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Fear of Tigers Interview

Written by GLX on Tuesday, January 05 2010 and posted in Features
GLX interviews Fear of Tigers.

At what point did you decide that you'd like to get into the music scene?


My older brother way always fiddling around with guitars and effect units so I just picked it up from him really. Although I’ve always wanted to write and compose, I’ve actually been a bit of a jack of all trades over the years from Dj-ing for a pirate radio station, working in a record shop, Dj-ing in a holiday resort, to working as a sound engineer and even in the marketing department at a record label.


What led to the use of the stage name Fear of Tigers?

That would be a secret!


What are the creative positives and negatives to working on remixes compared to working on original material?


Coming up with a good idea for a new original track doesn’t always come easily to me and for every track of mine you hear, there are always a stack of unfinished ideas that didn’t make the final cut.

With a remix you’re just served the idea up on a plate, so in theory all you have to do is load in the parts, put your own spin on it and it can come together really quickly. Typically I can have a remix done in less than two days. Having said that though, some tracks are easier to do than others. For example, The Sounds of Arrows ‘Into The Clouds’ just sounded so good I thought “This doesn’t need remixing”. I really struggled to begin with, even throwing the first remix (and a couple of days work) away. On the other hand my mix of the Anoraak’s ‘Night Drive With You’ took less than a day.


Why did you name your debut album Cossus Snufsigalonica?


That’s a big secret! I’m waiting for someone to work it out.


Why did you decide to release it for free instead of going to a record label or at least attempting to sell the record on your own?


The album was just about getting the music out there and the best way to do that was to give it away for free. I’m also pretty wary of record labels and their ability to react quickly. If a label had picked the album up last year, it wouldn’t have got past the lawyers yet. I’m a pretty independent and impatient person and my experience with industry people so far is that they’re two decades behind what’s actually happening.


Looking at a teaser for Cossus Snufsigalonica, I noticed that the tracks Hey Jimmy! and Fudo-myoo are missing from the record(I'm assuming that Don't Leave is the original version of Please Don't Leave). What led to those tracks being cut from the record?


I’d originally planned to put the album out in the summer but I was so busy with remixes that I missed the deadline and the date kept getting pushed back. Eventually I just decided that I had to fix a date so I sent a press release out with the track listing that I had at the time. It gave me a deadline of two weeks to finish the record. Fortunately in that time I wrote two new tracks so I put Fudo-myoo and Hey Jimmy on the back burner. Maybe they’ll see the light of day some time.


How did you pick the vocal samples for the record?


I usually write the music first and if I feel the track lacks something I’ll stick it into Acid and throw a load of accapellas over it to see if anything fits, it’s very rarely I’ll start with a sample and try to build a track around it.


The storm sound effects on the album work well with the record. What led to your use of them?


I love elemental noises. Waterfalls, chirping crickets and of course thunder and rain. I’d use them on every track if I could.


Since the release of the album, have there been any record labels trying to get a hold of you?


No not really! I think the music industry has gone to sleep to be honest. Viva la revolution!


Any other projects in the works that you can mention here?


I’ve just done a remix for Yes Giantess plus I’ve got remixes scheduled in January for The Performance and College. I’m also hoping to upgrade my studio in the next couple of months so I’m looking forward to experimenting with some new sounds and some new Fear of Tigers shizzle.


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