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Your Top DC Heroes part 5

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, January 05 2010 and posted in Features
Two slots and four characters. Rejoice.


172. Misfit and Heckler (6 points each)


Though it is still unclear exactly when Misfit first learned she could "Bounce" as she calls it, we do know her motivations to be a hero.

There was a fire in her apartment building, caused by tons of flaws the landlord paid the fire inspectors to overlook. Her mother demanded Misfit to save herself, and so she teleported out of the burning building and could do nothing to save her mother and baby sister.

Misfit first appeared wearing a Batgirl costume which looked like the same one that Barbara Gordon used to wear. She used a Batarang and the couple whom she rescued called her Batgirl. The Birds of Prey caught wind of this and set out to find this new "Batgirl". They have Gypsy pretend she is being attacked to lure her out. They saw that she had metahuman powers, such as teleportation and healing. She also seemed to know the identity of Huntress. It is also proven that she is invisible to sensors (that Batman and Martian Manhunter have never accomplished).That is seen when Misfit entered Oracle's home without triggering any alarms. She fought Oracle in the headquarters and was persuaded not the use the moniker Batgirl anymore. She now goes by Misfit and is a fulltime member of the Birds of Prey. Misfit has a characteristic battle cry:"Dark Vengeance!". Oracle claims that Misfit is "the most powerful teleporter I've ever encountered."

Misfit has a habit of teleporting into battles that she are way out of her league, including the knock down drag out rumble between the Birds Of Prey and the Secret Six. However, the worst occasion was when Misfit bounced to the aid of Huntress against a transformer-esq robot. Misfit bounced right into the cockpit of the vehicle and knocked out its operator. But Misfit then tried to deactivate the machine without awaiting Oracle's instruction, the result being the vaporization of a large portion of Metropolis. Misfit was unable to bounce the operator out with her, and she along with countless others died. Superman placed the blame entirely on the Birds, but Misfit took all the blame for herself.

Misfit discovered her powers where magic based during a run in with Black Alice. In a recent Birds of Prey story line, Misfit also finds out she and Black Alice are blood relations during a run-in with the Dark Side Club.

In the Teen Titans storyline "Titans of Tomorrow...Today!", Charlotte's adult self has become the Huntress and has dyed her hair blonde. Her battle cry seems to be the same in this alternate future.


This dude made the Top Modern list, and people were like WTF???!!??!, and here he is again. Yay for Heckler. I always liked his design, maybe because he reminds me of Mad Cap who is a wicked awesome character, amiright? Fuck yeah. This one was done by one of my outsourcers (He was one of the people that voted for him, actually). Go Top List team!!

A simple owner of a run down diner, Stu Moseley dons a yellow outfit and fights crime as “The Heckler”.

His origins are clouded in mystery (actually they don’t exist). His fighting prowess is without equal (actually he doesn’t have any). His halitosis is under control (thanks to Scope). He is respected by his peers (actually they think he’s a weirdo). He has the love of a good woman (yeah right). He has a informant who gives him tips (Elvis Presely, who faked his death and moved to Delta City because he likes the sandwiches).

The Heckler dispatches bad guys like Boss Glitter, PC Rabid, Bushwak’r and the Cosmic Clown by, a - uhm…. well, by heckling them. His taunts cause his foes to get so annoyed with him that he finds the opening he needs to win the fight (after he takes a lot of physical abuse – good thing he actually does heal pretty quick).

171. The King and Haunted Tank (6 points each)

The King

theking.jpgKing Standish, who first appeared in Flash Comics #3 and ran until 41, usually depicted on the few covers he was on as a man wearing a tuxedo, top hat and a domino mask. The King was a wealthy master of disguise so good that he could pretend to be someone else so well that not even people who had known that person for years could detect he was not the genuine article,

As such The King spent most of his adventures taking on the appearance someone of else. His only motivation seemed to be for the fun of it. Thought by the law to be a criminal, the King was really working in the underworld to bring it down.

His main adversary was a woman known as The Witch who was as good at disguise as he was, only she actually was up to no good. Eventually the two developed feelings for each other, though never seeing the true face of the other.

His kid is now in the new JSA All-Stars title as Chimera.

He reminds me of Tuxedo Mask.

Haunted Tank

hauntedtank.jpgThis nomination makes me so happy. I figured him to be a OPCer, but no he received 6 points. YAY.

Sgt. Jeb Stuart and his three hometown buddies Arch, Rick & Slim are assigned to a tank in the North African theatre of WWII. While out on patrol, the crew were all knocked out by a German Tiger Tank. However the tank continues on and destroys the Tiger.

Once awake the crew had no idea what happened. Jeb however thinks back to the Civil War General Jeb Stuart that he once thought haunted him years earlier. Turns out the dead General was ordered back to help soldiers by none other than the ghost of Alexander the Great.

At first reluctant to help a bunch of Yanks, the ghost of the Southern General eventually forms a strong bond with his namesake and, oft times cryptically, guides Jeb throughout the many battles (he really likes it when the tank adorns a Confederate flag). No one ever believes Jeb is doing anything other than talking to himself, but nobody doubts his bravery and tactics (aided by the ghost).

For the rest of the war, through at least 5 different tanks and differing crew, Gen & (promoted) Lt. Stuarts were the Haunted Tank; the toughest, roughest tank in the whole war.

After the war, the tank was decommissioned but the General continued (meeting and helping the likes of: Hawk & Dove, the Demon, Doctor 13 and the heroes during COIE.


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