded him to rejoin the team. Wally had a crush on Donna and made a halfhearted attempt to date her, even though she was involved with Speedy at the time. Nothing ever came of this attraction. After a case involving Titans West, this incarnation of the team disbanded and Wally returned to Blue Valley to continue his college career.

Some months later, Raven banded together of group of New Teen Titans to help her battle her demon-father, Trigon. Initially, Wally was disinterested in joining the team. Raven used her emotion-manipulating powers to make Wally fall in love with her – and in turn, he joined this new group of Teen Titans. Wally was consistently protective of Raven, and came to blows with Robin when he challenged her true motives.

After an encounter with the Justice League, Zatanna revealed Raven's manipulation of Kid Flash. He was angry and heart broken. Even though the Titans eventually came to her aid and ultimately defeated Trigon, Wally had a hard time dealing with Raven's deception. Complicating matters, even without her influence, Wally realized he really was in love with Raven.

Shortly after this, Wally's high school sweetheart, Frances Kane, reentered his life. Frances' mother believed she was possessed by a demon; in truth, she had mutant magnetic powers. The Titans were able to deduce this although her mother still rejected her, fearing what her daughter had become. Frances resolved to learn more about controlling these powers. She also revealed to Kid Flash that she knew he was Wally West.

Wally grew increasingly unsure of his decision to continue as a member of the Titans. His discomfort with Raven and Frances' encouragement led him to leave the team and return to school in Blue Valley.


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