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Your Top DC Heroes part 13

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, January 07 2010 and posted in Features
3 slots and 4 characters. You are getting your $$$$ worth on these entries.


152. Rex Tyler (13 points)

So, I just finished reading The Golden Age by Robinson, and you know what? That comic kicked ass, imo. Seriously, I love the take they did on each and everyone of those characters. Especially Rex here. I never thought bout the pill being a drug that one could get addicted too, but when you think bout it, it totally makes sense. For 60 mins, you become a super hero, of course you are gonna be jonesing for another pill. So yeah, thank you Secret Santa for getting me that one, you are the best.

Rex was a business man who used his company to develop a drug that could enhance human attributes for one hour if it was used in a condensed dose. Using this new drug, dubbed Miraclo, Rex became the hero Hourman and joined the Justice Society of America. Eventually he left the JSA and went on to join Uncle Sam's original group of Freedom Fighters. Rex became addicted to his drug and used various forms of it until he had to give up on the whole hero thing. Eventually, his son Rick took over the mantle regardless of Rex's objections.

Years later after his son gave up the mantle of Hourman, Rex continued the fight until he seemed to die by the hands of Extant, but the android Hourman managed to travel to the moment and save him by positioning him in a secluded time pocket that Rick could visit for an hour at a time.

151. Vigilante and Jim Gordon (13 points each)


vigilante.jpgAdrian Chase is a New York district attorney whose family was killed by mobsters. It is after this that Adrian decides to seek justice in his own way as the Vigilante. As the Vigilante he made sure he didn't kill, and he would regularly use non-lethal weaponry while crime fighting. He would often use his Smith Wesson Revolver to incapacitate a foe, and he had a small grapple gun. This changed when he allowed a police officer to die as a direct result of his actions. Afterwards he became more and more violent and cared less about who got caught in the crossfire. As the Vigilante Adrian was a violent crime-fighter but in his civilian life he became tormented by his actions. Eventually Adrian quit being Vigilante, believing that he could be both more effective and also more happy as a judge. He had used the Vigilante persona as a way of combating medical depression, and it became very hard for him to resist his newfound violent tendencies.

After he quit his friend Allen Wells took up the mantle of Vigilante without Adrian's knowledge. Allen was even more violent as Vigilante than Adrian. This caused Adrian to track down and kill the new Vigilante. He does just that, only to find out it is his best friend Allen. This is the point where Adrian, overcome by self hate and his own failure, completely relapses into his role as the Vigilante.

Chase became more guilt ridden after the death of his friend. His civilian life and Vigilante life became more blurred when he tried to cover up the fact that Allen was the Vigilante. Dave Winston, Adrian's bailiff was the third person to assume the mantle of Vigilante. Despite Adrian’s advice, Winston refused to kill.

Winston himself would not be so lucky as he was murdered by Peacemaker while attempting to stop the hijacking of a plane.

Adrian once again assumes the role of Vigilante. He felt that it was the only way to protect his loved ones. The first thing he does is seek revenge on Peacemaker. Adrian however has been out of the game for to long and when he finds Peacemaker he is beaten and unmasked on live television due to being out of shape. This of course kills his secret identity and forces him to stay as the Vigilante. Adrian become more sickened with himself and falls victim to depression, paranoia, and violence as he becomes more and more unbalanced. He began killing anyone who got in his way, even police. Near the end, he had no qualms about killing cops, or whether an innocent civilian was killed because of his actions. He eventually is unable to take the guilt anymore and commits suicide.

In death Adrian ends up in purgatory. He helps battle the guardians of the realm, so heroes can escape with the soul of Hal Jordan. While fighting the new Vigilante for the first time during the issues of Gotham Underground, Nightwing say's "but Justin Sutter is Dead" giving the impression that Nightwing didn't know of any vigilantes after Sutter.

Commissioner James Gordon

jimgordon.jpg"Probably the greatest comic book cop of them all. Sure he has no super powers, but that doesn't matter to me. It's the fact the dude is always going to do the right thing. No matter what happens to him. He'll always be the honest cop who will do things by the book. Though it helps if there is a giant bat to help him. But even without his great ally, the man can kick ass and take names by himself. Just see the Blackest Night: Batman mini for proof on that."

Before Crisis on Infinite Earths, James Gordon was a police detective who at first, did not like Batman’s vigilantism and became bitter and resentful of the caped crusader. Jim did not like Batman’s method of tracking down criminals and torturing them because it was going above the law. Eventually Batman was able to talk to Jim and they were able to set aside their differences and worked together to help rid crime in Gotham. Eventually Jim was able to succeed Commissioner Gorgan and become the police commissioner of GCPD. Jim deputized Batman and he became a law enforcer. Jim now frequently contacts Batman for help in solving crimes and to fight super villains.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, James Gordon was re-introduced into the Batman word during Frank Miller’s run on Batman entitled “ Batman: Year One.” James Gordon was a Special Forces veteran with hand-to-hand combat skills. He and his pregnant wife Barbara moved from Chicago to Gotham City. Jim was transferred to the corrupted Gotham City Police Department. Jim became the only honest cop in Gotham and soon finds out that his only ally against the criminal underworld was Batman. Batman was never deputized and Jim and Batman would make contact in private and away from the public eye. Whenever Jim needed to talk to Batman, he would use the Bat-Signal that was placed on top of the GCPD building. Also at the end of the Year One story arc, Jim was rescued by Batman without his mask on and seemingly appeared to have seen him as Bruce Wayne. However Jim denies that he saw anything due to not wearing any glasses at that time.

150. Crimson Fox (14 points)

crimsonfox.jpg"First off – SCREW YOU! Second – SCREW YOU AGAIN! CRIMSON FOX RULES!!!! Yes, I have an unhealthy, unnatural fascination with this character, but I really do think that she had so much potential as a long-term character, and she was just written in the wrong time.

Of course, by “she” I mean “They.” Vivian and Constance had the perfect secret identity of all time. Killing one was a mistake, and killing the second was almost a mercy killing.

I will be the only person voting for these characters, I know, but I’d be letting too many of you down if I didn’t vote for them. VIVE LE FRANCE!!!!"

The sisters Vivien and Constance D'Aramis were the twin daughters of a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company. When the twins learned their mother had died of cancer caused by experiments at the corporation, the company knew they could have a law suit that would ruin them. This led to the death to their father. After this the twins swore revenge. They established a competing business to expose the unscrupulous company and put them out of business. They named their company Revson.

In order for the sisters to keep their identity a secret they faked the death of Constance. Constance was chosen by drawing straws. This would allow one of them to tend to matters of business as Vivian while the other battled crime as the Crimson Fox. They did this because they thought that it may be a bit obvious for a known public figure to disappear at odd times. This allowed them the perfect secret identity.

They shared their secret identity until Vivian was killed by Puanter. After that Constance was killed by the Mist, Nash.


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