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Your Top DC Heroes part 11

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, January 06 2010 and posted in Features
The characters with first place votes finally appear, and we move on beyond 10 points.


159. Markus Clay (10 points)

markusclay.jpgMarkus Clay, the third Amazing-Man, began operating in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Both the legacy of Amazing-Man and the powers were inherited to him as the grandson of Will Everett the original and cousin of Will Everett III the second. He made a big impression not only as a superhero but as a community activist, speaking of the amazing transformation everyone is capable of making towards more positive ends.

As an associate of Hawkman, he was approached by Power Girl and the Superman of Earth-22 about joining the recently rebuilt Justice Society of America. He agreed to join at a time when the team was dealing with a metahuman called Gog on a serial killing spree. He took Superman's warnings that this Gog could have a disastrous impact on the future. Seriously believing in the ability of a single person to cause vast changes. He took part in the battle when Gog attacked them, transforming himself into the same material as Gog's staff. Along with others on the Justice Society, he was transported during the battle to Africa and witnessed the revival of the true Gog.

As a man of faith, Amazing-Man was able to communicate with Gog when Mr. Terrific could not. He believes in the cause of changing the world for the better that Gog promised and came down on the side of those who chose to walk with Gog when the Justice Society split on the issue. However, he did not believe in executing the evil men they came across, going so far as to try holding Magog back from killing some unarmed soldiers. When it came time that Gog demanded worship from them for all he had done, it was Amazing-Man who told his teammates to stay standing. His faith in Gog had waned due to the supposed god's increasingly suspicious actions. When the rest of the Justice Society appeared and exposed Gog's true nature as more of a parasite than god, Amazing-Man joined the battle to defeat Gog.

In the aftermath of the Gog incident, Amazing-Man chose to no longer be an active part of the Justice Society. Jay Garrick said he was considering forming his own team down in the southern United States.

158. Indigo and Harvey Dent (10 points - 1 first place slot each)


indigo.jpg"My favorite character, period. She is the perfect combination of raw power and loveable naivety. Everything she does either kicks ass, is funny or just adorable. Most people don't know her, don't care about her, or just hate her because she's a Winick character and nobody likes Winick, but I say BAH to all that. I enjoyed every moment of the so painfully few comics she appeared in and her death, to me, was one of the most touching moments in comics ever.

Now if only, for god’s sake, DC would just bring her back like it was hinted at in the Origins and Omens thing..."

Born in a distant future era, she came to the 21st century badly damaged, and desperately looking for a cybernetic or mechanical organism capable of repairing her. Seeking to repair herself, she scanned for other artificial beings and found the Metal Men. Teleporting to them, she tried unsuccessfully to interface with them and left the Metal Men in a damaged state. Scanning for the next artificial being, she found Cyborg of the Teen Titans. At the time, both the Titans and Young Justice were being propositioned for funding as a tax write off for a large American corporation. She immediately interface with Cyborg upon arrival. To most of the inexperienced hero's assembled, this appeared to be an attack. Impulse vibrated himself into her at super speeds with disastrous results. An explosion left Cyborg with the lower half of his body gone. Nightwing tried to assess the situation with Robin and called off the attack, but soon realized that Indigo was dangerous. Indigo went into a defense state after Impulse attacked her and both teams battled her till she escaped.

Running out of options she fled to a S.T.A.R. Labs facility in Silicon Valley, California. Designated SJ-1, this facility housed an artificial life form created by Superman himself, in his image. Upon breaking into the facility with brute force, Indigo had enough power left to free an android Superman before she shut down. The android, now free picked up Indigo and blasted his way into a mall, where he started to work on her electronics. Young Justice and the Teen Titans watched the news from the hospital where their injured were being treated. They assumed incorrectly that the android was indeed Superman himself, and that he was dealing with her. Cyborg, in a shocked state told them that she meant no harm, though Nightwing was unsure what to believe. Leaving their wounded, the two teams teamed up to go help what they thought was Superman. The android Superman attacked with deadly results. Both teams suffered casualties in the battle, and in the end Indigo convinced Arsenal and Robin to repair her to defeat the android Superman. Repaired, to a certain extent, she was able to shut down the android Superman, before shutting down herself. The Teen Titians disbanded, however Arsenal was hopeful to start a new team.

Arsenal supervised S.T.A.R. Labs repairs of Indigo and convinced Nightwing to lead a new team. The team would be named the Outsiders. When the team was formed, Arsenal did not tell Nightwing of Indigo, and he assumed she had been destroyed. So when she entered the Outsiders headquarters he attacked her. Arsenal then calmed Nightwing, but was unable to convince him that Indigo was an asset to the team. She had been rebuilt, with her memory erased. Indigo, knowing that she had committed horrible acts, wished to repent for what she did by helping people. Nightwing was not convinced. Their debate for her right to be on the team was interrupted by an attack on New York harbor. Putting things aside, the Outsiders went into action.

