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Super Reads Dark Reign 64

Written by SuperginraiX on Saturday, November 07 2009 and posted in Features
badguy64.jpgFor the shorties.

Today, we check out Uncanny X-Men #514, Ms. Marvel #43, and Blast to the Past with Amazing Spider-Man #47.  Enjoy and spread the word!

Spoilers Ahead!

This is a nice, tiny week so that we can all read it in one sitting.

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Norman Osborn is out to control all mutants.  Let's see how that's working for him.

uxm514.jpgThe Uncanny X-Men #514
Writer: Matt Fraction
Penciler: Terry Dodson

In DA/UXM: Utopia, Simon Trask came to San Francisco with his Humanity Now! movement to promote Proposition X, a mutant breeding act. Since San Francisco is the home of every mutant ever (outside of, say, X-Factor), this was just a riot waiting to happen and it only took a few pages for that to start up. Cyclops and Emma Frost met with the mayor and started working on quelling the riots as the whole thing attracted the attention of America's Top Cop, Norman Osborn. X-Man fought X-Man in the street of San Francisco. The Dark Avengers and HAMMER intervened and things still didn't calm down. Emma Frost went to Norman Osborn and found out about "The Plan." It was the beginning of the Dark X-Men as Iron Patriot addressed the public with Professor Charles Xavier... while another Professor X talked to the previously captured Beast in prison.

In Uncanny X-Men #513, Cyclops ran away from the authorities, the Dark Avengers helped to clean the streets of San Francisco, Beast chatted it up with the real Xavier before being trotted out to the Omega Machine which was being run by Dark Beast from the Age of Apocalypse, Norman Osborn introduced Emma to the Dark X-Men, we all learned that Dark Xavier is Mystique, Namor joined Emma's Dark X-Men team, Simon Trask began infecting people with a techno-organic virus, Cyclops ordered his X-Men to watch a lot of TV, Hellion led a lot of people who should know better (and some who didn't) into a riot/demonstration at Union Square, and the Dark X-Men got to do some arresting.

In Dark Avengers #7, Beast started to feel the effects of the Omega Machine while the Dark X-Men battled some mutant protesters at Union Square. Cyclops held a meeting with Norman Osborn where he demanded that America's Top Cop surrender before things start going badly for him. The Dark Avengers got bored of being guest stars in their own book and started a little ruckus with the Dark X-Men. Osborn and Dark Beast gave Emma Frost a tour of the facilities (making sure not to let on that they had Charles Xavier and Beast as their prisoners). Finally, Simon Trask's infected army got their orders to destroy all mutants.

In this issue, Simon Trask addresses the nation in Bio-Sentinel form.  Cyclops begins enacting his master plan which involves sending lots of people off in different directions on various tasks.  The Dark Avengers fight the Dark X-Men before Emma Frost appears and knocks some sense into everyone.  The Dark X-Men enter the streets of San Francisco to take care of the Bio-Sentinels while Cyclops and a team of X-Men watch them do it.  Danielle Moonstar heads to Vegas for a very special meeting with a mysterious person. X-Force (and Illyana) greet Wolverine at the Bay of Oakland.  Finally, Psylocke and the Science Team take a trip deep into the Pacific Ocean to find a buried city thing.

Ready?  Let's go.

One of the minor and almost missable bits happening during the Utopia crossover is the threat of Simon Trask.  It sparked off this entire event but it soon lost the focus of the event itself.  Because of that, Simon Trask has been able to turn a bunch of hospital staff and patients into a sort of Bio-Sentinel without being bothered by anyone.  Trask himself is also sporting the Bio-Sent look and is talking on television about how the world thought him and his kind mad for believing in the mutant threat and now everyone will pay because he's out to kill everyone.  It takes a special kind of dude to make himself into a techno-organic killing machine.  While Trask is ranting on the TV, his army of Bio-Sentinels is attacking pretty much everyone in the city regardless of their genetic disposition.

So that's just one more thing going on in sunny San Francisco.  

