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Your Top DC Heroes part 7

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, January 05 2010 and posted in Features
More obscure characters you can bitch about.


169. Andrew Bennett and Chameleon Boy (7 points each)

Andrew Bennettivampire.jpg

Andrew Bennett was originally a lord in the court of Queen Elizabeth. One day, before he left on a journey, his lover Mary Seward warned him not to leave, fearing for his safety with no reason. He laughed and left anyway. On the road, he was attacked by a vampire, was devoured, and died. He rose again three days later, undead, but with his mind unaffected by the curse. He vowed to drink only bottled human blood and the blood of animals.

The only time he ever infected another human was when Mary Seward decided to share his fate and become a vampire. However, she succumbed to the temptations of vampirism. She became cunning and evil and founded a secret society of vampires called The Blood Red Moon. Horrified at what he had unleashed on the world, Bennett decided to stop Seward.

The two of them battled for centuries. In 1980, Bennett faced The Blood Red Moon as they prepared for their final conquest. He was helped by Russian vampire hunter Dmitiri Mishkin and Deborah Dancer, a girl he saved from Seward at Woodstock. Mishkin died in the attempt and Bennett risked all by swallowing a soviet formula that was supposed to confer all the powers of vampirism and negate all the side effects.

The formula was never meant to be taken by someone who was already a vampire and Bennett's body began to rapidly decay. Dancer, however, had figured out the correct way to use the formula and took it herself. She attacked Seward and, as the sun rose, Seward died the true death.

Bennett had died once again due to the formula, but it was short lived. He was revived once more, but was determined to die. He visited his friend Shoju, the leader of a Buddhist monastery that had been turned to vampires by The Blood Red Moon. The monastery exposed themselves to the sun to kill themselves and tried to kill Bennett with them through meditation. Once again, he returned to life.

The Lords of Order appeared to him offering a way for him to finally end it all by bringing about the Age of Chaos, destroying all of creation in order to ultimately bring about the Age of Order. Bennett traveled to Europe, found the Holy Grail, and drank Jesus's blood in order to purify himself. After that, he was transported to a temple in India where he played a flute to bring about the Age of Chaos. And succeeded, he survived re-emerging in a void with Dr. Fate (who had been sent to stop him). Bennett and Fate then watched as the whole of reality was recreated. After seeing this he felt more at peace and tried yet again to kill himself by sunlight.

He was not seen again until years later during the Spectre's war on magic called "Day of Vengeance". He with many other people of magic were held up at the Oblivion Bar a place "where all the magic types can hang out and unwind, without being bothered by the Normals, or even the non-magical super crowd."

Shortly after the "Infinite Crisis" Bennett and a group lead by Dr. Thirteen had to literally fight for their right to exist in the newly remade universe. They succeeded and Bennett stayed with this group for an unknown time.

During "Reign in Hell" where Lord Satanus fought to over through Neron for the thrown of Hell all demons and beings of Dark magic were recalled to Hell to fight. Bennett was in Prague " when the vampire, firstborn of Lilith, mother of all atrocities, is freed from night's restraint". It is unknown if this meant Bennett become human, or if he truly died. After Neron's defeat Lord Satanus reversed this, at this time it is unknown what affect this had on Bennett

Chameleon Boy

chameleonboy.jpgI do not know a single thing on the Legion of Super Heroes, so I outsourced these guys once again. I know, I am a smart cookie.

The 30th/31st Century

The people of the planet Durla were isolationists. Their natural shape shifting abilities had long been causation for other planetary races to fear and abhor them.

One young Durlan named Reep Daggle however wanted to prove that Durlan’s could be trusted and accepted. He traveled off planet and discovered that the Legion of Super-Heroes was a perfect vehicle for him. Recruited as their sixth member, Reep quickly established himself as a valuable ally.

Originally shy, the years of experience and friendship brought Reep the respect and acceptance that made him come into his own. It’s all seriousness for him whenever he leads the Legion Espionage Squad (of which he is the permanent leader of).

Chameleon Boy has had an on/off relationship with RJ Brande (whom he discovered was his father).

Chameleon Boy is one of the smartest Legionnaires as well as one of if not the best detective the future has, coupled with his unmatched shape-shifting abilities he is a formidable battler and analyst.

Chameleon Boy has not been seen for quite a while and is considered missing by his teammates. In actuality he is in the 21st Century waiting for 2010.

168. Maya (7 points)

Chandi Gupta manifested her elemental powers at an early age, barely into her teenage years. Her parents, maya.gifunsure of what to do, left her in the care of a strange Indian cult that they themselves had become followers of. The leaders of this cult were convinced that she was the reincarnation of one of the Hindu gods, Shiva. Chandi, confused and terrified, realized that the cult was evil and planning to sacrifice her. Horrified, she escaped, and fled to London.

There, now under the alias Maya, she witnesses the Justice League Europe brawl with the super villain Sonar. She reluctantly used her powers to assist them in their battle, and managed to single-handedly defeat the threat. The JLE, grateful for her timely assistance offered her an official membership. Feeling she had nowhere else to go, she gladly accepts. One of her earliest missions with them was a return to her homeland of India. There, she came under attack from her supposed protector, the Mahayogi. Fortunately, she fends him off long enough to escape and rejoin her team.

Maya was alone in the Justice League castle headquarters when it came under attack by three of the Bloodlines parasites. She managed to evade them for some time and summoned help by firing bursts of energies high into the night sky. She was rescued by her teammates and the armored superhero, Lionheart.

The JLE later journeyed to Nepal where she encountered a boy with powers similar to hers. However, the child was killed, and Maya learned that the cult that had held her as a young girl was a front for a villain called the Overmaster, who planned to destroy the Earth. Overmaster took control of her mind and used her against her teammates, but the Mahayogi, whom she had fought earlier with the League, sacrificed himself in order to free her mind. After a climactic confrontation with the Overmaster, the JLE disbanded. Maya's parents (her mother's name is Bharata, her father is unnamed) demonstrate fire-based powers of their own that involved an amulet and calling upon Shiva. Realizing they were no longer part of the cult, Maya decided to give her parents one more chance. Their reunion is marred by a confrontation with the armored, League-hating 'Vox Humana'. Though the League backs them up, the villains are driven away by human League supporters.

Maya left with her parents and currently resides with them in India. She attended the "funeral" of Maxwell Lord. She was also seen in an adventure in which she aids Wonder Woman in issue #174 of her series.


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