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Your Top DC Heroes part 4

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, January 04 2010 and posted in Features
Four more characters in three slots...


175. Tom Taylor (5 points) tomtaylor.jpg

I really should buy this book. I bought the first ish and dropped it due to lack of funds.

Should I buy the trades?


Tom Taylor is originally introduced as the "celebrity" son of Wilson Taylor, author of the hit Tommy Taylor novels. His childhood was seemingly composed of learning the origins of stories. Tom doesn't seem to be very enthused about this legacy, but he still goes to the TommyCon to sign people's copies of his father's works. But he doesn't seem very at home at the Con, however, what really troubles him is when a woman in the crowd, calling herself Lizzie Hexam accuses him of not actually being the son of the late Wilson Taylor. And that is where the true adventure begins.

174, Wesley Dodds (5 points)

Wesley Dodds was most likely born in the early 1910s to wealthy investor Edward Dodds and his wife, Marina. In 1917, when he was still a child, his mother died under unrevealed westlydodds.jpgcircumstances. Little is known of Dodds's early life, save that he spent part of his youth in the and learned Oriental herbalism, martial arts, and origami. It is known that he is well-traveled. After college and his father's death, Dodds became the manager of a vast estate and an investor in his own right. Sometime before 1938, Dodds became plagued by extremely vivid dreams of criminal activities in dreams that would not allow him rest. Dodds used his fortune to finance a lab and developed a formula for a sedative and hypnotic gasses. He then bought several kinds of gas masks and set up an identity for himself, the Sandman, in which to pursue the criminals that haunted his dreams. In an early case, he encountered Lee Travis, a college chum, in his guise of the Crimson Avenger. The two initially fought but eventually joined forces against the Phantom of the Fair, who haunted the 1938 World's Fair. Travis gave Dodds a gun design that the Sandman ultimately perfected as his gas gun (Secret Origins vol. 2 #7). The Sandman then started his career in earnest, first confronting the Tarantula, a serial murderer (Adventure Comics #40, Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-4).
Later that year, Dodds met socialite Dian Belmont, daughter of District Attorney Larry Belmont, at local ball (Sandman Mystery Theatre #1, Adventure Comics #47). The two became lovers and, by year's end, Dodds had shared the knowledge of his dual life with her (Sandman Mystery Theatre #24). The Sandman's dreams often compelled him to pursue the most violent of criminals, such as the Scorpion (Sandman Mystery Theatre # 17-20), Dr. Death (Sandman Mystery Theatre #21-24), and the Butcher (Sandman Mystery Theatre #25-2. Each time, he left the defeated criminal with a poem enclosed in a bit of origami. A common one read:

There is no land beyond the law
Where tyrants rule with unshakable power!
Tis but a dream from which the evil wake
To face their fate, their terrifying hour!

In late 1940, the Sandman was selected by Doctor Fate to join the struggle against Nazi invasion forces, alongside several other American mystery-men. The culmination of this encounter was the formation of the Justice Society of America, of which the Sandman was a charter member. In mid-1941, he also took part in the case in which the JSA prevented Ian Karkull from murdering individuals destined to occupy the White House over the next 50 years. The culmination of this case was the destruction of Karkull and the exposure of the assembled heroes to the chronal energy stored in Karkull's body. As a result, the Sandman has aged much more slowly than normal humans (All-Star Squadron Annual #3).

Oh, now he is a Black Lantern.


173. Kamandi and Jason Todd (6 points each)

"The Last Boy on Earth. Nuff said." kamandi.jpg

Somewhere in an alternative future, Earth was in great danger of a war that would lead to the destruction of the entire human population. The Global Peace Agency transformed office worker Buddy Blank into the superhero OMAC who fought various threats to world peace. But the agency was destroyed by its enemies and Omac failed to prevent what is known as the Great Disaster.

This disaster may have been natural, but it was linked to a mysterious energy source called the vortex. It could have been that a nuclear war brought about the Great Disaster, for radiation was clearly involved. However, by the time of Kamandi, these levels of radiation had fallen to that of safety. The disaster involved worldwide devastation from earthquakes and fires. Human civilization collapsed and within two generations, virtually all of humanity had digressed to an animalistic state.