Over at X-Men Headquarters, the mutants are doing what they do best: watch television.  Cyclops is showing his assembled X-Men footage of Simon Trask ranting in front of the camera just so they get the context that this crossover isn't just the X-Men versus Norman Osborn.  Scott mutes the television and assures everyone that it's all going to work out.  He's got lots of wheels turning and these X-Men are all integral to his plan.  So, who's present?  We've got Danielle Moonstar (the currently depowered New Mutant), Domino (a member of X-Force), Mindee (one of the three Stepford Cuckoos), and Psylocke (recently returned from EXiles and wearing swim gear).  Domino is supposed to take her "people" (X-Force-still a secret ops team) and wait for Logan to join them at a specific but unmentioned location.  Scott asks Dani if she's certain that she wants to go forward on her end of the plan before getting an affirmative and sending her off to Vegas.  We aren't given a lot of info on Psylocke's part of this plan but we do learn that her team will need a few days to complete their mission.  This doesn't please Cyclops and he orders them to get it done faster.  That leaves us with Mindee.  Scott orders her to get herself captured.  That's as easy as breaking curfew.

We left the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men right as they were about to fight each other.  We join them now to watch it go down.  Well, it's actually just Dark Wolverine and Hawkeye fighting.  Everyone else is just staring at each other.  Daken and Lester, however, are really into this throwdown.  They'd probably keep slicing each other up until they were dead except for the timely arrival of the Black Queen.  Emma has just finished her tour of the facilities and, while she picked up some info that Norman wasn't actually offering, she's not letting on to anyone else that she knows more than they want her to know.  Frost scolds her team and the Avengers group before leaving with her team to take on some Bio-Sentinels.  Daken and Bullseye share threats before parting.

The Bio-Sentinels don't do much talking.  This is because they aren't alive anymore.  If you're keeping track, that makes them ZOMBIE cyborg Sentinels.  That's just one more level of awesome that needs to be dealt with.  Emma tells her team a few more specifics before they rush into battle in Northern Park.  The Bio-Sentinels seem to be receiving orders telepathically from Simon Trask who's location isn't yet known.  They can fire a blast from their hands like Iron Man but only once and after that they die.  She gives the order to protect innocents first, engage the enemy second, and don't break things third.  

Having given them such specific instructions, Emma sends off her team to take care of business while she scans the Bio-Sentinels for any signs of life or brain activity.  Shedding a tear, she tells Namor that whatever process Trask is using to convert people into Sentinels kills them.  Like I said: Zombies.  This means they don't have to be gentle.  It's the perfect battle for people like Dark Wolverine and Namor.

Back at X-Men HQ, Cyclops is preparing to lead a team out into the thick of the action.  While everyone gets their super bikes started up and ready to drive, Pixie, the teleporter for this operation, expresses her doubts to the leader of the X-Men.  There's a lot of doubt to be had.  Emma Frost is working for Norman Osborn, San Francisco has gone from mutant riots straight into Sentinel attacks, and Cyclops isn't actually being a fountain of information since he's playing everything close to the vest.  Cyclops assures her that everything is going to work out.  He has to lead a team out, though.  There are people getting hurt and he doesn't know if the Dark X-Men can actually handle that.  Pixie opens a portal and the X-Men drive on through.

Back in Northern Park, the Dark X-Men continue their fight with the Bio-Sentinels.  Emma and Namor are fighting back to back at this point while Emma telepathically calms any innocent bystanders in the area.  In another part of the fight, Cloak and Dagger have a private conversation about what the hell they're doing here.  They aren't team players and Norman Osborn is definitely not the team they wanted to play with.  Cloak tells Dagger that they need to stop running and face this.  Elsewhere, Daken is enjoying himself.


Even Daken can be overrun by Bio-Sentinels, though.  Once that happens, Mimic shows up for the save and whisks one of the Sentinels into the air before it's able to fire it's palm blaster.  While in the sky, Mimic tries to get some info out of the brainless cyborg.  Weapon Omega shoots off the the Bio-Sentinel's head before Mimic can realize how futile his questioning was.  Mimic's old school and shouts at Weapon Omega for ruining his chance to reach out to the bad guy.  Weapon Omega?  Kind of new school and also very morbid.  Omega tells off his teammate and reminds him that we're all dead and living in hell.  It's a pleasant conversation all around.

