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Your Top Teens Finale

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, October 28 2009 and posted in Features

Here we go, the final three. Which teen will reign supreme? It all ends here...


3. Dick Grayson (447 points - 11 first place slots)

"He was the original, the first, and everything after is nothing more than a pale comparison."

"Dick is a golden boy, perhaps his only fault is the lack of dimensions he had at his early years."


"While I actually prefer him as Nightwing. But he was a great Robin. While I like Tim Drake, and am starting to like Damien, Dick felt more like a typical teen. Girl crazy. Rebellious. Fun. I loved Robin: Year One."

"The first and original. Almost the best, but I still love Tim more."

"To be honest I didn't really enjoy reading about Robin until he was an adult, but the Teen Wonder was really the first teen-aged superhero, and that's gotta count for something."

"He was the first Robin and one of my favorite characters."

"This guy has been there from the beginning well more like the Forties and has endured to this day. We've seen him grow and develop from a sidekick to a superhero in his own right to becoming the GODDAMM BATMAN. PLUS HE HASN'T BEEN KILLED OFF BY DC."

"The original and still greatest sidekick of all time, the character find of 1940 gets my vote for top teen. Yeah, like I was ever gonna vote for anybody else. From his inception though the wacky years and campy TV and cartoons through his aborted attempt at college to his growth and maturation as leader of the Teen Titans, Dick/Robin is the light to Batman's dark, the epitome of what usually draws kids to superheroes (the idea that being one would actually be FUN). He's the DCU's greatest acrobat, in its top 10 detectives and fighters and escape artists, and arguably its best leader. Even if he did wear speedos and pixie boots for his teen years..."

"IMO, Tim may be the better Robin, but that doesn't mean Dick wasn't a good one. He was a fearless leader, whether he was Robin or Nightwing."

Dick as Nightwing > Dick as Robin.


Yeah I said it chap, what you gonna do?

Born to a family of acrobats, Dick Grayson lived an exciting childhood while growing up in the circus. His parents were John and Mary Grayson, and as a family, formed "The Flying Grayson's," famed trapeze artists and acrobatics.

These happy times would soon take a turn for the worst, as the mafia had begun targeting the circus. At eight years old, Dick witnessed mob boss Anthony Zucco threaten the circus owner, demanding insurance for the safety of his performers. The owner vehemently refused the extortion and Dick went along his way. Unfortunately, Zucco decided to use the headlining act- which happened to be The Flying Graysons- as an example. Young Dick was helpless as he watched his parents die.

As the Graysons plummeted to earth, hundreds of spectators watched in horror. Among them was millionaire Bruce Wayne (also known as Batman). Feeling empathy towards the boy's loss, Bruce decided to take the boy in as his legal ward.

It was only a matter of time before Dick realized what his mentor was doing all those late nights, and eventually chooses the same life as well. It was decided that with the boy's extensive training in acrobatics and his sense of justice, he had just what was needed to become the Batman's partner. After rigorous training from Bruce, Robin, the Boy Wonder, was christened

Dick enjoyed his first year as Robin describing it as an adventure; he fought villains such as Penguin, Joker, Mr. Freeze and Scarecrow. His so-called adventure would turn into a hellish nightmare when Two-face kidnapped the new District Attorney and Batman, each suspended from a hangman’s noose in a double gallows death trap. Batman told Robin to save the D.A, Robin obeys Batman and throws a batarang that cuts the rope holding the D.A, it works, but Robin doesn't take into account Dent's obsession with killing the D.A, it was a two-fold trap and the floor gives way before Robin can get to him, Robin jumps into the water after the D.A but is pulled out by Two-face. Robin is surprised by this and received a very savage beating from Two-Face as a restrained Batman watch’s in horror. Batman eventually is able to free himself and stop Two-Face. However this event haunts Dick to this day [Dick would go on to badly beat him many times as Robin and Nightwing], this would also scare Batman so much that he suspended Dick for a time.

Dick would come back to crime fighting much stronger and smarter than before. Dick would go to University but would drop out after one term due to his responsibilities as Robin.

After several years of fighting by Batman's side, Robin was ready to fight with others his own age. Upon meeting Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, and Speedy, they joined forces, becoming the Teen Titans. While Robin was the only member of the team without traditional superpowers, he was equipped with both experience and intelligence, making him a natural leader. Once the Titans disbanded, Dick chose to attend Hudson University, studying law. However, he's soon kicked out of school and falls back into fighting crime after only one semester.

Soon, the Titans are once again reunited with some new players. Robin resumes his role as leader and eventually comes into conflict with his mentor, finding he could now leave the nest. Robin realized at that point that he had grown up: He no longer relied on Batman and, in fact, he found out he could indeed solve crimes and fight on his own, he and the Dark Knight disagreed on crime-fighting methodology.