Before the Great Disaster however, Dr Michael Grant had developed a mutagenetic chemical called cortexin. Many of his research animals were exposed to cortexin in the course of the Great Disaster. The chemical greatly increased their intelligence, and also seemed responsible for giving them the power of speech, the ability to walk upright, and opposable thumbs.

The animals' descendents inherited these genetic changes, and as a result (within two human generations), talking animals-, including Lions, tigers, gorillas, leopards, rats, dogs and dolphins - dominated the earth.

Having long ago lost his OMAC powers, Buddy Blank lived out the years after the great disaster in a bunker in the New York area. There he raised his grandson Kamandi - named after the bunker itself, "Command D," using a micro film to teach him about past civilization . Finally Buddy Blank was killed by humanoid wolves, and the teenage Kamandi set out on his long wanderings through much of the Earth after the Disaster.

In his travels, Kamandi made various friends, including Ben Boxer and his friends Steve and Renzi, who were three survivors of the scientific community, the scientist dog Doctor Canus, and the young girl Spirit. Kamandi, Ben and Canus did not wish to conquer the animals but to restore humanity to a civilized state so that human beings could live as equals with intelligent animals.

As a result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kamandi's timeline is no longer one of Earth's alternate futures. The boy of the future who would have been called Kamandi will instead grow up to be space adventurer Tommy Tomorrow.

Jason Todd

jasontodd.pngUnlike Bucky, ya shoulda stayed dead.

Punkass shitty character.

Due to the reality warping effects of Superboy-Prime punching his way in, Jason Todd's corpse was revived in his grave. Still badly injured from what the Joker did to him, he was able to dig his way to the surface and walk over twelve miles before collapsing and being found by a lost couple driving down the road. He was brought to the hospital and treated as a John Doe, slipping into a coma. He would eventually awaken and escape through the window. However, he had suffered brain damage and remained partially catatonic as he lived on the streets. Fighting a homeless man who had attacked, his moves were witnessed and recognized by a former hired thug he had fought as Robin. The thug called in some own contacts to turn him in for a reward. Word made its way to Talia al Ghul, and she paid to have Jason abducted and brought to her.

Ra's al Ghul was intrigued but unconvinced of his daughter's opinion that Jason was worth anything to them, due to the severe brain damage. He decided that Jason would be sent away but remain protected and cared for out of respect for Bruce Wayne. To do anything more with the Jason outweighed the potential risk if Batman were to find out, as far as Ra's was concerned. However, Talia disobeyed her father. She took Jason to the Lazarus Pit her father was using and shoved him in. The shock and healing properties of the pit healed Jason's mind. He was confused and panicked, but Talia rushed him away before her father could retaliate. She had little time to explain anything to him, so all she said was for him not to go to Batman and find out the truth instead. He had not been avenged.

Jason took off with a motorcycle and a bag of supplies Talia had waiting for him. He did what she said, investigating what had happened to him on his own instead of going home to Bruce. He could not figure out how he returned from the dead, but everything else was clear. The Joker had murdered him, and Batman did nothing. To that day, the Joker was still breathing and committing crimes. Jason was enraged.

After that, he set off on his own journey across the world, mimicking the one Bruce Wayne took but not copying it exactly. He wanted to learn it all but remain under the radar. Talia remained an ally to him and helped him when and how she could.

As a former Robin, Jason Todd possesses all the skills of someone intensively trained by Batman, and although his experience as Robin was short-lived, he added to the foundation Batman gave him by traveling the world much as Bruce Wayne did, seeking out new teachers and further training. He has returned as an extremely dangerous martial artists, having proven himself to be on par with his predecessor Dick Grayson. But while Dick fights with an emphasis on grace and ability, Jason's fighting style focuses much more on brutality and strength.

In line with his own war on crime, Jason has received advanced weapons training. Blades, firearms, demolitions. He has shown himself to be highly proficient and experienced in all of these things.

Jason has a particularly trait of deceiving and leaving traps for his enemies involving explosives, automated gun turrets or electrical charges.


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