In Las Vegas, Dani Moonstar finds exactly who she's looking for.  We still aren't given a great deal of information about this mission but Dani talks her way through two guards by telling them their boss is expecting her and makes her way up to a meeting with that boss who, as yet, isn't shown on panel.  She's about to make a deal but all these reveals will have to wait for the next issue (and the one after that).  I could tell but then I'd be giving away the end of the story.

We move back to Northern Park but not directly to the Dark X-Men.  Instead, we take a look at Cyclops' team of X-Men.  We've got Pixie, Armor, X-23, Iceman, Colossus, Dazzler, and Northstar.  This team isn't here to fight the Bio-Sentinels unless things go very far south for the Dark X-Men.  Then, they'll step in regardless of the consequences.  For now, they're just here to watch the Dark team fight.  This is Cyclops' team for defeating Norman's X-Men and this is study time.

Now we can watch the Dark X-Men.  They've all come together just long enough to pose for the camera before getting back into the thick of combat.  The Bio-Sentinels have taken off their kid gloves and are now firing off their palm blasters even though the blast will prove fatal to most of them.  The Dark X-Men don't miss a beat and get straight to work taking the Zombie Cyborgs down.  Once the Bio-Sentinels are destroyed, the X-Men begin rescuing people that might have gotten themselves trapped.

With this battle done, Frost telepathically communicates with Norman Osborn to find out where they need to go next.  Norman reports that this whole thing started at St. Francis Hospital and Trask doesn't seem to have left the building.  Looks like they'll be heading there next.  The Dark X-Men run into Cloak's billowing cape and are transported to the hospital.

So that was impressive.  Cyclops and his squad know that the Dark X-Men are very good at what they do.  Still, Mr. Summers knows they can be beat because he's a bloody brilliant tactician and has seen the flaw.  The Dark X-Men fight very well but they lack teamwork.  The Dark X-Men are still working as individuals instead of as a cohesive unit.  The X-Men fight as one.  Iceman isn't so convinced and mentions that they won't just be fighting the Dark X-Men.  They'll be fighting the Dark Avengers.  Cyclops smiles and hints that he's got another team prepped to fight Norman's Avengers.

Which is as good a time as any to cut over the X-Force.  They're waiting with their X-Men teleporter, Illyana, for the arrival of Wolverine at the Bay of Oakland.  No one's wearing their X-Force uniforms but Illyana gets the impression that these people have worked together before.  X-23 joins them after leaving Cyclops' study group and everyone waits a bit longer before Wolverine, who didn't get the memo about NOT wearing your secret X-Force suit, rises from the ocean with his claws out.  He apologizes to Illyana for having her get involved with secret ops but they've got a mission that she'll be useful on.

They're gonna rescue some prisoners.

Remember Psylocke and her swimming gear?  Let's check up on just what she's up to.  I looks like her and the Science Squad (Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Yuriko Takiguchi, and Dr. Kavita Rao) have boarded the X-Sub and gotten into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.  What they find down there looks like a buried city.  Betcha they're gonna raise it.

mm43.jpgMs. Marvel #43
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Sergio Areño

Last issue, the New Avengers welcomed Ms. Marvel back into the land of the living just in time for a big super fight to erupt between her and Norman Osborn’s Ms. Marvel. Their fight was all over the place but is mostly in the skies over California. Fights in the skies sometimes wind up messing with commercial airliners and this one did just that as the real Ms. Marvel was thrown into the jet intake of a huge passenger jet. The Sentry arrived to save the jet and to recall Karla Sofen back to Avengers Tower. All this was on the news and got seen by Catherine Donovan… which was the cover identity for Carol Danvers!

In this issue, Karla Sofen confesses how much she likes being Ms. Marvel to a random dude before dropping him from an unbelievable height.  A couple of Norman Osborn's many secret Goblin hideouts is broken into and Norman wants to know why, who, and how to kill them while he enjoys a quiet moment with his baby-momma, Lily Hollister.  Over at Avengers Hideout, Spider-Man tries to get in touch with the real Ms. Marvel's feelings only to be shut down for not being warrior enough.  In California, Catherine Donovan is pretty obsessed with Ms. Marvel and ends up taking matters into her own hands by heading to New York.  We end back in NYC and a battle by with the Dark Avengers that is interrupted when Iron Patriot gets word that yet another of his hideouts has been broken into.  He heads out with Karla on his tail and they enter his private residence to find Lily Hollister has already taken care of the intruder: Ms. Marvel.

