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Your Top DC Heroes part 15

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, January 08 2010 and posted in Features
Here are some fun characters in this group.


146. Max Mercury and Jokester (15 points each)

maxmercury.jpgI know someone who loves speedsters, so being the nice Canadian that I am I outsourced the speedsters on this list (and there are quite a bit, actually) to him. Sooooooo, take it away:

Max Mercury first appeared in 1940, in National Comics #5 as a character called Quicksilver, a little developed speedster who only appeared once before fading away like so many characters of that age. It took fifty-three years for him to make a full return, when Mark Waid dusted him off and presented him as Max Mercury (Due to Marvel’s speedster ‘Quicksilver’) in The Flash #76.

Mark Waid’s tenure on Flash defined the character and the mythos, he took every speedster in the DCU and drew the lines connecting them together, he brought back Max and reinvented him as the ‘Zen Guru of Speed’ a sage-like speedster who everyone else, even Jay Garrick, looks up to.

Max Crandall is originally from the 1830s, and gained his speed powers from an Indian shaman who blessed him on (the shaman’s) death. Max first took up the name Windrunner (or Ahwehota). For years, Max felt drawn to the Speed Force, and has tried on several occasions to run to it and join it, each time, failing and landing further in time, first in the 1890s, then again in the 1940s where he adopted the Max Mercury identity and spent his time fighting crime alongside other speedsters such as Jay Garrick and Johnny Quick.

In the late 40s, his life is saved by a husband and wife and whilst recovering, he began an affair with the wife. After the affair was exposed and the wife went back to her husband, he ran forward once again, landing in the 1960s. He then went on to battle Speed Force cultist Savitar a number of times before going into hiding and seclusion. It took Jay Garrick’s convincing to bring Max out of retirement when Eobard Thawne (Professor Zoom) returned in the guise of Barry Allen and went about destroying other speedster’s lives, Max gave Wally West the knowledge and advice he needed to achieve his full potential and live up to the name of The Flash.

Max then became a full member of The Flash Family, eventually taking the reckless Bart Allen under his wing to train him in the ways of the Speed Force and to teach him some patience and responsibility. Bart and Max developed a father-son relationship over the course of Bart’s solo series, and Max even reunited with his grown daughter, born from his affair prior to the time jump.

Max was eventually banished to the Speed Force when his body was possessed by the original Reverse Flash, Jay Garrick’s rival, The, er, Rival, who escapes with it into the time-stream. Max was rescued from the Speed Force from Professor Zoom by Barry Allen, and WAS set to star in a new Kid Flash book by Sterling Gates, but that is seemingly on hold for the time being. Presumably, The Rival is still out there somewhere with Max’s original body.


jokester.jpgWhile the Jokester was still a young man going by the name Jackie he had a tough life. Jackie was constantly bullied at school, even when he came home he was beaten by his father. Simply put, he was despised and everyone wanted to make his life miserable. But, that all changed when he met a pretty, blond named Eve. She was very sweet and Jackie always made her laugh. They became lovers, but one day she disappeared (later on it turns out it’s because she had become Three Face). Following the career path Eve said he’d be good at, Jackie become a comedian. Unfortunately, he was a lousy comedian nobody laughed at his jokes. Then as if an omen Owlman flew through the window of the comedy club. Owlman became his comedic shtick. Rising the ladder of fame quickly helped Owlman seek out the man who’s been poking fun at him and his teen sidekick Talon. This was unfortunate for both Jackie and his assistant Harley. Harley was killed by the masked maniac and Jackie’s face was slashed to resemble a clown. Now he calls himself Jokester.

Duela Dent is the Daughter of Jackie and Eve, but was mostly raised by the Riddler and Three-Face. The relationship with her real father has grown strong again, until she brings in her new boyfriend, Talon. The Jokester is enraged by the fact that she’s gallivanting with their enemy. The Riddler had created a family for himself made up of Three-Face and Duela Dent, but once the Jokester came along that seemed to fall apart. The relationship between them wasn’t as strong as it used to be.

The death of the Jokester came much too soon. He was a lovable hero with problems in other universes thanks to his uncanny resemblance to a certain Joker. After only six appearances his life was ended and thus living his fans in pain. But, that great coincidence is the fact that while the Joker killed Jason Todd, the Jokester gave his live to safe him along with Donna Troy, Green Lantern and Bob the Monitor.