Dick's new found independence and Titans' duties left less time for his former commitments in Gotham City.

Dick rediscovered his self-worth among the Teen Titans. Batman, however, was less than pleased. He informed Dick that if he no longer wanted to be his partner, then Dick would have to retire as Robin. Furious, hurt, resigned, confused, eighteen year old Dick Grayson left Wayne Manor after this fallout. Helping him through this difficult time was his fellow Titans, including Starfire, a beautiful alien whom Dick had fallen in love with. Dick handed over leadership of the Titans to Wonder Girl.

In the original story in which is told how Dick left his role of Robin the teen wonder and became the hero known as Nightwing stepping out of his mentor's shadow. Dick realizes that he has grown up and that he doesn't need Batman anymore to help him. Now he is his own man and must discover who he is and his place in the world.

Dick decides to leave his Robin identity and the New Teen Titans to try to discover the answers for his questions. After retiring for a time from the hero business, he is attacked not as Robin, but as Dick Grayson by Deathstroke the Terminator, who was hunting the Titans and Dick was his last target. Dick manages to escape and meets the ex-wife of Deathstroke, Addeline Kane and also his son Joseph (Jericho). Dick takes the name of Nightwing and also a completely new costume. He chose the name to honor another hero by the same name after being told the story of the Kryptonian hero by Superman.

After saving his teammates and defeating Terra and Deathstroke (thanks in great part to Jericho) Nightwing once again becomes the leader of the New Teen Titans.

2. Peter Parker (617 points - 24 first place slots)

"Peter Parker is the classic average guy story. He is the underdog. He'll get my last spot because we all know he won't need any help."

"Your average neighborhood Spider-Man."

"If I am going to add one Marvel character, it has to be him."

"I really thought he'd be higher on my list, but it might be because he hasn't been a teen in so long."

"Really, what needs to be said about the face of Marvel? Spidey is Spidey...there's nothing I can say here that won't be redundant."

"He started it all. The first great teen hero to carry his own book and become the face of a company. One of the greatest characters in the history of comics. Not much else to add here."

"We all know Spider-Man is one of the greatest characters ever. It's a fact. He was also one of the first solo teen heroes and to this day is still the best. Every major teen character created in his wake follows Stan Lee's blue print. Girl issues? Check. Identity issues? Check. Family problems? Check. Peter Parker is the best teen character there ever was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be."

"Peter (thanks to Stan the man) was the prototype to major teens with all the angst that goes with it."

"Company in the world was the most important teen hero of all-time."

"The greatest teen hero, ever, bar none. Not that he's been a teen in 25 yrs or more. But he's the model for all time. Never has a writer and a character so meshed and so spoke to the comic book audience. The symbol of the largest comic"

The quotes have said it all, anything else will be redundant. Well done, Pete. Well done.

Peter Benjamin Parker is the only son of Richard Parker and Mary Parker. His parents were SHIELD agents who were killed during a mission against the Red Skull. After the loss of his parents, Peter grew up living with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Peter's uncle Ben was too old to engage in any physical activities with him, and his aunt was very over-protective. This led him to take interest in pursuits that were non-physical such as photography and chemistry

Peter went to school in New York City at Midtown High School. Peter was extremely gifted in science and academics, but lacked the social skills needed to interact with his peers, becoming the class "nerd". He was regularly ridiculed throughout his academic life by school bullies, most prominently, Flash Thompson who gave Peter the nickname "Puny Parker".

While observing a science experiment dealing with radioactive isotopes, a spider was caught in a radiation. In sudden shock, the spider bit Peter before dying. Feeling a burn on the bite, Peter left the exhibition and rushed back home by going through an unfamiliar section of the city. He was then cornered by a gang of thugs, where he defended himself by tossing one of them with such ease that Peter was even surprised of his own strength. Still heading home, Peter ran through the streets and almost got hit by a speeding car, but he sensed this and quickly leaped over the car and apparently stuck to the side of the wall. He then jumped onto a guy wire and realized that he has excellent balance. Peter then hypothesized that the bite gave him the proportional strength and agility of a spider, he was also able to stick to any surface, and he even developed a "spider sense" which warned him of danger. Spider-Man was born.