Karla's having an identity crisis.  She's best known to the world as the supervillain, Moonstone, but, lately, she's been dressing up in one of Ms. Marvel's old uniforms and playing that role in the Dark Avengers.  At first, it was just like the beginning days of the Thunderbolts where she pretended to be a super-hero named Meteorite in order to pull small scams here and there without drawing up a lot of controversy.  That didn't last.  She's started to like being Ms. Marvel.  She doesn't want to give that up and go back to being the hated, reviled, and forgotten Moonstone.

While she's confessing all this to someone off panel, we get some flashback images of her after a super powered throwdown in New York City.  It looks like she took out a pair of monsters with pointy ears.  The battle involved a lot of fire and explosions because that's how these things are done.  The pointy eared monsters down, Karla is cheered on by the crowd.  Who wouldn't want that?

It turns out that she's been talking to a random guy that she pulled out of a random apartment for the express purpose of talking her feeling out.  This guy probably isn't the best listener because he's terrified and confused as to his current situation.  They are, after all flying, while Dark Ms. Marvel calmly discusses her feelings.  Turns out the talk isn't doing much for Karla.  It's doing less for her terrified companion.  She drops him back to the street and I'd guess he doesn't survive.  They're a long way up.

Elsewhere in New York City, we catch up with another Dark Avenger: Norman Osborn.  He has a lot of secret Green Goblin hideouts hidden throughout the city and he's at one location right now after it has been broken into.  He's obviously not happy.  This is the third hideout broken into so far and the intruder is smart enough to remove any trace of their passing.

Norman retires to his "private residence" to brood over these occurences and try to figure out what they mean.  I'll tell you what they DON'T mean.  We're not going to see another Hobgoblin take flight.  If they aren't bringing back the old and awesome Hobby, they certainly aren't going to create a new one.  We also just had a repeat performance of that with the Menace storyline over in Amazing Spider-Man which led to Osborn knocking boots with another of Harry's exes.  He does that.

A lot.

Speaking of Menace, here she is now!  Turns out that Lily Hollister is staying at Norman's "private residence" where she is still very pregnant with Osborn's heir.  She asks the former Green Goblin if there's anything she can do to help him.  The two kiss and Norman thinks of a way she can relieve some tension.

We happily switch scenes before we see anything we'd later regret.

Over at Avengers Hideout, the HQ of the New Avengers and home of James "Bucky" Barnes, Ms. Marvel gets acclimated to her new home.

Wolverine and Spider-Man are there, y'know, hanging out.  Maybe waiting for Clint to talk about killing people.  Usual stuff.  Spidey's a bit worried about Ms. Marvel because she's recently returned from the dead and that messes with you.  If you'd just returned from the dead, you'd understand.  But you didn't.  It's ok.  Spidey still has some worry for you, too.  He's got a lot of worry.

Logan doesn't really care.  He just wants to drink his beer all by himself like the alcoholic he is.  Sure, they can make it so he doesn't smoke on panel but they can't take away his other self destructive tendencies.  Wolverine leaves Spidey to talk to Ms. Marvel.

Spidey finally asks Ms. Marvel how she's doing which is, apparently, the wrong things to say.  All she's seeing is the next battle and the enemies she needs to be fighting.  It's all fortune and glory.  Parker talking about his feelings (or hers) is not a turn on.  She flies off in disgust.

In Los Angeles, Catherine Donovan is avoiding her junk mail.  Long time readers of Ms. Marvel will remember that Catherine Donovan was the cover identity for Ms. Marvel post-Secret Invasion.  So, why the hell is she running around existing (and looking just like Carol Danvers) when Ms. Marvel is flying around New York.  Catherine is wondering that herself.  While she believes that she's always been Catherine Donovan and has no memories of being Carol Danvers, she finds herself strangely connected to the super hero she's seen on the television.  So connected, in fact, that she's checking online articles on Ms. Marvel instead of going to work.  Or sleeping.  Or feeding her cat.  It's called obsession and it's Donovan's way of life from now on.

