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Your Top DC Heroes part 9

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, January 06 2010 and posted in Features
Five characters for ya. Yep, that’s right another tie...


165. Mera and Citizen Steel (8 points each)


mera.jpg"Finally, someone else gets how awesome she is!"

The origins of Mera are not clear, but she came to earth from a watery dimension. This occurred early on in Aquaman's career. She befriended the King of Atlantis, Aquaman, in her first adventures. She would eventually fall in love with him, and they would marry, making her the Queen of Atlantis. Some time afterward, they would have a child. But the child would be lost at the hands of Black Manta. The trauma from said incident would drive her to leave her husband.

Briefly stuck in the hellish dimension called the Netherworld, she has since returned. She remains estranged from Aquaman, despite hints of lingering affection, and reigns as the Queen of Atlantis after Aquaman's exile. However she is merely a puppet queen for the new Sorcery Elite, and was recently punished by the sorcerers of Atlantis by being turned into an air-breathing human maiden.

After Atlantis was sent back in time by Tempest during the Imperiex war, and was restored with the help of the Justice League, Mera became queen of Atlantis, with Aquaman in exile. After the events of "One Year Later", Mera regained her water breathing abilities, if not her full strength, and became the leader of a small rebel army, taking under her protection some refugees from the lost Atlantis, and the new Aquaman. Mera has to soon deal with the death of her beloved, Aquaman. Forever changing the "Queen of the sea".

During the Blackest Night, Mera and Tempest and a few Atlanteans are about to take the body of Aquaman away from his tomb, so he may be buried in Atlantis. Mera is shocked to discover that her beloved's burial ground is destroyed, and to see a Black Lantern Aquaman wanting the group dead. He is joined by Black Lanterns Tula (Aquagirl) and Dophin. Believing this to be some sort of mind trick, a battle engages between the Black Lantern Aquaman, Aquagirl/Tula, and Dolphin and Mera, Garth/Tempest, and a few Atlanteans. Mera is able to seemingly murder Dolphin, only for the zombie to regenerate. In the end Tempest and the Atlanteans become Black Lanterns. Aquaman demands that his love stand by his side so their baby can be with them. Mera ignores and disappears into the ocean.

She meets up with Flash (Barry Allen) and The Atom and helps them to fight he Black Lanterns. As war rages with the Black Lanterns, the aqua woman called Mera is driven into a rageful temper, allowing a red lantern ring to latch onto her finger. With a heart full of hate, Mera continues the battle against death with Barry Allen bearing a blue lantern ring and the Atom withholding a compassionate symbol of the indigo tribe.

Citizen Steel

citizensteel.jpgNathan Heywood is the grandson of the original Commander Steel aka Henry Heywood and the cousin of the previous Steel, Henry Heywood III. Despite having a promising American Football career, he was forced to retire early due to an injury to his knee which completely shattered the bone, leaving him unable to walk without the aid of crutches as the injury was so severe that his leg had to be amputated. As a result Nathan has become addicted to the painkillers that he was prescribed during this time.

Whilst attending a family reunion, Nathan and his family were attacked by the Fourth Reich, a group put together by Vandal Savage to completely remove all existence of the Justice Society of America and making sure that there were no relations left of the original heroes to carry on their legacies. This attack results in the majority of the Heywood family being brutally killed including Nathan's brother and mother who were turned into statues by the metallic Reichsmark. Just as Nathan was about to receive similar treatment he stabbed his crutch into the villains mouth which caused him to spit metallic blood all over Nathan. Eventually Hawkman appears to save the remaining members of the Heywood family, Nathan and a few children and takes Nathan to Dr. Mid-Nite who informs him that his body for some reason is absorbing the metallic blood and Nathan goes into a coma. During this coma a metallic leg grows were his amputated one was previously. Eventually he awakes and realizes that with his new leg he has gained superhuman strength and that his body is living steel due to it absorbing the properties of Reichmark's blood. As a result Nathan takes the name Citizen Steel and adopts the legacy of his grandfather and cousin, which in the end was ironically caused by Vandal Savage's attempt to prevent this from happening.