While walking home from the science hall and contemplating his fate. Peter passed by a wrestling exhibition offering three thousand dollars to any man who could last three minutes with Crusher Hogan. Peter saw the match as a great chance to test his new powers, but didn't want to look foolish if he failed, so he got himself a mask to hide his identity and challenge the wrestler. He easily defeated Crusher, and quickly found himself being courted by a television producer promising to make Peter a fortune. Peter wanted to increase his showmanship, and decided that since he had spider powers, he would design himself a spider costume. Then he used his scientific expertise to design and build his wrist-mounted “web shooters." Finally, he needed to come up with a name for his alter ego and decided that the "Amazing Spider-Man" was as good as any. Soon Spider-Man appeared on T.V. displaying his miraculous powers and was an instant hit. After Peter's first performance, a criminal robbed the venue and ran right past Spider-Man, but Spider-Man could not be bothered to stop the criminal from escaping, saying that "From now on I just look out for number one". Days later as Spider-Man's fame grew, the same criminal attempted to rob the Parker household. Peter's Uncle Ben surprised The Burglar but was shot and killed. Peter, as Spider-Man, tracked the killer to an abandoned warehouse where the police had the murderer pinned. Upon apprehending the killer, Spider-Man discovered that it was the same man that earlier he had allowed to escape. Shocked by that revelation, and feeling tremendous guilt over the loss of his uncle, Peter threw away his costume, wishing the Spider-Man never existed.
After his uncle’s death, and with no one to provide for the family, Peter and his aunt became desperate for money. Peter decided to once again perform as Spider-Man, but he wanted to keep his identity hidden and couldn't cash his paychecks. Also a hindrance to Spider-Man's performing career, the publisher of the newspaper “The Daily Bugle," J. Jonah Jameson, began a vicious campaign to destroy Spider-Man's public image. Jameson was jealous of the spotlight Spider-Man was getting, and thought that the world should be more interested in "real heroes" like his son, John Jameson. After Jonah's smear campaign, no one wanted to see Spider-Man perform, and Peter's days on television were numbered. Spider-Man saved J. Jonah Jameson's son when a rocket flight almost crashed, but Jonah still hated him as much as ever. In fact, he even convinced himself that Spider-Man himself had rigged the flight so that it would fail, and that when he saved John he would look like a hero. Later on in life, Peter Parker would manage to get a job providing photos he took of himself as Spider-Man to Jameson, even though they were always used against him. It was also during this time at "The Daily Bugle" that Parker began a brief relationship with secretary Betty Brant. Later, the couple would split with Peter's double-life as an indirect cause. Betty's brother Bennett had been shot earlier in the comic series and died and Betty couldn't bear to have someone else she loved die; in this case if Peter were shot whilst getting crime photos. Betty would go on to date Ned Leeds.

With the world against him, and with no one to confide in, Peter began to wonder how the other heroes got by. That was when he got the idea to join the Fantastic Four. Peter goes to the headquarters of the Fantastic Four for an interview, but finds the elevator locked. Determined to see the Fantastic Four, Peter dons his Spider-Man disguise and sneaks into the building. He manages to elude the Fantastic Four's security measures, and even the Fantastic Four themselves, but when Spider-Man finds out that the Fantastic Four is a nonprofit organization, he loses interest in becoming a member and leaves. Shortly after this encounter, Spider-Man fought his very first villain, a communist spy called the Chameleon, who had the skills to quickly disguise himself as any other person.

Spider-Man's early years in the 1960s were spent fighting colorful villains who were actually rather silly, like Vulture, Chameleon, and Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Electro, Rhino, and Sandman. But when the Green Goblin was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #14, Spider-Man began facing more powerful villains, such as the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus.

Peter later learned that his Aunt May blamed herself for Uncle Ben's death; they had had an argument the night he had died and she had taken a long walk to compose herself before the two could resolve it more calmly, but by the time she had returned to their house, he was already dead.

I could go on and on, but again redundancy...

1. Tim Drake (731 points - 22 first place slots)


"He's not Dick, but he's a teenager with a pretty big set, himself."

"The Best Robin. Period. The sidekick that's actually more interesting than his mentor."

"The most fleshed-out of all the Bat-anklebiters, even if his character has taken a turn for the dull lately."

"At first I did not want to make this list just Johns Teen Titans line up and I figured I would just cross Tim of the list because of that but then I thought about all the friends and family who have died around Tim (His mother, father, girlfriend, Best Friend, and his mentor) and yet he still fights the good fight and he still fights for good rather then evil! We have seen how events can turn a Hero into a villain but even though Tim has all the reason to hate the world and take out his anger on it... he doesn't and if that is not a hero then I do not know what is. Tim also gets credit for finding out who Batman was and really earning the spot of Robin."

"The only true heir to the Batman (come kill me now, Grayson fans!)."

"Calm, cool and collected... Tim is really the next Batman, in terms of capability and demeanor. And it's great to see him hanging out with the Titans acting like a Justice Leaguer."

"The Greatest Robin who ever lived."

"Just a cool character that I really like."

"He's cool. I've always wanted to like him more than I actually do, and I'm giving the new title a chance despite some reservations."

"More cerebral and less daredevil than Dick, but an equally superb hero in his own right; just as capable, just as respected by his peers and his elders, just as fully realized as a character; easily the best DC creation of the past 20 years and a no-brainer top 5 teen."