145. Blue Devil (15 points)

bluedevil.jpg"The star of a series that was one of the most fun to read in the 80s."

Dan Cassidy was hired to handle the special effects on a movie called the Blue Devil. He created an outfit for the character of the Blue Devil. The kevlar costume was not only strong but it was made to be flexible so it could handle rigorous stunts. It was powered by miniature servo motors to add strength.

During the shooting the Blue Devil suit performed perfectly. Unfortunately and coincidentally a demon named Nebiros interrupted the shooting of the film. While fighting the Blue Devil Nebiros, assumed he was a fellow demon. So when the fight starts going bad for Nebriros he zaps the Blue Devil with a blast intended to drain his occult energy.

When the battle is over Dan Cassidy finds that his suit is a part of him. He discovers that the suit is organic and part of his body. Dan Cassidy is very upset about what has happened to him but because of his powers he ends up being a reluctant hero. He tries many ways and uses the help of many people but he is never able to remove his suit.

The Blue Devil continues to be a hero for years he even joins the Justice League America for a while. He would eventually be killed by mist along with a few other heroes. He is killed by holy water placed in the sprinkler system. Because the Blue Devil is part demon he is reduced to bare bones. He would later be resurrected by Faust. Blue Devil would later work with the super hero team of magic users the Shadowpact. He has recently left the team in place of Zauriel who attacked him under orders due to Blue Devil's popularity causing humans to make deals like his. He is currently attempting to fix the problem on his own. The blast by Nebiros in the original battle aside from fusing the suit to Dan Also changed the trident that was part of the costume. Prior to the battle it was a simple flame thrower with some pyrotechnics after the battle it became a powerful magic device linked to the netherworlds. When the gateway between Earth and the netherworlds is open it is at its most formidable making the bearer a match for a legion of demons. It is thought controlled and answers to the mind of either Dan Cassidy or Nebiros. If either holds it they are dominant lord when not in physical contact it can become a battle of wills for control. So far Dan has always been the victor.

During the Infinite Crisis, the Blue Devil was the bouncer for the Oblivion Bar. When Enchantress tried to ask people to join her fight against the Spectre, he comes and tells her it's suicide to do something like that. He goes with the rest of Shadowpact to fight Eclipso. He tries to send her to hell with his trident but she makes the comment that she isn't from hell. He then is thrown blocks away by a back slap by Eclipso. He comes back and asks Enchantress what is she doing being in the same spot since the fight started. She tells him that she is tapping into the energy that Captain Marvel gets his power from and is giving her own powers to him. He then asks her if she could tap into everyone in the world with magic and so she does. He then grabs his trident and throws it into Eclipso which leaves her on the ground with dark energy leaking from her. Blue Devil punches Enchantress when she turns evil knocking her out.

Blue Devil appears in Reign in Hell, fighting for Satanus. While battling the Demon Etrigan, he accidentally frees Lobo. Later, Etrigan takes his humanity. When all the demons are turned into humans, he is as well. Etrigan then restores his demonic half, which had been switched with the human half when Blue Devil was transformed.

144. Saturn Girl (15 points)

saturngirl.jpgIn the Future…

Imra Ardeen was the brightest and most talented of all the students that lived on Saturn’s moon of Titan. The telepathic powers that she shared with her fellow Titans was likewise well above the norm. She caught the notice of the Science Police and was recruited to join their ranks.

Aboard the transport ship to Earth, she mentally picked up an assassination plot and with the help of two other passengers, they thwarted the attempt. Recognized for their heroic actions, the intended target, RJ Brande, asked them to continue together as a new force for justice. The Legion of Super-Heroes was then formed with the newly christened Saturn Girl as co-founder.

Her career with the Legion was exceptional. She was twice voted Legion leader, and while staying within the guidelines of the Legion Constitution, she would often bend, but not break, those rules for the greater good. During her tenure as Legion leader, the Legion went from a small outfit to a real legion on a galactic scale.

Perceived as icy to most, she found love in the arms of Lightning Lad. They eventually wed and have a child. It is possible she has a second child, but the machinations of Darkseid may preclude this.

Saturn Girl is still active with the Legion and acts as their spokesperson (with her co-founders).


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