Due to the fact that Nathan no longer has feeling in his body and his strength is so great, the JSA create a special uniform made from the alloy designed to protect space craft on re-entry. This uniform is basically forged onto his body to limit and restrain his movement. During the JSA fight with Gog, Nathan removes the top half of his uniform to strike Gog down. He is successful in taking Gog down with a single blow something Superman from E-22 couldn't accomplish with many. The exact limit of his strength is as yet unknown.

164. The Shadow (8 points)

theshadow.jpgKent Allard was a spy in World War 1 (as well as for Czar Nicholas before the war) as well as a famed aviator who crashed in the South American jungles. He made a fortune in that region (where he discovered a city of gold) before he returned to New York where he adopted a new identity. Lamont Cranston was the identity The Shadow took while the real Cranston was traveling around the world. When the two meet, he threatened Cranston, saying that he has arranged to switch signatures on various documents and other means that will allow him to take over the Lamont Cranston identity entirely unless Cranston agrees to allow Allard to impersonate him when he is abroad, so he agrees.

The Shadow worked with a network of agents like Harry Vincent, his most trusted associate whose life he saved when Vincent wanted to commit suicide, Moe Shrevnitz, a cab driver and Burbank, a radio operator who maintained contact between The Shadow and his agents, there is more of shadows agents out there... even now!

The Shadow is a master of stealth and espionage who went by the nom de plume "The Dark Eagle", during WW1 and worked for Czar Nicholas as part of an inner circle known as "The Secret Star". It was the Czar who gifted Kent Allard with the mysterious Girasol gem that he wears in a ring and uses to hypnotize people. During the 1920's he spent some years in the mysterious city of Shambalah where he learned many oriental disciplines, such as complete control over his bodies vital functions as well various martial arts. When the Shadow resurfaced in the 1980's it was apparent to those that knew him that he had aged not at all! Therefore longevity must be added to his list of disciplines. The Shadow has complete control over his vocal cords and can throw his voice (producing a chilling laugh that can paralyze opponents) and accurately mimic anyone. He has nearly photographic memory and is also a master of disguise and sleight of hand. The ability he is most known for however, is his amazing skills at stealth that make him akin to "A living shadow", to such an extent that rumors evolved that he can "cloud men's minds". The Shadow is a world class intellect.

163. Linda Strauss and Jenny Quantum (9 points each)

Linda Strauss

lindastrauss.jpgWith the death of Kent Nelson, Nabu begins his search for a new host. This search brings him to Eric and Linda Strauss. They are bound so that they must merge in order to become Doctor Fate, but besides that they lead separate lives. Nabu then animates Kent Nelson's corpse to serve as an adviser and instructor. Due to the fact that the tower Nelson used as a sanctum is destroyed, the pair runs their operations out of Linda's apartment. Later they are joined by a small demon they name Petey and a lawyer by the name Jack C. Small. This pair provides moral support and even manage to assist in some of the battles.

During a battle on Apokolips, Eric is killed, leaving Linda to serve as Dr. Fate on her own. The Helm eventually rejects her. Eric's soul, instead of passing on, is placed in the dying body of Eugene DiBellia, who had been mortally wounded in a car accident. Eugene is the father of a girl named Raina, who will usher in a new age for all mankind.

Though she is no longer Doctor Fate, the Anti-Fate, returns to plague her. This forced Linda to merge with Nabu and become Doctor Fate once again. Though they are forced to retreat, the Lords of Chaos succeed in assaulting Linda Strauss and killing her. Same as Eric, her soul is placed into the dying body of Wendy DiBellia, so that she and Eric can take care of Raina. The DiBellias had always been fated to die, but thanks to the intervention of the Phantom Stranger and someone serving as a human avatar of God, Raina is not left without her caretakers.