Slowly she was accepted into the team. Indigo was useful both as a powerhouse fighter, and a logistics expert. She and the team went on to battle such villains as Brother Blood, Gorilla Grodd, the Joker, and many more. Indigo developed personality traits, even though she claims she cannot feel. Her work desk was littered with stuffed animals, and when not in combat she wears girly girl attire. A relationship developed between Indigo and what she thought was Metamorpho. When the real Metamorpho showed up to reclaim the lost part of himself, Indigo defended him with her life. Later Indigo came up with the name "Shift" for the Metamorpho clone. Shift and Indigo became an item. Just before one of their dates, Shrapnel infiltrated the base and interrupted the two love birds. A battle ensued and Indigo terminated shrapnel when he threatened Shift, stating that she did not feel emotions, and would feel no guilt in ending his existence. Fellow Outsiders describe their sex life as a scene out of John Carpenters "The Thing".

All too soon the Outsiders realized there was a traitor in their mists. Arsenal sealed the base and began to test the integrity of the teams loyalty. In the end he came to the conclusion it was Shift that was the traitor. In fact it was Indigo. Her personality reverted back into that of Brainiac 8, her true identity. Being a member of the Colu, a synthetic empire, she was sent back in time to end Donna Troy's life. Indigo was a sleeper identity she took on until the time was right. She joined forces with Lex Luthor, Superboy and an older Brainiac version. A battle followed, involving these villains, the Outsiders, and the Teen Titans. Both Superboy and Indigo were brought back from their darker sides by their respected loved ones. Indigo however realized that she could not hold her personality and Brainiac 8 would soon regain control of her. She pleaded with Shift to end her life. Heart broken he turned her into the one thing she always wanted, an organic human. This of course ended her life.

Harvey Dent

harveydent.jpgIn the limited series, Two-Face, Two-Face leads a force against Gotham City. His gang made crime go everywhere, and they caused panic, chaos, and havoc for several days. The big opposer was Batman-without him working tirelessly against Two-Face's gang, they might have taken Gotham. The ultimate climax was when Two-Face found his abusive father, who's abuse had created the dormant Two-Face personality in Harvey Dent's mind. Two-Face was planning to murder him on national television-however, part of him loved his father and spared him. This was Dent. Dent and Two-Face had an argument inside their head, and Dent wanted to kill Two-Face. Two-Face called him spineless, but to prove he wasn't and finally destroy Two-Face, he leaped off a building. However, he didn't die-he was caught by Batman. The shock of the fall and the victory destroyed the Two-Face part, and Dent lived happily for a while. However, the rage and evil was still buried there, and the Two-Face persona came out again. Harvey Dent still wasn't fully healed.

Much later, the Two-Face persona was destroyed again for a much longer time. Plastic surgery advanced to a level where extensive damage like his could be fixed-so they used it to make Dent look like Dent again. This destroyed the Two-Face(or so it seemed), and Harvey Dent rejoiced-it looked like his life was going to come back to him. He shot Hush, the serial killer, as the reformed Dent. Batman offered to train Dent to become a vigilante like him, and Harvey agreed. After long, grueling training (including fighting Mister Freeze and The Firebug), Batman left for about a year and Dent became the city's vigilante protector while the Bat was gone. Although Dent was less refined and more violent than Batman, he did a good job and kept the city safe in the Caped Crusader's absence. But when Batman came back, Dent was dejected, and he began to feel like he was unnecessary. These thoughts prompted the return of Two-Face, who Dent began to see in hallucinations. Meanwhile, Ventriloquist, Magpie, KGBeast, and Orca were all murdered in style of Two-Face. When Batman confronted him, Dent wouldn't answer him and set off a bomb to escape. He escaped to a motel, where he had a battle with Two-Face in his head. Two-Face won. He used acid and a scalpel to scar half his face, and Two-Face returned.

157. Vibe (11 points)

vibe.jpgPaco Ramone's career as Vibe began shortly after Aquaman disbanded the original Justice League. When young Paco heard that a new Justice League was forming in his own backyard of Detroit, he decided to give up his position as the leader of a local street gang, Los Lobos, to join up. What made Ramone a candidate was metahuman ability to emit powerful vibratory shockwaves.

Vibe's presence on the team caused Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter to harbor some strong doubts about the new JLA, particularly after he got the League involved in a rumble with a rival gang. However, Vibe soon proved his mettle during the League's battles against Cadre, Anton Allegro, and Amazo. He stayed with the League through the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, when his powers played a vital role in defeating Despero.

During Darkseid's assault on Earth during the Legends mini-series, the Justice League of America was disbanded and Paco left his JLA comrades to seek the familiar solace of the streets. Vibe was attacked by one of Professor Ivo's androids, and became the first Justice League member to be killed in the line of duty. The Martian Manhunter brought Vibe's body back to the League's mountain sanctuary, where Vibe was laid to rest in a cryogenic chamber. However, Paco's dead form has twice been resurrected by evil-doers.

In an Justice League of America tie-in to the Blackest Night crossover, Vibe was reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps, rising from his coffin in the Hall of Justice. Alongside the Black Lantern Steel, Vibe attacked his former teammates, Gypsy and Vixen, until Doctor Light destroyed him


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