She takes a desperately needed shower before trying to get some even more desperately needed sleep (she's been up for two days).  It's no use, though.  Her mind is still racing and not even the internet can help her out.  To make matters EVEN worse, she's starting to hear voices say things like "Are you not pleased?"  "ARE YOU NOT PLEASED!?"

After turning off her Gladiator DVD, she decides to hop a plane and fly off to New York City.  She might have just lost her job but, if they forgive her for missing two days, a trip to New York is just a few more to forgive.

Speaking of New York, let's return there to watch the Dark Avengers fight it out with more pointy eared monsters of various sizes.  Will these things be a theme after this issue or are they just background villains of the month?  Probably inconsequential but you never know when something random turns out to be important later on.  Make a mental note.  One of the larger ones tries to eat Venom which is funny because that's his schtick.  Dark Ms. Marvel blasts through the thing's chest, saving her teammate and killing the monster in the same effort.

This battle isn't actually important to this story.  What is important is what happens during the battle.  What's that, you ask?  Well, Norman Osborn loses another personal base.  This time, the alarm sounds and Norman decides to take off from the battle without a word to catch the intruder in the act.  Ms. Marvel isn't one for letting her boss leave without a word and decides to put Daken (the only other sane Avenger present) in charge of the mission and chase after him.

Ms. Marvel isn't able to catch up to Ozzy but she is able to tail him.  It turns out that the base that was broken into was Norman's "private residence" from earlier in the issue.  That would explain Iron Patriot's urgence to get on the scene.  Lily is there.  More importantly: his unborn kid is there.

No sooner does Karla reach the residence than Norman explodes out of it.  Sofen goes to her boss's aid but Norman isn't exactly pleased to see her.  While Karla starts to explain herself and chew Osborn at the same time, we learn that it wasn't the intruder that attacked Iron Patriot.  It was a freaked out Lily.  She'd already taken out the intruder with a bunch of pumpkin bombs and Norman's entrance startled her enough for her to unload on him, too.  The intruder?  No surprises here.  It was Ms. Marvel.

No, not Karla.  The other one.

asm47.jpgThe Amazing Spider-Man #47
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: John Romita Sr.

In this issue, we get some background on Kraven the Hunter's past fights with Spidey (turns out he was fighting for the Green Goblin).  Before Kraven was captured, he learned that Norman Osborn was connected to the Goblin.  After getting out of prison, he decides going after Osborn for financing is a great idea.  While this is going on, Peter and his wacky band of supporting cast members holds a going away party for Flash Thompson.  Having been unable to locate Norman, Kraven decides to go after his son.  This, of course, leads to another battle between Spidey and Kraven and the eventual arrival of Norman Osborn.  After seeing that Norman has no recollection of his Green Goblin days, Kraven throws the man off the side of an in-construction building, leaving Spidey to do some rescuing while the villain escapes.

Kraven the Hunter has fought Spider-Man a time or two before this issue.  We now learn that, on at least one occasion, he was working for the Green Goblin.  The deal was that the Hunter would be paid after the contract was filled but Kraven is a lot greedier than that.  After botching up a first attempt at taking down the wall-crawler, Kraven has the audacity to demand half the money in advance.  His contact is obviously not about that plan and repeats the original terms.  After getting the usual threats from Kraven, the contact takes his leave and heads home.  Kraven isn't known as "the Hunter" for nothing and decides that, instead of renewing his attack on Spider-Man, it's a better idea to track this Green Goblin contact.  He learns that he's been talking to chemical manufacturer, Norman Osborn.  Sure, he doesn't realize that Green Goblin IS Norman Osborn but he's realized that there's a connection between the two.

Just like usual, Kraven is eventually bested by Spider-Man and sent to jail.  This takes the criminal off the board for a while and, in that time, Amazing Spider-Man #39 and 40 lead to Norman forgetting he ever was the Green Goblin.  Kraven breaks into the Bugle and reads up on what he's missed, learning that the Green Goblin has already been "killed."  Upset, the Hunter decides to blackmail Osborn for the money.