"Dick was the first Robin, but in my mind, Tim will always be the best. He CRAVED to be Robin. He wanted it more than anything else. Kudos to you Tim."

"The best Robin ever. Sorry Dick I like you more as a character but Tim is a better Robin." timdrake2.jpg

Wow. Wow. Wow. Seriously, did you see this coming? I didn't. I honestly didn't, and it shocked the hell outta me. I thought Spider-man would've been numero uno, and Dick woulda been in the second place slot, and all the peons who love Bart Allen would've voted for him in third but nope, Tim came out on top. He was just mere points away being the top character on the Top Modern List, but on this list he won by a landslide. With more then a hundred points ahead of Peter Parker, and almost three hundred points of Dick Grayson. Well done, Tim. Kudos to you.

At age nine, Tim Drake has followed Batman and Robin’s careers ever since he saw the murder of the Flying Graysons. Tim had excellent instinct and deductive skills which would later show. One day he saw Batman and Robin battle the Penguin on the television. Tim noticed that Robin performed the quadruple somersault, Tim remembers seeing Dick do that exact move before his parents died and quickly made the connection that Robin and Dick Grayson were one. Tim continued to follow the dynamic duo’s career for years.

After the apparent death of Jason Todd, Batman had grown more violent and reckless. Tim notices that this is not how Batman’s character is and seeks out the help of Dick Grayson. At this time Dick had been going by the code-name Nightwing, so Tim tried to convince Dick to retake the mantle of Robin because it was the only way to keep him sane. Dick agreed but would only help Batman as Nightwing. Tim did not like Dick’s decision and continued to argue that Batman needed Robin. Eventually he was able to attain the help of Alfred to take the Robin costume so he could help Batman. Alfred and Dick accepted Tim to be the Robin that Batman needed so he could keep Batman sane. However, Batman did not want a new partner and would continue to say,"no”, but also added “the boy has potential.” Eventually Batman skeptically accepted Tim as Robin, but under one condition, Tim had to endure physical and mental training from Bruce before he could become Robin so he does not suffer the same fate as Jason Todd - death.

While Tim was still training, his parents Jack and Janet Drake were kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. Tim continued to focus on his work by foiling a plan of a hacker thief. Meanwhile, Batman went out to rescue Tim’s parents. Batman arrived too late though, and his parents were both poisoned, his mother died but his father fell into a deep coma. With the tragedy Tim and his parents went through, Batman became wary that Tim would go down the road of vengeance and it would cloud his judgment. However Tim would prove Batman wrong when he saved Batman and Vicki Vale from the Scarecrow. Afterward Batman allowed Tim to take the mantle of the Boy Wonder and gave him a newer version of the costume.

timdrake3.jpgTim is a superb crime fighter and has been trained by some of the greatest martial artists in t he world such as Batman, Nightwing, and Lady Shiva. Tim has mastered many different forms of unarmed combat such as taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Boxing, kick boxing, and jeet kune do. Tim has also mastered stick fighting which Lady Shiva taught him; Tim even beat Lady Shiva herself in a stick fight. Tim has proven himself again and again against much more experienced fighters than him. Defeating the likes of Lady Shiva, Ravager, Electrocutioner, Batgirl, his future self [Batman] twice, and countless street thugs/henchmen. Tim is in peak human form, (although this his physical attributes change because he is still growing up). This also helps him use his acrobatic skills much more effectively. He is not in the same league as his adopted brother, Nightwing, but has proven to be a skilled acrobat. Tim is also only one of three people who has mastered the deadly martial art technique the "Leopard Blow" the other people are Tim's fighting masters Batman and Lady Shiva.

Like his adopted father, Batman, and his adopted brother, Nightwing, Tim is a brilliant leader and tactician; He has lead the Teen Titans and Young Justice, and was even put in charge of rescuing of Blüdhaven by Batman and Superman. Tim is extremely intelligent, which allows him to have a firm grasp on computers and science. A good example of this is when he tries to clone his dead friend Conner Kent (Superboy). This shows he has advanced knowledge of chemistry, biology, and genetics. Batman has stated that Tim could potentially be smarter that himself. Tim is a superb detective; He has uncovered both Batman and Nightwing’s identities with no help or training. He has also discovered the identities of Spoiler, Huntress, and Captain Marvel. Tim is a master of criminology, stealth, disguise, and escapology. All of which was taught to him by Batman and Nightwing.

As always I want to thank you all for sending in your lists, even though I started late I think it was a great success. As always I wanna thank Lord Simian and the Outhouse Crew for letting me monopolize the front page, I want to thank everyone who posts in the thread we have here, and mostly I want to thank misac for making the entries look all pretty and being able to keep a secret when he gets the entries.

Stay tuned, but the end of the week I will post the thread for the next Top List theme: DC Heroes.

It will be awesome.


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