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Your Top DC Heroes part 3

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, January 04 2010 and posted in Features

Four characters for your disapproval.


178. Jerry Feldon/Dizzy Cordova (4 points each)

Jerry Feldon

jerryfeldon.gifJerry Feldon was born and raised in Heaton, Pennsylvania, a town that was once prosperous for its auto industry, but fell into decline when the local auto plant closed. During that time, Jerry's father died and his mother moved out west. He ended up working at Scooper's, where he met his crush Molly.

One day, while cleaning some dishes, he discover the HERO device, after a customer left it behind at the shop. For a while, he used the device to turn himself into various superheroes. One night, Scooper's was being robbed. Jerry decided to use the device to save the day. Unfortunately, when he attacked the robber, Molly was accidentally shot.

After the incident, Jerry called a suicide hotline, only to inform the operator that he at least tried to live. For one last time, Jerry turned himself into a super hero and flew into space. Upon leaving Earth, he changed back into his normal form and let go of the HERO device, in order to kill himself. Luckily, Superman saved him and Molly survived the gunshot. Jerry went on to work at a the same suicide hotline that he called before his attempted suicide.

Months later, Robby Reed, from Dial H for Hero appeared to Jerry in order to recruit him for a quest to retrieve the HERO device. The logic for retrieving it was to keep it from the wrong people. Jerry shows resistance to the idea, but eventually joins Robby.

The two discover that a serial killer had obtained the HERO device and was using his newly acquired powers to murder people. Using powers that somehow were granted to them for using the device for a certain amount of time, the two fought the deadly killer. Unfortunately, in the first confrontation with the killer, Jerry was killed.

Dizzy Cordova

dizzy.jpgDizzy Cordova's life changed on one fateful day when she was released from prison.

She always had trouble with the law, when she was eleven years old she was arrested for stealing. her second arrest was seven hours later for trying to burn down the place she stole from. For those next four-years, she became linked to Gang-Rings as well as other street crimes. At Fifteen, she had a child and found her way off the streets.

Much later, One Night in July, she was simply hanging out with her "home girls" when a shoot-out occurred, four died, two ran away and she was left with the rap as the criminals got away.

Two men killed her family, it was a drive by and she didn't know who did it (although she felt it was the same gang that had the shoot-out) or why until she was visited by Agent Graves, a man who helps people with problems, by making them virtually invisible to the US Government, and giving them a gun with 100 rounds in it.

She receives her suit case and go's home with it considering what Graves has explained to her before she heads to off a car shop where a few of her friends are. A conversation about her deceased husband and son ensues before she leaves and heads home. She's stopped by two cops who think she's up to no good, but when they see her "pass" given to her by Agent Graves...they let her go. What Graves had said was correct and now it was time for Dizzy to decide whether she wanted to go down this path or not.

177. Haywire (4 points)

haywire.jpgBecause of my busy schedule you know with work and doing various things around the interweb i.e.: this, judging stuff, starting up arena matches, etc. I have once again resorted to using outsourcing. And once again they both do a fantastic job. Take it away:

Steve Majorsky is just a down on luck kind of guy. He watched his father die when he was a boy and he’s spent most of his life since then trying to prove he wasn’t the corrupt leader of an organized crime company called the Combine.

Infiltrating a Combine site, Steve was actually selected to test a new power suit. One complication in this is that only someone slightly unstable would be able to cybernetically control the armored suit. Steve was that ‘unstable’ personality although he didn’t know it.

Alex Kingman knew it. Kingman knew all about Steve because he was the split personality of Steve. While Steve wasn’t off trying to prove Daddy’s innocence, Alex became a successful PR man.

Meanwhile back at the Combine site, Steve is quite adept at using the armor and is set to display its abilities to the Combine boss. Steve recognizes that it’s his Dad and everything he’s lived for was a lie. He goes haywire and runs amok killing many before he escapes.

For the better part of the next few months, unbeknownst to Steve or Alex, whenever they are distressed, the outfit appears and Haywire lives. In an attempt to strike back at his Dad, he takes on organized crime at every turn and is soon hunted by both the Combine, their Japanese partners, the police and the Feds. It doesn’t matter if Haywire fights hoodlums or other armored foes, one thing is for certain – the body count gets high.

Helping and sometimes hurting Haywire along the way is: Alex’s girlfriend (who is secretly Nightlash a lethal S&M adventurer), Marlene (who is Steve’s girlfriend who gets brutally murdered), The White Lotus (a beautiful Japanese assassin) and Dr Reisman (Alex’s psychiatrist that figured out the multiple personality issues).

Haywire settles the score with his father by blowing everything up. In the end, everyone dies: his father, the Combine, his girlfriends, his doctor – even himself.

176. Sue Dibny (5 points)

suedibney.jpgSue met the Elongated Man Ralph Dibny when he and the Flash (Barry Allen) crashed her debutante ball. Dibny was struck by the fact that even though Flash was the much more popular and well known hero, Sue had eyes only for him.

The two were married shortly thereafter. They had a very happy marriage for a number of years. One of the things that made their relationship unique was the fact that Ralph's identity is public. This allowed Sue to freely associate with heroes in a way that other super-hero spouses are generally not able to.

This public affiliation with heroes put Sue in a considerable amount of danger. This is especially driven home in the "Identity Crisis" arc. In this story it is revealed that once when Sue was hanging out alone at the Justice League's watchtower out of boredom she was assaulted by Dr. Light. Dr. Light succeeded in raping her before nine leaguers showed up, including Ralph. Light was quickly subdued and Ralph took Sue to get medical attention.

Sue Dibny was later murdered on the night of her anniversary, overwhelming Ralph with devastation to the point where he could barely hold his form together. It was also revealed that Sue was pregnant when she was murdered according to a pregnancy test in a gift for Ralph for their anniversary. The murder sent shockwaves through the superhero community. There were many theories about who the murderer was. It was originally thought that Dr. Light might be responsible, especially when it was revealed (to the reader at least) that seven Justice League members had voted and decided to alter Light's personality to ensure he didn't become a repeat offender. Every other supervillian with a possible connection is questioned. One a of myriad number of battles in an attempt to gain information results in the death of Firestorm. It is later revealed that Jean Lorring ex-wife to the Atom (Ray Palmer) was responsible for Sue's death. Jean had attempted to wound Sue to send a scare through the superhero community and convince Atom to spend more time with her, but she inadvertently killed her friend instead.

Sue has returned as part of The Black Lantern Corps, along with her husband. Their first act as Black Lanterns was to attack Hawkman and Hawkgirl. They meet up with the hawks at the Stonechat Museum in St. Roch, LA. Sue stabs Kendra with a spear and she soon dies. Ralph kills Hawkman by beating him down with one of Carter's own weapons. After both are killed the Black Hand appears and inducts them both into The Black Lantern Corps.


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