While Kraven stalks the streets, let's cut on over to Aunt May and Anna Watson.  Since Peter got an apartment, these two elderly ladies have moved in together and decided to try their luck in their own spin off series: "Marvel Golden Girls."  It never materialized.  Don't look for it.  Anyway, May's got a lot of unpacking to do and Mary-Jane Watson comes over to help.  Or, rather, she's here to dance and get in the way while the other two actually work.  Mary-Jane isn't here to work.  She's here to look pretty.

Speaking of moving in, Peter Parker just did that as well.  He's got less stuff so he's already unpacked.  Parker's roommate is his future best friend, Harry Osborn.  The two are already getting along very well and, y'know, I miss this kind of stuff happening in Amazing Spider-Man.  It's not like Peter is unlikeable but he's made so very few friends since this era.  He also had a certain way with the ladies which has been completely lost.  All that's left is Peter Parker, the loveable loser, and that's too bad.  He shoulda included that in his deal with the devil.

But I digress.

At the Parker/Osborn apartment, Harry is getting the first visit from his dad since Peter moved in.  Norman was never much of a father but, since he forgot he was the Green Goblin, he's been getting along swimingly with his son.  This is the first time Norman has actually met Peter Parker properly so it's a big test as to if he remembers Parker or not.  There's not even a trace of recollection in Ozzy's eyes so everything is cool.  Norman even has a job lined up for Peter after he graduates. 

Norman's here for more than a look see at Harry's new roommate.  The chemical manufacturer is heading off to the coast on business and is saying good-bye to his son.

This is gonna make it very hard for Kraven to track Norman down.  He tries hunting him down at his offices but Norman's already gone.  Kraven leaves his calling card and starts ranting a bit before running off to find the man.

Gwen Stacy is not the same girl we all remember her as.  I'm not talking about Sins Past.  I'm talking about the fact that she was the number one girl on campus and she KNEW it.  She revelled in it.  She was also bloody brilliant so you can see why Peter would be interested in her once he realized she existed.  Gwen doesn't seem interested in HIM anymore, though, which is just his luck.  Gwen seems to think that Peter is seeing MJ so she makes sure to bring up that relationship a few times in their conversation. 

Gwen is planning a going away party for Flash Thompson.  Flash is leaving school to join the military.  Very timely, by the way.  The Vietnam War was in full swing and having an important cast member head off to war made Peter a lot like a lot of college students who had friends and family in 'Nam.

Peter uses a break in his class schedule to head on over to the Bugle to sell J Jonah Jameson some pictures from last issue's battle with the Shocker.  At the time, Shocker was brand new and actually a big deal.  Sort of like Kraven was once a big deal.    Jonah is very happy to pick up these photos but still haggles over money.  While Peter is at the Bugle, he invites his ex, Betty Brant, and her boyfriend, Ned Leeds to Flash's party.  Everyone's going to be there!

Kraven continues to fail at locating Norman Osborn.  This time, he tries the Osborn Mansion only to come up empty.  Everyone's been telling him Ozzy's out of time and, sooner or later, the big oaf might actually believe them.  He breaks a few things and leaves another calling card before stalking off.  Norman's loyal butler decides to give his employer a phone call warning.

Harry and Peter are picking up their girls to head on over to Flash's going away party.  Since Peter only owns his motor bike, they're driving in style in Harry's monster of a car.  When they pick up Gwen, Peter once again regrets ever not noticing this girl.  He's definitely hooked but, once they pick up Mary Jane, he doesn't feel so bad.  They're both great girls, it's just Peter's more interested in the one he doesn't have.  Typical dude.

They reach the party that is already in full swing. 


Mary Jane is great but she's not here to actually pay attention.  Peter sees his former bully going off to war and wants to talk about it.  MJ just wants to dance and refuses to let any thinking get in the way.  She's seriously on some sort of drug, here. 

In later issues, I believe they chalk this up to Mary Jane being nervous around Peter because she knew he was Spider-Man from nearly the get-go.  This still doesn't explain her "helping" May and Anna get settled by turning on the radio and dancing it up in the middle of their house.  Chick has issues.