Jenny Quantum

jennyquantam.jpgJenny Quantum is the reincarnation of Jenny Sparks as well as the Spirit of the 21st Century. She was born on January 1st 2000 in Singapore. After her birth she was taken by Dr. Kirgstein. Kirgstein uses his intellect to build SPB for the American government. He hoped by controlling Jenny he could shape the world as he saw fit. He sent his super beings against the Authority who were after Jenny. Soon the Authority was able to make a deal with the Doctor. He was allowed to live on the Carrier and help the Authority change the world for Jenny and he agreed. Baby Jenny was around for many of the teams battles, but due to being a baby she couldn't do much in battle. When the G7 nations sent Seth to defeat the team and replace them with the New Authority Jenny and Midnighter escaped the assault and capture. Soon Midnighter was able to rescue Apollo and each member slowly worked to free the rest, killing their replacements till only Seth was left, but Swift had found a code and Jenny spoke it turning him human and powerless. After Apollo and Midnighter wed she was raised by the two as their daughter. Still she was sidelined for much of the teams actions even when they conquered America.

It wasn't until her mother reappeared that she began to truly fight. Her mother had seemed to survive wanting to take her daughter back and was proved to be her due to a DNA test. However the women posing as her mother was actually her sister Jenny Fractal. She was not noticed by Kirgstein and her home government had her raised as a life hating weapon. She was intent on killing her sister and was even causing damage to the Bleed and reality. Fractal and Quantum battled, but Fractal killed Quantum in battle, but the Doctor saved her spirit and sent Midnighter to the past where he killed Fractal as she was born to stop all this destruction. Current Fractal died and the Doctor placed her in her sisters body.

After the Authority took America a group called the Sons of Liberty made of old American super heroes caused the American people to revolt and after a member of their group with nuclear powers caused an explosion the Authority gave up their power and broke up. 3 years later now eight Jenny was being raised by Apollo alone while Midnighter went across the planet fighting evil. Jenny took a trip to the Garden of Ancestral Memory despite not being a Doctor to see the previous ones now dead. However he was not their. She came back to her plane and met older forms of herself and was taken to the Infinite City where Jennies go when they die much like the Garden. After talking with Jenny Sparks, Henry Bendix was revealed to have been behind all the trouble. She aged herself to 14 and brought the group back together to overthrow Bendix. Bendix now had an army of alien beings as well as the new Rose Tattoo. He had also been keeping the Doctors spirit prisoner as well as the new one Habib Ben Hassan. She freed both and soon the group attacked Bendix. However he revealed he had implanted nanobots in Midnighter and forced him to fight and almost destroy the team. However Jenny and the Engineer freed him and he ripped Bendix's head of as revenge.

Jenny was a part of the struggle to return the unstable Captain Atom back to his universe after he joined the group. She died after trying to stop his unstable energy output but was brought back when the world reset. She is currently trapped in a world without super heroes with the other members of the Authority.

The destruction of the Earth heralded the resurrection of Jenny Sparks' ally, The High of The Changers, Jenny Quarx sacrificed herself by using her body as a containment device to prevent the Carrier's miniature universe engine from overwriting the Wildstorm universe when the damaged Carrier crashed to Earth's London, England. Before absorbing the universe she kissed The Doctor goodbye, telling him that she would return.

What happened to Jenny after this is unknown as of yet.

Being the newest century's Spirit, Jenny Quarx’s powers are reality bending quantum mechanic powers that have allowed her to create pocket universes (where the previous "Jennys" current reside, manipulate ambient energies, and accelerate his age.

Upon her birth, Jeroen Thorne, the previous Doctor, describe her power to make her previous version look like a spastic with a guide dog. Like most Century Babies, Jenny's life-force is connected to the century. Once the century is over, she will perish and a new Jenny will be born.


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