She also has a rival.  Seeing that everyone is paying attention to Mary Jane on the dancefloor, Gwen gets a little jealous.  Stacy isn't used to sharing the spotlight with another girl and has to get out there and bust a move herself.  Peter's attention moves over to the blonde which gets Ms. Watson a bit jealous herself.  Before the cat fight erupts, Kraven crashes the party and turns all the tables over.

Kraven has gotten tired of looking for Norman and decides to take the son prisoner instead.  With Harry in his clutches, Norman will seek HIM out.  It's the perfect plan.

Kraven is pretty frickin' strong.  Flash comes to Harry's defense and is easily swatted way.  Peter needs to get into his Spider-Man costume and rushes off shouting about calling the police.

Kraven carries his hostage outside where he runs right into Spider-Man at a nearby construction site.  Kraven drops Harry in order to do Spidey some damage.  While the fight reaches the top of the construction building, Flash and Gwen reach Harry and help him to safety.  Ned Leeds, being the reporter he is, rushes to the nearest pay phone to call in the story. 

At the Bugle, J Jonah Jameson recognizes the name of Osborn from his members only Club.  He drags Frederick Foswell with him so they can cover this story properly.

There's another character that will be heading to the battle shortly.  Norman Osborn returned as quick as he could to New York after getting that call from his butler.  He is in a cab heading up to Westchester and to that mansion when he hears reports of the battle between Spidey and Kraven from the cabbie and decides that's where he needs to be.

Spidey is owning his adversary for most of the fight until Kraven remembers that he enhanced his suit with ray guns in the eyes of his lion vest.  He fires them at Spidey and stuns the wall crawler.  Spider-Man wasn't actually expecting this level of competence from Kraven so he was taken off guard.

The battle has definitely changed directions.  Kraven capitalizes on the ray blast by punching the hell out of our hero.  Only the timely arrival of Norman Osborn stops Spidey from being beat into a pulp. 

Norman is more concerned about his son's safety that the battle raging above their head.  This means he is taken off guard when Kraven lassos him and reels him up to the top of the building.  Once up top, Kraven threatens Norman for the money he believes the millionaire owes him.  Norman, having forgotten his whole time as the Goblin, also has no recollection of ever meeting Kraven.  Kraven uses his "jungle instincts" to confirm that Norman truthfully doesn't remember his meeting with the Hunter.

Believing this was some sort of trick of the Green Goblin, Kraven throws the former Green Goblin to the floor just as Spidey regains consciousness.  Kraven runs off to fight another day and the groggy wall crawler is about to renew the fight when Norman falls off the side of the platform everyone is standing on.

Spidey can't just let Ozzy fall to his death and decides to make the save instead of chasing the villain.  It's what you gotta do.

Returning Norman to the ground, Spider-Man swings away so he can return as Peter Parker.  While he's gone, Jameson tries unsuccessfully to convince Norman to alter his story to make Spidey look like a villain.  It turns out "good" Osborn has no grudge against Spider-Man.

Peter returns with a quick cover story that makes everyone believe he was off scene for a legitimate reason.  The battle done, it's time for some good-byes.  Flash shakes Peter's hand and tells him to take good care of the womenfolk while he gone killing communism.  Peter heads home concerned for the wellfare of the guy that bullied him throughout high school.  Flash was always Spidey's biggest fan, though, so leaving after a Spider-Man battle is probably the perfect sendoff.

See?  Short and sweet.

Until the next: Who Do YOU Trust?


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SuperginraiX is the biggest sap on The Outhousers' payroll (wait, we get paid?). He reads every issue of every crappy Marvel crossover so you don't have to. Whats worse is that he pays for his books, thus condoning Marvel's behavior. If The Outhouse cared for his well being at all, they'd try and get him into some sort of rehab center. But, alas, none of us even know how to say his name. For a good time, ask Super why Captian America jumped off the Helicarrier in Fear Itself. Super lives in the frozen wastland that is Minnesota with 15% of the state's population living under his roof: a wife he makes wear an Optimus Prime mask, two gremlins, and his mother-in-law.


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